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;t e e l- rt d is ld :9 tli VIEWPOINTS GALA fights prejudice from CCSA and thanks supporters To the Editor: The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and advocate community has had quite an eventful year this year. This community has had to fight direct prejudice and discrimina- tion from the CCSA leadership. However, because of a strong bond among the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Alliance (GALA), and strong support from BSU, LSU, AWARE, JSS, LGCC, the Preju- dice and Discrimination Task Force, and other concerned people, we have together over- come our battles. One battle the GLB Alliance and Cortland Friends of Lesbians and Gays is still combatting is fear within our community. According to the na- tional average, the campus \gay\ population is approximately 500 people. The \gay\ community must work together to overcome fear. The GLB Alliance's and C- FLAG' s last two meetings for this school year are Tuesday, May 2nd and 9th, 8 p.m., basement- Inter- faith Center. We would like to see many new faces at these last two meetings to hear concerns, dis- cuss issues, and lay the ground work for next year. There is much support and sensitivity toward \gay\ issues on this campus. Everyone (regardless of sexual orientation) is welcome and en- couraged to attend our last two meetings; don't let fear restrict you from self-expression! PEOPLE UNITED WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED! Thank you to everyone who has helped us in the past and we look for- ward to working with a diverse ~roup of students, staff, and fac- ulty in the future. Take to heart what Sen. Robert Kennedy said: \Some men see things as they are and say, why? I dream things that never were and say, why not? Peace, Love, and Prosperity, Richard H. Moran, Jr. President GALA Not all bodybuilders use steroids To the Editor, I am writing in response to the letter written by Paul Jensen. Paul, while your insinuation that I, and past winners of the Cortland State Physique Contest use or have used anabolic steroids bothers me, what upsets me more is that your attitude and statements perpetuate the myth that winning is not possible without the use of artificial substances. I happen to know that it is possible. I dieted and trained very hard for this competition, as I'm sure all of the other competitors did. You know nothing at all about me. Who are you to presume to know me since I was 5 years old? My \motive for existence\ as you put it was not to be named Mr. Cortland State, certainly not at risk of destroying my health or dying. I am 23 years old and this was my first contest. I've been weight training for the past nine years. It took me this long to achieve the degree of development I have. I did so without the assistance of anabolic steroids. I have never taken them nor have I ever even seen them other than in pictmes. In fact, I am totally opposed to their use by athletes. In my opinion, such use is not only extremely dangerous, but morally and ethically wrong. It's undeniable that steroid use is widespread among athletes in all areas of sport. However, attitudes such as yours along with unsubstantiated public accusations only serve to make matters worse. Not only do they ridicule bodybuilding and its participants, but they also serve to perpetuate the problem of drug use. Anytime an athlete is successful in any sport, he or she is automatically assumed to use some type of artificial aid. Young boys and girls read false accusations such as yours and are led to believe that they either give up or give in to the temptation of drugs. You may not believe that those who were successful in the Physique Contest achieved their level of development naturally. Perhaps this is because you don't believe that you could do so yourself. Maybe if you and others with your attitude wouldcommit themselves to train and diet properly for half the time that my fellow competitors and I have you might realized how possible it is to be successful without resorting to drugs. I want it to be known that I do not, have not, and never will use anabolic steroids. I do not display any of the common adverse side effects of steroid use. 1 do not have gynecomastia, my testicles are not atrophied, and if you'd like, feel free to check out my gluteus maximus anytime. If )'OU, or anyone for that matter, doubt my integrity and are willing to pay for a polygraph, urine, or blood test, I will gladly submit to one or all of them. If I test positive I will reimburse your money. I sincerely hope that you will accept my offer. In the future. you would be wise to get your facts straight before you point an accusing finger. Remarks such as yours make a mockery of the sport we all work so hard to succeed in. STEVE SULLIVAN The Press would like to thank all of you who have written letters to the editor this yea·r! Keep those letters coming next year! ..---------The Press/Friday, April 28. 1989trHIRTEEN THE PRESS OPINIONS CCSA - lacking responsibility By SANDY DICKENSON I feel compelled to write you this letter to make you aware of a serious problem you are creating. Your governmental body. was created to ensure that stu- dents will have a voice in all college affairs; yet, you are neglecting your share of the responsibility that such a voice carries. In November, 1988, CCSA was informed that a committee was forming which would select the new Dean of the Arts and Sciences Division. It was re- quested that three students be placed on this commit- tee: an undergraduate from Arts and Sciences, a gradu- ate from Arts and Sciences and an undergraduate from the Division of Professional Studies. Your com- mittee was not successful in recruiting any of these students. I feel fortunate that I overheard there was a need for students on the committee and asked to be placed on the committee. I joined the committee on November 16 and remained on the committee until we had a candidate accept the position on Apri119, 1989. During that time, no other student member was ever present. This greatly disappointed me since your purpose is supposed to activate participation in college affairs. Certainly the selection of a new dean should be of great interest and importance to you, yet you did not seize the opportunity offered you. This is not the only area in which you dropped the ball. Several of your officers and senators attended luncheons specifically designed for the student repre- sentatives to meet the dean candidates. These lunch- eons were at no cost to you and all that was requested was that the students who attended write a brief letter as to the merits or areas of concern regarding the candidate. The committee received NO letters from any students. What all this tell the administration is that you are not truly concerned with such areas of decision making. You were afforded many opportunities to participate in this process and you took advantage of none. I originally told the committee that the student luncheons were a very good idea; however, in view of the lack of responses received regarding the candi- dates, I would now recommend that the student lunch- eons are a waste of valuable college money and the same input could certainly be attained by allowing time for candidates to meet with CCSA officers in the CCSA offices. It is my hope that you will reflect on this and consider your actions more carefully the next time part of your responsibility is serving on a search committee. Press Editorial Policv ... The Press welcomes letters from readers. All letters to the editor submitted for publication must be typewritten, double- spaced and received at The Press office, Room lll, Corey Union, no later than 3 p.m. on the Monday before Friday's publication. All letters must contain the writers name, class year, major, and phone number for clarification. Letters longer than 300 words will be edited by The Press in such a way as to preserve brevity, without altering the syntax of the letter. All letters will be run verbatim. Letters too long for editing or those in question will be returned to the writer for clarification and/or shortening. Letters must be devoid of personal attacks or they will not be published. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. The Press reserves the right to accept or reject and letters r.eceived, and all letters become the property of The Press.

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