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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, April 28, 1989, Image 19

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Having you near me makes me happy. Just like the sun. Just like water. I want you to understandhow I feel. You are like the sun; sometimes warm, sometimes cold. Sometimes \shinning\ your love for days, or just going ''in\ for a day or two. Your love shines through the rays and reflects on me; , some for me, some for others. And when people feel your warmth, they want more, for you give off a great deal of love ... a great deal of life. For I am water. Sometimes cold, sometimes warm, maybe rough, or I may stay calm. Always moving, sharing myself with others who live in me. I give myself ... my life to others. Yet there are those who are scared of me; They'll never come near me. And those who touch me , those who like me want more, more of my love; my life. I don't mind because I have so much to give, as does the sun, as do you. And l know, even after life ... you will \shine\ yourself forever. And through ?'our \warmth\ I hope to learn what it is that you have learned already ... .. .l'llleam to shine, you'llleam to move, and we'll shine and move for eternity. I love you. Jennifer SWOOSH PAIN -Like a flying dove ZIPP -goes our love PLUFF -through the years MOAN -All the tears YIKES -I can't take no more SLAM -As i walk out the door I.M. LOVE Untitled You know what? I'm sick of being a puppet, lead upon the string. The string is their hold on me. I should loosen the string ... Life is much too short to listen to their advice all of the time. Who are they to judge you or tell me I shouldn't care about you? They say I am wrong. Maybe I am ... but I can't imagine being wrong for the sense of warmth I feel when ) see you. Your smile and your voice fill so many dark days; You don't even know that because I listen .. .I listen to them and, You know what? I'm sick of listening ... but I'm so scared that you won't care or that you 'II laugh at me; The rejection would be unbearable. My heart would break and I know, yes, I know I would never be able to mend the pieces. So, I go on listening ... not to my heart, but to them. Someday I hope I'll get up the courage and the strength to be open and honest. Until then, I just pray for your happiness and wish I were the one you loved. Maribeth Lombardi The Press/Fridav. April28.l989/NINETEEN Young World The world was a snowflake on the tip of your tongue In a tiny wooden box where love circulated. Age and experience set fire to the field of flowers full. Fingerpaints, clouds and ice-cream. Smiles, squirrels and bubbles surrendered to the smt>ke that choked. Life's soot covers tile shiny heart that yesterday (and [)once knew And oh! how that heart delighted in yesterdays sun. Baba (father) Baba the world is spinning death unto my eyes make me blind ... Baba I saw the web and was caught I walked without your name on my breath and saw Mr. Death. knocking at my door Baba I didn't ask for you I had lost faith in you The door opened VAF and Mr. Death entered in a feeble attempt. Baba I forsook you for but one moment and my soul was taken and my heart broken But now I'm holding out my hand and I'm walking beside you guide me my father show me the door to your love. show me the glory or joy as I knew it once. Aruna Balladin • 051 Depression I remember when my parents were cool, I remember when I had a girlfriend, I remember when I had hope. Those were the good old days. You know, when Elvis was alive, and, Evil Kinevil was jumping the Grand Canyon. Michael Tambourine -

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