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SI~X, By CHRIS GRIFFITH Business Manager who is having an affair with her own sister (Laura SanGiacomo ). This is also where the lying begins. Gal- Heyreaders:Thisweek'sreview lager's college friend comes to is on a film that caught my eyes and visit(James Spader)with his trusty ears by surprise from the first time video camera, and this is where the I heard of it. The film is none other videotapes come into play. Actually thanSex,Lies,andVideotape.Ifthat theywantedRobLoweforthispart, title doesn 'tgrab you, I don't know but he was preoccupied in court at what will. Anyway,! saw the film the time-Ha, Ha. Spader has a during October Break, and realized unique bobbie, in that he videotapes that the majority of people I spoke women talking about anything to do to about the film, had never even with sex. Anyway, he befriends heard of it. I then figured \Oh well, Gallager's wife, but seedts to have no review on that onel\ until morethanfriendshipinmind.When however the film even arrived here lies are discovered, revenge takes in beautiful Cortland. So here's a over, and vide<;>· taping begins. I review on this interestingnew film. don't want to give too much of the Basically. the story follows exactly story away, so I'll sum it up by what the title announces. It is about saying it was a high spirited, funny, thelivesofayuppiecouple,andhow and dazzling new film, one that theirunhappymarriageisdwindling shouldn't be missed. It was already away. The wife( Andie Macdowell), the winner for best picture at the is inconstant therapy forherfearof 1989 Cannes film festival, with world garbage takeover. The sex James Spader pulling off a reward part of the film deals with her un- for best actor. faitqful husband( Peter Gallager}, Previews this week include: The Little Mermaid, Disney's twenty eighth animated film. The story is based on the famous fairy tale from Han's Christian Anderson. It is about a pretty young mennaid who falls in love with ahandsome.young prince. However, the ugly sea witch Ursula tries to make things pretty miserable for everyone. This high quality animation will certainly make this film another classic for Walt. Also out soon is yet another sequel to a horror film titled Leath- erjace: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ill. This one goes more in depth with the character of the big guy with the chainsaw, only in this one he has a new look. Also out soon is Steel Magnolias, which is based on Robert Harling's smash off-Broad- way play by the same name. It is about the comical and tragic lives of six small to~ women from Louisi- ana. The cast includes: Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Olympia Dukakis, Dolly Parton, Dary 1 Han- nah, and Julia Roberts just to name a few. Video Releases: Video pick of the week is the funny comedy titled The Three Fugitives. This film stars Martin Short, a bank robber who takes Nick Nolte hostage. Nolte is an ex-con trying to go straight, and naturally he gets blamed for the heist. Short's six year old daughter tries desperately to keep them all together, as they make a run for the Canadian border. And would you believe that the blockbuster hit of the summer is on video already stating November 11th? I am speaking of none other than Batman, which stars Michael Keaton as the caped crusader, Jack Nicholson as the Joker, and Kim Bassinger as Batman's love interest. This mass hypnotic hyped film has grossed billions already! Wow, maybe the world has gone a little batty. Oh well. that's it for this time. Until next week, \I'll see you at the cinema!\ The Entertainment Scene -\Antonio Frasconi: Mul- ~iple Visions\ will be onexhi- bitionuntillNov.IOintheRuth E. Dowd Fine Arts Gallery. The timings are Tues. -Sat. 11 amto4pmandThurs. 7 -9pm. ·The Coalition for Educa- tion in the Outdoors and the Recreation and the Leisure Studies Department will dis- play Outdo<f Art and Photo- graphs in tht( Corey Union Ex- hibition Lounge. The display will be on from Nov. 13 to Nov. 17. -There will be an Organ Concert and Silent Movie Night at the Brown Audito- rium on Nov. 10, Friday, at 8 pm. Admission is free and open to the public. -There will be a Ballroom Dance Team demonstration at the P.E.R. Dance Studio 4:30- 5:30 pm on Sat. Nov. II. -The Gospel Choir will be performing at the Fine Arts Theatre on Sunday Nov. 10 at 3 prn. · · -SAB sponsors comedian John Joseph at the Corey Function room on Monday. Nov.13 at8:00pmAdmission is free. oel Starts A Fire . •• \I've felt better in my life,\ says Billy Joel by telephone frgm his room at the· New York University Medical Center. \But I'm feeling better than right after I got out of surgery. I've got a pretty good slice in my gut here.\ A few days earlier, Joel had been all set to fly to London to promote his new album, \Storm Front,\ when the \pain started to hit me,\ he says, referring to the symp- toms that accompany a kidney stone. The 40- year -old singer-songwriter says he's had kidney stones before and is quick to point out tliat he had his first when he was only 19, \A lot of people tend to think it's an old man's disease,\ he says, \but you can get it at any age.\ He did not, ft however, \collapse in agony\ at JFK Airport, as was reported in the tabloids. Joel's health isn't the only thing that's gotten· him into the papers of late: He also made head- · lines with his lawsuit against his former manager Frank Weber- also his former brother-in-law and the godfather of his daughter, Alexa Ray. ''I'm still sort of in shockaboutthe whole thing.'' . says Joel. \But I haven't lost faith in human nature.\ Which is not to say that he '-s-at peace with the · world. \WeQidn'tStarttheFire ;' from \Storm Front,\ is a histOry lessorl of sott~· . - and a reminder of the good, the bad and · . ugly. \I turned 40 this year,\ he says. \I wasn · bother~d by it. but I was just wonde~g how · deal witl~ this musically.\ Joel says that the idea for the song was u .. .,, ... ,,., erated by a conversation with someone hidf.bist · age. \This guy was saying, 'Itjustseemslike~e.,. world's.~rea\bigmessandifsnevergoing~5)get; resolved.' And I said,· 'I thought the s~u:ne things . when I was your age.' H!;} said, 'Yeah, but yqu\;. · grew up in the '50s, and everybody knows that:~: nothing happened in the.''' 50s.' I said, 'Wait a '' .'lniriute. Didh't you bear of Korea, the Htmgar;:~ . • ia.t1 freedom fighters Qrthe,.SuezCrisis?\'Those , - headlines became the basic fr~mew.ork.for the · . . . ·.· ... $ong. · . · .. . .. , .. The chorus -·\We didn't start the fite·~·-­ isn' t meant to sound preactiy. \What to get across is that we didn:t start this .. · .~nherited it,\ says Joel.\\The baby pooin is now hitting middle age, and you're getting a whole , (lew generation of people who are inheriting a . world in crisis, and it~ s going to be· interesting to By Sheila Rogers Rolling Stone see how they deal with it. No matter how much you try, the world is going to be a mess. All you can do is the best you can and maybe make the world immediately around you a better place.\ The issue of age- and the accompanying acceptance of one· s own mortality - also come up int he title track. \There's an element of malevolence in the song,\ says Joel. ''It's about waiting for the other shoe to drop-astormfront'scoming,something'sgoing to happen. I think there's an element of that in all of the songs on the album.\ Joel plans on touring in December. Apart from veteran drummer Liberty De V itto and guitarist David Brown, he's going out with an entirely new band. \At one time, I wasn't sure if I was going toto~r again,'' says Joel. \But working with a new group of musicians stimulated that sense of fun · again.\ Joel parted witl} his former band because, he says, \it had started to become a big business. It just got to be a drag. I really don't want to go in · .. and work with people if all we're going to talk . : about is money.\ 'Joel also parted with his longtime producer ·.Phil Ramone· and hooked up with Foreigner's : Mick Jones. \I wanted to try something com- .;. pleteiy different,\ says Joel. He went with Jones, \Foreigner's lead guitarist, because he wanted to work with a producer who was also a musician. Joel says that as a producer, Jones was more adventurous. \Mick spent much more time getting a particular sound,\ he says. \He had us do more takes than we would normally do, to the point : ... ,lo'\me:remy throat would be raw, and sometimes he . was going for that raw-throat sound in me, where , ··twas just about to crack. There was a little ten- sion, but I think you only get fire when you create · sparks.\ Though turning 40 has obviously influenced . his songwriting themes, Joel says that he has no . .. qualms about being a middle-aged rocker.\ I never . thought of myself in terms of being a prototypi- cal rock & roller,\ he says. \I always thought of 'myselfas a musician ftrst and a composer and then, I guess, a rock & roller or a pop star or whatever rhe hell it is I'm supposed to be. And I've found that some of the g,eatest musicians that I've admired -Beethoven, Chopin and Brahms- wrote some of their best stuff when they were over 40.\

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