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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, September 29, 1989, Image 11

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ELEVENm1e Pre~~!Friday. September 2{), I 9t!4 · FREE Personals! ! Write a per-· sonal to your friend or .loved one. lFORSALEI For Sale: RaJ_eigh Gra11 Prix Bicycle, I 0 speed, good condition, new tires and tubes,, 23 in. frame; $130. call eye. 835 6378. ask for Nattie. For Sale: 1981 Honda Custom Deluxe 750 with windshield, crash bars, saddle bags. 17,000 miles. $1200. Call Kay days at X2806. For Sale: 1986 Oldsmobile Ca- lais Supreme. Mint condition. Fully loaded. Automatic. Low mileage. Call Donna 9 am-4pm 753-2321. After 5 pm at 753-6492. For S!tle: 1986 Mercury Lynx L Wagon. 5 speed transmission. NC. AM/FM cassette. Low mileage. Mint condition. 753-6492 after 7 pm ask for Suzanne. I PERSONALS I ToJoannei won!!! I was right!!! Jody . Cathy&Karen: Thanks so much for everything you both do. Jody Patty: I miss yoti. Things aren't the same without you. I hope your kids are taking g90d care of you. Jody Jody: Where's my personal?! Amy Colucci Ray: What can I say but WOW! This is really great! Zerbets and Lollylops: Nik Torny401ASuitemates: You are the greatest! I luv ya! The weekends are ours! It takes more than 2! Love, Nikki , John:Thankyouforaveryenjoy- able evening!! I had a funtastic time from start to finish!! Debi Hol~1. ?Como te llamas? Sandi. Berry Blue is a nice color, don't vot1 think? (Ha, ha!) Sue Chris. Thanks for all your sup- port, it'~ greatly appreciated! Your buddy, Sue Hey Gilligan - Foo Foo 6 months to remember, many months to look forward to· I Love lJ Col! McGraw Always a bridesmaid, Never a bride. -Nanner· DANA- Spring Break is closer then you think. Hang in there. -ME- Mr. Mayor- I love you, even though you're going bald -your #1 FAN- . Goofy- Hi!!! Hope you have a great weekend. U R very special to me. Smile!!! -U Know Who Lusty Lisa- Back from London and Back in business -Wendy and Randi Michele and Michelle- Let's try not to be so wild this weekend- you guys· are such a bad influence on me!! But I love you anyway. - Leanne. Nikki & Tara -Wow! What a great fall! May~ I'll try it again!! You gals are super roomies!! Love- Jen Gail &Ebony-Howdy! When do I get my sandwich and smurfpiss? I'll be waiting!! Love-Jen \Groupies\-You know who you are- Nikki, Tara, Gail, Ebony, Liz., Kristen, Amy, Eric, Bill and Jim- storytime? Just let me know when, and next time I 'II write one- just for fun -Jen Howdy; Howdy, Howdy, I'm a cowgirl, Howdy! Hayes Hall, 2nd floor- have a super week! Chris G-Hi! How are you? When I see you again, let's b.s. for a few, ok? How's Biloxi? Love-Sprout's younger sis Lisa- How's the ice cream man? Where the Hell is Tgddl D.Day -A horse is a horse of course of course-McKinnon Beth-It's over, grow up, we're done -Gil • Andrea-1 told you you'd meet Ralf-Guess who! 8th Floor Clark- You guys are an awesome bunch of people!!! Have a good weekend, but not too good. -Tanya Becky & Dinger- Hi guys. Long time no see. Stop by & visit when you get time. Ha Ha!!! -Tanxa Kimothy-Happy Hour here we come!!! -ME Gayle- Get off of my man col- lage, you're ruining them. -Aruna Wanted: LobstertrapforTowers RD Wanted: J Crew Men!! Must have brains contact towers staff. you will know who we are. Male Psychiatrists needed for towers staff. BJ...How were the florescents!! Watch out Aruna and BJ are on duty Monday nights!! Men, Men, Men (WHO?) Clark Hall Staff-Let's analyze that, shall we??? -ME Your favorite R.A. Laura- Hope you have a super Abbott- Stall much? -D weekend at home and get over that Amy, Stop being such a cold.Youareagreatroomie.Thanx. monopolizer! Maryam -Tanya A.S. -Does \P\ size really make ....:...: 7 K::'-e.::.rry---:',:::n,M-:a-an~d-=P::-a-w-o-ul::-d:-b~e a difference?? -D.B. proud of -us, bringing in all those Maryam, Congratulations on nickels. Ha-Ha!\ Chris three months! Better you than me! Vic-Vic-Vic, Never fear- she's Amy gone back to Cali! Chris-Chris- Steve, Don't go changing for us, Chris ~~---------- babe! -Donna & Amy Jody-Thank God there are still George, Put that iron down! -The some of us left who don't like drink- Alger Staff .:lng and ilrivingi -Chris Vicki- Next prophylactic shop- Joanne- I'm glad I could be a ping trip you have to go too! Amy & moral support for you, although you Donna just rambled anyway -Ha ha! -Your Amy, Stay out of the study Bucca .lounge! Donna --;:S~p-ro-u-:'t-;-, s-;L....,.i':':'ttl:-e-rS;n:\is-:'te-r--~1':-m-r-e\\al~ly- Donna, Get off George! How big glad you chose Cortland too. If you are his feet? -Amy needanything,don'thesitatetoask. Hey Rro- Let's play darts Love ya-Tannery Man. Bill ''Err\ -Love them nips · Gordon-Remember,nooneisto Wendy <Crown City) blame. You now have new beaches Mike Keating-You look like Phil to explore and new parties to attend Simms (With Ron). -Christoph Dave Jones-We don'tmiss you at all! Blanche-Wearealwaysherefor Can YoumakemeaFunkyCold you. -Suki, Whitley, and Eddie MeDana- #41 CSTV wants YOU to be SEEN! We a;<-e tboiritjJ fo~' lfrc<S'tc!a;rs- C011rcdlrur._~ lfRt'ret;y actS', etc.~ To a_;;;eaf\ M Cm,r;M (;i~(}-;i/o;r. /f;irtcndclca/t'Sac at 753--8557 Tune in to CSTV Channel 6 Mon-Tllurs From 7-8 pm Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Comedy Hour 7-8 pm CSTV News 7-7:30 pm Cart-shorts 7:30-8 pm Cortland Views With Tom Shanahan 7-8 pm Red Dragon -----Sports 7-8 pm To Crowbar: Maybe if you get bigaer pants it will be easier. Sandy- Good luck pledging Delta Phi Epsilon. Love, the gang. Pollyester-PM, we know you 'II have fun sitting tonight because you '11 be with someone you love to work with. HaHa. US Saudi-Congratulations on a job well done last Friday! -Ris Gaert· Although I always, threaten to beat you up, I couldn't do jobs without you! Thanks for always helping out. -Chris Maryam-Happy 3 Months! Griff IVY- Hope your face never catches on FIRE! -Roy Kowskt-Please don't eat sptcy foods before rehearsal, especially when we'recrampedonatrain. -Sel Happmess ts ... having two eyes. NEVER MIND!! DON''T LISTEN TO LYNN!! Tim-Beware oftan men looking for soft bagels! !! ! I! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Bill O'Brien-Here's a littlte print for you-Kelly Joe- remember seaweed- green-august! ! ! JV -thanks for the loan! Terry- Commg up on eleven!! AMY- You never told us it was this bad! Thanks-P&K TERRY B.- We knew you were 'gonna leave us sooner or later! ! Look for the paper on Saturday. Timothy Merritt would rather be called ... Tim ....... (Maybenext week Tim). NO' Sports neglector- you lived up to your name this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LISA-Congratulatons on your accomplishm~nt! Kelly Hogan- ODE TO THURSDAY NIGHT Without Terry, we will not be merry- When Walter starts call in' - please don't start ball in' \Let us finish!\ we say with a grimace. I want to go home, and take a shower! For it won't be long before happy hour! I pray the paper wifl turn out just swell- Because here we sit for another Thursday night in hell!!!! PRK (obviously) •••••••• They're FREE! •••••••• Drop off your messages in The Press office. Let's Go IIJIS! LATIN STUDENT UNION MutingJ are every Tbrur1day at tbe Corey Union MeJia Lounge at 7:30p.m. •.•.· .. ···~·······-······ .. t I \1 t t l t t .... ' • f • t J • t • •••• t * • \ • • 'l a tt f • ... ., • ' •• ot 11; if ..... ~ -. 11 f1 .. Ill • ._ 1i t1 W • tf .. l • tl • Ill tl Jt • ., ~ <I /tl II Jt ft (. ~ - II t 11/l f/' It(/ # f ' 4 •• f >I; '# •• #!I ••••• &; tf •• A f <( 4. •• I ~ I I I' # # • I f

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