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EIGHTffhe Press/Tilunday, Ocrober 5, 1989 Attention all Clubs and Organizations Important Meetiag Thurs. Oct 12 at 6 pm in Corey 305-306 One representative from a club must attend. preferably the Vice Pres. For futher information call CCSA Director of Activities Valerie Canino at X4816 GUIDE Oct. 1. 1. and ·t 2 &om 6 pm to 8 pm. Wed~esday Oct 11- • < ''Cortland Vie-ws'' ..... ·\'ith_ Totn Shanahan 7-8 prn Thursday Oct 12- , Comedy Show 7-'7:3o pm ~.·:. Cort-SiiOrts 7:30'- 8 pin. • ;'j Remember your College years with more than just a snapshot. CSTV is now produ~i~g the 2nd Annual Video Yearbook. ' ' CSTV wants you to be seen! We arre looking for musicians, ·eomidians .. ,~ · variety acts, etc. to app¢~r· on c~mpu~ television. If interested call Stie· at- .. Staci, Do you still love me? I still Ember- Congrats ()n Jove you! I'm sorry! Love, Rob -Tanya ----------------------------------- Tanya. Just remember you blew it Chris Griffith- Are you still hard? not me. Maybe the 3 of us can all go out sometime. Guess who? Kerry-Makeupyollfmind-is it your car or not? -Vicki Joe-n-John-Whats up? When are you coming up to visit me? Love Goofy-Ihopeyoullaveanawesome your favorite roomie. Oct. break. I'll miss ya. Smile!!! -ME C sisters- Lets make this weekend \The Press\ Staff . would like to awesome and remember 2nd west is welcome aboard our new cartoon- best -Love Carrie ist- Dave Street 1 'Kringle- Can we take another See .. J.T. Swan\ in CARTOONS- roadtrip soon-Syracuse, Cornell? pg?? To the Cheney soap junkie- As the World Turns I see a Guiding Light which puts me in the emergency room of General Hospital Last Sat. the 3-0 mens Rugby club defeated Binghamton 10-4. This coming S,at. they will travel to U of Buffalo To the hunk of a man playing the guitar outside of Alger on Friday- I have my eye on you. Identify your- self. -Skipper Debi Tracy- I had a great time at Applegates. We survived! Remem- ber, Non Illegitimlls Carborundum. -Stacey Kimothy- I had an awesome week- end. We will have to do happy hour again, but no more going through windows. -ME Susan, I Love Y-oll! -:Michael Laura- Have a fun Oct Break. You'll be missed. -Your roamie I ' .( ~ Kavita, cheesecake & coffee at ClarkHallStaff-Haveagreatweek- ApplegatesthisSunday?Remember end guys. Fo.r those going home- the coupon! love, Sniffy. enjoy.Forthosestaying-itshouldbe For a good time call Biff -4724. Carol Silvino, What can I say. You are the best there is. I can't stress that enough. I love you. The all-growed- up-one. AAAAAAGH! Too much to do, too little time. Dave, senorita Torro, U R incredible. I hope U find the meaning of life. Love, Senor Burro Veronica Anne, love 'ya babe! Enjoy life! Maryarn. ~y Lynn, only you could intellec- tualize with a dude called Rambo. Maybe you should get matching ski jackets!! Vince Vercillo, Get a Life. · Farrugia, who do you think you are anyway? Whatever the answer is, We Don't Care! fun. TMF To John V.-Happy Birthday! We love you! Love the girls from SOT Alpha Ph~ Pledges-Congratulations girls- You're on your way. Thanks for all of your support in the Heart Run, it was a success. Good luck during the next few weeks. We love you. Alpha Phi .• Mr. Mayor, $1.49. You got Penny? Sorry. about the bald joke, I know. it's an exposed nerveHa. HaLov.e Your #-1 Fan- Mr. Mayor, The race is getting close it's time for some dutchcampaign- ing! Love, GERHARD Lizzard-1 miss the old you! Where did you Go? Sony: I'm.not from Fredonia (Proximity Effect) Oct. 15 Should have; conlc.:l have, -would .havel 'fhat~ol.alltumn breeze has stopped t>Aowing·Always remember WORDS and MtJSI£ Luv ya. Rico Happiness is ... watching Brian Congratulations Stacey and Mike.! I Murphy groveling at women the can't wait until July 23. What an night before the homecoming for- event! Love. Amy - mal . St. Jude- Thank you for prayers Dear Mary, We've spent some answered and for helping me qualitytimetogether,you'renotlike through a rough time period. in my all the rest. Hope we have fun at life. God bless y()u always.-E.K.M. Homecoming. Love Andrew S. Val- Smilei-Scott James Riotto-Congratulations on your becoming the president of Baycan- Machiavelli loves y{)u. Beta!!! Love Mom Stacey --------------------------------- Souto-was itRobin,AndreaorMary CINBOT- Let's get some gorillas! whocalled about Homecoming???- SPACE . Bart ----------------------------------------- Stacey- I'm glad our friendship Chris-IloveyoumorethanChicken survived!- Debi \ soup. -Jody --------------------------------------------- Joanne- I'm a little man from N.J.- Jody Steve, Nont1, Leon¥ and Gene- Thanks for bringing CLUB WSUC alive with sound and personality- CCSA/SAB . . Val-What'simportantisthatyouare --------------------~---, alive!- Debi & Stacey Amy- This oneis'foryou whereever you are. -Jody Tim- Hello It's me! I thought about you for a long time. -Jody Got to love those Red teddies!!!! Cassie- Like cool! Think about it. LittleJRBBrother-thankyoufor.all Who are we? What are we doing of your pbysioal and· emotional here? Likl} fat: out..Jody , : .. sJJP,PQtt;-.You.~,J,~ade CLUB WSUC l-a..mbo, StaY. ontlJ.~.tr~ils PeW~e the · .bapi>en!· Big C~SA Sister .. road. You ar(}a,Wimp. : ·· ·· , ' . . · . · · ~ · '· = Thankyoufor·thePresidentialcredit Good Lpc~Cross Country. t)p w'ell butlmustadmitl.amthe Vice Presi- at LeHigh . · . .. ·' · ~ . den.t . · . · · · · '14 , ., , ,_ J 1 , \ ~ 74 . .. • ~ • • . l'l:.;( •. ; ' : • • • . .•. . Janine, I.,efs get rid of you.r boy~ W-ill the ·REAL president please friend. -Ralph. . · stand up?!. . ,.1 , · · 753~8557· or Jeanie-,at ... 7-S6•-2.4tl4· · .; -·---. ,., .~,-- .... - -· . --·,··--·. \: :.,,.;! .,,r '\ •. r.- i., 1: ., . _ .•.. L::================:=::;::::::::::::::::=:::::::::::::::=:;:.J Billy 0- Let the anim~~ l~v.e. Sharon: Go.awa.y. bad dream~Bea :~ . v- ' I , I -• I ! ~ ... .. t · .... ' I ' _:~_: ..... . ; . I ' ' ..... · · .. ~.,; I· . : ! I ,, ' I t

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