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ARE YOU AWARE?. ALL-FOR-WOMEI1·ACHI&V111<l·ReSPECT·AND-f:QUALITY ARE YOU CONCERNED WITH WOMEN'S ISSUES? AWARE IS DEDICATED TO DEALING WITH THESE ISSUES TWO OF AWARE'S MAJOR PURPOSES ARE: -To Provide and ensure an environment that Is non-threatening for women to express their concerns anc:l feelings about Important issues and occU@nces. -To build a community network that allows for and promotes women to be politically, socially. academically and personally active in the pursuit of knowledge and personal freedom. IF THESE ISSUES ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOU WISH .TO NETWORJ-. WITH OTHER PEOPLE ON CAMPUS ABOUT THESE ISSUES, COME TO OUR WEEKLY Mf:ETINOS • • TUESDAYS @ 4:30 IN THE FIREPLACE LOIJNQE EVERYONE WELCOME! AWARE Is organizing a trip to the NATIONAL WQMEN'§ ijALL of f8ME In Seneca Falls. NY • (home of the first Women's Sights Convention) Anyone interested should co~tact Tracey@ 753-3287 to anan~e for transwrt.ation and details. Assisting Lesbian and Gay Youth Dr. A. Damien Martin Executive Director of the Hetrick-Martin Institute vvill present a talk entitled \Problems and Issues i~ Service Delivery 1o Gat and. Lesbian Youth\ on Thursday, October 12 at 4:00pm in Sperry 114 The Hetrick-Martin Institute. located in New York City, is for the protection and advocacy of lesbian and gay youth. For further Information contact Anthony Taylor (X4224) Sponsored by The Campus Artist §lnd Lectures Series, Th!! Psychology Clui), The Gav;· · Le!jbian and Bisexual AllianCE!, and The Lesbian and Gay Concerns Cornminee . The very unique . . Pour Fla.g.s ~estaurant Open Mon·$~~ .. Dinner served 5pm~l0pm Lounge .. o:Pen at 4pm The Press/Thursday. Octoher 5. 14RWFIVE ------------------------------------------------------------- - -· e •• Debi Traer CCSA Exen1tive Vice President \No qllarrel ought ever to be converted into a policy\-David Lloyd George Last Sa.turday night the place to be seen was Corey Union Exhibition Lounge! It was the kick -off of CLUB WSUC Dance Party! CCSA and SAB. with the assistance of the College Radio station WSUC -FM, spon- sored the dance party. The event was held for two main reasons: a) to attract students, especially on-campus residents, to sotialize on campus and b) to <>ffer an activity without alcoholic beverages because of the 87% of students under the legal age of 21. We h<>pe this wi II help alleviate some of the problems anticipated next semester when the new alcohol possession policy g<Jes into effect, due to the changes in New York State law. The success of over 300 students attending the CLUB WSUC Dance Party proves that students would attend an event where alcoholic beverages were not being served. Some SUNY Colleges are labeled'•dry campus\ which means no alcohol beverages are pennitted-even by the legal age of21 and older- anywhere on campus property. Administration says this will not be true of Cortland, but it is just as well. Although technically it won't be\dry in reality it will be dry. The current proposal before the Student Affairs Committee is for designated drinking areas and wet areas in various residence l!alls for those of legal drinking age. The Tannery will still serve alcohol beverages and functions on campus in accordance with the law can still serve alcohol beverages. But the students have not been given the proper chance to give their input. CCSA was not infonned of the first Student Affairs Committee meeting plus there are no minutes of the meeting and it was only one hour long. There are noS UNY Central guidelines yet Cortland is going to make a policy affecting nearly 90% of the students. They are trying to process this policy as quickly as possible- right before our eyes! What are the goals of this policy? Is the policy change enforceable? What effect will this have in R.A recruitment? What are other SUNY campuses doing concerning the changes in the law? We want our questions addressed! We want answers!! To implement a \dry\ campus policy is enforced, we may see students not only going to off-campus parties, but driving to them, thus in effect increase problems with DWI! We could also see a problem with community relations due to the increased number of off-campus parties. There is also potential for increased illegal substance use and abuse due to the ease of use without detection by college officials. Alternative programming, like CLUB WSUC. should become the number one priority on the campus. But the responsibility of taking an active role in alternative programming should not lie only with the students but also with. college faculty. Educational programs should be provided for students allout the dangers of alcohol ab11se and educate college officials about detection and counseling of individuals with such a problem. In an Alcohol Survey Report of January 1987. prepared by Student and Residence Life, 80o/c of the stu- dents developed their drinking habits before they came to Cortland. The majority of students attending Cort- land College drink to some degree and thy exhibit all of the behaviors associated with drinking. Students will not change their drinking habits because the law changes or campus policy changes. Changes in policy can assist in controlling the amount of drinking occurring on campus, but it will not stop alcohol consump- tion. Students will change the location in which they drink. If policy changes are made, the main consid- eration should be enforcement thus it must be relatively easy to enforce or it becomes inefficient. The atmosphere on campus will be slow to change, but if an academic atmosphere is what we seek, we must take steps to set examples for the students. We must support academic activities and provide non-alcoholic activities, like CLUE WSUC!! With tllat said I would encourage all students to state your opinion, make your voices heard! In addition, I would like to announce our next CLUB WSUC Dance Party. which will be held right after the Bonfire/Pep Rally Friday October 13th at PER Center. THe Homecoming dance is titled \Naked Feet\ party since only socks, white sole sneakers or bare feet are permitted on the Main Gym's floor. SAB will be providing pizza and soda JJlus an unlimited supply of drinking water. Varsity C-Club and the majority of the Greek com- munity are also sponsoring the event along with CCSA. See you at Homecoming! Alcdt~l Survey- Please drop off all responses to CCSA office in Corey Union by October 18th: 1) Do you believe that drinking is a serious problem at Cortland? YES NO 2) In yow opinion what percentage of students at Cortland drink too much? 3) Do you feel there are enough adequate alternatives to drinking on this campus? YES NO 4) What kind of alternative events would you like? ... Beta Phi Epsilon ·s 8th Annual to benefit the Leukemia Society Bate: Sunday Od 21 1 1:00 AM Registration: 10:30 AM· 1 t :00 AM ( Prlz~s and 1-shlrts AvtitllabJ.e ) Stalt/11111!111: aeta Pill Efisll\a )6 T~ st. Distance: 1.2 .lieS.

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