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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, October 05, 1989, Image 9

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1 l t e I . I I I Sharon: the p~;ob1em with some .Linda P.~ Is accounting what you women is that they nud.te a big deal really w&Qt te do?-C&M out of nothing- some even go so far as to marry bim! Bea Kerry- Angel? Ha! I luv Jim Kerwin!- Madame X VVH-arethereanyrealloveshacks? ---------- My guess would be the end room of Jim Kerwin of Delta Kappa Beta is my hou:;e HA. Ha. bot!- Madame X -------__,.;o~-- Vic-Vic-Vic- \Have you seen Dear Lau, Sue. Nik, El and Leen. Thanks for putting up with me this past week. I don 'tknow what I would have done without my \suitees\. You guys were great. I love ya, Gee Dear Tamiery man -Howdy, bon! have a super week and vacation home! Sprout will be down so she knows where you can deliver my pizza-ha! ha! Have asllperweekend and keep smiling! And stay sweet! Love ya- Sprout's yo11nger sister Blair's Drunk Cousin lately?\- Chris-Chris-Cbris Kevin- You'redoingagreatjobwith the funnies. You should get tips. Ha Ha-Griff Cindy- Happy belated birthday in print! - Chris Gaert- Thanks for taking advantage of the poor three man. You're too good with the dice. - Chris Hey buddies-Have a great weekend Pete- Cheer up, it's October break. and try to stay cool! Also watch out Yougettogohome.Justremember- for those signs- OUCH - Boom. no snacks!- Chris Bang and Chomp , ---------- Gr:oupi~s- Have a super-duper weekend!! Sta)l wild and be excel- lent dudes!- the story lady Sandy- Good luck on your driving test. Remember right- gas left- brake! -love. us . Ann- How about some horror mov- Tara&Nikki- You \gals\ are super ies- F~ddy K. .. roo.mies and be good this weekend- · . · · ' .. ,1 d<;m'tforgetthe F-O-O-D-love ya- · Kami-loveyoua buncb·S~iggumS;j Jen . . e . .. - . ........ ....--~------ Bobby and Dana- .Going ..to the tisba :and :fill- you ladies ar~ real cbapelandyou'regonnagetmarried; neat! Stay wild and remember who .• . lo~s ya! JJ Cary- my life is empty withDut you ........... _ _,________ and rn do anything to have you in Deb, Suz, Karen, Joe, Scott- well folk. as you koow Winnie the Pooh and the Pogues rule! Never forget how much fun we had this weekend!- a dedicated music and Pooh fan namedJen my anns..:Rio Gil- why dDn 't you grow up- you pig bag of cooties!- Beth ·. Wanted~ S/W IF. Sensitive. Intelli- ---------- gent, and Handy around the house- VACATION RULES!!!! .. WinniethePooh is#l so moveover Mickey Mouse. Y Oll've been re- placed! to share romantic interludes, I'm the one you've been waiting for. No photo necessary - Bill \Err\ Kraus- 756-9671 For Sale: Double bed. Box Spring Ann Marie- \Congrats on your new and mattress. $25 Call Kay days at accomplishm.ent-I'll buy you a box 753-2806 ofKleerrex!\~ Chris ---------- ---------- Hitman Horan- can Carla really , \dumb movie I heard\-Ericka squat more than you. Please save yourTop 's register tapes Michelle E.- miss you lots . Imagine to help save homeless pets. Drop the fun we could have at the home- them off at Core~ Information Desk. c_oming formal- Graz ! o- j~ Momma,.~ ~·Get. a job soon, I'm .'\'frep- thanks for the kisses from the hungeyi!'- Bl!mche ·· huddle\\ Dawn Marie \the Rose\ .. . -~ ... ' - ·.' . Irige Sue-\You can watch the turtl~s. Jamie Hilton- You're the best room- but don't hurt them!,.- your uncle mate~ guy could have -love Rami .. - The Press/ll!ursday, Octl>ber 5. 1989/NJNE Do vou have Problems livins off camPus? Do )IOU need lesal advice in dealins with )lOUr landlord? Do )IOU worr)l about eeHins )lOUr securiw dePOsit back? lf ~ou have answered \YES\ to even one of these questions come to the Cortland Off-CamPus Oreanization rcocoJ General Interest Meetins OCTOBER 25. 'l:OO Pm Room 209. Core~ Union AND GET INUOLUEDII! SNakina on Housins and Tenant/Landlord Concerns: Don Armstron~. CCSA Lestal Counsel GarY Thomas. Executive Director. Cortland Housins Assistance Council Todd Warren. CCSA President SPOnsored bv ccs~ and coco -The Campus .A~tist and Lectu~e Se~ies and SLAN)! Co~tland Theat~e Depa~tmeV\t pres$nt Neil Simon·s Love of~ete, f5 Main St., Cortland, 753-8325 Corey Union Box Office, Mon.-Fri. noon-3:00pm, 753-2700 Tickets will be available at the door beginning at 6:30pm . ' $~.po SUNY Cortland students $4-:09 ~~N'{ ... C~:n;t~apd fac~lty/stc;)ff/senior citizens · · · · · .. · · $5.oo .. Gen~ral Public \

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