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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, February 16, 1990, Image 14

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• •' ' FO U HTEENffhc Press/February 16, 1990 Photographers Writers and Layouts Needed Earn lcCredit Work for the College yearbook Meetings Wednsday 7:00pm Room 404 Corey Union 1990 -- Didascaleions Are on Sale Now $35.00 Buy them at A_s_c There w i 11 be no extras ordered~ Attention Seniors Senior pictures ••••••••••••••••••••••••• To betaken c February 26 to March 9 Corey Union Roon1 404 You will be receiving a scheduled day to conie MYTH- When a rape occurs it is bt>lieved to be the victims fault b~ause of the way he/she was dressed or behaved. FACT- A vi<·tim is newr rl'sponsible for being raped, regardless of his/her actions or dress. MYTH- When a woman acts flirtatious or seductive, she deserves to he raped. FACT- No one ever deserves to he raped! MYTH- Most rapes occur b<>tween strangers and in dark alleyways. FACT- Almost half of all rapes are committed between first or casual dates, or with romantic acquaintances. MYTH- If the victim had only 10aid \no\ to the rapist, he would have stopped immediately. FACT- Many rapists ar<> tol<l \NO\ repeat~dly and it does no good. No is often heard as \yes 11 • MYTH- If a man pays for a datr. a woman is sexual1y obligated to him. FACT- A woman owrs a man NOTHING and he should NEVER assume that shr does. MYTH- A man is always expef'trd to \try something\ on a date. FACT- Communication betWt\l'D partner's is essential prior to any sexual activity. Women and men are each socialized to assume their respective gender roles. This fact of life is an unfortunate one and leads to miscommunication and inevitable misunderstanding between men and 'women. Each needs to strive to understand and he sensitive to the intentions of the other~ If not, acquaintance rape can and will o~cur. Please attend our workshop Feb. 20th at 7:30 in the Fireplace Lounge!! The Dark f-lorse p~esel!\ts MARDI GRAS WEEK! (Wed. feb. 2lst- fat Tues. Feb. 27th) Featuring: Festival beads~ Dubloonsl Decorations~ Tamborines Special Drinks: Hurricanes, Daiquiris, Coladas and shots of Jaegermeister (the best buzz in the businessl) - SO(] hm doi I be Ro So1 -L< da~ Ta: SOl sh1 clc Th mt tal sp m: es D: y< K C( y< lo ar Jc st be PI at ti pi sl v. r~ tl y b ti fl p s ( 8 F 11 F c ~ I 1

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