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( ! - I ' Now this is an extremely confused individual. This is the combined effect of being a senior' taking classes, work- ing, being both Business Manager and columnist for the Press and acting. If you would like to avoid derangement, please refrain from participating in these activities all at once. This is just a dramatization! ._ ____________________________ _. Let it Snow!!! Let it Snowrrr Greek Peak is waiting for the snow and for Cortland students. Recruiters will be on campus Nov. 8th and 9th. Sign up for your interview in the Student Employment ·Service, ~ ... i . . B•55 VanHoesen f;'r' ~;~·~ ,r . ...~~~· . . ~ . - .. .. ~,Please drop off all responses to CCS~~tce in Corey Union by November 13th ·- ·\:;,,..il .. ~-~~~~-~~-~--~------~ . . •.. . . . 1 ) ·D9: you Qelieve JHat drinldng is a. serious problem · afdortlartd? · YEs· NO; · . '-., • ' 'I .. . .; ·' 2) Jn your opinion;:wnat·percentage of'students at'GQrtland orink 1oo much? · ·, .· 3,.} Qb:you feefthere are enough adequate ·alteirratives to drinking on this campus? YES NO .... 4) What kind of alternative events. would you like? 'The Press!Novembcr 3, 1989/ELEVEN Rating the Reel \Shocker\ CHRIS GRIFFITH Bruiness Mana1w1· Hey readers: Well, it seems like I'm picking dud films to review lately. I'm usually a horror fanatic, but the current ones being shown in theaters aren't up to horror standards. By this I mean they lack scary elements. Nothing is scary anymore! 'I)tey may have some scary moments, but for the most part they are too comical. Anyway. here's yet another review at a so called 'horror film'. This week's review is the latest film from director Wes Craven titled Shocker. This film is about amass murderer named Horace Pinker. After he has murdered numerous ·families, the local football player obtains a power, when he is sleeping, to see Horace kill before it actually happens. Jonathan then leads the police to where he lives, and Horace is captuted and sent to prison to be electrocuted. To make a long story short, after he is electrocuted, he is stronger than ever before. having a new relationship with electricity. Horace is now able to enter the bodies of other human beings and possess them, until they run out of energy. Poor Jonathan, having everyo11e he cares about die, battles Horace to the end, by jumping in and out of television sets into different programs. Jonathan does this by using the necklace of his dead girlfriend, but don't ask me how. Horace is then left in T. V land, awaiting his release when some hard up director attempts to makes a sequel. Hey, if you like great special effects, to be grossed out, and to have a good laugh, then Shocker is the film for you. However, I think it may be wise for Wes Craven to leave his nightmarish creatures in his own dreams from now on. ' Previews this week include: The Bear, an animal adventure movie from director Gerard Brach(Que st for Fire). This film stars two bears, yes, bears! It is about a hunting party seen from the view of the hunted. One of the bears, a large and dangerous Kodiak bear, had to be trained for two whole years to get him to act the way the director wanted him to. Although the film stars animals, it is the story about man's ignorance towards na- ture and all it's creatures. This film has already broken box office records in Europe, and is ready for it's go in the U.S .. Also out now is a new family drama titled Dad. This film is about a son who returns home to comfort his father when his mother has a heart attack, only to find out during his visit,that his father has cancer. This film is based on the 1983 novel by William Wharton under the same name. The film stars Ted Danson, Jack Lemmon, and Olympia Dukakis. Video releases: Video pick of the week is Say Anything, which is about Lloyd Dobler(John Cusack), who has a serious crush on Diane Court(lone Skye), the most unattainable girl in high school. He feels that he isn't in her league, that she's too smart for him, but never the less strives to get her tog() out with him anyway. All Lloyds friend's think he's crazy, including Diane. He tries his hardest, and the two fall in love. It is about the joyous celebration of first time love . Well, that's it for this time. Until next week. \I'll see you at the cinema\l ·' The Workshop: i.lY Dr. Pa-palia·: Wednesday, -November 15th, I; . • • , • from 4-5 pin ·-· wi-ll now ·be.i:held in ,fhe CoiiOquiUJn Room, . . . Bre>ckway H-all . A m~etirlg will follow immediately from· 5-6 pm. To register please call M-eli·nda Van EHen, 753-4728.

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