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The Press. (Cortland, N.Y.) 1972-1990, May 01, 1990, Image 14

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r-------------------------------, IJ.\ Sonia teach Rum!'( March 21 ~ April20) Is that person committed'? Honey, ~ ou hl..'tt~r -.t~p h<h.:k. lkllcr ycl. take a numher and while your \\. aiting dv.cll on thi-.. If that person !~aves their fiance. what 111ah·-. ~ou thin!-.. the ... arne won't he done to you? llullsu\pril21-:vhty 20> \Would have. Could Have. Maybe I -.hould have.\ The three have's i-.n 't going to get you any- thing hut in a on~ way ticl-..et straight to the state of deprcs- -.ion. Get it togeth~r. 11·.., time to move on. I D D ORDER ~O~.~ST.V VIDEO YEARBOOHI . . SPRING BREAK VIDEO NOW%% ORDER SEPARATELY: ·Video Yearbook - $15.00 -Spring Break Video -$10.00 OR GET BOTH AND SAVE: I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I T\\ inst May .21-Junc 20>Continuou'>ly sticking ymuned out r'~ )r i neon -.ideratL' and '>C I fish individuals wil kauseyou to lose } our mind. Lt) lo\\ for a whik. so they can realize how for~ tunatc thL') arL' to han· -.uch a thoughtful friend. Crabs(hlllL' .20- Jul) 22l Don't loot.. had.~ Yesterday is a \ i'>ion that -.hould onl) he looked on if it can provide encour- .t~cn1L·nttoday. 111 the attempt'> nf creating a hL'Itcrtomorrow. Lions(] ul~ 2.~-:\ug 22) (iood things come to tho-.c who wait 1 r the\ 1-.nm' what thL'I'L' waitiml for. Don't he the one who I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0- Video yearbook - Spring Break I . ' ll'ali;l·d tou late that their ~ood thing came ~md pa-.-..ed them h\. \ ir~in..,l :\u!,! . .2.~-SL\pl. 22l :Vlirrur. mirror on th~ wall. will 1 .. '\L'I' hl· Ulll' \l!'thl·l·all\l''>t o!\thl'm all'.' BL·aut! pill-.. haven't b~·~·11 ll~<tri-.l·ll'd yl'l. \'> unk·-.-.. )OUr '\aitin! !'111\ ~tmirack do ''hal~' >ull;t\ l'to. \ll ~ lllll·an hL· pmud about\\ IH 1 ~ ou arL' ami ''hat' llll ha\l'. \call'\'t SL\pt .2 ;.(kt.22 < )vL\rcolllL' temptat1011. Dnn\t kt .1:1\ t\1111!2 !2l't in the \\ ay of! our I'L'\p011'>ihil itic-.. \ 23-\m .2ll HL') ~ood h1ul-..ing. don't yuu .1!-. ~ ou have a lillk too much cool--in'! Tah· pride in what , ·.1 l1.1' l' ~tnd don't \..!l't too carried ~1\\ a\ \\ i th the thin\.!-. that . .... - .... \ •.1 dl>. ..:.: :du.·rst \u\ 2J-DL'L' 21) Your hcautit'ul -..milL' and L'harm- 1 ~ ]k'l..,llll<tlit) will hn!,!htcn -..omcone ·..,day. ( .t~ah1lkc 2.2-Jan ll)) Stre..,-.,L·d already·.> (io out thi.., \\l'eh- ~· ,I and h<t\l' <t good time. Ym1 dc..,crvc it~ \\ all'r ( 'arri~rs(Jan .20-FL·h. I X) Ciorgeou-.. intelligent. ... o- 1 •. I'>L iL·,tLL'tl. L'Oil\ iderate etL' .. ~..·tc..Sound-; fam i I iar'.> That'-.. you I ,,,rlin:--.. You are a very -..pecial individual: Don't let anyone l'' '-' r tl·ll y o u d .t 'fe rent I y. ~ .... h( h:h \l)_ \larch 20) It'.., a good t 11ne to make a change. l •ll't lJL·-..itall' to ... eel-. the adv icc ~)r another. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I L Video - $20.00 NAME- ____________________ _ ADDRESS- __________________ _ PHONE- __________________ __ Enclose eheek ot• moue,· order made payable to CSTV VIDEOS No cash please% ORDER FORMS ean be left at the CSTV Studio or the Corey Union information desk. DEADLINE TO ORDER- MAY 9th r-----------------------------.-, ...... I I I Order your CSTV : 1990 C-State Physique : Show Professional : I Video£overage : I I Preliminaries Finals $15.00 $25.00 Make .. _.heck or money order payable to: CSTV PHYSIQUE SHOW please incvlude !Vafine ______________________________ __ Mailing al .. ress ____________ _,.. Pho~ne # _ ----------- I I I I I I I : Orderforn\' can he left at Crown City firness or 1 the Corey Union ii . .formation desk L--------------------------~--~~

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