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l I - I I ! The Dating Bill of Rights Special to the Press Lalit week, the Press ran a story on the Cortland College Crusade Against Acquaintance Rape (CCCAAR). The group believes that it is time for a Dating Bill of Rights. The group encourages everybody to know their individual selves sexually, and to communicate their sexual • vulues to their dates right from the start of a relationship. Following is the Dating Bill of Rights. I have the right: I . to. ask for a date 2. to refuse a date 3. to suggest activities 4. to refuse any acitivities, even if my date is excited about them 5 to have my own feelings 6. to say I think a friend's information is wrong or actions unfair 7. to tell someone I don't like him/her to interrupt me 8. to have my limits respected 9. to spend my money the way I want to, even if it is foolish 10. to tell my partner I want affection 11. to be heard 12. to refuse to lend money 13. to refuse affection 14. to refuse sex with anyone who just took me out on an expensive date 15. to tell my partner I want sex 16. to refuse sex, anytime I llave the responsibility: 1. to determine my limits 2. to respect the limits of others 3. to communicate clearly and honestly 4. to ·not violate the limits of others 5. to ask for help when I need it Vote for ~our favorite reek ~Ani\~· Mike Kullack Matt Sabn Paul Cm~ it• This year's nominees for Greek God and Goddess are as follows: 0K0- Mike Kullack n/\0- Matt Sabo B0E- Paul Cowie L1KB- Dan Roy AEn- Tim McCarthy TKE- Smitty (picture not available) I.L1T- Claudi~e Napoli .10E- Stacy Schwabe A0- Kristine Lannak NI,X- Dawn Nichols (picture not available) Come vote at Corey Union and at the Library during Greek Week, April 23-26. The Ci11:ek nominee who receives the most money wins. All proceeds to the United Way! 6. to be considerate, but not submissive or aggressive Kristine Lannak Stacy Schwabe Claudine Napoli Tim McCarthy Dan Roy Come to Washington D.C. on April 28, 1990 Come and be a part of the largest gathering in the history of the Right to. Life' movement. Help us speak for those unable to speak for themselves. Cortland bus leaves K-Mart I parking lot Friday, April 27 at 11 :OOpm, returning on Saturday, April 28 at midnight. Bus fare: $28.00. Call The·resa 753-7294. Join _celeb.rities, politicians, athletes, ~,nd t'J:igi.ous leaders in our nation's cipt-~1~~::_ ~::, __ ._ ,· · . ·. ·. . · · J~i:n ::u$;{gJir $atbt\1ay; April 28, 1990, : ····n···· .. _·,;·~~-: ~i,·_· ... :·· '\;,_~:.:•·a:·:.n·· ·:~., r:f_ji,.:_ f. o·· ·r·. ··*\ t·r·u· ·e· · . V~,~~~- ,.,t:l~~.~ .. ~:-~··. ,.:·~~~~;•:~ . '· ·.CI . . · .. detebraJ•.tirl&l:·:Life·!! :·· · · ~-.· People who fight for civil rights, equal rights tor women, equal rights for the handicapped, and spouse and child abuse laws, will struggle for just treatment of the unborn. '- Sidney Callahan, Mercy College Professor of Psychology, feminist writer BMLYJJOR LIFE ·Abo'hion exploits women. Of all the things which are done to women to fit them onto a society dominated byinen, abortltm is the most violent invasion of their physical and psychic fntergrity. • Daphne de jong, in Pro-Life Femlnisim Cortland Citizens for Life

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