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)[ S, n 1e ~r rl, & 1a w s, ~- S, & r- ·s, & ., >e nt e, . I I i ' ~r, I js w ld Don't Read This! Computers UGH! By MARY AM TASNIF Entertai11ment Editor Hey, hey; hey!! I am back. I kn<>w how much you all must have missed me over the summer. All you \Don't read this\ addicts who probably wasted away to nothing as you anticipated the coming of the fall semester and the Press have finally found peace of mind as you sit reading this issue. What? You dare laugh. with sarcasm? Let a woman dream, please. For those of you Wh(}-are'new to this campus, I wish you a hearty welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here. The key to success is to read this column. Listen, you gotta give me credit for trying. Todays topic of discussion is C()mputers. Yes, yes I know what a wondrous invention they are. I know how efficient they have made life. I know how easy it is to store masses of information on a little disc. I also know that computers can be a real pain in the neck, to say the least. Maybe it is just me . In fact, it is proi)ably me. But let me share with you my computer horror stories. One of the things that I hate is when you lose your paper before you save it. That happened to me once or twice a long time ago during my freshman year. I could not type very well then. I kept losing the 'A' and the 'S', they kept hiding from me and I had a real ag- gravating time. Finally, three hours later, I was done. Time to print. Printer breaks down. I in my ignorance happened to be in a disc-less sate. I am not ashamed to say that I tried to beg the computer to save from ag- ony and print the darn thing __ but, alas! It was not my day. I thought that was a bad experience. I had a friend who spent a entire Friday and Saturday typing up a sixteen page paper. It was all saved on her disc and everything. She goes to the Library to print it out. She loses everything on her disc as she walks through those thingies that make sure you don't steal books. N-eedless to say, the girl was in hysterics. What else is there? There are times when the printer refuses to print right. There are times when you push the wrong key, and all these strange numbers and letters appear()n the screen and just won' go away.· I could go on for ever. But I won't want to put you through that. Moral of the story? Be careful how you treat your disc, always keep one handy and pray that everything works! You Need·a Fall VALIDATION STICKER for Library privileges. Sticker. available to currently enrolled students at ASC, Neubig Hall 8:30. 4:00 ....... l ~ •e¢tiRI··•·Ann.ouncement: EDlo,tlons Anonymous meets etery Thursday at 7:30 pm at 19 Cburch St. (The United Community Church). Eterjone Is welcome! FIVE/The Press/Friday. September 8, 1989 ••• ....... Tips For Safe Partying The Beer Drinkers of America Party Smart Educati<Jn Project urges adults who drink alcol1ol to remember these tips for Smarter Partying and Hipper Hosting as they plan their campus events this fall. Know Your Limit - Stay Within It Many factors affect how much you can safely drink: how much you weigh, whether or not you are in good health, if you've had something to eat and whether you are tired or refreshed.Know What You Are Drinking What you drink is just as important as how many drinks you have. A frozen daiquiri, for example, contains twice the alcohol of a glass of wine. Once gl\ass of rum punch could have three or four times as much alcohol as a single beer. Designate a Driver If there is a chance someone in your group will drink more than is safe, designate a non-drinking driver. Then rely only on that persontoprovide transportation.Food for Thought Food slows down alcoh<Jl absorption. So, if you h()st or attend a party, remember to serve or eat plenty of food- the higher in protein and carbohydrates the better. Cheese and nuts are good choices. A selection of alcohol-free bev~;:rages allows guests to choose or alternate between drinks containing alcohol.Last Call for Alcohol...But the Party Isn't Over As the host, you control the bar. Close it at least an hour before the end of the party and offer your guests a new round of interesting food and alcohol-free drinks before they leave. Neither food nor coffee counteract the effects of alcohol, but having a snack for the rvad will buy valuable time. Only time processes alcohol out of sorneone's system and helps make him or her a safer driver. Don't Let a Friend Drive Drunk If anyone in your group has been drinking too much, don't let them drive. Taking away a friend's keys may not be easy. But you might save your friend's life.Call a Safe Rides Service If there is no safe way to get someone home who has been drinking too much, call a local safe rides service. Many campuses have them, and you can easily carry the phone number with you. A Good Host Is a Good Friendlf you care enough t<J invite someone to your party, you should care enough o make sure they get home safely. Provide transt>ortation for those who need it. If that isn't practical, offer a place for guests to spend the night, even if it means your couch or your floor. You Are A Role Model Be responsible for your own actions. Think ai)out what you are doing and how it affects those around you. Remember .that under-age friends look to older adults as role models. Make sure your actions set an example which emphasizes responsible behavior. These Ten Tips for Smarter Partying and Hipper Hosting are available in a brochure published by Beer Drinkers of America. For a free copy and more information, contact the Beer Drinkers of America Party Smart(R) Education Project, 150 Paularino Ave., Ste 190, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626, or call toll-free. 1-800-441-2337. Help me Rhon and Da! For those of you avid Press read- ers from previous years, last semes- ter must have been a sorrowful pe- riod as we bid a farewell to dear Jenny Boyle, otherwise known as the Rhonda, of' Help me Rhonda ! '. She is now in graduate school in Rhode Island, probably having the time of her life. Some say that it is best to be out with the old and in with the new. Well, maybe. We, the loyal readers of this incredible ad- vice column in an effort to keep the spirit of Rhonda alive, came up with a rather interesting idea ........ . Hi I'm Rhon, and I'm Da. And together we are Rhon-Da, get it? We are going to strive to live up to the standards that Jenny set. At this point in time, we may not sound serious butbelieve me, we are. All problems will be handled with out- most consideration and cofidential- ity. Wearealreadyplanningtomove into the counselling centre so that we know how to handle those situ- ations that college students tend to get into these days. So everything is professional, and yet since we are your peers we have more of an understanding of what you are going througlt. Another plus is that there is going to be a male and female per- spective, (Rhon being the male and Da being the female), whomever you are comfortable with. Now what we need from you is lots and lots of mail. Come on, you all have problems. All you have to do is write it down and drop it off in the Press office. No name required. No one is going to know who you are. Just go down to Corey Ill. and stick the letter in the box on the door. Okay, we'll see you next week. Until then keep those letters pour- ing in !!!til! Rating The Reel by' CHRIS GRIFFITH matched and even surpassed some Business Manager of the previous Vietnam pictures in my opinion, leaving the viewer with Hey readers: Well, another se- the idea that murder is murder, mester is upon us, with another even in times of war. Director summer of blockbuster hits and Brian DePalma certainly has not sequels now behind us. As usual, I let us down with this latest install- saw everything that came out such ment in what seems to be an end- as the blockbuster hit Batman to less topic, the topic of war. the super disappointment Friday Previews fr this week include: the l3thpartVIII-JasonTakesMan- The Package. The package in this hattan, which should read more film is a court-martialed American like Jason takes six dollars. Any- serviceman who is currently being way. for taose of you who don't held over in Europe. It is up to an know me, I'm Chris. My job is to Army Sergeant( Gene Hackman) to review and previe\\ new films, and deliver him to a U.S prison before to give you the latest news in video a Soviet assassination attempt takes releases. With any luck, I'll get place. This film is currently in you through the semester with an theaters around the country. insight as to what's hot and what's Video releases thiseek include: not. So here goes the first of many The January Man, starring oscar to come! award winner Kevin Kline as a de· MyreviewforthisweekisCasu- tective on the hunt for a serial kil- alties of War,starring Michael J. ler. This film has murder, corrup· Fox and 'bad boy' Sean Penn. This tion, and big city comedy. It also film had t<J be one of the most stars Susan Sarandon(Bull Our- intense films of the summer. It is ham), Mary Elizabeth based on a true story, which deals M a s t r a n t o n i o ( T h e with the kidnapping, rape, and A b y s s ) , a n d D a n n y murder of a Vietnamese farm girl Aiello(Moonstruck). Also out is during the Vietnam War. While The Best of Eddie Murphy: Satur- out on a surveillance mission, sev- day Night Live. This co.rnedy spe- eral members ofPenn's squad take cial includes all of Eddies funniest turns in raping the innocent girl. character portrayals such as Bill The character of Michael J. Fox is Cosby, Little Richard Simmons, theonlyonewhoupholdshismoral Buckwheat, James Brown, and standards, and refuses to take part Stevie Wonder just to name a few. in this serious action. This naive And last but not least, the film that soliderjs tllen forced with the dif- won best picture and actor has fi- ficult decision of turning his com- nally come home to video. If you rades in to lle court martialed, as he don't know what film I'm talking is threatened and abused by them about, it is none other than Rain- for not participating in the rape or man starring Dustin Hoffman and murder. This particular Vietnam Tom Cruise. film is mo~e emotionally than 0 ·Until next week, \I '11 see you physically violent. It has definitely at the cinema!\

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