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THE DAILY rtlESS, WHITE Pt.AmS. Vi. Y.. TUESDAY. APRII. f. 19W. \J ’ RLEPMONte 9?f0 News In Social Circles of White Plains and Vicinity American Woman, Now Noted Doctor in Tokyo, To' Address Auxiliary Dr. Mabel E.'Klhott of $t. Luke's International Hospital to SpeeiP April 9 at St. Bartholomew's Parish House. ocal Garden Lovers Plan Early Visit ■To Bronx Scenes Along the Westchester Wayside R.. L Ditmars of the Zoological Gardena Comments on Early Spring and Its Promises. White Plains garden lovers have much tor Which to be grateful this spring. The grass Is growing green, the maples are turning red and the crosuaex aro pepping up their bright heads Jong before scheduled Bart hr on the afternoon of April'#. Dr.' Mabel E. -Elliott. Txnioux for hrr work In connection with Near East Helfof. and ho»' connected wtin Bt. l.uke's International Hospital. Tokyo.' will talk bn her work\ in that ‘ famous medical centre. The meeting will be. held Tmdrt the-auspices of the Woman's Aiixlf- lai-y of th- church with Sirs. J. ; ; Graham. (If Phapharn Court, In 'charge of the arrangrmeata. Re- ; cause of the dlatlnatlon of the I xptaker and the Importance nf the | work In which iftia Is engaged, Mr« J Graham lx planning have th« I auxiliary branches of all the lchurches\ around White .plains An \early spring- Is particularly I pleasing to two groups In Whits Plains — the Oarden Club and the Garden Section of the Contempor ­ ary Club. An energetic spring-time hag been arranged for by the lat ­ ter, but oha of the most Interesting trip* for which the members has planned la that '<> tlie Rock. Gar ­ dens of Bronx. Park In a few weeks. With Mrs. Albert D. Frost chairman of the garden section as ltd leader, -lie section will go to. Bronx Parle on-May Ifi. ■ - utpayers Association cides to Appear Before Board to Urge Vote \ on Annexation re by an overwhelming majority 66-13, expressed themselves as tng in favor of the secession of Iyer Lake- from Harrison, and Itx .ncxatlon to White Plains. Rep- scntatlves of the AuiMclatlon will esent themselves before the town ard tomorrow evening and ask at a referendum be submitted to a people on the annexation. Tbo question of whether-or not Iyer t-a&o\ should secede was ought up before the association month ago under unusual clrcum- ances. The- meeting udjourned, . that time, and President Caloa id three-quarters of those present ft the room. The vtccrprcsidcnt. red Simor.cinJ. it Is stated, then bk the chair, and reconycned tbo eetlng. A discussion of the an- sxation plan took place, iutd It as\ then voted by those who had -malned not' to secede from Har- •si -- ■ ---------- ' === -------------------- to Dr. Rudolf ous for -its many beautiful scenes. Some of them'are parked behind bill-boards. This pKo- | “ *| W jtori» rawn out collection of boards.'pfirfc'ftnflong\onre-of the~«wt»Vy*s-maxi kfc*rv>ttffh£s*a*e Tit* kiuou - « Committeengif the Westchester C ounty Conservation Association is working now on plans [ e bill-hoards and give the scenery a chance. The Gdncral Outdoor Advertising Company is AuguaUmC Fta. 'Graduatim;' rlth the committee and has made a roadside survey of the county in between communities,.; frum ,i„ i.-,,,-.., , 1; . ..i o, ith photographs. All the photographs showed, the ravages wrtfcghl in the county ’ s beauty j tH.m fn.ni Bu t. . m . jxai irs-signs, theatrical posters, etc. The picture was titkbn bv the photographer fo^THc Daily “ • re'directlv opposite the entrance to a tine jesidential park and ary midway betw een twoj WM ., n c , xik e ount . . ^.ruoi * ' -. ______ \' ________ ' • j tlic cijy of Cqlcatfu, nnd'th Aiul It will find Bronx Pxrk mot* beautiful Hum over before. Ray ­ mond L. Ditmars, director of tha New York Zoological Gardena, In a recent aonveraatlon with 3. R. da la Torro Buano, a ‘ \* London. Eof ....... .... — _, - member of- tha Weatchcatar County Conaenration and o resident of 11 North Broad ­ way, White Plains, commented ea- pcjually on the unusual advance tbu guldens are showing. lUtt year in tha metropolitan parka. i Tba aeaaon this year, la l month earlier than usual.' Mr. Ditmars pointed out. In tha-SO yaara In whldh Bronx Park haa been In ex- ] Istence, tha. keepers and aaalaUnce have never seen signs of spring so early. Ground-hogs ara coming out of their burrows to bs In the warmth of tha aun. The baara who usually stay In hibernation until the end of April ara enjoying daUy paces around their enclosures. The antelopes nnd li-ngaroos step out every afternoon for n few hours — all these animals whose natural habitnt la m a aaml-troplcal cli ­ mate. In Ixioal Fields. Down In Bronx Park, as wall as along the highways of the county. SllvTi Cross of ml at Benton Harbor\. Mich A> phyatrian and surgeon in field hospitals during, the World War. , i she engaged until toward the cIo*> of the wdri ahe enierfd the aer- vuWw of the A file Mean\ Women'll ; - lionpttjel lot N«*r -fciaat Relief. J where alio wa*. Vonirtnnt!/ rra- Uaveli plny*<-jml!! » he \\'urffrd >° « 1 ' erniany..'['Unitgd 'Stales In 1925 for rest and k. Pm- ; I one wed study tn her-profidpoon. i. . | -It was In\the Near East that Dp Read of fcMIlolt'a brilliant atlalnmenu were r ami., displayed Here sTIe \was at the avv left : head of the Maras 1# Hoopaal:of ihg brother : Nfar East Relief, id Mrs. [ On JonuMry -21. WJD i. where j broke Iijdxe ln Marajih. Scarsdale Society 1aina annexation. ' Following tho fading^ there were criea or protest, nd mtifi- of the members attacked re Incorporation of ouch an opln- m as being opposed to parliamcn- try procedure. I A vote on the acceptance of tho ! tlnulea revealed 65 being oppoaad a 7 In favor of acceptance. 'Immediately after the minutes ad been refused, Cnlou resigned a .chairman of the association. In- 1 amtfcb aa Slmoncinl was still, oo- upying the -chair. The members. _ Dfuaed to accept his rtfalgnallon, g,owevor, by a rising vote. He then / .resided for the remainder of the • enclave. 1 .When tho question wax put to boss present ns to whether or not I h»y were in favor of- annoxliiK to J Vhito Plains, there wax conxidrr- | d>lo discussion. Reasons given by , nembers for wishing to annex In ­ cluded the fact that Silver Lake I vnx milch nearer White Plains, 'ban Harrison-, that under the Jur- ddlrilon of the county; seat, there would be greater benefits accruing . o the residents from tho bettor -nunlcipal fnclllllea and thht thefe would bo an Increase In property , .sluts. A\ vote wax taken, with the overwhelming majority In favor I ir annexation. The regular order of business in ­ cluded the fomulation of plans for th» yeariy ''clcar.-up\ week which will begin next Monday. Tho mem- bars pledged to aid by devoting port of their time to ridding the village of rubbish. John Macri. who in also IjU director of the East White Plains n Taxpayers' Association, offered to . pay for the uas of two trucks, and ! th# iilcn of SO men to bo used In jth* clean up. A number of other > members alqo volunteered to pnv j vide trucks, or donate money. In .this way the village will be saved tfto u ioo t hat It co st last year Turk* Elliott Phi Lambda Is Host at Annual Spring Dance Senator and Vtri Walter W. Wes- taU'wero among thoAe.present last : evening _at the first formal spring . function gtvon by the Phi Lambda • fralxrnlty. This was - the Ealiter i danco hefd nt Briafcliff Ix>dge and 1 ehapeioned' by Mr. and Mrs. F. P. | Parkinson, of White Plains. Sen- ! ator and Mrs. Wes tall attended the ! danre with Mr. and Mrs Parkinson. About two hundred young peo- | pie enjoyed the dancing In the i white ballroom which had been dee- ! orated for the occasion with palms | and to which Atmosphere wax given i by the fraternity seal hung consple- ! uoUaly at the end of the room. In ' addition to the members of tha lo- ral chapter there Were several rep- I rnen'.allvea from the chapters In Now Itnoliclle. Vnnkersv Mam aro- ! neek-and I'd ham. The cbmmUtae of arrangements I for the danre was headed by Arlo ; Erieson. On the committee were Joseph Griffin, Douglas- Haywood; • William Blerllnc. Morris Rarkinn- ! son. William Parkinson. Robert Ru- j ger and Wljliam Dcmarcat.- Ruth Lovett A> ■ Concert Given / '^for Btncfit of Hebrew Home y ' ________ • ■ . ! A bentflt concert was presented' i hythe auxiliary-of the. Hebrew Na-_ t \r . c — uoual Home at Morton Hall Runjiy lk VOtefS ror evening. Tl# momv collected wilt : 1,000,000 For School. a. M: i . .. ■ I The feature of the entertainment . . .! was a gioufi of \Yiddish songs given' l -Vernon. April 2 — Voters In I by Anion Joseph Bhaplro. cantor of j >ol districts will be asked at-j ([,„ jrNai Judah temple of «tdew ! r elections to approve a plan York, and radio artist. Speakers ! expenditure of nearly *3,- wcre Harry 1st Caxhcr and Max Ro- ■ 'on a new school and lm- j scnfield. managrr and treasurer at tnli of existing buildings, j the home, respectively, and Henja- ■ >oard of education today j m ln Levy', manager df the auxiliary. ■ record ax voting *2.950.000 ! Mrs. A. S. Goldb*rger rtf 2 Whitney\! iiool expansion program. ! street, president of |hd auxiliary. | IS amount *338.000 will be j woe presented with flowers, icw school In the Hunts | The committer for the -entertain- ! section. The balance will be : ment Included Mrs. Bertha Gold- 1 i rcmudcltiig present school herger t ns chnlrnlnn: Mrs. Rose 1 • j Lapkin, Mre. Bertha Itahinowltk, ---- — — Mrs. Rebecca Bergman. Mrs. Lena It CHILDREN ESCATE 'Jacobson.'Mrs. Clara Zelinsky. Mr- j Rebecca Meltxer. Mrs. Mlrfnle f.ich- srs, April 2 — Four children, tensteln. Mrs. PauITna Uankftw and est of Whom was 12. flai- | Mrs. Jennie Mark. , scaped serious Injury here j. SJGMA „ KLTA t DMOKKOW. sy afternoon »h«nJte j r>orin yt , rooU Udc. Weaver, .rown.from the MBMitWl Slf will be the rernr tomorrow J ither'a '»r * t,rr . 1 ' i night of tho formal spring dance Ith another at tne intersic- ( u[ , hf 8l(Sm , Kappa sorority Axmlnster street and Nep- The chllp „ OIU Mli hr Mr. Jtul Mrs. ■Xroll-a n tl E l r a nur W iUl rrf . AT VONKKRS HRHK1F if^^ h-y W H A Jrwe^h ' fb-vrral White Plains women ir,~\ “ “ aaffr.ttcsawr « ~ era by Mrs. Carroll McCabe, of ' OUU ' - ___________ Park 4*1 aza. Among ttfose from ’ MISSIONARY SPEAKS this city were Mrs. William F Mel- . ----- , ----- ~ chlnger. Mrs- Frank MacNichol, MMa Sarah F. Clarke spoke on Mrs. K A. Kerfe. Mrs. ' Austin N\i-mlsaionary work In Japanr^ a Horten, Mrs. W A. SUlllvani and meeting of the Missionary flodety [TTie Misses Adelaide Su|ISv»n. 'Hard ef the Hitcbcoek Memorial CKurrb and Edna Gargwn. Florefice Devine ' of Bharsdalr. Tha meeting wqa members. \We have the InterciU of &Uver Lake at heart, ’ ', said \the speaker. ___ Mr». Blackford Halt l Bridge Club Guests ' Mrs. £tlgcne G. Blackford had Unembcrs of tha Parkview Bridge TJlub this aflertioOH At her home on Sterling avenue for their regular '■piStdlng of luncheon and bridge. •S ts . David Ashton, of New York, /who Is spending several days with [Mrs. Blackford, was a special Old Bell Calls Congregation lo lUors/iip POLICE OFFICERS TO MEET . The Weatchaster Police Officers'I Association will meet Friday at a dinner at the White Swan Inn at 7 P. M., according lo am Invitation received by Chief Joyce today. The Hon. Charles A. Harnett. Stats Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, will make an address MISS READ ENTERTAINED. Miss Calls ~RaadT of Windmill Lane. Scarsdale. baa returned from ML Holyoke over the holiday and Morsehauser today jlgnefl r allowing i tnt were Mrs. Iiso A Bowpa ' of i_GlaUtald Young, oo Etnn Roaif. at New York i South Beach. Qmij.; Mrs. F R iom I three o'clock.. I*iss Clarice is one on sell Hertvn and Mn. ‘Thomas P.-t-j of the mfXKnnartes supported by ith tC.cad- . °f •'■ew RucheHe [ \kie ebufen. rtgsgc will j . Bt-snii ag V sale - ovvsf. iiiaimBY m complete a Thp orertvsumpum Chamrr, Jfum- 1/ WeUadey-lD-*V«BtcliWtar win hold 1 K1 » V' I bcr 7731 °- ' E C ‘ °p #n * ‘ 1 » tea on Wadnhaday. April 17. at :he federo- I ma ^ r ealj today »C 2 S. Lexington, 1 three o'clock, at tha residence of Avenue. • The sale will continue. Mrs.'A. G ElrdsiU. at 2 Sunset Tar- '-jsbg — 1 ------- - ----- * — — Bronxvntt.\ \ t,Thoso who ' played\ vfere: Mr*. Varies Fowlet^ita. David Swain. ■V l Prrry f^indolt.- Mrs. I Roland JJoaworth, Mrs. Eugene Leonard Iftx Charles Houston. Mrs. Arthur Baubcl. Mrs. Kenneth Clark. Mrs. VHIVam Mehlbaeh. Mrs. Frank J. Hslmle and Mr s. Ashton. MISS CRABBS WEDS ’ tone of tho small weddings of tba early sprlng will br neld today In Scarsdale when Slie». 'Kuth Crabbn will become the bride of if r Millard. Moore. The ceremony w|H be performed at this after- ' will be witnessed only by members M tho Immediate family and it noon at tha home of the bride ’ s Barents. Mr. and Mrs. Edward ». Cfabbs, Cushman Road. The Hov. George Smytl l of tha .Hitchcock Jtemorial Chvlreh. will be the offi- idallng cleggyman. Mr. Moore is tba son,of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan >Ktoor«^of Bronxvtlle. . • • j DEMOCRATTC BANQUET The Harrison Demo^ratlo Club ’ will bold their annual banquet on Wednesday night at the dub house «n Harrison avenue. Robert P. VI- goola. president of the organization. ‘ and John lanimi. chairman of the was honored last week with a din- nSr given for her by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. • Thomas T. Read. Among the guests were the Misses Begone Corey, Isabel Jackson, Mar ­ garet Weber, and Richard Gore, Thomas Read. John Lydenburg and Richard Barlow. SERVICE SOCIETY MEETS Tho Woman ’ s World Seravlce So ­ ciety of tha Scarsdale Congrega ­ tional Ctfarch meets today at the home of ‘ Hr*. A W. Deianay, on Drake Road, at thrsa o'clock. CHEVROLET STOLEN Police here wej» notified today by tho Yookere police that a 1#2« model Chevrolet coupe was stolen In that city Saturday. Tho auto bear* New.. York license N»*V — 15-37 and I* painted green. TEACHER GOES SOUTH Miss Louise Mayer, of Scarsdale. Is spending th# Easter vacation In Richmond. Virginia and will re ­ turn by way \of Washington to re- oume her position' in the 8car»- BOV8 ELECT CABINET FranlcCheney. fitsnioo 'Ehixi man Bates, John Vaughan, eolm Monroe, Jack Sullivan. Smith. Joseph Burke, Krlc and -Gordon • Simpson Nwv' chosen aa officers of the bo-. Inet of the Y. M. C. A. WEDNESDAY evening ' APRIL) in th« Auditorium of the WOMAN ’ S CLUB OF .NEW ROCHELLE f The -Young Peapli .% Subscription Cohcerls IN.S THlf HONOR TO PRESENT RACHMANINOFF Ticket., $2.50. $2.00, $1.50 and $1.00 . ’ NOW ON SALE At the BAUMER PIANO CO. 163 Main Street, White Plains Under the direction of VERONICA, COVERS ► - Mr. and Ma, JJ#roM_K r >nke. former residents of White ’ I ’ lalnk. wefe the guext* recently of Mr. and Mrs. Jullen Olncy. of 16 Stirling Avenue Mr. and Mrs Cooke. wHo . motored east from. Denver .exi/ct to return hers shortly to thslr permanent home New -York. Apri Matthews, prominent a .csirtury. died yeatertiay at bln horn* after a week's lilacsJ - For 33 years Mahhrwe was a member of the Columbia University Faculty, .retlnng In l»Cl. ratibn^ the First ___ _ _____ fuguenot and Main of the new church.^4^ft to .................. education; M. J. ymber of coitgre- ' The ,old church bell which -for 'sixty-six years called the con Presbyterian Church'tb worship in the church which was buruad street, rang again Sunday, in Ntw Rochelle, in the bejfry cf the right In th* photo a ri: Reverend Edwin Junkio.- director™ relijr y en Tnaanfl rhnirma n of the building com mitte e ; Gilman S. Ta{l imittee. Ration, and ’ A- T. Colwell, president bowd oFtrusteefC TTejvsreVTHfrra-rata-

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