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l :d m 1.) al llS 10 u- If- 'Y r, or be ve on ~r 90 1ey ::le y ,no ler cer lg t ' I For the last time .. . Don't Read This! Things I,'m not going to miss! By !VIaryam Tasnif The- E:nrt?rtainmellt Editor Whew ! I j11st finished the article '\Thank you and Good bye\ and almost drove myself to tears. This is not good. I 'msupjJosed to be spread- ing joy, not s1>rrow. Anyway, dear adoring pll bl ic of mine, this is the last issue of The Press. Come on, that is a mega-clepressing thought! No more \Don't R.ead This • s\ how will you survive? lt is going to be hard, but you 'II do it. Maybe the eight of you should form some sort of support group and go through \Don't read this\ withdrawal together ... Yeah right! (Dream on Maryam, Dream on!) Anyway. there are a million and one things that I am most definately not going to miss about being at school here at SUCC and the whole world and their mother must have something to add to this list, so let me take In)' last survey~ Here's what people said when asked to complete the thought I a.rn not going to miss ... -The snow, the wierd weather -Walldngup the hill in the win- ter time -The irritating slow elevators in the libraty -Long; boring lectures by boring professors -Homework, classes, exams, papers -On-campus food -People bothering me wldl silly questions like this one while I am trying to get work done (Well eK.cuse me for living!) -Going to the library looking for a book for hours and then fmding out that it's not there -Being a poor deprived student -Having to deal with the college administration -The offices that make life more difficult that it has to be like finan- cial aid, residence life and ASC -The way we are treated. We are supposed to be adults and yet 'they: take attendance? What next? Notes from Mommy and Daddy? -The dryers that don't dry your clothes -The mobile sardine can called the Cortland State bus. I can't tell you how many times I've been squashed, up against the windshield trying to get to class on time! · -No holidays -Breaks when no one else is out -The cold winds thatcan topple you over -The heating system in the li- brary. The heat could ste8Dil you to death -Buying your books for a zillion dollars and praying to get five cents again, and again -Trying to make my 8:00 class on time - on Friday -C()untiilg dqwn to graduation -Peoplewhomakefunofrny ·w· pronu11ciation -Having to live and work in close proximity with capitalistwanna be's -Being surrounded by idiots -College republicans( the worst kind of capitalists) Slimy ignoras and snakes are higher beings than they are -The beautiful weather (sarcasm) -Cash prices for tile Corey Snack bar -Working in an office with<>ut a window ( Kevin Anderson) -The mismanagement, fiscal holocause and downright stupid decisions made by the SUNY system i.e. parking fee, health fee, and fac- ulty/staff cuts. Todd Lee Warren, CCSA President -The freezing cold Print Shop -Going to class In a sweater and coming out to 80 degree weather -Coming back -Registration -How the·weather is always cruddy until the day you have to be inside to type a paper back See! So whether you are agradu- - The return policy for books at · ating senior or if yoll are just going the bookstore home for the summeF-there are so -Frazzled nerves! many things that y<>u will not miss. -Hunting for park~ng spots So cheer up, like life,.eat, drink and -Getting ticketed again, and be merry! Take Care! Bye! Meet the .Prez ... B:y 1\llaryam Tasnif The Entl?rtainment Editor Usu&lly tltistime<>fyear,SUCC holds-it's ailBUal CCSA elections. You may be wondering why the elections were not held this year. The truth is slightl)'emb~asing. Noone wanted to run (orso my sources say) Or at least by the time they made up their minds 1() run, it was too late to do anythi.Dg about it. So, for the first time in Cortland State history, the electio11s wilL be held in the fall se- mester_ Until' then our current Presi- dent, Todd Wmen and Treasurer Scott R()lllan will keep the picture moving. I had interviewed Todd Warren previously and decided that it was now time for a re~cap on his life. Nothing in his life has changed much. He recently (or maybe not so recently <me can never say, time is a relative thing) went through a trau- matic experience. Zack moved to the Aidorondack.s with Margaret. Todd goes up t() visit every now and then, but it just isn' tthe same. Zack really made bush \'acking a lot of fun ... For ·those of you who did not read my \Day in the life of our President\- Zack is a dog. · I wondered ifhehad ~y scandal- ous goings-on to tell me about. He didn't. Go on J'odd, make something up! Todd stared into space Then he snickered and laughed. He told me he had been married and divorced. Then he told me that this was an untrue statement. Oh Todd! I feel like making a mountain, but you need to proved the molehill! The biggest \scandal\ that Todd came up with was something he did when he was very, very, young. He \handled\ five girlfriends at the same time for six months. And how did he manage to do that? Let me quote him, \Don 'tlet your right hand know what your left hand is doing!!\ I did not ask how it ended. I did not want to know. Moving right along, I asked Todd what his ultimate fantasy is. I can see the \thinking\ expression reach his face. He spins around on his chair. Ponders away. Let's out a thoughful \Hmmm\ This is what he told me. \I want to be President of a \New World Bank\ and give money to de- veloping countries. They wouldn't have to pay back for a hundred years and there would be no interst charged. I would have in this coun- try a New Deal for tlte nineties.\ The New Deal is where all those that are unemployed, hungry, sick, and homeless would be able to work, eat, have the proper l!ealth care and living quarters and carry on their lives in peace. Yes, dear that is a very inspiring and all, but I was lo1>king for some- thing a lot less serious. I want some- thing silly and immature and imma- ture and silly. \-Disappointed that I was not impressed by his honorable and lofty goads he had to rethink the question. He caine up with three sttttements. -I want to climb up Mount Ever- est with my Atomic 205's and ski down. -1 want to defy social values and water ski naked. -I want to win the Masters. (This as I just discovered is a golf thing) and prance around in the funky green jacket that I win. Okay,okay I added the prancing around part. Anyway, We talked a little more. Nothing wildly fascinating came up in the conversation ex.cept for that fact that he wants to marry Pam and have six kids ... But that's another story!!! Attention Seniors There are a limited number of 1990 yearbooks still available only $35.00 Place your order at the Corey room 404 between 11:30 and .1:00 M-F or call x-4821 Week of Apr~l 30 - May 4 ONLY DON'T MISS OUT - . . . . . on the memories of a lifetime. < • . . . Deax Senior Class of 1990, Well, 1990is here and it has finally happened, J 11m a SUNY Corltnnd graduate. 1 don't believe I mude it four years at this school. Before I bask in my senioritis, let's go back to a simple time and place- 1986/ 87. freshmen year. On my God, I have to share a room (actually more like a gerbil cage) with two other girls. This is insanity! What ifl hate them? Or still what if they hate me? Okay, okay, they're not so bad. Actually they're kind of nice. But hold on! What about these R.A.s; I left home to get away from my mother. I know, I know they are just doing their job, but if I see one more write-up slip, I'll scream! So freshmen year consisted of getting to know this college inside and out. That meant knowing dining room food was edible (I still don't know what the stuff in the pan was), and dealing with the dreaded \Freshmen 15.\ Freshmen year also meant fraternity parties (all those people in one room, it looked like a circus clown car), donn event, intra- murals. and most of all meeting friends for a lifetime. Sophomore year, the yearoftotal freedom. Off-campus housing- living with four girls in a semi-bigger gerbil cage. Nab, it wasn't so bad if you don't mind no heat, hot water, pesty landlords and bills, bills. bills!!! But now we are a little older and hopefully a little wiser. We know who's cool t<> hang out with and who is not. We know what pax- ties to be seen at and what parties not to be caught dead at. We have also mastered the art of getting into .. downtown\ (heaven on earth with or without proper I. D.). Living on your own also wises you up. Never, ever have your after- hours party start before you get there. You 'II wind up with your phone missing and toothbrushes jammed down your toilet. You also learn the fine art of\hooking up\ (though many of you have mastered this quite some time ago). Having your friend hide you from that guy from last weekend and feigning amnesia when he says \hi.\ Junior year it finally hits you- hey, these classes are getting harder and harder, maybe it's time 1 set my priorities straight. So its back to the dreaded classes. This is a point in a student's life when they better wake up and get those G.E.s together. plus all those requirements they've pushed to the side in order to take classes like Party I 0 I and Good Time 303 (a higly recommended class). Yeah, junior year is a killer but it is also a time when a student looks at himself/herself and says ''I'm an adult and I'll be graduating soon, so I better get my act together. Besides ifl buckle down my senior year can be a 'blow off\' (that oh so famous college word). Well here we are back in time to our senior year; where visions of diplomas dance in our heads, as well as summer school, extra semes- ters and anything and everything to insure graduating. This is a time of sadness because we are leaving our\home\ of four years. Sure we go home forl:Sreak.s and the sull)mer. But this place, this is where we Hve, eat, breathe, love, fail and succeed. This place is where we have molded our lives, have met our true friends and lovers, and have grown to become the graduating class of 1990. Goodluck. ~ NanciAlpert Copy editor, Cortland yearbook The dorm doldrums By Nanci Alpert Special to the Press weary of what lies ahead, and boom! They thrust you into a box with two strangers. Usually it takes a couple It's2 a.m. andyou'vefmally got of days to get to know each other. It yow noisy neighbors to quiet down. is a major culture shock when upstate Aah! It'sfinallytimeforsleep. You and downstate people mix. Every- settle down under your blankets, thing usually works out. There are your falling, falling off... All of a some friendships that formed those sudden--Ring! Clang! Ring! Clang! first couple of days, and have lasted Whatthe ... ,afiredrill,now.HELP! thr<>ugh four tough years. Others It's9a.m.,andyourclassisatl0 fizzled out along the way, while a.m. You figure you'll get an early some never even start at all. Still no start; take a shower now and maybe . one ever forgets their \roomies.\ even have time for breakfast. You To a lot of students, going away headfortheshoweronlysemi-alert. to college means no more parents. Youopenthedoor,andgaspasyou FREEDOM! Dorm life tricks us see it. The line! You plead your case, because that first day they introduc.:e ''But I have a 10 a.m. class.\ So do us to our semi-parents. The R.A.s or I! So do I! So do I! HELP! ResidentAssistantsas they like do to It's almost 9 p.m. -on a Monday be called. Still we know it's their job, night and the girls on yourfloorcan 't but why must they treat us like babies wait to watch that new mini-series is a common complaint. We call that starts tonight. You're in charge them jailers, finks, plus other names of the munchies- popcorn, soda, that can't be mentioned, but mostly candy, you're all set. You head we call them friends. R.A.s were at- down toward the t.v. lounge and · ways there for you when you really theretheyare,theguys! Sorry girls, needed them. They calmly solved it's the __ championships (fill in disputes, usually had fun ideas and whatever you like) •. watch your sometimes(ifwewere lucky) closed stupid love story ~omewhere ~lse. their eyes to what they saw. HELP! · Donn life in general was a good If any of the above scenarios time- barbecues, floor events, sound familiar to you, you have ex- parties, dances. Sure it had its bad perienced the dorm doldrums. Don't peints,li'ke'hever being able to get a get me wrong, living in the dorms is washer or dryer (and when you did something that all college students sometimes clothes would mysteri- should experience, and an experi- ously disappear) but mostly it was ence it is. fun. It was a first taste of college You enter your freshmen year, life- and we ate it up!

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