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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, April 02, 1929, Image 15

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PLAINS, N. Y„ TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 1929. JAILY PRESS. ]TAILSPIN TOMMY — Tommy ’ s Big Idea By Glenn Chaffin and Hal Forml / t HTOitS.wwK, ( THAT ’ S THE (JABY i*ve. • BEEN WAITING ] FOR! J \ LETTER TO THAT AIRY- --- X -PLANE SCHOOL,TOIWY IpOla? GUESS IT ’ S GOT ALL «9Pirifl TH ’ STUFF in IT- > — . V ‘ s> big — *■ s ' — V enough ! ) QUIT THE KlO \ STUFF BUT [ l'n GOING IN lf*OQ FlVIN* \ IN A 016 ‘ N WAV', r lOVj ’ ftE y. TOOOY? BEEN OOIN* ANYMORE TAIL-SPINS OFF CTH' BARN ROOFLATELY? f IN UTTLEVILLE K NOWS THAT TonnYTonniNa INTENDS TO BE AN AVIATOf? I t *S THE VIU/W5E JOKE TO EVERT-, -ONE BUT 'Tbnc-iY — Pinocchio in America By AMiKLO FATItl Chapter II.' a U Our Oont, l.ot** Not See III* Mistakes HI, Tl. I. Camilla. Look what I >und.\ The jhrlll voice of an excited lit- • boy made 'Pinocchio Jump In- de his faded skin. ’ Look. This piece urlll Just flit lc ban,\ and before Pinocchio mid wink twico ho felt himself sized and thrust head foremost ito a bag of driftwood. “ What now?\ he groaned. \I did ut call on Christopher Columbus J aid me, and he»e I am upside .unary marionette fell upon his dinner. I ani sorry to have to tell you thnt he was not a pretty tight -•»- be sat. at the table vohhiing spaghetti. the lung etiJ. of It flapping obout his face and spattering him with tomato sauce from his eyes to his chin. 'Tie lias, net very good; 1 riannfrs.\ whispered Camilla. “ Sec how he ulnry-i a, the che~ie with Hu muurti full to buisting. 1 think he Is greedy and stupid.\ \I am ready ft* a bite of break ­ fast.\ he said, \till have a dish o! flga, a Ur.rcQ uran-.H, abort six ripe peach- ar.d .1 bowl of milk “ FABLES IN SLANG , breakfast: spusl wash your hands and face and brush your IcclHand brush ! ymlr hair and brush your nails anil i brush your shoes and ----- \ i ''Brush? Brush? Brush? I do ! not know about this brush.'' And then you may come to the • MbTe and par your bread and milk ! and. five prunva. Vpuknow we do TO BE ALONE h '-S WiFc'S BROTHER .v-5 6 ODD POR A-putC's TOUGH = --_ t - t = TO Te-_L C= A CERTAIN NUMBER • 4N LOUISVILLE * ------- • as he trailed sk - zward he wonderei WHERE HE WOULD FIND SO^E WO n ET FO? A NOTE AT tls -BANK .HANGING B' i 'O n E TOE HE-SAiD'LET WE THINK' ____ BUT COULD HE 9 YES'. ---------------- ONE DAY A PROFESSOR ABOUT TO HANG ON TO AN ASCENDING BALLOON HAD OTHER TROUBLES making a speech when he asked for such a hreskfasL Just showing off. If you have .lived more than .six yeass. you know how thnt in But when It enme to brushing he could really say. \I don't know.\ Tony had tu help him. or'he would have had nothing tr — morning. When he ready ho chr-crfully milk. and prune- hour is the carnival?\ tug hark'with a sigh of THE r*]EBBS — I'm Pleased To Meet You | \What carnival?\ a \My camiv.Rf of 1 Children of America is tMy carried It Uumplty, bump. dong the glories letween them, •amp, hump . \I'm glad we r } C h AWMCD EM\ / - L UTZLOOGM — V A Sucrose. Ntv cvjMCT Fora OU'ET AVip | CeCT AMD TO GET i AWAY FCOHVO u R l SOCIAL, oauSATIOM: ( HOU 1 DO YOU DO, MT2V\ f hot - ltd e-NjooviNjo A> | I little . cwAMee- of \ I ATMOeiPwewe'-rrS. BEFBESMttja TO MECT PEOPLE VJM6 AEE L'jOST TUCMEiOLVEE - tM SOCIETY \ TME-DE -APE. 30 MAMY / wV -re, R et J ' /^ME 3CE5 rANINfV TALknM<3\ / HELLO, fANwp, ‘ \Y TD Mt»G FIT c ' l OUGW AMD V WE BELEM LOOLIOG J ,?]CVER SI MCE SHE FOUND OUT! ALL OVAM FOP YO(J_ S -' MPS FVTZLOO<=M IS A SOCIETY/ WO m T NOU SMCNJ HE , L LEAD EC. SHE WAMTS TO sA THAT CROCHET STITCH y \. MEET HER — — ' \ THAT VOUPJE BCIOsW / ---- • r- V- pdAK ‘ M«& ? ' HS?S HEJV, l iWAWT TOO TO •MOT MRS f FITrtOOOH- J THCSOCAL CUMBER. has V iu ST FOOKlD OOT THAT MRS. • FVTZLOOOH IS STOPP1M& AT THE FOrtS HOUSE AMO SHE WILL LEAVE\ NO STOME UMTUC v JED \ to MEET HS« blaze ’ | o last nil evening,\ (, “ Some good sajnt surely re < >ur way.' said 'Camilla, glvlt /<klp and a hop that made P * :hlo close hta eyes and groan. I \Let'B run. I'm starving, a •Not that I know of.\ raid Tony, strapping his books, “ We are go- | fng to sclioo) os wo always do. Wei haven't heard anything about a] carnival. But perhaps you have.” | He added thin la.it politely, having! remetrfbered hi* duty to a guest. | • Is It possible? To be sure. | When your king and qoern tutor of [ my arrival they will, no doubt, ore j d-r a rarnival In my honor. In that rase you shall sit beside, me.\ j said Pinocchio with a stiff little ; bow from Ills waist.- . I The good mother of the family looked stave. \You have much to I learn, my dear Pinocchio. You ran- ] not bUy wisdom nbrotut If there is none, at home. The best thing for. | \M-m-m. and meat left over from die sauficJ'-- | At the thought of the line dinner I shilling for them the two children iet off at such a ranter that poor, i Pinocchio gavo himself up for I lend. I \When things are nt thrlr worst. I.t Is always well to hope for the pest, said he, trying to hold on to \lis whirling head .with his dapping ’ .lands. “ All is well thrit.en.ia 'will. Lef us hope this ends quickly -anil \.School?\ screamed Pinocchio. Iu: li|.- himself with anger. \School — school to me. \1 swam the ocean I was eaten allvo by whales. I was Chewed to pieces by hungry Ashes. 1 was picked to shreds by savage s«a birds. The very clothes were washed from' my back. I want -liberty, freedom- not school. School. • Never. I will swim an ­ other ocean first. ” \That fa no for you to say. my boy. In this country all children 1 go to school. Come. To-day 1 shad make yqu a hew sulL I shall make you ysv 'again. Tben tn-mnrrnw wo Shull see what We shall see.\ The weeping marionette was forced to he content. After a thor ­ ough w ishing and tuhblnir. lie was hung in >ha sunshine to dry. Then he got a coat or paint that made him good as new. By FRANK BECK GOSH , BUT HEM WAS / TIME TO DAY BACK $ 1,000. )' rvE GOT TO SAVE FASTER--^ > LET'S SEE.-. 1 COULD MO/E OUT OF TWE HOTEL ANO TAKE A f ♦ 3-A-WEEK ROOM — AND EAT J __ IN CHEAPER RESTAURANT©, d ^ HEM RAYS ME ♦ 50 A WEEK.J ( ' ANO THAT WAY 1 OUGHT ( MYSELF I DON'T'CAPE > > WHAT VIOLA DOES, BUT IT'S NO USE. I DO CARE! DRESSER DOESN'T MEAN RK3WT BY HER , ^ . BUT H0J/ CAN I PROVE IT? / I I C/w ‘ T SAY A WORD ____ / , TILL I PAY BACK , J S THAT MONEY. , — ^ THING FOR ME TO DO, 1 ------ - AND THAT'S GET THE MONEY ANO PAY HIM BACK . TWfetJ l Ct TELL HEM , AND MAYBE HE%L BELIEVE ME, SPECIALLY Wtb HE SEES THE • 1,000. l'VE r . GOT TO SQUARE THIS IS (T SORE WHEN HE FOUND OUT I ) | SENT ORESSER ON THAT TRIP 4 TO GET HIM AWAY FROM VIOLA. HE SAID HE WAS A FOOL TO , BELIEVE ME. I CANT TELL HIM ABOUT THAT % 1,000 NOW. HE'D L_TH!NK { . WAS TRYING TO ^ '• ’ tesTmyTric ndi Tite TTnoefhln. trousers and a white shirt and a yellow coat, a red hat wjth a pea- coclt feather. These orange ’ stock ­ ings anil black pumps set off your feet and legs very nicely. You are aa_ gay a marionette as ever Wscoverlng ids breath and with It Ida apaoeb. ''it is 1. PJmoerhln. 1 ■ swam the <a;ean to be with you. I I came to your land seeking fame land fortune and freedom. I ’\To be.sure, my drvsa ls. aoi. as. have lost my hat and my sword. But what of it? Without them ! lam still PlnocdHlb. the greatest | marionette In tiic world, the brav ­ est swimmer, the noblest hero among them all stands before you. I.salute you.\ and placlrtirhni hand | upon hia iteart ho made such a sweeping bow that the end of his nose scraped flic floor, and. he said, \Ouch!\ \Oh. Isn't he lovely? We can keep him, can ’ t we. Moyier?\ \We'll see, We ll. sec. How did you leave your friends. Pinocchio? Your good father. Gepetto, la he well? Did he send any message To us In America'.\' Pinocchio hung his head. In shame. How was he to tell this yood mother that He hod run 'ofl without n thought of those no left behind? Coukl he tell the truth and Say that Gepetto was at that vepr moment searching 'the hour\ for him. behind tire door, under th • bed. In the wood l*is everywhere — culling, calling, calling' ’ No. He «.a not hra\c enough. He lifted his '.lead with what bold- ■Pinocchio strutted before the mirror, twisting and turning In a vain effort to Hoc nlt-xtdi-s of him ­ self at ,onco. He cocked his hat over.one eye and ‘ thought the ef ­ fect grand. He found a little stick and naked lo have it made ipto aj \I eannol appear In public with- ; out a aw a rd .\ he said. \This Is a land of pence, my ! child. Why do you want a \One never kills anyone with a | sword. It is a part of a gentle ­ man's dress. One salutes with a sword. One can express himself I grandly with a ewoci. My award I Is part of my right hand. Oh, cer- 1 By EX)WIN ALGER BOUND TO WIN — -Uncle Nat ’ tnlnly. I must have a sword. ” -*- \If thnt Is all it means, have one and welcome.\ laughed the good mother. She made, him a gay wood ­ en sword, tied It with scarlet and gold cords, and added two bright- blue tassels. (Copyright 1029 by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.). VNCLL.MY BOY. iME-BejdT WORD TO TOM OUFP THAT >OU «E COMING - GO BACK \o THE FARM , GE*T -fOUR ’ hilNGB GTRAlGHTHNED dlPANO TOO, AND BRIAR* F g £T STARTED ASSoOfM ~ ------ -lOUCANf \F IT VUILLHELP YOU; TO GET WELL , j UNCLE NAT . I'LL EVEN ADMIT I DO / ,N6?ED A REST' YES, YOU DO MY BOY l THAT'S WHAT l USED TO .SAY UNTIL THE DOCTORS AND THE NURSES T oo K I ME IN HAND — \'iJE HAD A PRETTY NARROW | YOU 'KNOW ] I OO! hambones meditations he cou^ gather meats arid begs you to take care of his darling PI occhlo, th* pride of hls~ oM -age. who atanth, starving before you.\ \Ooofl good. W« Will do^ our besL Come, come, children! Our guest is tired and Tiurigry. We will. -SQUEAK. I WANT TO 'pn^-NtAti BOUT te-HAW- To DOPGE WORK E2 Tl5 OH El How put him,to b-'d/ In lie morn.mf WB shall see whit wo Shall sec.y^ ' The children rdh to act the tdhlr. and the mother i J>nvd. JigaWto her cooking. \Ah \breathed Pinocchio'happily. I smell spaghetti- bolting. There ' Is. also n hlril of garlic. ' Ami cheese How my etomach warm, at a -hint of'garlic. Wy nanith fa ­ vors a bit of crier re. Who dre-s not lovs a good pl>>ce ol vheeac* Tl nnk you, jny. star « Thank, you. most graoioua CilunJuu. It was kind ol you to lead me.here \ Without #altlng for an (nvlta- — rn si Ipf Ilf MORAL WOlD CROWDS ! k S ’ -Gp. OF T e= \A-SAtHUTE. Ap CMS. TO EARTH ' - - j . ~r-~r: __jx '~- zvjzzi -------- BEN, YOU ’ VE i vfi VERY HAPPY a — THE REST WILL DO 7 OF GOOD!

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