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Sid ' I , _J....., . ,_,. .~ '~~ ..• Review: ··alack Rain .. Chris Griffith Business Manager bartender(Kate Capshaw), he sets o11tto settle the score with the Japa- nese mob. This film is loaded with Hey Readers: This weeks re- action, suspense, and enough vio- view is the latest hit from the same lence to keep you on the edge of your people who brought us Fa tal seat. The only thing that I recom- Attraction, titled Black Rain. It stars mend for this film, is to bring along Michael Douglas as Nick Conklin. a Japanese translator. Besides that, a divorced New York City cop, who I guarantee an exciting thriller is in gets involved with the Japanese store for you. mob,andacounterfeitring. Heand Previews this week include: his partner Charlie Vincent(ft ':: Another movie about a man who is Garcia).apprehendoneoftheJapa- falsely accused of a crime, titled nese mobsters, who must be brought Innocent Man . This film stars Torn back to his own country wher~ he is Selleck(Magnum P.l.), as the man also wanted by the police. When falsely accused by the police for a they arrive in Osaka, they are crime he didn't commit. Kind of greeted by whom they belive is the sounds like the Incredible Hulk's police and the 'bad guy' is taken off story. Anyway, this film isn't ex- theirhands. Ofcoursehegetsaway, actly another Lock Up type offtlm, only to make Conklin and Vincent but one that shows how a family more frustrated. Now observers in holds together without the head of a strange country, Conklin and their household. It depicts their Vincent set out to catch the 'bad struggle to free him from his falsely guy' once again. They try to accusedjailsentence. Thisfilmalso 'Americanize'their Japanesepolice stars Laila Robbins and F.Murray b11ddy (Ken Takakura), by making Abrahmn .. Alsooutintimefor.trick- him go against Qis code of honor, to or-treat~rs,-;311d for Friday the 13th, lie, steal, and be sneaky; notuncom- -is yet another sequel titled Hallow- monforNewYorkers. Wb~nthings. een 5- The Re:Venge of Michael get too rough for Conklin• s liking Myers. This ftlm picks up one year and mutdefs.trikes out, heno l()nger later where part 4left off. This time wishes to be an observer, and vows little Jarnie(Danielle Harris), who to take the law into his own hands. has been in a sleep clinic from her WiththehelpofhisJapanesebuddy, ordeal with her deranged uncle in and tips from the pretty American part 4, awakens to find that Michael(aka. The Shape). has t!S- caped the well where he was left at the end of the last film. Once again. up pops good old Dr.Loomis (Donald Pleasance). who warns anyone who will listen that Michael is backontheprowl, and is it:~ search of his niece Jamie. Didn't this guy kill off enough relatives in the first few films? Everyone who survived last years film is back once again to help battle Myers.orto die in this one. An inside scoop says we will finally see the ghastly burned face behind the mask, and a mysterious stranger with possible ties· to Michael is now in the picture. With any help at all. Loomis and little Jamie will put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. Video release of the week is none other than the 1942 Disney classic Bambi. Everyone's favorite charac- ters reunite with Bambi, such as Thumper. and Flower the Skunk. It is the classic tale of the life of a little deer, who brought a tear to every child's eye when his mom gets shot, and when the forest fore destroys the forest. This film remains one of Hollywood's great achievements, which can now be seen at any time. Hail to the video age! Well, that's it for this week~ Have a safeOctoberbreakand \I'll see you at the cinema!\ The Pre.s.s/Thurntuy, October 5, 1989/SEVEN THANKS for Partying with CLUBWSUC See you at our Naked Feet Dance Party!! CCSA/SABIWSUC presents THE BATfLE BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN DESSERT THEATRE/ PLAY READING f1UDAY. OCJ'O&ml 13th llrockw:ay Lounge. 8:00 pm. Tickets on sale I'IO'W at L<>ve of Pete and Corey Urtion Box Office. Tickets will be avallabe at the door This performance Is presented In coopc>ratlon with the SUNY Cortland Theatre Department COMMUNITY PARADE '89 SATURDAY~ OCTOBER 14th Noon time Moffett GYm to PER Center If Your srouP or residence hall would like to march11 Please contact CCSA.Ulce President Debi TracY~ 753-4816 SAs:~tmel.ident Ahrf\'fte ·· Weisil 753-2826 ·· ~ · · · ·\·J<>>::~;b- .. ,~---v~ F·r·· ·_ 1wd· ; ·at. :~:~-.~~~~-:g.~ .. -'{c;~.:~.~~r··'·to; b-.~.e .. _ ·. ·r~ .. · .. 13 .t- l • \? ~ • • ~ • \\ ~ P. .. \ ~ o:o;l ' .. , ft ., ,1 ~ , I I e 0 .]' ! ; I ,. . \\ • \ , . \' 1 ~~ . ~ . •• ,... • .... •••• \ 1'! • -- \\ ....,. ., • \·'r & t 4• ' t •• ~-· ' t • - ·:v. Q ~ :,...

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