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. . . .... ·· as·sue . ' next weak! Have a laugh on us! Seepaget~ 17-18. Vote for __ .. your favorite greek ins. ide The event of the year: Physique show to· take place this weekend By College Relations Special to the Press The eighth annual Cortland Col- lege Physique Show will be Satur- day, April21, in the main gymna- sium of the Park PER Building at State University College at Cortland. · The day long program, which cul- minates in final judging at 7 p.m., will include a preliminary judging contest at I 0 a.m. and a body build- ing and nutritional seminar by pro- fessional bodybuilder Gary Strydom at 2 p.m. Tickets for all the events will be available at the door. Admission to the prejudging program will be $3. The Strydom seminar will cost $2 for persons with CQllege identification $d$5 for those without. Entrance to the finals will cost $5 with identifi- cation and $7 fpr others. The Physique Show is sponsored primarily by the Cortland Body Building Club, and the contest is open only to full-time Cortland College students. Other sponsors include the Student Activity Board, Crown City Fitness and a number of local ~~rchants. Volume .XIX NumHr I 9 • STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, COLLEGE AT CORTLAND • April ZO, I 990 Kinks tour to invade Cortland College By College Relations Special to the Press The Kinks, partofthe 1964 \Brit- ish Invasion\that rocked American music, will perform. Sunday. April 29 in the Alumni Ice Arena at State University College at Cortland. Still fronted by singer/guitarist brothers Ray and Dave Davies who formed the group in London in the early 1960's, The Kinks are in the midst of aU .S. concerttourperform- ing the memorable rock and roll music that has excited young audi- ences for more than 25 years. Their program is a repertoire of the dozens of hit singles and albums The Kinks have enjoyed from their first No. l hit, \You Really Got Me,\ to their most recent album. \UK Jive.\ Tickets for The Kinks' 8 p.m. per- formance may be purchased from the Corey Union Box Office on campus, from LoveofPete at 15 Main Street in downtown Cortland, and from any of the Ticketron outlets in Ithaca, THE KINKS Syracuse an(i Binghamton. Tickets are also available from Ticketron American,direction in contrastto the turned to the hit charts with \Come Records. Phone Charge at l-800-382-8080. \more general glorification of the Dancing\-the combination of a \Think Visual\ was their debut Admission is $9.50 for Cortland 'Tune In, Tum On and Drop Out' memorable song with a brilliant album for MCA Records. Its title College students and $12.50 for all philosophies of the hippie move- video which resulted in a major hit. reflected Ray Davies' continuing others. ment,\ Ray Davies says. The com- It became the band's first U.S. Top belief that as rock music matures- Originally formed as an R&B poser chose to create \an ultimate 10 hit since 1970 and their first by then it was well into its fourth (rhythmanciblues)comboknownas London anthem\ in \Waterloo British Top 20 hit since 1972. decade--additionaleffortisrequired The Ravens, The Kinks hit it big in Sunset\whichaaainreachedthetop Meanwhile, Dave Davies re- if a long established group like The 1964 after:~ nam~ change ancJJ)}~ of the British charts, but marked the leased three solo albu~s (tile first on Kinks is to maintain its success. In re 1 ea .. :;~?~f~,Y:. J,·? .. \·vi.es''~l~~.- e ... at. t..,. i~~ pf_tbe group's \first golden R..CA..tb~.tl;>,irdpnWamerSrpthers} 1988, The Kinks recorded their · dJt~e~J<l.tl~Vle'd'i?\i:t'A•IIJ\af~d' 'tffif~l ·~·· · during the first half of the 1980's, second MCA album, \The Road.\ All.btlli~Nlgfit.;•Th~twhnUnibets .tn time, The Kinks turned their and after being commercially under The kinks have recorded a new pa~}?P.l~v ih~·g(q'U'p hi(O irite~a'.. ·at!~nticin to \conceptual albums\ appreciated for far too long, The album for MCA titled \UK Jive.\ tidllalptontine,nceby·seoring·nqin· ralber than instant singles aimed at Kinks were once again back in Additionally.RayDavieshaswritten ber one hits in ~~~ :tJ.S.~;United }he chart and provided the \cour- contention. A follow up from State two film scores and is working on a Kingdom and Europe·andma!'ing age,\~omehavesuggested of Confusion, \Don't Forget to documentary while a musical he .. thern.s,eeminglypermanentresidents their 1968 album \The Kinks are The Dance,\ also charted on both sides wrote for La Jolla Playhouse in San on the Top- 20 charts. . Village Gr~nPI'eservation Society\ of the Atlantic-the commercial re- Diego titled ··so Days\ has just been O'ver.tl\~.next thre'e y~ars, The5 neededbyPeteTownsendtoembark birth of The Kinks was complete as performed to great acclaim. ~inks sc.ored with \A Well Re- on his famous conceptual rock opera the group approached the twentieth \This is not a band even remote I y spected Man, •• \Dedicated Follower \Top1my.\ anniversary of its chart debut. ready for retirement,\ say the concert of Fashio11,\ and .. Sunny After- During the iiitervening two dec- This was the signal for another producers, \as the new album, the TV noon.\ ades, The KiQls:shavecontinued their label change and, after \Word of compilation, a headlining U.S. tour During 1967's Summer of Love, musical endeavors and today are Mouth,\ a final album for Arista in and the various other activities of The :Kinks were virtually alone more active and more visible than 1984, the group avoided the record- Ray Davies clearly indicate. The among tm aristocracy of reck to ever. ing studio until 1987 when they history of this legendary group is far pursue a Bri·tish, as opposed to In recent years, The Kinks re- signed to their current label, MCA from complete.\ N.ader reschedules lecture By College Relations Special to the Press Consumer advocate Ralph Nader will lecture on the \Environmental Issues of the 1990's\ on the 20th anniversary of Earth Day, Sunday. Apri122, at State University College at Cortland. The address, open to the public and free of charge, will be at 7 p.m. in the College's ROO-seat Ralph A. Brown Auditorium in Old Main. Nader's appearance here is par- ticularly fitting, say program organ- izers, becat~se as a longtime cham- pion of populous movements he was an early and vocal opponent to prac- tically all forms of environmental degradation. Some even have cred- ited him with being the major influ- ence behind the establishment ofthe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Nader was scheduled to speak to <:;ortland students, March §, on the for-.Earth Day direction and quality of American seat belts, state utility commissions education. A sudden, late winter respond more readily to public con- snow storm in Washington, D.C., cems,andconsumerismhasbecome however, snarled his travel plans, a political and economic force. and he was forced to cancel his en- gagement at the last moment. Since the mid-1960's, Nader's outspoken opposition to corporate and governmental policies has re- sulted in legislative action on the state and federal levels. Most frequently, he is identified as a consumer advocate, having been thrust into the forefront of the con- sumer movement with the publica- tion of \Unsafe at any Speed\ in 1965. He has had a profound impact on the safety consciousness of the alllo- mobile industry and corporations generally and his brand of consum- erism has been brought to bear on practically every aspect of the gov- ernmental decision making process. y\.s a direct result of his involve- mebt; all automobiles today have Nader's appearance at Cortland is sponsored jointly by the Campus Artist and Lecture Series and the Student Activity board.

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