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’ THITF P1MN« V V.. VtTSftVT. AWffT. i. IS*. ation Board Ip Executive f Tllr , ssion Accepts Resignation n »»• Accepts Resignation of Principal McCullougi Emergency Water Station, Municipal Bulkline Emergency Water 8tatlon. Central Aveflae Municipal Building ---- — - ------ .* '' ------ — While Plains City Clerk — i -------- --- ------------ _ County Court House ------- , ------ — — ---------------- The Daily Pr+se ..... ........... , — . ---- ----------- school election. The Inspector* are to receive *10 for the day. In con ­ nection with the achool election. It was voted that *|W he set as the fee of James K. Evans, as an equit ­ able price for Installing, and liter removing voting machines. . Alvah OUs received a *100 in ­ crease as his stammer school princi ­ pal. He Is to get WOO. Instead of his usual *500. tor hla work. possible. Since iZr. Pdley plana aRqnd them all, he expect* to gJ one every day In a different city.' Promoted fteppftaEfchDay By Unitcd-Pfes* Dispatches by United Press by wire to. the Dally Press wlU provide our readers with timely, quick and accurate re ­ port* of new* event* and dc- velopnicnU at home and arrangement as regarded tbs salar ­ ies of teachers was also made. Teachers with three year* coUege •education will racelve *M per week for the first summer with an In ­ crease of five dollars until they are getting *10 at which time their re ­ muneration wilt become static. Teachers who.are college graduates ore to get a week. . with a *5 Increment until they are receiving *15. Night school Instructor* will ( raise not more than ;o pay for the addition to .ew Junior high school, lo- ontaerst place and Oakley law avenues. pi for art an* drawing re to go to MUton Brad- Who with a bid of *3,115.- lorc than *3f0 lower than : other competitor. J. L. A Co. The some corn- won tbo kindergarten airact. with. % *575 bid. to ammett and Company's The, dally reports of the United Press have been pro ­ cured An keeping with the policy of the Dally Press to present all the necessary news, local, county, national and foreign In a complete printed picture of she day. FEDERALSTO PRESS ATTACK some discussion and the first- grade ttciteK to KollitM It being tbo nplnlcn that it was used by parents more as a semt- nurscry, or as a parking place' for obstreperous youngster*, than a* a fount of knowledge. There will be two elementary rfcbooln an<f on* high school for summer pupil*. A^ain-d/Mcxii:;itt K&beiw — K»* KHIffd Y»--trr«fev nr the'coming year, one 4 work ami-the other as slap- school InatrucIrcM. ration was akio given for dfnicht of three inspectors ~i j Hudson Motor ------------ M's !• t H upp Motor-.- ------- — * 664 K I infer. Rapid Trans ----- 17 I Uhnola Central ---------- .1364 ft | InL Combustion ----- 63 ill Int Harvester -----------.103* j! int. Nldf*l ----------------- %I4 Jl i Int Tel A Tel ......... -2694 I Johns-Manvlllc ___ .' — 168 +dtag. Standard of Call- ! Kansas City Southern. Cli' sc more than two points. | Kelly - Spring Held __ _ 16jt lUolng Uouea rose to now j Konnccott - --------- 1 -------- *9% the year. Kresgc CSS) ------- A8% an Express gained more j Kroger Grocery - — - ------ 89 no In to. while American | Lambert -------- — - ------ M0 % t- __ __ __ _ ... IfAhloh Vnllsv .... Ittt HENRY O. DOBRING Who 'has khar-named vlce-j dent of Wen ten tutor Lighting pony. STOCK IARKET U7K In history, circled.about Von Cort- load oudilonuoi ill tbi-lSri.n* today Ali gnlranf* V\ professionals, The winning tn kin will be decid ­ 'd on. lap* and points as 1% ■> ipx- day bleyglo rage. -The rag* begafl laid nbjhi. ; 'AT the. skaters whirled around | the track.' the international team o( Arthur Engllng'.on. of London, and j Eddie- Kmlrn. op Detroit-, war lire fsvorU«;. • Among entrants were Joe -West and Billie Yule, ut XwHeJA «nd I New York (,'ily. | Olhef entrants arc from no fur — - r - r % ^ ^ ^ t west as Lad ^ogrJra. county traffic committee. said to-1 rv a cr day. The adoption ran lake place' KILL I ,LA3t onfy nfle.r the* termn of the code ' ------ f- • have been ••Boiled down\ and put Formes Mayor of Pelham Ha* that^monner “ * P “ ,ed ' Libel CarePul On Preferred It Is expected the uniform traffic Calendar i.er, was no material perjury | K Rf f \jUWEl i tied, in other words, that the * ' 4 • ^ 1 pjrjaty was hot i materral (.continued From Pose One). ! In the testimony o9 Dr.-Lapc j • Children's Court proceed- | Councilman John licGrath. Albert Stett-te wfwiaajgh. Jbhn Ackcnnsn. Uoooncr.. hg falsely under oath. T Yaeket, William Graf. JolmMcMIL, brief submitted by Mr. AW -1 lan nnd Mayor Frederick C. Mr- '» the materiality of perjury r^Oghlin voted “ aye - when the nswers by Assistant District! n&ttor was put to vote. |ey J. Lister Albertson of ; Thl . lv v > ptu > .i of the coda by the Rdchetlc. who secured the j docs not rnqan ( ft Immediate lion, will be studied by Judge j incorporation into the laws of the He will announce prior to | cUy, however. Commissioner of day week his decision and ir ' public Skffcty Alonro P. Cooper, nice the motion. Lane will w); „ i„ aj rJ , nne ot'the heads Of the States Ste/1 common was of the advance, rising <wo Other Loritlard . - ------------ May Dept Stores ._ Mexican Seaboard . Miami Copper ___ Mo-Kans-Tcxoa ----- Mo Pacific _ — S ohawk Carpet — Ijntgomery Ward a followed this lcail, good i a made by Otis. ation stocks' were bid !>:■ ' mney - renewed at 12 per Eurray Corp . ’ 85S 88 Kaoh Motors - ------ 100 lulls National Biscuit ----- 23,\ 29'i Nhtl Cash Register J :«7 2724 Ntal Dairy Pr6d _ 17J4 1714 Natl Pwr A- Light.. ... n(l-. 121 Vi Nevada Copper ----- . 99 99 New York Central _ 92 Ml, XY.S. H. A Hart. .79 79 N. Y. Ont & WesC — Ci «ITi North American — .115 ill Vi Norwich Fh?irtd — .61 til o(U Elevator ----- — . 95 VI 93V, : Olla Steel .J ---------- S6 ‘ l 534 I Pacific G. * El pc. i(JB 1084 Packard Motor ----- . C7 67 Pan-Atner. Pet. B _ . 72 724 I Park * Tittord — u 213 2224 t Para-Fdm-Lasky _ - .115 165 ! Pork Utah ----------- - 854 854 Path* fcxch. — 1 ------ .1014 idf 1 . I Penn. Railroad - — -179 175 Phtl A Readufg C A r 71 Vi . 71% 1 PhOllps JMo --------- 294 • ,29 I Pierce Arrow — ---- 152 . ’ 152 | Postum Cb.. Inc ------- _ 50 Vi : SlSsT PrsUtic Oil A Ga* . -1104 1104 j Public Service -tN. J . 82 7 . 814 Putlmhn. Inc. -------- -23+-. 231\ I Pure Oil • ---------- 7- porte.1 partly disorganised, tranting toward Cullnean. 18X% ‘ rl A Fdy .. Foreign Pwr •me Prod . tcriiaiionat _ •icotnotlve RADIO SAXE SpeciiU. 0)7 ei:i hk of 32 De>U)ustr;Uors i WT AzwHfloor Motfbls at 25- to 44) P m - Csnt Discount Like New - ALL ELECTRIC —LATEST MODELS Alsos large assortment of used battery *et*_ 124'Afibnaroneck Avenue OPEN EVENINGS PHONE IbU William J. Horkinita of Yonkers,! charged by tin; pollcb of Mount Vernon With slehllng an automo ­ bile.. was indicted today by the April Grand Jury on a charge of grand larceny In the second de- Riley ray* that he 1» 63 years of age an Uthat In the ordinary courag of court-procedure, Ills caso would not be heard much before two years- hence. This plea was followed by the Justlces\aetlon today. John A. Goodwin .of this city, represented Riley while Paris was irepreacnlrd liy former city judge. Thomas. A. MoKcnnell, of Mount-Vernon. 1 lockings, who Is said to live at - IK Elliott Avenui-. Yonkara. is now locked up In-tho county Jail, fol ­ lowing his arrest by the Mount - Vernon pollen nn the automobile. | theft charge, and wllL bo arraigned , for plradiog. shortly. The evidenco on which the Yon- j kers man was Indicted wn»< pre ­ sented personally to the grand Jury by District Attorney Frank H. Coyne of Yonkers. A Heela __ lucts Coke Dry G A _ - n . Pacific _ ' Alloy Steel , • Pasco _ ___ akc Carp _ Open Injuiry In “ Dry Raid Killing” neva. lit. 'April 2 tUPl- pubfic Inquiry Into the killing\ of Mrs. Llllla Burglar Returned King bjrXTeputy' .Sheriff Roy Smith ] Monday night, opens today before j -Coroner Herman J. Viarke.- J Because of the Intense feeling I ; which the eese*T5aa 'nf(iUKfd 1ft pa- ! ! Utlcajly wet Aurora, seen*- of the | shooting, tho Inquest was trans- j fcrredSumtlly to Geneva. ' CurdlicUpg testimony of two pro- [ blbltlon mvestlgalors promised tai furnish thf highlight of the-Inquest, j which Will determine whether \ Kfidjlthtpust face criminal charges ’ lorTmlmg M rs. De King a nd club-1 ( blng her husband while tnelr 12 A ycar-okt son lokqd, on. utn - Nairn Uted Gas j - RADIO CLEARANCE SALE fees.amounting to *250 In ber suit mrlniit her husband, dame* A. Owen. Jr., of Eimsford. ■ Last December. Mrs. Owen sued ntql Motors — 2(IV ’ coducta --- ------- 83*. We need space and are closing put aJl our demonstraitors ---- — : imd trade-in -radio sets — — Tennessee Copper . — _ 18 Texas Corp — j — ---------- 6514 Texas GuU --- ------------- 79' T'idrd Avenue - ---------- M** Timken Roller Bearing 80 Tobacco Product* •: ----- 17% Union QU tCai.) — . — 51 Union Carbide ------ 1 — 218 Union Pacific. ------- 1 ---- 217V» United Electric Coal — i7% U S Cast Iron Pipe — +3% AT TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS All- in good condition and -in working order POST ROAD RADIO SERVICE U S Leather -------------- 22% U S Realty __________ 88 U S Rubber . . M% U S Stc«l ----------------- J384 Utilities Pwr A Lt A — 3*4 Vanadium ____________ OilV, Warner Bros. Plotur 00-10+4 Western Maryland — » ■ Western Union ______ 1984 Weatinghnuba Atr-Brak 18 poured befogs Judge William Gray la «U>- court this morning to has- war to. ah.- go of pi+hlic. iotpxlca- tlun. The two woman. Helen Rredc' and Mary Jones. Witt of 135 Wash ­ ington -iiVcnur. N«-w York City, 'flooded gu+ky and wore given au- tpended aeateacea. They were ar ­ rested Met night by Officer Faulk- nor at Bronx anff Mott streets. Tho man. Edward lleerlson. cot oicd, on ad4r**s^ploaded not guilty god was given triad. Judge Gray found him guilty and latposqd ira ­ te nee of 1 Odnys upor failure of 85 West FWRd. RADIO SERVICE Phoa* 4290 Wright Aero - ________ 2*2 Yellow Truck ________ 3£\ Youngstown Sh A TubelSG Authorized Sales & Service BOSCH CROSLEY AMRAD foilufo to Ife Solicit Applications For FREE DISTRIBUTION Kent ' Estate in Jl'cstchasier Baft fceries • reC harged cafletJ for ajicTdelf^ered Ihif/oTtecl Novelties. County. Musical Supplies and Toys Satisfaction Guaranteed M on Uuli respective routes: .100 SOUTH LEXINGTON AVE. WHITE PLAINS NEWS 3Bt VICE iota Mortgago CorTcapchclanti in Wasichealar of Thn Prudential insurance Company of America) .41 OAKW0OD AVE. WM. BLUMEfTTHAL. & MEENICK ----- --- ' T- ost ofuce box no . 412 WHITE PLAINS. N. Y. .507 NORTH LENSICO AVT. ‘ Where Service Is Paramount*

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