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FINANCIAL NEWS WITH STOCK MARKET REVIEW AND 2 P.M. PRICES ON PAGE 19 IG OTJR LEGS ’ LIBERALITY PBDO INVEtJTQR. HJGHING BABY \ CENSUS Sa :::a» POPULATION 1929-35000 mmm Bx IXJC18 E- TnxTERaw Sooent outings of th* JtFwt- ler Trails AssocLsUon took th! bets over I}lue Mountain *Ees- tlon and to the Uoyco Tliotnp- Institute for Plant Research! hare the trail leads, however. Is Important than Is the fact that outings teach these hikers lo their legs and fill their lungs i fresh air. J l Is eo easy to ride thc^fdays the long walk has precrtcally k Into the discard. We noed to ember that legs were God'a In- (Ion while tho automobile la Knon'a. If people walked more. Wiuld have fewer invalids. Complete Wire Reports of THE U.NITEfi PRESS, Greatest Iforld-Wide News Srrijr WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., MONDAY, APRIL 1, V9Z9. PRICE THREE CENTS YOUNG SMITH DROWNS IN TRUESDALE LAKE WHEN BOAT CAPSIZES j! Chamber Head Succumbs Di*|iarliiieut of Commerce Data Reflects Steady pi?e in ludiiatriar Output ullets from the revolver of a ant Vernon policeman halted ee New Rochelle youths- who . stolen an automobile.- The old- Uf the three was but sixteen, no most dangerous crime nge Is Ijjgmorc and more to tho Juve- • mark. Tho crime committed bis country by boys between the irs of sixt e en and. twenty has'in* ased eleven per cent during the it eight years. During tho same *xl. crime committed by persons a Urn the ages of forty-five and y has decreased- nearly fifteen VenL ferhape this shown that the old ^beginning to realise that crime } not pay while- the young are tng something more attractive Lt -crime than over before. Ven theuo three boys caught by Vr.unt Vernon policemen aro ter Observance ’ Attracts ecord Congregations — Resurrection Theme of Sermons iFederal Judge Winslow Son of Supervisor of Lewisboro Hit When Speedboat Overturns. Body Recovered. Efforts' To Resuscitate Him Unsuccessful. No Inquiry Necessary, Says Squires. Retires From Bench As NEED SPIRIT OF CHRIST Variety of Establishments Furnish Employment to Application the of Master ’ s Teachings lo. Daily Life Urged by .Ministers Increasing Number “ Counsel Declare* Resignation ! ! Prompted by ill. Health and -Impaired Usefulness as Jurist. = New York. April't. I cl* WlnalowV--------- I j •-nil Justice FACTORIES DECLINE Consolidations of Suuillet ^ Plants Cause Shrinkage in l nits.. MYRON T. HERRICK Ambassador who died suddenly i Part# yesterday afternoon. -Judge Fran- * resignation as a Fed- was announced today envoy. hi» personal at -1 - --- '-j .« a otrice* in New- York. I Colinty.-Medte*LExaminer “ S'JtStSSfS! Or. A.I.. O, SsiWwaio imposed »n his Haaithjsald Uwt he would hold no m ’ T | tomd'inquest into the dn.tb sn as a member «r the' of. Clarence E. Smith, s J l ,n * f “ rmal ! year-old son of Supervisor . ’ nerval the viiarg-. Si- - Edward 11. Smith, of Lewis- ' v to\umiurv i b.oro. Df.- Sqtlire said that , i™ Y<gk.Uie tftdicved. the death to be ’ ••pi of iR-i a result df accidental drown- rncerdings [ ing f vodoff Smith '-evidently' tse* whwj having beelt hit by the gun- late'd with whale of his hew speed boat _____ •after it capsized on Trues- ._ ir.i. h- htm ■ clalo Lake early yeVeTSaT in « trial *Pln - He rannot i Witnesses. on si tote said that nrt.mr the | Smith, with a .companion. Winflejd “ I Rockwell. or Rldgeacld. Conn., were of the t ffs * ‘ n K the boat about 100 fret from • . 1 ., mil! hi > shore when suddenly the boat made ul this he j ajdmrp turn throwing spray high nor could ' mo the gir When the spray had n* un « Jrt c ‘ T*u, >»hled. they aajd, they saw the tilers * s I boat, bottom upward' floating on erUv'rriil I' 1 '- surface and the fobbing head Ftorrlln U, ;rf Reek well, who was frantically h« i.e ! swimming about In search of bis IS handling common. ^in^ly thr UUerUrrd . ., and borsly madr the shore where hat\ Jii.l 'r be was itsslstrsl to a nearby house. Certain \r- i Chief of p - oll « Frank Mallet was Grand Ju ’ rv 1 ot “ d«e . ndtlfled and summoned an / proceed, emergency squad of th. Westehe^ - ter Lighting Company fro®. Mount Kisro.. Prior ' to their arrival, a iloW. a real- doXen flitlle.attempts-weer made by. . pointed to David Richardson of Sotith Salem, n late Pres- Conn, to rcoover the body befors He figured^ ho finally succeeded In reaching it. York bank- Brought ashore and rushed to his retirement, nearby horny. the Lighting Com- v,.. - ___ ____ ____ , h..,h l n n«1lkTKH an* * HARRY A. BARBER President Chamber of Commerce of White Plains. Hospital Patients Arc Visited — Ideal Weather Adds to Inspiration [.ugh to realize that tho steaJ- Churchca of evtrj/denpmlnatlorr ’ were crowded to capacity at all ser ­ vices yesterday., as The residents of White Plainsjtnd their guests par­ ticipated in-fne annual observation of the great Christian festival of the Resurrection. Special musical programs containing mnny- of the favorite selecUons having the thought of Easter a* their theme heightened the spirit of worship. Flowers In profusion decked each edifice. i , Mild temperature and.bright sun- fHnT — ■)■ l, mnr ine removed an}- lingering doubts about weath-\ er conditions and gave added In ­ spiration io the spirit of the'day. -Christ Is Risen\ .was the sub ­ ject of virtually every sermon, and the application of the teachings of Christ to our dally probleina was the keynoto stressed. The 111 were not forgotten. Many v ’ - -ed the h ii ’ tals bearing gifts for the unfortunates within. The churchc- sent flowers to the hospi ­ tals and-to sick members of their congregntionr Streets leading to the places of worship'furnished the locale-for n charge* j WASHINGTON. D. C. April The industrial output of - Wl Plains .has more than doubled and development of manufacturing ocih Lady Heath to Tell Guests of Chamber of Women ’ s Place in Aviation Tribute to Myron T. Herrick- |inurked gain over i able figures -ihos During 192. ’ >. Wl -r 1023. Plalnn' •Orthy of this UberulU^of which . udgs Morschauser splrar. Each of these new citizens can Ml truly proud of the •Vnlted. Itate's. It uhould be h!w great am- lUon to so live, from now on. that he United States can be proud of \These proceedings >ndr finished products valued nt $ 2 , 0 ?'.!.- 233. as contrasted with ortly ; 166 produced by Its -H cslabksh- imen-.K In IBM. according to figure* [especially prepared for The,Dally Pres* by GO.-tou James, chief of MAYOR WILL PRESIDE Admiral Plunkett Urge More American Ships on the Seas- A Yonkers baby, in an nutomo- Ulo cnuih at North Tarryiown. aughed when Its head was forced brough the windshield of the car. rho chlUl was bundled up Bn so- pirely that It.escaped with slight Injury. ■ Most babies, under *urh clrcuny- Itancrs. would have been nearly frightenod to death and would have ■creamed at tho top of their lungs. ♦Ills baby will grow up to take life 1 * hard knocks with a smile apd that la the kind of people who ore needed moil In this world. JUDGE WINSLOW rnl Justice of Southern Du ,'JiU rent !>!.* resignation t< Paris. April 1 -Ambassador Mv- »n T.-Herrlck died suddenly Wet efore dusk ycslerdny after a c*Jr- grtius ell-day ba»*o against a fall- Committee Prepares For parity Attemlanrc at Dinner Tonight i brilliant fashion parade, and the ; rpparel of the women presented a | picture of color and beauty, l Motor cars streamed along the 1 various parkways bearing people Death enme to the seventy-four- year-old diplomat five,days after he f had stood bore-headetl for two | hours during the review of troops | at tho-funeral of Marsh Ferdinand Foch. The besl-lDVcd of ambassa- : I dors to .Franc* Insisted .upon pay- j (Continued • White. Plain* Rrsiilrnt W ! An Authority on Real Estate ami Taxes Robert E L. Huwi a resident of Whit* | recognised authority | District, dic'd at Id i Hartsdsle Rond. Sum [lie was CT. year, ol was stricken with pi | weeks ago and ws* thought TOMPKINS. SITS Opent Court Here After Acting at Investigator in Queens County . Bribery Coses It 1* nor likely that more than OBS .person out of every thousand of Westchester County'* population could name tho Inventor of the BUss-LcHvitt torpedo used by the United Etatea Navy. Yet he was a '(Continued on Page Six) tiler hero and the dam him to catch cold. HI* condition bera critical early Sunday ffUvtly «t the Amen • suddenly id he died n. embassy •, for 22 year* Plains, and a pany crew with both InfialSiOrs and the Schaeffer method of resuscita ­ tion futilely attempted the revival of the lad. He was pronounced dead at « o'clock by Dr. H. W Allen of Ridgefield. Conn. Kraft; ! mlttee appointed by the last Con ­ gress was to begin an Investigation Into his Arts as a member of the Judiciary behind closed doors in New York City. For the first time-this year. Su ­ preme Court Justice Arthur S. Tompkins of Nyack is conducting court In White Plains, handling a mecfianlc ’ a lien case in Part Three. Trial Term, which Is also Part Two, Specinl Term. Justice Tompkins was 111 the early part of thb. year and went South to recover. > Doumergur, j ■tal. France today. Her- 1 moat popular ' Led. by President official and unoff mourned with Amerlc rlrk was probably the diplomatic represent; and it was the st haired anibansador the elbow of the Colo Lindbergh orben'Fr her tumultous cheet two years ago. Paris newspaper* borders this morntri Metro pollta; Mayor F. C. \McLaughlin will be toastmaster. Lady Mary Heath ■will speak on \.JVoman'a Place In Aviation.\ Admiral Plunkett's talk la entitled. \Putting American Ships Bock on the Seas.\ Admiral Plunkett Is one of the foYdmoat exponents ofr tha desirability of a large navy. •With a powerful Interest in everything that goes on about her. Surviving him are hi* widow, fuji: Isons, R. E. I. Howe. Jr. Cyrus I. Howe. Roland F Howe and Alfred W. Howe, all of While Plains. fAC j daughters. Mr*. Randell 1 lender non. of White Plains, end Mr*. Ru ! fu» J.irnagan. of Buffalo; a dangle | ter-in-lmw. itrs Helen K Howe I widow Of the late Charles V Howe .Mayor McLaughlin turns on Jxjwrr of The Dally Pres*^_fage S. Cigarette Stub Causes Apartment House Fire _____________ Jo** 2 Chamber of Commerce lo enter- I tain about 300. at annual din­ ner tonight — , — Page f I P.. E. L Howe dies ----------- Page 1 CRASHES INTO POLE Mike PasserelU.of 138 Ferris Ave ­ nue .this city,striving south of Cen ­ tral Avenue near the old Thomas Healy estate crashed Into a tele ­ phone pole by the road -at-8 o'clock this morning and broke It off at the baa The man told Officer Delanoy of the Greenburgh police, who was de ­ tailed to tho cose, that his steering wheel had locked and mad* the crash Inevitable. Lighting Company men war* sent at ones to tha apot lo repair the damage. The car was towed any. New\ York. April 1. — Forces • of ■nature intervened to restrict ac ­ tivity on the Stock Exchange to ­ day. Prices were crashing five Ip eight point*. Storm* throughout the west crippled wire service and that, factor alone prevented tickers from falling far behind transac- Uona on . the second floor of tho stock market. - Orders to sell accumulated over the prorlongod holiday-Thursday to Monday — and when- they were exe ­ cuted at tho-opening or Tho entire list slumped several poliU.* K U. S. Steel. General Motors and Radio endeared In blocks of 10,000 shares .J^pricss from 2 t6 more than A (Coljtinned on l ’ age IB) rarrlcd black ig — HP Indica- vonn. Victim of. civ. Succumbs ’ • Di ivt r Held ; Frank •R.onfjio j Faster T-rngr i in Gnts»lnn<! ( Frarik Ronglot la rosd. illed at 2 log in Gramlnni fund one-half liou ' down w-lllle wall.;... ......... ........— . ■ 1 town road by a Ciirysler j oratiul by Walter McDonald of Ti? | ITCth street New York City, who wn* going towsNl WhlU Plains [ I The. Easier evening , tragedy, j which OcriiriWd near Riley ’ s pontl [land about >0 feet ea*fof the Cal ,. ‘ vary road was\npparVnfly the fault j of darkness MatDonald. question- j .led after Its occurrem-e. told the: ! Greenburgh police that he did not j see Roogovona “ until aft»r he \had I struck him. learning of the mlslmp | only through theflurchlng jf hla 1 i cif as the Impact cams. -* 1 ' t:[.on the oider-of Medical Esam- ;lner Dr. Ames\ Squlrr*. MacDonald i was released'ln 51,000 ban provided f by his brother. James F. McDonald ! of ‘ PcInsantvtH*. In the form bra ' property deed. A coroner ’ s Inquritf • j win be held. j A. .Cavallerl of Cortland Street, i Tnrrytown. a Trult denier, ode of . whore bill head* was found In Bo- ! ' 1 -nyiana * pocket, was notified of j 1 the finality. for Herrick — and Le Petit Journal expressed the publicly regard for the man who refused lo leave the threatened capital during the dark ­ est of World. War days, trying to be so and wn* tested dur ­ ing the trying day*.\ the newspaper i That Joseph Hogan, dr a witness nn circulation i -Tho- Daily Reporter., wa* l behind\ the stimnjonse* of Brooklyn. Robert E L. Howe wan bor Mnv 6. 186i. In Brooklyn, and wa one of eleven children born lo A cZander H. Hewn and Ablgal Set over week eh# ------------ ------- P**« I Six auto accidents reported. \ ElevertT/arflc violators fined. • Churches thronged with Easter worshipers ----- r. ---- - -------- i ---- Page 1 High School Student* not to.pre- Member* of the cabinet, lending foreign representatives, many news ­ papermen and public officials led the way to the American-Embassy to sign the register and express Cqupty. He wn* ediita!'d In th\ Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and'' began hls business career with J. W. Goddard A Son*, woolen merch ­ ant*, In 1882. In 188* he married Ahda .qrfrtin- A life long Democrat. Mr Howe entered .political, life early/ leaving Uie Goddard firm to take a post with the United State* customs ser ­ vice. which he occupied for four revs. He then was appointed as ­ sessor In the old -City of Brooklyn and. later became deputy tax com ­ missioner, a position rfe liey until the consolidation of Brooklyn with New York City. He was tlyn .as­ signed to Manhattan and appoint ­ ed - chief deputy In. charge of the personnel bureau. Department of Taxes and Assessments of thq City /Continued on Page TWro.l ((?«. 2 nued sympathy. Sentence Suspended Walter T. Kennedy, Convicted of Bigamy, Is Placed On Probation by Judge Close — Warned To Be Good — -Wife 111 Eastern New York: Rain, probably turning to snow In .extreme .north, portion to ­ night; somewhat colder In south portion tonight; Tues^- day.. portly cloudy; colder In' south poctlon; ‘ strong wester ­ ly winds and 'possibly stales diminishing Tuesday. - One Killed When Auto Hits Tree Clearing House Statement TARRYTOWN. April L — Alexan ­ der Joseph, 22. of New York, ‘ is dead her! today and Robert 8. Ly also of New York. Is In a se ­ rious condition nt the haspftn! here as the result-Vk'crash at-Irving ­ ton at 13:30 o'clock this morning. According tp the police, the ma ­ chine. driven by Lynn, was going south along the Albany Post Road when-it skidded on the wet pave ­ ment. crashing head-on Into a large tree In front of the Henry Btack VNEW YORK — Bonk olcaflhgs, ftS7.000.fW; clearing house balance, S179.000.000; Federal Reserve Bank credit balance, 5132(000,000. ASKING FIRM Kennedy pleaded guilty to marry- lng a nlneteen-year-old word In his household while hls legal wife was still alive and actually living nt hla liouse. Mary Agnes Kennedy gnvy birth to a child shortly after Kennedy went through a marriage ceremony with her and said Ken ­ nedy was the father. Judge Close today auspended n sentence of from two and a half to flva years In prison pending Ken- Established in 1907 Gentle-Folks king <ir;;anlr_v!l/n tiojli of Arthur X Kleeman , 120 Broadway &)•<■ no ,)>en for business today. A Complete-Bank Ser ­ vice for Every Fi-. news Dispat By Direct United Press Wire ^Th, C»rl E. Whitney . Colonial Home - With 41-2-*ers« on a com> manding ridge affording a. sweeping panorama of wood ­ ed islands eaiWIng taka shores' and sparkling water^ % At Ry» Laks No Petition Tonight nedy's “ good behavior.' t United States deputy marsh- re re sent out to bring him in , warrant charging violation of\ he prohibition laws, surrender- I l the Chicago federal building ! a. m. today. llngton — Treasury .net bal- s March 29' wan 5t25.M7.9H.- :om receipts to Ihossme dato month totalled 533.021^16,93. McCullough Asks Students To Refrain from 1 Action Before Board of Education. Ex ­ presses Appreciation of Their Spirit represented by Thomas Dmffield, • „H1« I l f u r TWf -Orueral Orgwma*- ; tioh, .and by\ ' Malcolm Hoffman, l-winnor of the school speaking con- [ This morning, ho we vary Mr. Me- Collough asked Theodoi^ Taylor, secrctary-or tji» GenjA* Organlza- r.iin. arid DufUeld. (lot to prevent the petitliin. He eitreeied appro- | elation of the ' effort* they were ! making, and thanked them os rep- Upbn tonight: ol- rf- ntatlve* of the riudents: assurance of this 1 \He alwayaf gave ; us a square , • deal,\ sold a number of students, when asked why thay were agttat- ...... lng for McCulloughs, retention. . __ _ ,..o np-J \There were some, however, who McCullough by I wanted-privileges, and he wouldn ’ t and requested gfev'hem. Ha believed that What U — he refin ed ac- J was fair for onK .was fair for all. 1c tits -were to be . So wo .want him ’ to atay.\ COMPLETE STOCK OF Marshal French i critical- Ksiifss-;: spend Easter. ^ WASHINGTON -Southesst storm warnings' from {(antucket to East- port and southwest warnings from Nantucket to Hatters**, were or- , dered posted by the United States - Weather Bureau today.* Juarez. Chihuahua. Mexiffc, April L — Revolutionary headquarters claimed today that 400 Federal* were .killed in a clash yesterday be ­ tween the army of Gen. J. G. Els- cobar. Rebel generalissimo, and that of Gen. Plutarco Ellas Chiles, at Escalon. CHICAGO — RepTxf Alfred Mlch- aalson, of Illlnols.l ; -fugll-'r; f ^zir. justice slntjs Saiiirday morning. DISTINCTION Call - — Phone — Write Insure Spring Delivery Estimates Free SUBURBAN WEATHER STRIP AND SCREEN CO. 30 Martir, Ave. 1928 — White Plains — 9018 ie automobile in which “ *** ( re returning home aftir an :iwhedulrd for presentation to the' I ’ acatlon. skidded Inio n • Board of Education a* Its diieeUngl ad overturned. The arch, tonight; will not be prraented fol - ' -breed' near Cenlral Bridge, i lowing a reiiue. r made by 'lt.lt,. >hn Kramer, father of the 1 McCOHoug h, ly aHrolng p: mclpwl of - was driving. . the scluml. UlCT anion be delayed by ------------ -------- [ (he strident* until after the meet- port. England. — Tile new mg In all probability tbg reslgna- n cruiser Deonshlre rolhjlij ti..n will U« acted --- - - - ------ - -* a lighter as it wo* Iravmg ! tlrougb no delintte , is here today and U is fear- [could he-prUiriir«&L sei%usly damaged. The; The pelilion was made entirely on vos'commissioned only last ■fhe inttialvn of ’ -the student* them- afler satisfactory accept-1 selves, and wa* id^expres* the ____ ...sis. The- Devonshire was • probation q£f ‘ ‘ Mr ---- •- ............. christened Jn October. 1927, with the student be<!> fugitive frtim | a bottle of Devonshire cider inststd , that hls rcJgnnt, ------- • — I - -- ------------- - ----------- -- 1----------- . T*t at Country Gentleman ’ i s EstaSB ^ / , -DescrlpUv# Booklet , STYLE QUALITY Design of New Building William G. Barrett 221 MAIN STREET ADJOINING KEITH-ALBEE

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