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FOURTEEN(fhe Press/Friday, Sejltember 15, 1989 WANTED: DANCE TEAM MEMBERS NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY PRACTICE- 4-6PM PER DANCE .STUDIOS CALL X4946 WHEREJS DON? Don Little AT CORTLAND Where Our Customers Send Their Friends Call Don for all your aut:omotive needs 753-3352 aft:er 4:00 p.m. C tnRTLAND ~~~~~~-~~ ~ \C:J I>OOGF: r 3878 West Road, Cortland, NY 13045 Didascaleion First Organizational Meeting Monday September 181 1989 7:00pm Room 404 Corey Union All are welcome to attend!!! You 'Jo not have to he a Senior!/ NO experience necur~ary. Earn creiJit while having fan. \ Internships: Worth their weight in gold Ever thought about doing an internship? After reading this article, you might find yourself thinking dif- ferently about internships. All in all, there is no better way to gain practical hands on experience then by applying yourself in the work field. It has been a long summer. A regretful one but educational at the same time. My first intuition was to work this past summer with the New York Hilton. I did it last summer and earned $400-500 a week. It was great but bartending isn't my major. So as this summer approached back in May, I realized that in no time at alii will be in my cap and gown with a Cortland State Degree in my hand. The real world approaches at a rapid pace and everyone should be prepared for it. Depending on one's major, internships are very vital tones education. Students planning on being teachers get their practice by student teaching. There is no better way to gain the knowledge of your future than actually doing your field of study at a ripe age. At first I thought I would just tell you all the good thing that evolved out of my internship but I thought it to be best ifl spoke the \truth.\ At first I was nervous and scared. I'm a communications major studying sports broadcasting. It is a very difficult and competitive field. I realized that if I wanted to get out there and broadcast I would have to make a lot of sacrifices and start early. I was accepted into an internship this past summer in Albany, N.Y. Now mind you, being form Westchester County, Albany was a place I never visi.ted. Housing was tough. Everything was so tough that at one point I was packed and ready to go home. I'll retrace my course of action and recount my so called \Glory Days.\ Finding housing was a task in itself. It came to the point where the internship was four days away and I had no place in Albany to live. I thought \this is great- what next?\ Three days approached and my own advisor Bob Thompson bet me I wouldn't do the internship. Talk about faith in a person. As much as I hated to admit it I thought Bob was right. Anyway Bob you owe me one. I finally found housing but I couldn't move into the house until June I st. The internship started May 25th. Now what? I managed to stay with students that I talked to over the phone. It wound up that one of the guys in that house was moving in witb me on June 1st. I hope you are following me so far because I was totally lost. The house was ok and the first night I was awakened to a giant screen falling on my head and a cat the size of Garfield lying next to me. My final night at this house I woke up about 7 a.m. and the house was filled with smoke and had that burnt smell filling the air. I started choking and ran into the kitchen. On the stove was a pot of macaroni and cheese. Black as coal. My housemate Chris came out and said, \Wow I must have been real drunk last night?\ I almost fainted. · By Rob Adamo June lst arrives and I didn't care what the house was like as long as I had a bed to sleep on. I guess that was asking too much because all that was there for me was a broken box spring. Welcome to Albany! No furniture, broken windows~dirt everywhere, no bathroom door and of course a partridge in a pear tree. I knew there was a catch to this apartment. I had tow housemates, Mutt and Jeff. The internship pay was a $1000 stipend for the summer minus taxes. Now my monthly rest was $200. My phone was about $30 a month, cable was $15 a month and gas and electric was $40 a month. Three months worth of bills adding up to $915 minus $1000 equals $85. Not a great sum of money to spend in one place. Right away my first housemate Dan classified me as a big Cortland jock. He was an Albany student and I swore he was Jerry Garcia's twin. He smoked more marijuana than Cheech and Chong combined. There was nothing like watching tv and having Dan trip on a bag of mushrooms. Then there was housemate number two. If you ever s~w the weiners on Saturday Night Live you would have definitely recognized Alan. I think he suffered from manic depression he brought upon himself. I would hear his stories every day ofhow he graduated Albany and had no job yet, eventually he became an ice cream man for the summer. Alan would scold me for different things like not doing the dishes, when all that was in the sink was a plate and fork, and he would ask me out of the blue if I was the jerk that ate his hotdogs in the fridge. Alan was the only type of guy who lived by candlelight just to conserve energy. So there you have one whole day and already I wanted out. Then there was the next door neighbors. Five little urchins who Jived in my house more than I did. They would wait ·for me to get horne every day. Nicest kids but they never listened. One of them stole six of my tapes and told his mother I made them for her. The neighborhood I live in was not a pleasant one at all. Albany is a big city and I didn't realize it. That first night I heard on the radio that a young man was held at gunpoint in front of Dunkin Donuts. Great, then my housemate told me that Dunkin Donuts was right down the street form us. Now keep in mind as farfetched as thi-<> account might seem it really is the truth. Then Thursday arrived. Day one of the internship. I dressed up in one of my Chuck Woolery suits and marched down Madison Avenue with a brand new pair of shoes that just dido 't seem to feel right. After I arrived there and met everyone, blisters were covering my feet everywhere. I asked them ifl could remove my shoes. Imagine this, they must have thought I was crazy. Well the staff introduced themselves some more and the cable company was NY -SCAN - New York's State and Community Affairs Network, ChannelS. Day one really went well except when I left at 5:00p.m. I didn't know my way home. Somehow I carne out a completely different way then when I came in. All I remember was walking down a street in the neighborhood of Arbor Hill. As I was walking I started to get nervous and confused. I just had this eerie feeling about things. As I kept walking I noticed tow guys eyeing me. You know when you get that feeling that something was up. Well, I got that feeling! Now keep in mind I have my first months rent in my pocket- all $200 worth. I said to myself, \I'm lost, I think I'm about to be mugged so 1'11 take a stand for once in my life.\ I realized that I was at a point in life where if something was going to happen to me then it was meant to happen. I saw one guy run ahead and the Qther was behind me. I got this really crazy feeling inside, kind of like when Bill Bixby turned into the incredible Hulk. Only for ine it was like Rob Adamo turning into Shazom! Then I turned around and one guy said, \Yo you got some ' money for us?\ Now, sometime ago I would have ~d. \Yes take everything,\ but this time I was the aggres- sor. I started walking towards one guy pointing my finger in his face and yelling, \wh~t do I look like \bleepin\ bank!\ With that the two guys walked away and said, \Listen we don't want any trouble, we were just looking for some money.\ I kept on walking and I really didn't believe what happened and I finally flagged a bus and the driver brought me close to home. Now, my first instinct was to tell my family but being the way my mother is, she would have come to Albany and brought me home so I told my mother about it one month ago. She almost killed me. · _ Well, I figured I would tell you everything play by play~ Not to get yon scared or thinking differently but with hopes that you will venture yourself-out there. Tb~ i'titetnsqip I did was gteat.J ran camera, switchboard, editing, directing and ·they even allowed 111e to do 011 dr talent. that was· a mistake in itself. ii took me a whole day to interview the general manager c;>f a ParR:. Every time we would get through the whole interview, Tom · w.ould turn to me and say, \Than~s for coming out 1o the park, Bob!\ I louked at him and burst out laughing. Anyway. get out there and hopefully you will have a story like mine to tel. Only lhope it is a little more pleasant Finally, what did I learn about internships in general? I learned they are~ big sacrifice but at the same time will worth it. I think many people make the mistake of not doing them or waiting until after graduation. My advice is to get out there and .gain the hands on experience that will enable you to get the job you desire. My only regret is that I now dislike Albany because of a few instances and I wish I had been better prepared. In any event I would do it all over again and hope ._l'OU do as well.

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