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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, April 12, 1990, Image 12

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TWELVE/April I:!. 1990mle Press Tom my linle po()kie, You mean the world to me, with(.lUt you there would be no Ocean City buck rubs or mushy mush feel. I'll love you for- ever! The Stress Monster P.S.- Don 't forget to mow the lawn. I want you, I want you so bad. I need you, you're driving me mad. Beware of guys who get spot penns! Never Date a Beta--except for you. Nick! To the City Limits Manager-Your a wash-up ... Limits\ is in the dog house! Eddie Port ughese-call me, I'm waiting for the dinner you owe me! Chrissy FALCO-Will it ever happen? Paul Frank-Where are you? Rob--getaREALLIFE! REALLY To the psycho who stares-Make your move or take a walk! Stacy-If we gave you a fist full of fifties-would it help? From the Losers Rob-What is your skin color? Blotchy! Vous etes Ia tete de merde Where am I? and who is he? Why can't I hook up? Syphillus-We love you! Keep Dancing! It's not over till the fat swimmer drowns. It looks like Cambell soup but It's really liquid poo(>-Diahrea Diahrea Dan-Do you think Dave would let me on his show just because I look Identical to Terri Garrordo you think he would notice? You need help-- Blain Peggy-Laura-Julie & Palli- \You guys are Bitches so I joined the Army!! Do-HO M.P.C. The end of the year is just about here; and I want to thank you for making my first so wonderful & dangerous. I love you to death, especially when I get you all sweaty. S.K.G. Kev, Kev, the Tannery man. They give tips this year! Jules Rob-Do you do private strip shows'? If yes, take our advise- DON'T!! To the over 500 students, faculty and staff who contributed to the huge success of last weekends Open House-THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!-Betsy Totheboysin Rm 213Alger, You're both the sexiest love machines that have ever walked Cortland's cam- pus. Next time can we be on top? Love: You know who! P.S. We love it when your towel falls off in the hall, how can you handle that thing? Kevin, Happy Anniversary sweet- heart! Now you can start counting ... We made it to one year!! I miss you terribly!! Kris Michelle-Don't forget to kiss Garfield goodnight...ifyou can find him. Us! 21 Clayton-Time is running out, let's have a blast!We love you!-K& S 31 Clayton-Through it all, we'll never forget the great times shared. Let's have a blast, it'sgonnago fast!- K&S Sean-Always remember that I will love you forever. Yours always, Catherine Sean-I LOVE YOU! I me Sean-Kris is in the mood for food from the Hollywood and maybe even abeer ... ortwo.(OhNO!)Let'smak.e sure we keep her away from the juke box.! Love US Beth- We 'II figure out these ·y· Boys yet-or better yet-We'll come up with a better plan. Love, Christine Ann- What, are you too much of a huddy-tuddy to fix your own gas pedal- C'mon make Tom proud ! Love, CC James Keller- I am dying to meet you! I've been admiring you from afar for the longest time now and I think you are the hottest guy in Cortland. Loves an admirer. Eric: Rubber band combat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 til3 This is war! The Fitz Hall Camoflauge Rubber Band Com- bater. Debbie H. -Why me? I'm going to Kill you ! ! L.A.R. Debbie H.- How sad- we're failing a 100 level course- Pathetic or what. Glenn- Is yourcuriousity peaked yet ? Love V.A.M.P. hope you weekend is extra special ! Only one more ye&r till the big 21. Love your roommate, friend & sis- ter. Glenn- I'm really glad wedidn'tgo to Syracuse- I had a better time in Cortland! Scott- I miss you ! ! I had a fabulolls time this past Friday- it was defi- nitely an experience I will never forget ! ! Where's the Belgium waffles with strawberries that we ordered?? the girl with a black & blue ann Jason- What an ass ! It is so sexy. Guess who? Beth- You mean we can get 2 Slicess and a coke for $1.50 and we dont have to cross the highway or strad- dling a fence? It sounds too easy!! Love, Christine Julie - Hang in there buddy and remember the Easter Bunny loves you! Love, CC Griff, Where are our postcards? Did Oswaldo- Nighty Night - Don't let theygetlostinthemail?Kris&Gaert the Bed bugs bite! Boolie Boolie a fellow \ Believer\ Jackie- \The greatest friend of truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Preju- dice and her constant companion is Humility\ We miss you! - CCSA Executive Board Thanxs Easta Bunny, Bawk! Bawk! Sweetpea &Poopie ?? You guys are so queer ! But I'll still go to happy hours w/you! Moped CSTV - Thanks for the video tapes Katie Kitten, Swing any doors open for open house- it made our display lately? ya dumb drunk!! ! !- CCSA Hi Dolly! ! said the .. girl\ bending w/ her hands on her knees. Hiiiii JOWANNA ! ! Luv, your roommate. Triscuit, the change you lost in the vending machine, for the condoms you bought, remember? Will be returned to you on Monday.... \ Hi Daddy Lightweight! You'regreat too ! Luv, Moped & Jawanna Little CCSA brother-Happy Belated Birthday!!- Big CCSA sister Vada- Happy Early Birthday !! - Debi Todd-\ To be nobody-but-myself- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you every- body else-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting\ -You are doing a great job- don't give up the fight ! ! CCSA Executive Board Butthead-Thank you for a WON· DERFUL weekend! I Love You - Jerkface Debbie & Sue :Thanks for the tuck- . • _ • • • • 1 . • it;~ I You tV(SU~te the g(eate.st_lt~:ms9 !wm You d1d the nght thing· Hand glad we beca1he such goo\d friends ! m there, someone does care about Lynda · you- Twin Farnum-Ha - Kim -Nice of you to order without me- YourCavelli's Buddy Tracy C- Lacross games- we've g<>t to go!! A memberofB.T.M. P.S. It is snowing ! ! ! Biz Marc- awesome show- I prom- ise I'll call nexttime. Lynda Hyena and Hound Dog do :ffi' s Clapton is God to the Rat just like kegs salvage freaks. Mole- No doubt he's a trophy bone- head · BAT- way to spread those wings jast don't tum into that creature with one eye and a horn. Buak Buak Buak- eeb! Time to click and cluck your feet freaks. Margie- shoot the howdy doo boot one more time. M~.s- YQ~guys mak~~this place better for all the P.O.F:'s PressStaff-3 more!-You're all great! .Jello Wrestling at SlJNY Cortland Monday, April 16, 1~90 At 8:00 PM Corey Union F-...etion Room J\.dmissioh~$·2.Qtf-B:.t the Door CONTESTANTS ABE NEEDE-D% Call WSUC-FM at 753-4818 - ~ - - - ; to enter an individual or· a rag··t;eamt

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