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~rtptng ts JUSt a By Steve Zarelli Staff Writer realistic observance Many of my friends have called me cranky and cantankerous. They say I complain about everything. That's ok with me. I considermyself a perfectionist-l'mjust as tough on myself as I am on everyone else. Some of these alleged friends claim that I must sit around and think of things that are \wrong\ with the world. You know, they may be right. There are lots of things \wrong\ with the world. I think I have every right in the world to gripe. I think I'll do some now; -Why is it the cable will be fine 354 days of the year, but, the show you've been anxiously anticipating will be cut offbecause the cable goes out? And of course. it will be after 5 o'clock, so a call to the phone company will get you nothing but an answering machine. -Did you ever notice that the movies that are hyped the most are usually the worst? . -And, songs that are played the most, are usually the worst? -People who return 500 bags of filthy smelly bottles at once re- ally annoy me. Naturally, I'm stuck behind them with tree six packs worth of bottles. They seem to in- spect every bottle and can as they slowly lift them from the moldy Janata: plastic bags they're in. You know that these cans have been fennenting in a hot trunk for month. do these people think that they get more money iftbey return them all at once? -1 always know exactly where my car keys are, except when I'm run- ning late for a very important appoint- ment. -The big planned parties areal- ways pretty lame. I think impromptu bashes turn out best. My friends say I gripe. I like to think of it as realistic observation. I could go on and on. and people would say, \Come on. you should love the world\. That's the point, I do and I can't stand to see so many things wrong with it. God that aggra- vates me!!! -the traffic in Cortland is the worst. It's not that there are that many cars, it's just that the lights are all screwed up. Who programmed the timing on these things anyway? And the number ofincompetent drivers is ridiculous. does anybody use direc- tionals anymore? The next blues superstars? -Automated cash machines bother me. They are always out of order when you need them most ( 1 am Saturday or Sunday morning). If they'renotoutof order, some prank- ster has smeared bodily waste all over the keypad-hilarious! -And speaking of early week- end mornings, did you ever try to get some fast food at this time of the night. Forget it! Every place is closed or doesn't deliver anymore. Unfor- tunately, this is when you need (or want) food the most. -You never realize that there is a gaping hole in your shoe until you've stepped in a cold muddy puddle. -You never rea,lize that you've stepped in Fido' s lawn min(}s until you notice greasy odorous spots all over your deep shag carpet. Janata: From left to right- Mike Lustig, Dan Leahy, Pat Walsh and Chris Janata(seated). JANATA-\Janata\ (Polygram Records) This debut album from the band that will be opening act for The Kinks Sunday night is a robust bluesy affair, featuring the big, throaty voice of singer Chris Janata. Janata has a raspy, soulful vocal sound that recalls a younger Joe Cocker, and his band sounds like they'd be ready to back up Mr. Cocker anytime. They're well-pol- ished but not too slick. with a guitar- ist that obviously worships all the blues greats, form B B King to Clap- ton. recorded in Memphis by Delta Rebels lead singer Eli Baii,Janata's album has thatold-timey rock 'n' roll sound, with the occasional saxo- phoneorfunky blues rhythm thrown in. With the exceptions of \Born Ready\ which grinds more like Aerosmith than a blues band. and the slow-burning blues ballad \So Tired ofLoving You,\ Janata 's songs tend to tread the same bar-band territory that Bob Seger and John Cafferty have passed through many times before. As a result. the melodies and lyrics don't often stand out. And the recording studio almost always re- stricts the energy of blues-rock bands. But Janata is a young hand in their early 20s, and they cut their pro- verbial teeth playing New Y ark City and New Jersey clubs for several years before this big break opening the The Kinks, so you can expect them to come out fired up. If you like dancing to the blues and listening to a singer who sounds like a seasoned rock veteran, get to the Kinks show early and listen for Janata. Thank you and goodbye! ! American travel services paste Can I tell you something? Can I? Well my dear eight loyal readers, I love you all and am going to miss you. But I am happy. I am very happy. In about three weeks I am going to be gone. I am going to be out of here. I am ~eaving. I am zooming. Watch the dust fly as I ride off into the sunset in my near death pile of metal that I call a car. This has been something. eve been looking forward for so long. Getting out in the real world and all that jazz always seemed so faraway. But now that faraway is so close I can almost touch it. Let's face facts here. I am too scared to plunge into real- ity.I'mgonnahide()utingradschool ~ \\ for awhile. -Graduate school should Dea~ Mary am, be almost like being a freshperson G ._ OO.d· luck Wl.th all again.Onceagaininanewplacewith new peopleand new things tpleam. th t d • th Onceagainl'llbeattltebottontofthe ·. a .you 0 lfl ... e pile~thelowestrung:oftheladder ... Juture. When 1 came·tccollege I was a setf~centered conceited ~gocentric We are going· ... to ; spone~·.,r~t~whqthoughtsbeknew . • . . It aJl.·l revolved my fife around the m 1 s s you next . fimibeliefthatevcpt<uie was stupid to a ·1esser of greater degree. Good- • :year·! !l! n,essllbaye chang~:d. College· has .. ·-·~.:.;_ · .. : f._·-~---·. ·p·.· ._·_.,.a.· .. _c_ ... ·s. ·.·.:.Q:,·- . . ··.t· :·_. --·ff: ., ·._ · ·iallgbJ. !D~ a;49kWfiat.·~hey (( still ' ill~ .a. ¥~3 -~ a ~}i\!~vila~:f,fgUte,ct ~Ut who '{bey' _ ~ ... ,.~_,., .\ ._._., ... :_ .,., ..... - .... ~ .... : ~::_' .. _-_· .. · .. -. _,· .· .. ~._. ___ ~:;;, .__ t:eallY are/b'Qtneyli~~~·rt'ie:timet) is \\\ · · - · -\ · · · ·· \\\ · ttu&4nl}ttWetttyperct:~rit'of what· By Maryam Tasnif Entertainment Editor one learns in college comes from classes and the other eighty percent comes form everywhere else. My eighty percent has come from so may people and experiences I could not even begin to track down the when's and the where's etc ... But I can tell you some of the things I learned. I have learned who I really am and what I stand for. I have learned about my priorities in I ive are. I have learned what things are important to me. Self-confidence, self-assurance and self-esteem are vital to the 'me' who I am now. I've learned not to judge people by what they wear, how they speak, the color of their skin or any other physical trait. I've learned never to look down on anyone, ever. I know now that there is always something new to be learned and that every individual has something to of- fer. Life is what you make it. Every- one can have control of their own lives if they try hard enough. There are just so many things. I could go on forever. I thing the biggest realisa- tion thl;ltlhave come to in my college career is that I have found out that I have so much more learning to do but I have the potential to do anything I want and be anything I want. And the same goes for everyone else. The are many people that have come and gone in my life here at Cortland. As much as I never thought I'd here myself say this, I am going to miss Cortland. Not Cortland the geographical are, but Cortland the life. All my friends, people I've worked with, people who have watched me grow from who I was to who I am, people who over the years I have come to rely on for so much. They are not going to be there anymore. I'm not going to be here anyumore. I am going to miss them. It's wierd. It's like start- ing a new life all over again. Before I leave there are so many people who I'd like to thank. Many of them I have already lost touch with, but I'd like to mention them anywhay. Toeveryllistandanyone I have left out let me say that even though you might not have noticed but you did make a difference in my life and I want you to know that I ap- preciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Veronica Ann Fleming, Dave Kaletta, Clandelte Selph, Bonnie Funk, Amy Lynn Shepard, Donald Somerville, Chris Griffith, Tracy Messinger, Todd Warren, Yasmeen Hag, Jenny Boyle, Dr. Louis Gatto, Terry Bren- nan, Amelia Ali, Margaret McGowen, John Lawson, Dr.Jbipo Thumower-Johston, Robert Ben- jamen, Tom Bonn, Jeff Harr, Mary Lou from the library who's last name I forgot but who should know who she is, Tricia McPhereson, Sue Gaertner, Kris n Kev, Tom Walsh, Pam, Kelly, and Steve- The Press Staff! Special thanks to Dr. Effefson, Dr. Frank Ray, Dr. Robert Silberman, and Dr. Kathy Russell. I have learned things in classes taught by these professors that I still remember, think about and probably will for a long time. Also I love my family for every- thing-my aunt and uncle who have put up with me for my four years here, my cousin, who I'm going to miss in- credibly, my parents, my brother and sister ... And Aruna for being by sister here at Cortland and Carol Silvino for being by mom away from mom! And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank that wonderful man in my life-Rafat Abbasi-for being eve- rything that I could possibly ask for and so much more. I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. Saying I love you is an understate- ment, but it'll have to do for now! Thank you to all and Goodbye to the ones I'm leaving behind! Love, Maryam

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