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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, March 30, 1990, Image 17

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The Press/MaR;h 30.1990/SEVENTEEN Dear Patrick, Last weekend was much and tried to get over, but no PARS-Never forget MINT and Gina: You should be more careful Apt. l and 2.1 can't wait for you girls terrific! I'm glad it went so well. I had matter how hard you try, you just never remember WICKED!! Yotua where you change your clothes! By to move in-lknow you·u be the best a totally great time. Love Ya, Andrea can't get this person off of your mind. great friend! Love Anne& Gale theway,Ican 't find my bracelet. Sly tenants I've ever had! -Sam Where has Pandie been hiding I just wish the person would say f** * Mamie- We're glad we corrupted DearMeryl,Bowlingwasawesome! Denise- I thought we we're only lately? offsoicouldgoon with my life. Too yo11, we're glad you're one of us! You know who loves you. Thanks going to have one picture!! What Hey Rico-I love you and I'm so many tears have ben shed! It's time Have a case on us or rather in the for always chauffeu.rrillg me around, ever happened to that idea? Now we proud of you-I know y~u can do it! to stop and think about reality ! ! ! It bowl! The party has just begun and for checking my spelling. Love, have to sit inside and watch Waynes happened . months ago- LUSH! Love, the corrupt in 417! Margaret Ann World! Love, Claire Bear PAST TENSE!!!!! It's over. FOR Kevin B. I love your haircut. Love GOOD!!!! Sue and Tony-Congratulations on Dear Janice, I have reached a railroad Chick, Chick. Chick -a-Chick a Your Secret Admirer Welcome back to our humble abode your engagement! Best Wishes! crossing (with you-know-who), but Dear Easter Bunny Cakes People- Deborah Jean, you're a little beauty Scott! No noises from the bedroom Love, Kathy I have one question, \Will this Nothing compares to you! Graduation Tickets WANTED!! hurt\?!? I love you honey! Love Love C.B. please! I want some eggs, a badge, some Willpay$$!Cal1Kathyatx.4821 or Margaret Ann 20 Clayton, Jenne and Debbie A, did Dear Deaf Mute Rock-n- Roller in 756-2433 DearDina,Mindi,andTanya.Iknew shots at the back bar and a mongaloid you contribute to the \wet WILMA Towers- can't you hear us banging we couldn't take you anywllere! Elvis Presley look-a-like collection?\ A DRY WILMA IS A on the wall? Dina, I don't know what else to say Look at the ruckus you caused in I want a Trooper, a Probe, a pack a HAPPY WILMA!!! but I do care about you and I'd never Marrits, a cure tape, a pinstripe Jean John- I'm sorry for being such a do anything to hurt you so please Denny's! Hey, don't throw that Jacket, just like Heaven and two Vi-hang loose babe. JJ sarcastic bitch but if tables were change your mind and give it a shot. strawberry-I'll throw a boy sen· Jenne-budde down, I want to take turned I'm sure you would LUlder- Go out with me. Love, Mike berry right back at you! Thanks for tickets to \a Bisons Game\ my kids to your doctors office. JJ stand. I would love to be more than To Tracy in Clark 316: MEOW!! the fun. Love, Margaret Ann I want a Fireman, with a leather friends with you but for now I guess Dear Chris, Joanne?? Was I in the jacket with afurcollar,ahot citation Chrissy-Smile, someone loves you its just friends. Shorty M,T,L,K,C,S: I love you all very right car?? Thanks for the ball, it parked next to his mobile home in JJ \Even my firstcardidn'tdoas much much, I will miss you next year. And really helped rny game! L()ve, Orhcard Park Most-relax if you don't you won't for me as my flrst Tampon did\ I wish all of you a son like Bart Margaret Ann Denise Her ass is stuck to the wall. have any fun. Patti-Goodness a new carforThurs- Simpson! Ha Ha Ha, D. Dear Meryl, It's National What lets leave her here and steal some Pete-don· t be such a stranger JJ day nights 2 for ones! -Hot Dogs, To my Poota; Thanks for 5 great week?!?! I have no response to that! yogurt from Mobile Kelly-we're dancin this· weekend JJ lock the doors and back up the car. months! I miss you very much and (or just maybe I do!) Love, Marga- \I clash and Ispit in your Isle\ Phona-contact me you bozo. Jen To cast of\ She stoops to Conquer\- I love you even more! Take care of ret Ann Chris \Mono Man\-There are black yourself and my bud-eah, Ha Ha Ha. Dear Andrea, Happy Birthday! I Good luck this week. You guys will Hugs, Your Poota! Dear Darcy, I'm sony you had to be ~made boot in our shower-Do you hope it was special foryou. I love you be great!! Tim M-Higgins Hall I would really a direct witness as to how he affects know anything about it!? Patrick We need more bleach, lock the door, like to get to know you-maybe we me! I 'II be more controlled next time, Lena-lets hare some Maccaroni Teny(print shop) Thank you for all bail the water, grab the sugar twin.\ could get together sometime? If I swear! Love, Margaret Ann salad again on Friday night, there is your help and hard work. You do \Hey Guy! Well its a hairline frac- interested, please respond. Love, an Dear Meryl, Fantasy number 512: granola in my bed a11d someone excellent work! Thanks Again ture, I was playing a little fo()tball... admirer in Higgins. \ ... then he swept me up into his arms; poured water over my head! See ya Missy~SAB) Patti-\We're gonna die on this To the Epsilon pledge class of SDT: and the look in bis eyes told me he Friday-Laura .: would love me forever ... \ Sound Steve-Thank you for printing the mountain! Welcomes to New Jer- Hang in there girls you can do it! ! It'll great? For you and me both, babe! Darcy-the thin one-I'm ready for pictures last week! ltwasagreathelp sey! !\ all be worth it. Love Kristi LAJve, Margaret Ann Coles and Coiler bay VB double MissySAB headerd, Bubba bar sliding. Cana- Patti- \ Why can't you just brush Hey everyone-Don't forget the Michelle-Watch out for those swing- dian psycho pants at Garcias and .SAB IJresents The Touch a long your teeth in the Parking lot like me!\ Cortland-Ithaca LAX game on ing doors in the Dark Horse-You shots of Irish Wiskey at Rick Bar Island Progressive Band Friday \His green extra gum was in my March 31. Let's all tum out in Ithaca never know wben one might spring with my Irish sister! And picture April 6, 1990 9:00 Function Room hair!\ in RED! back and hit you right in the face! wars with our Guido-wanna-be *Free\' Nanna-\IsJeffthere? I wantto speak Allison(Lil' sis)Althoughl haven't (Sorry!) - Leanne .. Timmy\ Love, Blain Hey Bob #24-Score a goal on to Jeff' been around much I want you to Brad-Good luck. I hope you guys can NOCLLE-Why!Why?Onlydeath Saturday, will ya? Beat Ithaca! \ THA TS MY MAKEUP IN THE know that I'm still here for y()u. I work everyth;ng out.- Leanne can keep me from it miss you! You're the best, let's get Selling 1988 Trek 1000 Racing STREET! Get off the Bar Now!! Lizz loves Bobby Brown!!! She's easy!! Bike.Less than 100 miles. 52 em. together soon. Love your Big sis, Aluminum Frame. Black Matrix 'Barfar~ma!' How the hell am I (RR) Debbie Glass-It's been great work- Do-Da-Da-Happy- Ho Rims $400. 753-8456 Steve gonna know if they are warm? My Goofy, Hope you have a grreat ing with you, maybe we '11 actually I have a severe bladder control prob- Your a Psycho! lets use Pats Phone! mother punched me in the nose! She weekend! I'm psyched allout Long meet face to face sometime! -Lemme lern He needs stiches, I can't believe we stuck her tongue up his butt! Island. You are simply the bestest Sarah, the Mad Flasher of Daytona, Lets all go to the Family Christmas MMMI\ are sitting on the floor of Precinct 9! and don't ever forget it. Love ya a You are the best! (And so is Party after Aerobics, they love us, -' call a cab! KEY-WE WANT KEV- WERE- whole bunch. -Tanya Syracuse!) especially the one that .. doesn 'tlike '' ALLYWANTKEV !!! Deanna-Here we go again, lets keep To: Dela and Vada, Winners never Jim, We're going to have an awe- the taste of beer.\ the phone bill down and keep your HEY SENIORS -I need any and all quit! Quiters never win! Hang in some time this weekend. Can't wait Julie- \English Muffino! I want feet on the ground. Good luck, go for extra graduation tickets. Four there. Love, Marlene to see you. Love, Lisa English Muffins!\ it! doesn't cut it! Will Pay! Call Patty Congratulations goes to Kristin Nancy Wagner, ••Nothing compares \I think I got Clearasil on Matts Psycho Tim- \Here Kitt;:i, Kitt!l. at 756-5813 Oswald-O,S.W,A,D-for win- to you\ -James face!\ Diana, Ellie, Kitty, Fox, Tracy, Kitty!\ ning a dominoes pizza on WSUC Zeek-When are we doing lunch? Linda- you are a great roomie Psycho Adam- ••He's my drinking Missy and Laura: Here's the per- Kristin-you are just TOO funny, Dinner? love applehead Love ya Michelle SDT. sonal you've always wanted! You buddy. I was between chicks and guys are great friends and I know it y()u Loser!!! Booker! Long tirne no see Kris T- Maybe we will get a why do your friends call me 'Psycho will stay that way after graduation. I female housemate needed 23 Dearest Amy Lynn, the s11nshine chance to hang out one of these Adarn'?\ Patty Maple Ave. Single Bedroom. Fair girl, Happy Birthday! lt'stimetozoo days! Until then ... Love Me. Noelle-\Go For The Pizza!!\-Sara Mike D. - Peeing on the bar in price, great condition. Call753-5S85 out again , and dance with Jerry. I Joe- Have a great weekend- \lt'syourbasicwineoooler Woody's is gross and so are you!- or 753-2627. love you. Peace and sunshine day- GOOD CALL! Love, Crowe. .. .;_ Bud Combo Night.\ An innocent by-stander AKALOO! dreams, The Bellport lunatic Lynn-Good Luck with your ,f· \She's barfing behind the pin·ball Mark, Lock and Load! I had tlte Best Hey, whotookthedumponourhotel Hey Freaks: Freak Out! I love you interview! machine.\ Spring Break! Are you missing room floor'? all! Peace from the Sarah freak TW-See you on Sunday, be good! \I can't fmd my keys, I don't know anything? I hope I see you, there are Th the stranded TKE boys-thanks Snake-It's Springbreak anything where my meal card is, and wheres more stories. Amy (little shit) for the room-the stranded car group goes I From the mouse ~lassifie~ my green. ~Jap• clip, I need tooth- BOSHART-Your time has come! Ken: How's Nicholas Kenneth for a Congratulations to Kim Ohlerich- paste, I am so hungry,\ thanks We've been working out, so watch name?-me the new president of Alpha Phi and Denise where would I be without out-yourCUTEass is ()UIS!!! Love, Ho_!ler-We miss you. Where are to all the executive officers you- probably sleeping! who's the girls next door! P.S. See you in you? Love Suite 333B Alphi Phi is worth the wait, RUSH Summer Day Camp positions on gonnak~p me in linene:xtsemester? Health!. Jeepers; how about a shot-dog? with us next semester, falll990 Long Island for students and faculty. love Sara. N-E-I .. G-H-B-0-R-S!I! Aloha! Athletic Instructors (Team Sports, Don't worry his hair will grow. Love Birtha-you want ut, you know ut, Gymnastics, Aerobics); Swimming Peg-\OH NO-!\ classic Hollywoods was great-we'll do it Gina& Sly nice shower curtin-a couple of more Pool Staff (WSI, ALN); Health (RN, Andy-\ Accent on the pea.\ What again-next time in Jamaica! Hope Cheryl-How's your Monday night weeks and you'll get uti Gertrude EMT, LPN); Arts Instructors pea? What the· hell is he talking the sundae/brownie was worth the guests? Surprise! Leon and Kevin-Welcome toCort- (Drama, Music, Fine Arts, Crafts); about1 · · · LIE o.ti your birthday! AuRevior, land Spring Break 90 was great- Counselors. Top salaries. Write to Ciao, basta manana, adios, & later Sly-Hit the deck! The one thing he How do you cope with an obsession CL_ TS!I Love, the two raving beau- wants from you he'll never get! - next year it will be even better! We First Steps, P.O. Box U, East Setau- that you know you can never have? ties next door! (P.S. No it's not Thanks for the bracelet. Love \G\ love you! Love Ca and A ket, NY 11733. Or call, (516) 751- Has a11yone ever liked someone so Bosh!) Future tenants of 10 PROSPECT 1154. Thank you.

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