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S lXnhc Pre!>s{fhurl>day, October S. ll)H'J That'~ Entertainment! Don•t read this I Stressed? Who's stressed? By Maryam Tasnif f:'lllertainment Editor -Scream really loudly. If that could get you in trouble, scream into a piii()W. I am getting lazy. My brain has -Find a nice central spot, prefera- been totally drained of any kind of bly a window, and blow soap coherent thought. bubbles. I feel like screaming till my lungs . - T2ke a long walk, either by burst because 1 have so much work yotuself or with a friend, and ponder todo.Ijustdon'tknowwheretostart. life_ AAAAAGH! !@#%#$@!!That felt -Find a punching bag and puncb better. Maybe you should try it too. with ~II ttle energy you've got You may wonder what on earth I am -Play the piano. You don't have going to write about this week. to know how to play the piano, just Believe me, your guess is as good as fiddle: around with the keys. mine. Since at this point in time I am - T're:at yourselfto something that a highly stressed individual, I could i~ l'ro b~tbl:y going to lead to an early talk about stress. But I won't. This is gra ve:,is full of cholesterol, has fifty supposed to be a \fun\ column, as my million calories; but it tastes great, so seven loyal readers know. Therefore wh<J cares!!! I will talk about wierd and whacky -Get some sleep. Get a lot of ways to relieve stress. People do sleep. funny things. Some of these methods · ~ead, knit and bake. are my own, some are from friends -Eat like a pig. and acquaintances and some are -0() for a ride in the car driving from complete strangers. Here goes at '-llarp speed. - Throw the cat against the dog - Choke my teddy bear -Playing ball - Playinggolf,or go hiking in the woods. -Go hunting -Swing the cat around by it's tail (this is a stuffed animal we're talk- ing about here) -\ Love my big honey \ -Play the jump, kick and punch game in the games room. - Shoot some hoops. -Go shopping. Actually, splurg- ing is more like it! - COME AND TALK TO c.s.s. This is what I got out of an impromptu survey that I happened totake.lfyouareoffendedby any- thing that has been said, tough! Anyway, whoever you may be, have a good break, have fun. Please don't over alcoholize and say \Hi! .. to Mom from me. Bye ! • Record revzew •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Pete Townshend ~~The Iron Man .. SOUND+VISlON. David Bowie This remarkable collecdon (thJree By Matt Douglas Staff Writer Ir()ll rvtan.\ \The Iron Man\ is based on a book by Ted Hughes. The al hliill is enjoyable. . LPs) reviews David Bowie's In tCl•\-.• Uh1rn111C11h \THE IRON MAN\ Songs to Hear (OJ Heaven) Artist: Pete Townshend Producer: Pete Townshend Label: Atlantic Records l. \I Won't Run Any More 2. \Over the Top\ J. \Dig\ Concept Records have been a big part of Pete Townshend and The Who's careers. Starting with ·A Quick One' on The Who's \Happy Jack\ LP. Pete Townshend has penned such concept albums as \Tommy\ ( 1969), \Quadrophenia\ (1973). and his own \White City-A Novel\ ( 1986). Townshends latest concept album tells the story of\The ALBU THE ROLLING l · St.</ Whe.ls- Co/umbra (Tht Glunm<r T rmu .mel CJ.u I<Im.rey) TOMPETI'Y 18 2·2 FrJIMoon FM!'-MCA t Urf!L,_,. Torn Pdt].mc/Mikt Cnnpb.H) MILLIVANILLI GrrlYou TV-It's T--Anstaf ( F r.mlt F 411411) PAUlA ABDUL F\\\\Yt~~~Girl-Vupt'(V\\\\' Prod.tm) FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS Tis. &tw .mel 1M Coohd -I.R.SJ MCA f1 (D.md Z ...1 Furt Y\\\'1 c-;&.uJ DON HENLEY Tht EnJ cfk r-- Gtfm• rv- Prot~umrJ NEWKIDSON'IHE orn BLOCK ov H..,· T<Mfi>-Colrmlriat' (M~ s,J PRINCE a.,-_ w\\!' 8rol. ( Pma; GLORJAESI'EFAN 6 c.-.\ w.,- Jr,Jorw . !he album's best songs are contained on side one. 'I Won'tRun 1\.nymore,' (sung by Pete Townsh- mds \Hogarth .. ) is a declaration to stand up to fears. Who perform 'Dig.' A song of work forthecharacters. 'Dig' would have made a first rate Who song. The side is closed with' A Friend is a Friend' and 'I Eat Heavy Metal.' Side two of\The Iron Man\ does not meet up to the quality of the first side. There are some bright spots. 'All Shall Be Well' is a standout, as is 'Fire.' Performed by The Who, 'Fire' is a pretty good update of the I967 version by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. his \Ashes to Ashes\ album In 1980. Over nearly 50 tracks, riSound+ Vlsl.on\ gatbers hits like \Changes\, nRebel Rebel\ (In a rare single version) and \YoungA~rlc.ans''? offen five previously unreleased:songsandabatchC,fr.aiidesas well~ The set Is beautlfully.packaged to Include thorough annotation an~· a fine essayby.MTVnewsman~-'and fonnerRolllngStonee'dltor Kurt Loder. The character of Hogarth bas Wille to terms with his fear and taken a sta11d. An upbeat song, 'I Wont R.un Anymore' could be the albums ~stsong. 'Over the Top\ is sung by T'helron Man (played by John Lee Ho<Jker). His character is introduced and the listener is treated to an explana- tion of The Iron Man's current situ- ation. These two songs open the ali> urn well. Unfortunately, they are the best. The remaining members of The Pete Townshend does an accept- able job on \The Iron Man.\ One likes to think that the album could have been better. It is rumored that Townshend wrote a lot of extra material which was not included on \The Iron Man.\ PerJ:laps he\sh~uid have made a double album. Long Live Rock. Hail Jim, Matt Out. COLLEGE ALBUMS POGUES Ptact & um·-lslarul HOODOO GURUS Magn.r cum Loutltr- RCA B-52'• Cormrc Thrng- Rtpmt WINTER HOURS Wintt'T Hours- Chrysalrt OCEAN BLUE Tbt Owm BIIU'- Srrr!Reprist POPWILLEATITSELF This b tbt Day, Tbrt lr thtHour. TbiJls T~is-RCA REDHClTCHILIPEP~ERS Motlm's Milk- EM/ ZIGGY .MAllLEY AND THE MELOJ)y~R.S • One Bright Oaj- Vlrglo; \' VARIOUS ... TISTS :. . . TheBriJgt:A TribulttoNeiiYou~((.;. Carolint!No.6 DANCE TRACKS· THE CURE \Lcve Song\- Elektra SEVERED HEADS \All Satnts' Day\- Nrttwer/c CdTidd.r XYMOX \Blirul He.rrts\- Wrngl PolyGram LILLOUIS \Frriich Kirs\- Diamond b--52'• ''Channtl Z\ - R'(1me BABY FORD \Children oft he Rtvolutaon\- Warner J>ro1,.' WARRANT \Hea>m\- Columbia GWRIAESTEFANAND MIAMI SOUND MACHINE \Don't Wanna Lose You\- Epic CHER \f/1 CouiJTumBark Tnne\- Geffon MILLIVANILLI \'Girl f'm Gonn.r Miu You\- Arista NBWKIDSONTHEBLOCK. \'H(l11gin} 'to.ugb\- Columbia MAnONNA \Cht!risb\- S~re vie pee Att Mi ad' get me his Ga ne! ba1 ais the gn po th< on me a Vi ' gu ~ •p I bu hi I lit m gt ! ar i w t to \ \ ar r I ,

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