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THE DATTT PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N, 'Tj TUESDAY. Y.M.C.A. Physical Program Draws An Enrollment Of 1200 SUBURBAN HEIGHTS — THE CALLER Expect Good Track Team At High SchooTThis Year Eight Workout Schedule is Being FoDowe<} in Pre-Sea ­ son Training as Only Three Letter Men Have Returned Yaking advatoTaj* of warm <lay* daring the poft “ week the White Flsic* High School track team haa mciil out of door* to practice. Ooarh Milholtn U putting the boy» Rapid Increase Due To Excellence Of Facilities Diversifies! Schedule -Keep* Boys Active While Bus- ines Men Cavort in Weekly Gym Classes ft ' ffi ff\ bock In school this year. They are BUI Dcmares:. Jack Conley and'Jim Fisher, the present captain. On these as a ncudeus-the tram will be built and from the ' looks of- It a good Job is going, to be done. * Good Material Assured Already there i» kcon rivalry for every position on the team for ov«f to boy's have turned out and .more are expected to answer the call af ­ ter vacation. From these It should not be hard to mould a formidable team especially .when In that num ­ ber there are- the three who have already proved their caliber. Bill. Demarart not only made a name for himself ase-antaln of-foot ­ ball last year but walked off with the -shot put In the county meet with a heave of 42 feet. 11'.* inches. If thlpgs go well and with a little more experience there Is no reason ■why he should not Increase this dis ­ tance by several fri-f. ' ' * Jack Conley knows his way around the track as well as on.the, football field , and. the basketball dourL His specialty Is hurdling mm ho Is out to show his heels to the pack. Jim Fisher believes that the cap ­ tain should be the all around man on tho team no when he Is not run ­ ning the quarter ha'high Jumps n bit and heaves the shoL The conch looks lo him this year to lead a winning team. Others among the aqunfl are Just waiting for a chance lo show their wares and it will not surprise any ­ one in the know If some real,ta!cnt bobs up between now and the first meet on April 26. The WeBlic hertet Coif Asso ­ ciation Plans For a Busy Tournament Season. . jfcwpgh a light yworkouf every day 'AWi Includes calisthenics and ■low Jogging t(Tlimber them up for th«coming campaign. He to Inking ao chances with strained tendons . Though there are very- few letter loan back In school this year later- ant la running high and a large squad has been turning .out regif- larijt Whether It is the sight of the aew)^ dug Jumping pits next to the bonding or just spring which ’ has made the . boys eager to don the spiked shoes it Is hard to say. but Hry Mllholln Is .pleased with the •arty season turnout. During tbs spring vacation no regular practice will be held but the ’ whole squad expects tb keep in good Condition so that when they come bask they can sup right out toward a* county championship, it In a strange thing - about the High iative group ;**:r.*.are form ad to compels with olher Y. M. C A teams.' Mr. Denman polo;* pnf that thass teams are not Itoportahi from « win or lose standpoint but that they represent a last step in tbs gtntral building program.\* Through the winter mo*y con ­ tests have been held aipoog the dif ­ ferent - basketball and vnlteybalt groups an dlnrrreat has run high. Swimming has tiecome so popular that two teams hava been fortdsd,- one a Junior team and the other a mens team. George Clifford, a N. Y.;C. A. tllleholder to coaching them. Thsy plan some Interesting meets in the spring both indoors and outdoors. • Squash and band-- ball are two new sports Which are\ gradually gaining popularity and. teams will pkobahly be formed In these. Billiards find favor among the' boys and' they are carrying out an elimination tournament now. Ping pong aqd. bowling are other I hinge on the Hat and It to hoped that more enntesta will he played ' other than Ibq one scheduled on Wednesday ot ' trls week for the younger boys* • Down-In t''* Jowtr r.aor the old ­ er nun. are raveling in the golf cage act up and are getting the jump on tiie irason In this way. The boy's program Is separate from the mens and. Is under the leadership of W. I. Allen. A boy's cabinet has Just been elected and they wiJl nUketout a schedule of their progiam for the coming sea ­ son. Many things are listed for them aside from the ordinary clas ­ ses. Every week the High School group meet three times st set hoqr* the Junior High School group meet three time* at set hour*, tho Junior High's twice, and the employed boys twice, a new group relief the Midgets, composed of boys from 8 to 12 years olmeet oncj each week. During the swim periods four toys are or* ’ guard as life saver n and each boy Is taught how to swim. 'The general program arranged by tho director functions well now hut he plans to modify It later on dur ­ ing tha summer-months. The Westchester Oolf Associa ­ tion bps listed fourteen events which comprise the complete sched ­ ule for tbto yegr. Tharp • wil[\ be six major championships and-eight •I one-dxy tourneys. | The Meadowbrook Country Club will be the sfr.ne of the amateur | championships which usually draw is strong field. The falhVr- « nrl son I event, played at Weelrhester Hills 'Club of White Plains, la always 5EE5 WlFT PEERING OSS? WIFE 6M-HA16 ftR D£ “ RWUN6 AND WI6WA6S TAliS. PPTOHCtS UP ID HER, U CALLOW- . SJRlRS AND WHISPER* COnE PWVX Qt'KTK 0 IPS' THE WOMAN IN THE ?CW HOUSE ON CORNER M. C. A. and approached tha limit of about 1400 for tbe new oar,, which wifa thought.would not be reached for several year*- Locker* and wiry 'baskets' for gym equip ­ ment asa being filled rapidly by new members. What plan* there are for expanding this - ------ ‘ ----- ' department - ------------- ------ ~nt> . | Kdson H. Denman, the physical , director attributes this 'rapid' In- , crease, flrat to tb*. fine equipment - available at tbe X. which to not i duplicated elsewhere In the city, | and secondly to the-large and vai- , led. program-of activities being car- | ried out each day for boys and men j of all ages. This program would i not be possible he says-except for i the fact that the i^mtElttee on phy- i sieal promotion has functioned so ; well to aid him and his assistant. Dean Thaal, In their efforts. i Thl committee Is Composed of ! White Plains men Idtfresled in the , Y. *e*ho orfer their service* gratis. ■ Chauncey Fish' is the chairman. Dr. ; E., G. Rum sd el I heads the medical* ’ staff and every new member Is gtv- , en an examination. Dr. C <J. Buck- , master has charge of the personal health department. Gorden Echut- aendorf Is chairman of the swim ­ ming committee; Frank Hughes ! boxing and wrestling; Dr. Leon , Dickerson social entertainment. Following these tourneys the 'Jesse Sweclser victory contest to scheduled for the Jinks of the Sleepy Hollow Coujftry Club. Year by year this event Is becoming more important. In August the Caddies and caddy- , masters will have a chance to. com- ] pete for numerous prises when they play two days- at Grassy Sprain. appear to\ itfll with loot prospects for the coming season they usually end up either on top or nearly on t °Mr. McGovern, the sthlctio direc ­ tor believes this coming sriison will duplicate tho one.back ii\J923 when the team started with only three letter men and ended with the ’ county Atok and tho sectional crown. On top of that thry made an excellent Record in the state • meet Thu re are .oTtly three hoys who hold the coveted track letter Interested In this well as the contcsl- Tbe seniors hold their title match at the Bcaradale Country Club and then the Gedncy Farm* Club will hold the amatyur-pro and the Westchester open tilt* as the last events of the season In the majot title contests. Three While Plains Clubs will hold one-day tournaments and the other five will be held elsewhere In tbe county. Tbe schedule: Title Tourneys Amateur -Green Meadow Coun ­ try Club. Rye. June 6. 6, 7, 8 Father-Son and Junior - - West ­ chester Hills. White Plains, July 1 . 2 . 1 . Jess Sweetser Cup — Sleepy Hol ­ low. Scarborough. July II, 1J. Caddie and Caddie Mastsrs- Grassy Sprain, Yonkers, August 1». 30. Seniors — Bcaradale, Harlsdele, September 10 Amateur-Pro and Open — Gedney Farms, White Plains, September 21, 34. 28. Ond-Day Tourney* Leewood. at Bronxvllle. May ft. Nannahagen, at PUaeantvtll*. May 22. Fenlmor*. st Whit* Plains, Jun* 9. Grassy Sprain, at Yonkers, June 1». ^ Knollwood. st While PlaiOJ. July Metropolis, st WJilts Plaint. Aug- FtUfiWS HOT AR6UMEWT IN H165E6 AND WHISPERS WHETHER SHE NEEDS TO CHAN6E HER J2RES5, WEU..MAKE CT SNAPPY RETURNS Tb UVIN6- POOM, TRYING TO [06K PCUTE SIB TCP FIFTEEN WEARt 1 MINDIES TRYNG TD THINK OF SOMETHING TO TfilK OF, AND WONDERING WHY WIFE PC€SNT 5H0W OP WIFE COMES DOWN AT LAST. EXCUSES .HIH- SELF HASTILY -Golfers Should Play Second Shot Care ­ fully Bad Miss Often Cause Bad Shots n>- GEXE SAIIAZEN Former Ojx-n and prnsent Metropolitan (.'hamploh County Golf Course Opens on Saturday Maplemopr Delayed The Westchester Cpuuty Park Commission announces the opening of the Mohnm.lc Golf Course fur tho season of 1929 on Saturdsy, April 6, in ­ stead or April 15 ns originally- announced. The tucf has nprouted rapidly under recent favorable weather condition*. By next Saturday tho Course will be In excellent condition and with many player* eager to start the season, the Com ­ mission decided to advance the Aperilug nine days. Soft turf'Will retard the op ­ ening of the Maple Moor Golf Course until Saturday, March -13.- By reason of Us location along the Mamnr->- neck River valley the drain ­ age of this course 1* slower and the turf doc* not dry out. as quickly ns that'on the wind-blown hills of Mohanyir The course to, however, grad ­ ually drying out nail with n few molo sunny days both courses will be In good con ­ dition Tar-lhe nn-ruch of golfers, on the opening jlates. pwTcrrrr — 2~l Tu my recent lance towards the green so that **• - obaerVntl o n a I hi* next.ahot could he accurately have noticed a placed neur the pin with a possible good many- play- chance at a onu putter. | t era -who have a it j„ not my policy to mlvocale ■HU ' ^ decided dlfflcu!- loo rauc h 0 f a safety regime In ^0»^ ' : L > a 1 l\o P r C ,rtU B°TO Still and all I think such ’ is the least bit measure* are necessary on a good V imbedded in the many of the second shots where tbe . m ’ • “ rT - Somehow lle la pooT and lhc distance to go | WBmW • “ - ” * 11 .° r >•\ “ ** r 1 m^H#^fcel that he can !>'* more lofted club If you are hav- j — ^accom j - . 1 1 s h a Itfg trouble with those second shots. ( ot that even a\ professional if tho dtotance i* too-great for an add hesltatc on ln the nbovo lrorvw) ,haut forcing try the spoon. < hcrally mw<Ta 'woollen \eluWor I 11 '* * valuable club with-plenty I e purpose of sending tho bnll ’ «'f loft and In this particular case j rther'on Its course. j it would bo better to spare the shot I wilt admit that It is rather hard by using this club than forcing It | r an inexperienced golfer to gain by resorting to an ’lron. Both spared I nsidersble distance with his Irons und forced shots have their bad 1 id this knowledge no “ doubt re- points but la this case the spoon J seta Itself In the player 1 * choice of would be ubl6 to extricate the ball j wooden club. Their viewpoint la fro mtho turf-a»well as the Iron. I iot none but'the longest club In Tho nhotg through the fairway I ia bag would gain the distance nrc great little helpers In making 1 lev want to achieve. The player the score rtoo odd good Judgment , nowa It will hove to be a perfect should be exorcised In the use of , Mt to turn thetrielfbut he Is will- clubs If the Score to to be kept : C to gamble upon It, He Dgurea down, at with the hearier club he will An aid t0 ^ end , t the „„ * able to gain, even though the a[ |ow (<g |u nta ang >our drlv?*. totah^Ut be a Giwver twarfy as ln lhu way the „ wU, not V too K^s?!^hTi C hi. mlrt^nniv Mirr , e«i K rc * [ a distance between the flrit , bafacl that ht mlgtR only suececd wiwdru eh ot and the eubaequent » topping the ball and send It but UQU lhr0UKh thp falrw'ay which few feet never apparently enter* ,, louId b ,. condttchto better bit- “ J nlnd - . ,. . Ung and more confidence. TTm good golfer makes no such ‘ (Copyright 1929. by The Bell Itotak** as th s. Perhaps.his long Syndicate. Inc.) - cperienc* ln the garue pas led him _ __ _____ . > profit from such error*. At least ('over for Trial* Sought i e knows enough not lo attempt The Westchester Fish and Ciunc i »me thing that Is really beyond Jils Association Js still looking-for suit- : Mllty to do. To Illustrate the point able cover to run oft the dog trials * Will suppose that an average scheduled here on April 13. i olfer la left with a shot of two : jj . c Roach, scrctary of the or- undred yards to travel to reach ganlratlon. Is taking a party out to- i »<* gTden. He knows his only j d!i y lo mjpect n possible sito near banc* of getting lu re Is via the Purchase. He l« sure * cover will i arasie route .and plays that shot. be found before the day of the i \be mere fact that the hail may om-ning rails erourwl The trials avo an unsuitable lie for a hrasrie I win he run ^ on schedul* If It Is othgm him not at ajl. lie figures j M l01 , WM | bIr . bat should the very worst happen , A successful affair was held . ........... - • -would at least be fifty or so ■ v .. a(crila j: a . , hp English Setter j dcfcntcl a;lh J. Many of the 1 Thursdm | “ gj : ii'\.* Need For Safety Tiu-tlea. CI.EMMENS FIGHT« W CITY ’ The margin for error is very ap- ! arer.L It would be far better to I Battling Clemmens, who I we a spocp or Iron and be sure of | made such a good Impression jfting the ball .from Its resting'the fun* at the State Armory hi itace. H* would be Certain In this : la. boxing tonight at the Twer ray of getting a considerable dls- i Second Engineers Armory' In N New Officers Plan Actitfe I Season - — ; Nine C o u r t » Heady This Month— Two 1 Title Holders Members This month will aee a new sea- ; Son open on the courts of the ! County Tennis Club. Inc., of Wert- j Chester at Hartsdale. In an official way the rlub year was opened with ■q meeting of the directors at the office of C.- Everretl Moors, fi Court Street. While Plains at which last year's staff of officers was re-elect- Brtar H(lto. at Briaretlff Mi S«pt*mb*r 11. WMfghMter September 85. BYE GETS HUNTS MEET The United Htinta Racing Asso ­ ciation yesterday Issued Ns pro ­ gram for the spring meeting, which !» to consist of only on* day's sport this season, and will be staged an April 20 at Bowman Park. Rve. The fall meeting, which will be held at Belmont Park, thus making up for the one dnjyost thl* spring. The progrflh for a one-day meet is bn Interesting on*. It sonlalaa eis events, the Initial Handicap arid Sporting Plate being tb* owtaland- li»H*raees. ■ The Initial Is far 3-year-old* and upward, with an added value of 52,000. Entries for this race closed on Mnrch .15. sixty-four subscrip ­ tions being made. IJUs an elephant! An ordinary elephant will eat 200 pounds of hay » “ *)-- h “ a very delicate irrue of smell, lives do be a hundred .year* and upwards, usually'sleeps only- five hours but of twenty-four. Is afraid of mice and hns a strong dislike for pigs or even the emell of the board of governors. The club I* Officered by; Dr. J. 1 A. Veailjemier or Bcaradale, presi ­ dent; T. Reese Putsch* of Scars- 1 INI ale. vice-president; Addison It. Wilson of Bcaradale. Mere lory ; and T. Parker lxngdon of White Plains, treasurer. The three gov- , ernors elected were Charles Everett . Moore of White Plains. Maakell H. ‘ Fox of Beared nil- and Samuel Gan ­ nett French of White Plains. _ . George Krenirr Htsten Island ban been secured ajhthc club's pro ­ fessional for the sra±m and will instruct member*. Mr.. Kremer wilt be tho first professional ev«r to oc ­ cupy a po*t on the/ktsff ot the liattsdala cTOh- ------ '' A portion ot tha meeting wax spent reviewing last year's record* end satisfaction was expressed at tha prosenca r.f two national title •holders on Die membership list*. Henry IL Uassford of- Scaredato last year won the veterans'-cham ­ pionship at Forrest llills while 14- year-cld Richard Hrbard of -White Biltmort, Last night the East Side Club of the Greenwich Yt M. C. A. Journey ­ ed to WhlU.Rytinx to meet the lo­ cal Y. M. C. A. ln ping-pong, pocket billiards and bowling. Due to the great length of time consumed In tho bowling the other tournaments White Plains “ Jr had 1UU* dif ­ ficulty in winning the bowling. Tho match ‘ wai played by dividing each delegation Into four trams, which Stiff Basketball Schedule For High School Team The White Plain* High School has completed lta baoket bAiLschcd; ule for the 1929-1920 season. Four- ;«en game* In all aro acbsJuHd with county teams. Each rrhool will be played twice or. a home and Individually played eaeb ether. Ray Go Ids tola of tha local -Y ” was high scorer of the evening xfith i*T. Results: ‘ White Plsias • valuable. It teems strange that with such Interest abown ihnong the candi ­ dates that the school as a . whole has not supported tbe team In re ­ cent years the way It should, ln fact. Just recently the Genoral Or ­ ganization has announced that tlir team will be discontinued unless 20 per cent of the students who hol.l ’ j athletic Uekels support the team at each game. No doubt that when the new school to completed Interest will- pick up, for tho field will be next to tho school Instead of a mile away as at present. Tufty Griffiths' Injured^* Chicago. — Tufly Griffith*. Sioux 'City. In, light heavyweight, who i^ Leo Lomski here ' lost night, will be unable to ring \before June because ured bone ln his hand. An Michaels ~'ec. 13 — Whitt Plains at Yonkers. Dec. 20 — White Plains at Mxmsrc- neck. Jan. 10 -Gorton at WlUtnPlalca. - ' Jan. 17 — Roosevelt at White Plain*. Jan 24 — Port Chestar at White Plains. Jan. 31 — White Plain* at Nc*,v Rochelle. Feb. T — Mount Vernon at White Plains. Feb. 11 — White Plains at Pore Mulligan Robinson IlfTOkookJ BOUND YACHTS AT BERMUDA Tb* fourf.ong,J*Und Bound ln- lerclub yachts have arrived at Ber ­ muda for the 'coming international series with Bennuda. . The day was spent In' rigging up The nine comts-iylrig along the Bronx Parkway arc undergoing aflring treatment pud njay bo ex ­ pected to be fully conditioned Utt this .month. Metropolitan district team match- -Hlrine ■wfflKEBjrater County noyr , and junior tourruimenU or* among the events act for summer. Of-the 9.000 new books published in this country lit 1928; LfiOO ’ wtre fiction. 700 lucre *cUfilou*r W« on so- clology; 800 Juveniles. 809 on blpg- raphy, and iCO^ot poetrj- and dra- Feh. 14 — YonUer* at White Plrlns. Feb. J8 — MnmaronccU at White' Plain*. » Feb. 21 -White Plalne at Gorton. Feb. 25- White Plains at Roosevelt. Feb. 252-NeW Hochello at White Plains. Mar. 7 — Whlta plains at Mount Vernort. ’ FOUR STRAIGHT AND TITLE Port Wayr.e. Inn. — Defeating the Fort Wayne Hooslen, 80 to 22. for the fourth consecutive tlnjM the Cleveland Koscnblcnt* wod tha world* proferzinnal baeketbaii The seventh wonder of the world — The Spinx faces duo epStSinC since first €ut from virgin rock, has greeted the rixlaAtosuo more than 2.000,000 .tlmM. ‘ ^ 3l!pphl3. Tcnn — Red Herring, I : tied; N* Y.. and Aicx Simms. Itevetand, welterwellihU, fought a fatt ten round draw. . championship last night Salving His Conscience YEAH ? THftTS OLD MAN ( Gee, THAT WATER CERTAH^CY LOOKS UNWTIM6 IN TH\S V ----- -- ----------- - HEAT \ ''VdHAT DOYOL) SAY To A SNlM AFTER V-* WCX / V* >< <;REAT CR\N\P6 ? ' oo You see voha T ‘ WITH K1WO OR Igntam Weight Championship -National Guard- 13 ROUNDS CHARNESKI ROSE STATE ARMORY TOURS. APRIL 4 — -^uniler Auspices of - * 102nd Medical Regiment, N. Y. N. G. . W.fh' White Plains Post, 135, American Legi ADMISSION *1.00 — 11 .SO — $2.00 PHONE 980 FOR RESERVATIONS ladle* Are Wekomo 3S 5 T,,, B

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