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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, April 01, 1929, Image 4

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ina Urntii rnr.M, niib>HAiui9, n. i.f muiwrti, /irnu» j, ivsv. SPEAk APRIL SHOWERS OF VALUES Sor Baby TUESDAY ONLY Silk dresses. ........ $1.98 Silk carriage sets $2.50 Slips to match ..... 1.29 Knitted sets : Jacket Silk .coats — ......... T 2.98 Bootie, Cap .... ...... 1.98 BABY BLANKETS 36x50, SATEEN BORDERS $1.79 WOMEN ’ S WEAR MEN ’ S DEPT. Shoes 5r '5^S»''°'* Special Low One Price (j^^ with coi-ro.v Slips, Rayon, lingettc, and muslin with largo shadow (J*-| SHIRTS, collar attached,' broad ­ cloth, variety of pat- (P QO Varied Shados Save With Coupon House dresses — small, medium, large and extra large sizes, large assortment. • ; HARWOOD CROSS BAR rXJOtfj \ SUITS. wHPmade, fitted, priced i ry*- .. $2.oo — Bargain at $100 S.90 WITH COUPON \S1LK SOX— fancy patterns, large “ Stock, priced at ?.U9 (P-| HA 4 pair^for ---- -------- tDJL.UU Bring Coupon and Save 10 Per Cent on Purchase* Beiure and Bring Coupon Filled Out / ACTIVE WEEK FOR YOUNGER “ Y ” MEMBERS Trips and Athletic Contests to Occupy Leisure of Easter Vnrntion-All-Day Program The leisure that the Raster vaca ­ tion afford* haa brra taken, ndvaji- taica of by the men who rp.nUn up th b program of thtf local Y. M. C. A. This boa been manifested by the atrenunua program which haa been prepared far the younger member*, amt every effort will be made iU-tliat It Will be enrrietl Ihniflgh from beginning •> etui. The l ‘ r \~ midget trip Co. in a Kynuuuoani imploa GRACE MAE Silk Hosiery — Full Fashioned, Al! Wanted Shades at SPECIAL This coupon eijlitlfs bearer to a 10 per cent dis ­ count Tuesday only, on any article in our store. Name ..... ...................................... See Coupon Address ............... ' 1 ‘ lire and fill out almvo .OD TUESDAY ONLY WOLFF ’ S DEPT. STORE 84 MAIN STREET poeket'taili.-irda and ping pone ,j J p. m, the older l.irj-s from Given- with the older boyn of the b»enl organization In bowling, pool and ping pong. Tuesday. April 2. 9:30 a. m., junior high school hike followed ’ by iwim 4 ' a. m . *>-n:or high arlinol p!r'|-ner:dlv ln |o.hnn* 4 ' old local bov» In n SEARS TO Former Rotary District Governor Will Address .Weekly Luncheon Meeting of Local Club The npeaker at.tba weekly dinner meeting of the White Plains Rotary' Club to ba held at 12:18 P. M In the White Swan Inn. will be J. Thatcher fleam, of Glens rails! N. Mv. Scant la past district gov ­ ernor of the Twenty-Ninth Rotary district. Cornwell Will Gives All-to Wife The will of the late Herbert C. beV. Cornwell of 2 Fslrvlew avenue, Scnmdale. filed Suturday for pro- bo ’ o In Surrogate Court, leaves his entire estate to his wife. Mrs.'Dallla O. Cornwell. - As seta were listed as no real g>tn'.e and less than J 2.000 In per ­ sonal property. The Fifth Avenue Boni. of Ney York la named fa cx- ecuf-r; . Cornw.ell's will directed that rcmn.mi be cremated and the aolies dispersed. He la aurvlvrd by WASHBURN DINNER'OCEST The Board of Supervisors will -javo r.s their guest of honor at their ..nndal dinner at the Hotel tir.o>* on Saturday night. April 13, the Hon. Howard B. Washburn, rhnlrm-in. Reception will be held from 7 to 7:30, when dinner will will compete In pi billiard.-, and boy finals hetwoen- nl.Irr hoy* billiard* and ping pong. brill, indoor rre of charge. pong, pocket «. 7 p, m.. pocket i Thomas', one Tmlth a LOCAL POSTAL WORKERS PLAN ARMORY DANCE r -r ... Benefit Organization to Add\) to Funds —C. W. Fuji is, Jr„ Heads Committee Th# fourth annual boll of th# Whlta Plains Post Office flick Ben*, lit Association will be held pn Fri ­ day evening. April 5, In the Armory. Committees have been appointed 'and plans for the affair are wel ‘ Fenner ’ s Syncopatops, a popular Ilorcd .band from New York, will furnish the' mlistlc, ths committee expecting the leader 'to appear in The. money derived from the dance will be added to. the tick benelit fund, from which member of the organisation di 110 per week while sick, tee asso ­ ciation has p ai d more U-.nn' *700 in benefits thus far this year. Fol lowing )s the general cotnmlt- tegi-r;. W| Pullls. Jr, chairman; Charles Albert,'Wlillam J. Hall, B. Burton, and C. Donovan- • The Boor and reception commlt- teo la composed of: William J. Hall. Charles Albert. Charles Petrusinl. H. Beach, W. C. W. Pullls. Sr, F. Redd. E. Heir, Kirkpatrick, Charles Beckwprth.. C W. Fulllk. Jr, John Saengcr. IS. Harrtaon. Wil ­ liam Chulns, H. Horton. B. Burtop ; F. Blodgett. B. Wilcox, and William Girling. Cornelius Donovan and Charles 1 Bcckworth are on the publicity ' -ornmltter, end Charles Petrosinl ind B. Harrison, the program. “ SHOP AT THfc DAYLIGHT UTOKS ” ■V To The White Plains Daily Press — SUCCESS The Complete Store?* for Boy* STONE ’ S CLOTHES SHOP 199 .Main St. WhitcPUin., N. Y THE STORE OP CHEERFUL SERVICE\ Friday. April t. 9:30 a, m. Jun trip through telephone company:* I office* in a m . high ecliotil gym- [ nnatum and swim. 1.30 p. m,. Ilnalyi i» the Junior high- echool pockei bllllurds. and ping prfng. 7, em­ ployed boya gymnasium ngd swlrn. Saturday, April <!, 9..V a. m. midget hike, line group will canal*! I mjlinly of Friendly . Indiana, P_JH- tf-30 a. hi . nWliM gymnaaium and swim. 10 to 10,10 m. Juiuoi high gymnasium an<l swim. 7 p. m . Father anti Son - program for junior high rrhool will con»l»J of relay; the big gymnasium the lank, game* In the lobby, anil refreshments. Thursday, April will ho ladle*' day. The regular club* will not meet during the vocation period. Thumb — The thumb 1 * atmnger than all the fingets put together. OrouhiMsurlftJm the ruling Impul- *es of mat judgment and passion.! are to be found In it. TMs THE STORY OP . TifT mm a lot o/ prof*, arty. Jack— and bn sal- an in') more than yours. Utu da tbtj do it?\ NIY - SIDED SERVICE ,r TTell dear. I've heard they got their start by Omsultmg their Realtor. Why don ’ t tee Jolloio ait? ” 5W R ealtor can show you How You too have tried tp save — but are you getting ahead ? - The years slip by. The future is a big question mark. Here's the practical answer to that question — as proved by thousands of men and women now financially coifl- fortablc — start buying property. The rest is almost automatic. The payments are absorbed easily and naturally in your monthly budget. You hardly realize you're saving — till you find yourself a full-fledged property owner. Your Realtor will show you how. He will help you find just the right piece of property. He will arrange easy terms for you. and see that the)- arc fair, r- ’ saving programjbat works, consult your Realtor Whitfi Plains Realty Board Chapter of the Westchester County Realty Board ~~ Phone White Plains 3396 WALTER n. DEWITT. EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Write or Phone for Official List of Realtors l ook for this toot — tho i.tahUib.J symbol of iffuirneyaout Fair Dial. For a Beautiful Garden of Flowers .Start Your Early Seed Now fh-t the **jump ” on the flowering season bv'sowing flower seed now, Indoors and in cold frames, flats, seed pans or pots. -By.sowing seed of Asters, Snapdragons, Sweet Sultan, etc., now, you save tho cost of buying plants later. \ EPT-TV WE ape listing some of our novelties and specialties which CAN BE STARTED NOW, Basse ’ s Giant Dahlia- Flowered Zinnias New variety of enormous «ia and atroo* virile sturdy growth. reach a height ol > 4 feet, with long item. ofTcIlag* tapped by g>*\ I Inchee Pi . if''. y is- ■-JTeoo- -C ;*■ \\ Dream. Deep Lavender taming to -purple • • J 5 Exqtllltl. Light Roee with cenUir a deep roee - - -25 Old Roto.. Real Old Roee .25 Qoldea Stale. Rl* Orange Yellow. Yellow In tho bud ’ taming to aa at ­ tractive orange when In fall bloa>»- - - - - . Orlol». ,, Orantf and Gold Purple ‘ Prlnoo. A fine deep Purple' — - — - - - m - .25 Special Dahlia Flowered. — Mixed. H oa. IL00 - -25 I Collection 1 each S named varletlea above JL7S NEW ASTERS GIANTS OF CALIFORNIA The floweri of tho Ostrich feather tyjfe are exceptionally Urge end dhtinctlre. The plant* have the branching habit, and long •temo which makra them on admirable cut flower. white and darken! with age I Beauty Roee color White — Pare White Peach Bloeeom — Ope: Light Blue — Delicate tight Parple — ’ Deep Rote — America Dart Purple— - e MUed Colofa .... Collection. 1 pkt. each of the aboi GIANT SPENCERWEET S PEAS Sweet Pa*« ehoulde b town now for beet result!, let them | e good start by ttceelaplag a good root growth in the ea .print, eo that th-y rone better stand the neat of early aumm 3 pita- for * SNAPDRAGONS i Bassi ’ s Seven New Giant* Of magnificent tize, much ’ irgrr than the ordinary .eianl Snapdragon! and make -nng. robuit apikea. . ' pie Bloeeom, Roejr pink White Tube - . - JS Canary Bird. Canary , Yallow - ... X ■a Copper King. Bronzy Copper, very attractive, JS 014 Gold. Yellow - JS * Purple King. Deep Garnet X Snowflake. While - - X The Roar. Begonia Roie -35 Giant Mixed, 3 for .«0. -25 I Collection I pkt. each of •even named varietiee above $2.00 PETUNIA ROST MORN — Roey,Pink — White eye center • l ’ kL .15 VIOLET QIJEEN — • » Deep violet blue — 4 to 5 inchex aero;* - Pkt. 25* PHLOX DRUMMOND (Annual Phlox) — In aix aeparat* colon. Collection 75c • . e Pkt .15 SCABIOS^ (Mourning Bride) — In a»ieparate colora,.Collection 50e * - • Pkt. .19 VERBENA MAMMOTH — In four aeparate colon. Collection 30c . • Pkt 10e CLAY POTS— for the eame porpoae 2H Inch alas, 100 for 12.50 sc ’ .''l-on <5t Seed, Plir. S mid Garden Requisites from our 1929 Book \Spring Planting ” SEED DEPARTMENT Main Street rpw Rochelle, N. Y. Phbaa N. R- *7Wi ' NURSERY k LANDSCATk DEPARTMENT Deliveries F r e« to White Plain* — Phone Tour Order

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