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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, April 28, 1989, Image 18

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E 1<1 HTEEN(fhc Prc~'/fndav. Apnl 2H. 14H4 When we arnvcd we were )'Oung and incxpcncm:cd 111 CVl'l)' \\- ay After one year our live' changed v.e were tpught and we learned we a~kcd a lot of questions After two years we experienced and made friends People we trusted were added to our lives After three years we became adults we watched more and talked less we learned from our past mistakes In the !\1idnighl Hour ••. In the midnight hour was a babe- frightened yet needing. Giving ... o much of her~elf while holding all huck. In the midnight hour was a man- ~uave and debonair. Promising all for\h~ squelching moment but through a deceiving veil. In the midnight hour they were one · two lovers. one kiss. His soul was hers and she was made the object ~f his desires. In the midnight hour was the lady, engulfed within the man's spell, wanting only to become his woman, for once unyielding. But in the morning sun we stood, burned by the empty promises. And the midnight hour disappeared into the realities of your lies. Beatrix Valles One Day at a Time Always look forward and never look back. Think of the future and not of the past. What ca11 you do and who can you be? You have no limits, you're totally free. When you look back remember and smile. Don't waste your energy on things not worthwhile. and we matured After four years SCHOOL DAZE It may seem scary but give it a try And learn to enjoy life one day at a time! we ·re on our way we have choices and decisions to make TRAPPED, CONFUSED, OPPRESSED. we have paths to follow and we will succeed because of this fine establishment we have graduated from Kathryn Zona C aro/ Sulahian Like a rabbit in a cage. I am SCARED. I do not like this feel in g. It is not right. I DO NOT want to go to school. BAD TOUCH! .. . ~.ts nighttime HER The wind whispers her name The stars paint her face in the sky a thousand times. llpon hearing her soft, popcorn VOICe a trance engulfs me that tests my sanity. Everytime my eyes meet her eyes. my mind fails me. yet her presence is as relaxing as sleep. In my dreams I run to her with a passion, words flow out easily from my mouth. Yet day. reality comes. anxiety rushes through me at the sight of her. Nighttime is too far away to speak to her. Her movements are as agile and graceful as a doe. eyes of soft chocolate. sincerity as real as the sun which attracts me to her as honey attracts the bumbleb'ee. HELMUT Dedicated 2 Kavita ... Deep & Intellectual thoughts. You know I'm not a poetic gal But I think its time I let u know you're a real pal In this silly rhyme Whenever I'm with you Be it day or night-time I don 'jfdjft have to have the flu Fortny life to be a crime You help me see the joy in life Be it through a papaya, peach or lime There's more to living them 2 B a wife and live in a pantomime. One conclusion you've helped me reach Is that life is certainly a peach that has to be eaten and enjoyed Before it gets rotten. Empty I. M. LOVE Silence Silence is a never ending quest. A quest for peace. A quest for happiness. When we find this silence, We will submit to ourtrue feelings. These feelings are within us, waiting to overflow with a magnifica11t earnest. When such thoughts. enter our minds. they should not be dismissed. but looked upon with an openness that has too long been denied. Ameilia Ali For Donna ••. May 1989 (The Poem You Always Wanted) Don't cry when you think of all the years, Instead put a smile or 1 'you laugh\ in those tears. Did you ever think there would be a way To reach the ultimate ... Graduation Day? The classes, tests, papers, and books-- Not to mention \Downtown\, and the guys with sly looks. May 20th is not the end, but a brand new start ... Strive for you drea~s with hope in you heart. Remember the good times for the memories will last forever No matter if we are apart or somehow drawn together. Yes, our college days are nearing an end- Just one favor I ask ... remember me as your friend! fLY- j.m.c.

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