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- VftSWPOINTS. Celebrate your love for the land .. To the Editor: Much has been written of the ob- vious negative impact the Low Level Radioactive Waste siting process has had on our Counties. Surprisingly, there have been some positive effects as well, although these are often overshadowed. These positive ef- fects include; a heightened aware- ness of our need to preserve our environment, an increaded aware- ness of the natural beauty of our land clarification of our values and priori- ties and the opportunity to work hand in hand with our dedicated neighbors and friends. We have all found within ourselves the strenght to collectively achieve and accomplish a great deal relative to effecting changes in the siting process. In light of Governor Cuomo's recent an- nouncement of his intention to come to Cortland County to meet with rep- resentatives of the citizens groups and County officials and in keeping with the 20th anniveriary of Earth Day, now is the time to capitalize on the positive changes we have under- gone. The Cortland Coungy LLRW Task Forse, a CQalition of area citi- zens groups. invites everyone to join in a massage celebration of our love for the land our way of life, as well as our determination to protect our future. We encourage people to participate and line the :Streets t0 peacefully demonstrate the unity of Cortland and Allegany Counties and to show the nuclear waste facility in New York State. Unfortunately, there is little con- crete information on exactly when and where this meeting will be held at this time. The Governor's office has indicated that he will be corning to Cortland soon after the present budget dilemma has been solved. We are. all working on, the knowledge that we will have between 24 and.48 hours advance notice of the time and place for this meeting. With this information in mind we are asking for everyone's participaitn in dem- onstrating our solidarity. The Task Force is not advocating rolling out the red carpet for the Governor, not a wild and uncontrolled display, but a positive show of opposition, deter· rnination and commitment. Furtherinformatin on specific de· tails will be released as soon as it becomes available. Watch and listen to you local newspaper and radio stations for details and information. The many groups who are working on this event are preparing a series of eye-catching and media grabbing moves which will help us show that everyone is against the siting of a Dump in New York State. We will have plenty of posters available, the Dump the Dump Wall will be dis· played, a tractrocade and parade are planned with farm animals in atten· dance to show our connection to the land. Costumes, banners, and post· ersareencouraged. All activities will beclosefy coordinated with local law enforcement agencies. To manixmize citizen participa· tion we urge area business to close during the rally and meeting. We ap- peal to aoards of Education to also allow concerned students to attend and be pllrtofhistory. The Governor can have a sigificant impact on the course of the LLRW siting process. He needs to see a dramatic statement for the citizens of New York State. Be prepared to show up. Plan for an upcoming event. We may not know the exact time and place, be we can get ready to show our solidarity in oppositil1n to the siting of a low-level radioactive waste dump in New York Sta.te. This could be our best chance to show that we can stand up and deter- mine the quality of our life and not let govemment run over us. All over the United States there is a growing groundswell of opposition to the Nuclear Industry and in particular to the dump siting process. The citizens of central New York State are looked upon throughout the United States as the leaders in the nation on this issue. Let us show the nation that freedom and self-determination are still alive and that we, the citizensofNew York State, are the embodiment of these ideals and values. Let the rest of the United States see a proud group of citizens stand up for their God given rights. Dottie Wills, Chairperson STAND - Paul Yarnan, Co-Chairperson CARD LLRW Opposition Task Force Tum away from the violence of abortion To the Editor: It is also to violate that most solem11 This weekend some .500 people of divine commandments, \Thou from Central New York, including shalt not•kill.\ students and other members of the But as civil rights activist Mary Cortland community, will travel to Meehan points out, many people op- Washington, D.C., to join thousands pose abortion \rights\ for reasons of others in a national Rally for Life, that are independent of religious au- callingthecountrytoturnawayfrom thority or belief. Nat Henthoff, a the violence of abortion. former executive board member of Abortion, as we all know, is the the American Civil Liberties Union, most divisive moral and political a politically well-to-the-left syndi- issue of our time. Abortion rights cated columnist for the Village advocates argue that privacy and Voice, and a self-described atheist, \the right to chuose\ should be the is a case in point. Henthoff writes that governing values in this matter. \thequintessentialfactofhumanex- Those opposing abortion point out istence is the inherent value and that while humans have many inal- dignity of every human life, whether ienable rights, the most fundamen- that life is healthy or ill, handicapped tal and necessary for all other rights or whole, born or unborn.\ istherighttolife-ortherightnotto Is it anti-feminist to be against be killed. That right is more basic abortion?On thecontrary. The early than privacy. American feminists-Susan B. The abortion Jights side responds Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, thattheembryoorfetus is not suffi- VictoTia Woodhull-staunchly ciently developed to possess rights. opposed abortion as \child murder~· Thepro-lifecounter-argumentisthat and \infanticide.\ The current or- howeverirnmature,thefetusisindis- . ganization,Feminist&forLife(811 E. putable a developing, individual 47th St., Kansas City, MO 64ll0), human life; abortion of that life is dis- advocates \full equality for women crimination based on age. in all arelts, and the right of every Where does religion come in? baby to. be born.\ Many people d~ in fact oppose Abot1ion, these feminists argue, abortion on relitdouS'grounds. The exploits women. That is the message arg~me~t i~ strai~btfo~ard! Ify?u of the ~roup, ~omen Exploited by believe iti God, you beheve all hfe Abortion, whtch more than 8,000 comes from God. Who are we, then, W~gtenjoined in a single recent year. to terminate lives God has brought ltt,tbe recent book, ·Pro-Life Fernr- into being? ToJdtt<So is to play Gott; ·. ·n~n'f; a collection ofessaysbymore '• . ~ ' 'l than 30 feminist writers. New Zeal- and author Daphne de Jong writes: \Of all the things which are done to women to fit them into a society dominated by men, abortion is the most violent invasion of their physi- cal and psychic integrity.\ True equality for women, de Jong explains, is actually subverted by the \quick fix\ of abortion. \Accepting short-terrn solutions like abortion ()nly delays the implementation of real refonns like decent maternity and paternity leaves, job protection, nigh-quality child care, and commu- nity responsibility for dependent people of all ages.\ women and the poor cry out for justice, and we give them abortion. On Earth Day last Sunday, mil- lions of people came together to rec- ()gnize tile interdependence and vulnerability of life on our planet- and our obligation to protect it. Currently~ if you destroy a fertilized bald eagle's egg, you can get a year in prisotf.and a $5,000 fine. In the view of American law since the end of sfJlvery-and from the perspec- tive~both Judeo-Christian faith-and the highest ideals of humanism-- human life is priceless. If we believe that, can we continue to deny the pro- tection of Jaw to developing human lives in the womb? Sincerely, Torn Lickona Prof~ssor, Education THE PRESS OPINIONS CSVP says thank you To the Editor: I would like to thank all ()f the more thnt three hundred Cortla11d College students who participtt.ted in volunteer programs sponsored by the Cortland StudentVolunteerProject this year. Close to one hundred and fifty students chose to givetlleir time as volunteer counselors or\big brothers and sisters\ to troubled and disadvantaged children and youth in the community on a weekly l>asis throughout the year. Another more than one hundred students participated in the Classroom Volunteer Program to he I p lend a hand to teachers in the elementary schools and give needy children in the classr()oms a chance for extra attention. CS VP is particularly proud of those students who visited with the elderly each week through the Adopt-A-urc:mdparent program. There is no way to measure the joy they have brou~ht to the lives of those they befriended. I would also like to recognize the students who became part ofCSvp· s newest program, Project Adult Literacy. These fourteen students en- rolled in a course offered for tlle first time this semester called \Adult Literacy Tutoring\ and were placed as tutors for six hours each week to adults in literacy classes in the community. these volunteers were able to help many adults in the cornrnunity to progress toward their goals of learning to read and write. The students who have beenacti ve members of the Community Serv- ice Council and the Cortland St1.1dent Hunger/Hornelessness Coalition deserve special recognition for ~Ill of the work they have done througb- out the year to help the commllnity of Cortland. Their activities included the Children's Book Drive w!Jich collects books for needy children during the holidays, participation in the CROP walk for Hunger, the Housing Now! march in Washington, D.C. and the Hold Off Hunger project to raise money for Loaves and Fishes for holiday meals for the hungry in Cortland County. M<Jst recently the two groups combined efforts and planned the first annual Alternative Spring Break. Due to their efforts, fourteen campus r11embers participated in a five day trip to Salisbury, Mary land to help build houses for low income families with a Habitat for Humanity International project. I would I ike to congratulate each and every o11e of these students and I am sorry that their names are t()o many to mention in this letter. Their work in the community is an example of students at their best, combin- ing classroom and campus experiences with learning opportunities in the community which help thetn to connect lectures and textbooks with real life. It is an opportunity als<J to share their knowledge, talents and energy with a community which is grateful for their time and efforts. Congratulations to all gradu~ting seniors. Your success is guaran- teed by the very fact that you h~ve been able to give as much as you have received from your education. To those who are returning next year, I hope to see you and many more students in the fall continuing to make CSVP the successful prograrn }'OU have helped it to become. Sincerely, Nancy Dickerson CSVP Coordinator Lack of adequate ventilation in residence hall laundry rooms may be a health risk To the Editor: I would like to express my concerns regarding a condition that seems to be common place among all residence halls. I am refering to the lack of adequate ventilation withilllallndry rooms. It is my belief that the absence of exhaust hook-ups o~ the back of clothes dryers creates a health risk, and also may very ~ell be an infringement on the rights of residents to obtain services which have been duly purchased. Present within the exhaust air from acl<>tlles dryer are great amounts of unseen fibers that are inadvertently uncaptured by the unit's screen filter de- vice. These airborne fibers left to travel throughout residence halls may be a contributing factor to the many respiratory infections existant among residence hall communities at any one time. The humidity lev- els created by the absence of ventilation make it so that a dryer will not fully dry a reasonable sized )()ad oflaundry. The moisture ladden air is allowed to travel back through the exhaust h<>le on the back of the dryer, making it difficult for the dryer to c<>rnplete it's job in the alloted time. I understand that the intentions of this design along with the design to provide only cold water to tile washer units were in the name of energy conservation. However,I believe that it. is at the expense cf the residents, both physically and ec()nomically that this is done. Residents pay for a clean, safe environment in which to live and also pay forcer- tain services solicited to them within theirenvironment.lask that you address this problem, and considl!rretuming to the residents that whicll they rightly deserve. Thank y()u for your time concerning this matter. Sincerely. Jim Falco Residence Assistant Alger Hall

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