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WHITE PLAINS, N Y. Scarsdale Archers Beginning Third Season Activities Now School Baseball Captain EXPECT MANY FMm? AT ‘ T 5 - WORS L^]roiyw 7 > Metro P olitan Tournament Guides Team In Practise li'TMftUSNQin. i- Wp -r-inl ’ o, tirr Planned For Butler Field County Park Commission's - Golf Courses Have Proved Very Popular in The Past — Usually Overcrowded. With the announcement of tV-h- openlng of the County Pafk Com ­ mission golf course* comas word that the*# course* sr# probably more popular than any other* In the eountjr.__ RescrvaUona pou Unto the office* every Sunday; many people are un ­ able to play. Thl* 1* the story of last year's happening* and will un- The Scarsdale Archers, whose I scene Of activity 1* Butler Field, on ' t falr-waathar Saturday and Sunday ! afternoons, thl* month begin their | third season a* an organized body i with the prestige of being In I charge of the Metropolitan Archery Association tournament to come to j Scarsdale on the week-end of De ­ coration Day. TlU* will be a two-day tourna ­ ment In which competitor* will 1 shoot one American and one Me- : tropolllan round each day, tbelr ! score* at the finish of the tourna- . mant thuj to represent their effort* In a double American and a'dou- 1 ble Metropolitan round. The officer* • heading the Sdara- tlpe with two hours workout on the Burk* Foundation field.- Even though Coach- Ackley did not ap ­ pear a* scheduled the boya went ahead under the leadership. of.Al Zucks, the captain, and really ac- only thirty arrow* V. each of the last three distances named. Womei will shoot the Columbia' round, which Is a modified Ameri ­ can. requiting only £4 arrows at each distance aad the National rounf). to .conform with which they must shoot, by \ends.\ 48 arrow* at 60 yards, and 34 at 50 yard*. Among the membership of ih» group In Scarsdale are afcveral- arehers who have ranked high .in national competition and represen- It waa a perfect day for playing although the heavy rain last night left tho field in a slightly- moist con ­ dition. The high wind helped dry ths field- and the run loosened up the muscles of the prospective can ­ didates. In fact there was no.hold ­ ing their enthusiasm and the eracl; of the ball leaving the.bat wit* heard - continuously through the i-ontj-' boy* out on are: Judge William Cravath White, |eD' Association's competition at president; Fred P. Harrlnfcton. vtc« [Santa Barbara tills summer- and, president: Courtney Owen, seer*-|next Summer at Chleago where the '.ary, and Caleb Hyatt, captain. (fiftieth annlvaraary of the rfaaocia- Th* Scarsdale Archers, now sum- . tlon'a first annual tournament will bering thirty members, were for r ! be held In the same city where the ( ! malty organised In the spring of-fflmt one took plsce. ' • * . ................ \ Harring- The Scarsdale home season last* ths field at ten-fifteen In the mom- Evci Ing despite the vacation which has presen ' caused many of the less ambitious p|ishc< ones to take n holiday from - the mi-mtu team as well as from school, AH nlng t the equipment necessary wns on going hand and to ra while the group **- ----- .broke up Into twos and caught among themselres Ju»t to loosen up and to get Ule feel of the ball. After that the squad scattered around the field and caught fly balls knocked out to them, and scooped up grounders that- bounced on the slightly rough diamond. * ------- - Then Captain Zuck* divided the ---- •Sroupjnlo two teams the Regular* | tbelr ware* and - the Yanntgan*. The Regulars — 1 — — took the fleld In the first' innjng and the game was on. The Yanm* gans, who-conslsrtd ' of the new members on the squad were unable to connect with tho delivery of the -Regular pitcher and they- retired There will be one more Rractlrc to the Bold storeless. tomorrow If rfie weather \ holds Then the Regulars got busy and j good. Coach Ackley pinna tn start made things hum at the bar,, arid | moro serious ball soon when the hit after hit was rung up ns ' tho i boy* show they .are ready for It. game progressed.-They were retired | Alter vacation practice will Be finally With not much damage dyne [ every day. Jhe ’ Xad U «e br^n- Mm P ,c ' « > h « old \ real talent. There 1* course at Mohansio Park. ----- real light for some of By tho terms under which Mo- the positions and It won't be a sur- han8 , c p ark waa d ettled to the pru# to SCO one or two of ths letter Cuull ty of Westchester by the State men .lose out to unknpwns, unless jje* York, the golf course Is they match-the l»« of the new iopcn to „„ r ,,id en t* of the State .members. ! on equal term* and the Park Conf\ 1 However tbl* I* n good nign and mission esnnot exclude non-real-1 nuger* well for the team os n dents of Westchester County. Re*-1 Avhole. If the boys find they have frva Uoha for Saturday may be' wo ^, ‘ 5 ‘ holU - ‘ ,uwn th \ ,r b, ' nh \ I made by telephoning Yorktown 65 I e eager to show | « a. m. and 6 p. m. oh 1 i — — - ------- ------- - ,,1C .whole -team Thursday. Sunday reservations may I will Improve After all, the mem-[bo made-by telephoning on Friday' btra of the team are out to m*kr during the same hours. Rr.erva- the Tigers felt this diamond and so they t-auee to build up the flble. Ther 1937 by Judge White. _ _____ „ (ton guuff Mr. Hyatt, who' had be- jcomelndlvidually Interested in the sport and convinced alike of Its opportunities for co-operative sorla- j bllity and for the expression of ath ­ letic altill. Through their auspices a group set at thirty has been gath ­ ered together. Membership, beside* -bring limit ­ ed in number' because of the ex ­ tent of equipment and the unwlcld- ; tnets 6f a large group. Is now strictly confined to Westchester] County, except for se.veral of the ! orgnnlxation's most interested char ­ ter members who. hail from Con- nectleup-and from ’ New York City. Much prestige Has been ' gained by /local club in its -two years, of existence and the according of tho Metropolitan tournament to Scars ­ dale Is taken as an afcknowledge- predicamemt of a T amil , APRIL T00i!$ DAY IN TRYING ID etT THE CAGEY HEAD OF THE HOUSE BACK TO ANSWER AN IMPORTANT TELEPHONE CALL. Nrw York City: Judge William C. j, White .of Murray. Hill Road; Caleb'' I Hyatt, of the Poet Rdad; H. Htfbbrll, of Highland Park; New Rochelle: W. A. Harblnson. of Sound View. Avenue, this city; A. . . H. Chadbourn. of New. York City; ’ . W. L. Chau/iee, of New York City; Fred P, Harrington, of the Post Road; Miss Martha Washburn.- of., this city: Howland S. Brown, . of , Mount Vernon; George A. Smith, of . New York City, and Ml** Olive Hk-arn. of New York City. Also, Frederick Ronton, qf Tuckaboc: William -C. Gifting, of 1 Beacon Hill, -New*Roohelle; James ’ Raridrl, of Mount Vernon; Mlsa Virginia M. Owen. oCdhlrlcy Arms; 1 Courtney M. sOwen. of ShliVy 1 Arms; A. B. Nlrkli.-i. of Pelham . j Manor; Georg# A. Marsh, of the I Boulevard: Andrew L. Brush, of 1 j Cos Cob, Conn.; G. P.' Haynes, of . . )New Yot-k City: Miller Pierce, of '(the Post Road; Charles Kcar. of Bridgeport, Conn.; Mrs. Ida C. Bey- . • ers. of the Post Road; John Stev-- rnson, of Mount Vernon: Augustus • Mane, of Autenrleth -Road; Lynn l B. Dudley, of Mount Vrrnqn ; D. - Fulton, of Bound Beach. Conn., and Mr. Schenk, of Mount Vernnn. SPEAKING OF SPORT By FRANK GETTY Mermaids and Mermen ►- _ The national A. A. U. swimming championships In New York this week a re'providing ample evidence that the United States is supreme in the realm of natation. Even without Johnny Weismul ­ ler. who recently tourned profes ­ sional. this country's .amateur swimmer* outclass those of any \We could sell the customers a double ticket, guaranteeing ’ them the same seat for the two nights, and charge them tw lcp as much.\. . Pyle admits that he Is a novice In the fight promoting business. It's •n Ingenious Idea, at that, but whnt Charley overlook* I* the fact that each champion would Insist upon 37 1-3 per cent of the gate, while each 'challenger naturally would want hot less than 12 1-3 per cent as provided under th* rules of box ­ ing. Somehow or other this doesn't S»em to leav* much profit for the promoter of auoh an all-star show. Sacred Heart Church Will Form Team and Compete With Local Talent — Prac ­ tice Starts Sunday ■ Baseball will Ipvade Hartsdale this season after a lapse of sev ­ eral year*. The Holy Nam* So ­ ciety of th* Sacred Heart Church, umrer the presidency of Walter A. Joyce, ' ha* secured tho use of Fisher's Field oh Washington Court, where crack Hartsdal# nines have played In years past, and will Initiate practice next Sunday after ­ noon, the same day that the Scare- dale firemen are to bring their bats, balls and gloves to Butler Field for the first time. The Holy Name nine Is to play under lb# captaincy of Emil J. O'Neil, former Scarsdale high school third baseman, who will alnp> hold down th# hot corner with the Hartsdaliens this season. Among th* list of others who have prom ­ ised their eervices for the success of the sporUng venture are a num ­ ber of men who .have at one time or another played with Hartsdale teams or other semi-pro aggrega ­ tions. ' A few of these are: Ed Breen, Daniel J. McAvoy, Jr., the McOooey brothers, Joseph and Edward; also Douglas and John Walton . James Birmingham, James Flypn \and_ MASHIE TOURNAMENT DISCONTINUED By FRANCIS OUlltET Former Open and Amateur Champion GOLD Tournaments are more numerous In all parts of the country than ever, before. There have.been dif ­ ferent competitions that have .been discontinued In tiroes past but new over. Invitations were only sent to those who had ahowjz^they were entitled to a place In the competi ­ tion through merit only. There will be many who regret It* passing. I have always contended that golf is p game where a great deal depends upon external force*. Nat ­ urally a player ’ s technique counts the biggest per cent, but that golf could never bn brought down to a try* science because thn Course* were so unllk* and some little hin ­ drance likely to throw one's whole Glenna Collett Wins Again In Tournament Miss Glenna Collett, medalist and national champion, scored a 3 -and 2 victory In the North and South Tournament over Min* Virginia Hoizderber of the Baltimore Coun- Xry Club, th* Atlantia Slat#* cham ­ pion. The Maryland player rallied after being 3 down at the fourth tee 31-26 VICTORY BY TITLE TEAM Lait Basketball Game of tbs Sea ­ son- Won by the Westchester Title and Trust Company at Scandals their place so thst in a measure • they, arc not missed so much. Now however comes word thst one of th* most outstanding tour ­ naments o ’ f tho post six years and one In which I always took a per ­ sona! Interest Is to be discontinued. For awhile It wa* expected that Tommy Taller would carry on the afrair of his father, the late T. Suf- fern TalKr, conducted over the OceanLJnks at Newport each year. The affair was a strictly ama ­ teur one and by lnvltatldn ' only. Generally it was limited to a few first flight amteurs. . The prize wa* -a golden rnashle and It wa* known as tb# Gold Mashle tournament. ' Last year George Von Elm went j around tho course with a total of $72 for his four round*. This.Is real \Coups\ milling them to wear, an additional feather In their bon ­ net* were scored by seven of the Y. M. C. A. Indiana In hiking yes ­ terday. The Indians are boy# under 12 years of age. In order to score a \coup\ In hiking, It Is necessary for the boy* to walk a distance of three and orft-hslf miles In less than an pour. The low time, 42 minutes, was scored by William Tucker, who de ­ feated Charles A- Briggs by one minute.' ■ Othrr hnys who scored \coups\ Included Walter Koenig. Herbert Ssolth, Phillip Plser. Berton Russell arid Anthony Fllardl. A “ grand coup\ In swimming waa scored by Thoms* MacLsury In both the forty-yard Tree stylo and the twenty-yard backstroke. SENIOR FINALS AT A This afternoon. In th* finals-of the Y. M. C. A.'s Senior Tourna ­ ments. “ Lightning\ Mai Hoffmann, defending champion, and Ed Svl- £Bls. both of the Highland Ping- Pong Club will meet for the 'Ping- Pong championship. Both lad# are in fine form, due to \a strenuous season In tho Metropolitan Ping- Pong League, and should have a great contest. In pockct-hllllarda. Ed Svlgals will again piny, this time against Ray Goldstein. Due to his sensa ­ tional play throughout the' tourna ­ ment. Goldstein Sa favored, but the match should b* a dose one. - Collett _____ 4 8 4 4 4 4 ^ 3 4 — 37-kl Hoizderber 4 5 5 4 6 4 8 3 5 —11-AS . however comes a player who seems to have tho science down to such a degree that be Is winning tour ­ nament after tournament In n me- thctyical manner. Perhaps Horton Smith has discovered that golf la a game fhat can be leveled to the realms of certainty after all. He certainly seem* 10 be doing IL Jn hi# Florida debut he won the La Oorce Open and a good percentage of the others. The first time he Albert ZoriUa of the Argentine Is the greatest of South American . swimmers and holder of the 400 ■ meter Olympic championship to bqot. It Is rather unusual to find a Japanese among the Olymplo i swimming champion*, but Y. Tsur- uta won the meter breast , stroke event ntFlmAerdsm and The i emblem of. the Lana of the Rising . Sun was raised aloft on the flag i staff of victory. _________ ^ \ IT - ? - Another irw ikialh __ Ont night recently, Charley Pyle : and I sat together over a couple of 1 cups of tea. and tho bunion lmprrs- sarlo expounded upon' a scheme he 1 Is turning over In that fertile brain ! of hi* to put on n hlxlng nhnw feat- 1 urtng all the champion* of . the world In the same ring. Pyle's Idea Is to combine with the heavyweight championship I scrap each September a carnival of ■ fisticuffs Involving the appearnneg . on the program -of . every other - title holder from flyweight to light - heav/welght. “ A lo f nf-folks • who. come- to tuwa ‘ for the heavyweight championship 1 battle would pay to'see some other • ficht* as well.\ argues Pyle. \Most Pulling up from th* rear In ths lost quarter of thslr last game of the year, the Westchester Till* and i Tru*VContpany Five closed tb* 1928-29 season victoriously with a 31 — 25 victory over the Holy Kamil SocIctyyFive of St. Mary's Catholic Chur ch in the parish I ovoe on th- talnlng this margin to th* twelfth. Miss Hoizderber started 5. 5. 6. to the 4, 4. 5 of Mias ColUtt. so that ■lie was thxe# down with as many holes played. Miss Wnlzerber reg- ■tstered her first half on the fourth with a 4. On the fifth Miss Collett was trapped and had to play a short shot to thri fairway. She end' HAMBONFS MEDITATIONS By J. P. Alloy WEN A HOSS.RUM fiR- WAY, HE SKEEKE»e W'P A MVLE^iT^ JE-5* TRIFLIN ’ L gvi LP own fAEAM-NisS ----- HE A in ' SKEERER O' NOTHIN' \ MeMhom -North-trod South Open. Lately he unount of defealed Hagt-ti In an 18-bole match. We can only hope that he ird to this keeps up hts good work Ytn the r Mr. Suf- other side when the Ryder Cup srfect and team departs around the ’ first part it to play of thia. month. with a birdie 4 on the sixth, but lost th# '.eventh to' Mis* Holzder- ber'a 'par 8. Mis* Collett needed two to reach the green, and . two rut*. . * Mir,a CoTleett drove well on the eighth, .but went from trap to trap near the green oh tier third-ami fourth, finishing with a 7 to give Miss Hoizderber ths hols with a f> The'ninth wa* halved In 5, Miss : Collett holing out from, the greer. ; edge. ’ Miss Collett Wins 11th The Holy Name Society has em ­ barked on the sea of organized athletics for ths sake of providing a regulation typs of recreation In the community. Games will b* played on th* home grounds on Saturday*, as soon as tbs season, opens and away ofi Sundays. Bookings are stll) be ­ ing made and the schedule % as yet very - Incomplete but the open ­ ing set-to Is likely to corns ’ about May X. ' White Plains Rotarians . Enter Bowling Tourney Webb Miller says he's the beat I bowler In the Rotary Club of White □Plain*. Walter We#tall concedes lie ' bold* the honor himself. [---The question may or'may not be | settled Monday afternoon and even ­ ing when Webb lias ctssue da cull j for a'meeting of Rotary bowler* at I the Recreation alley# that th# best | five Rotarlan-bowlers or ‘ bowling I Rotarians may be selected In order I that White Plains may be repre- [ aented In the fifteenth annual In- ! ternntional Rotary Telcgraphte [Bowling Tournament, conducted r unuder lb* auspices of the Rotary I Club of Kansas City. f The big call ho* gone out for the l qualifying round next Monday and on.that day records, and maybe pint, will fall ___ The telegraphlo tournament' Is scheduled for April 15 at 9 p. m, eastern standard time, teams' all over the country starting to bowl at the *amo minute. SCHOOL TOURNEY CONTINUES Chicago, April 3. — Tbs South was triumphant In the opening games of the National High School Basketball championship, winning 10 of the 12 gnmes, Salt Lake City landed anujftg the survivor* -by beating Brockton, Ml#., 29 to 25, and Naugatuck, Conn., eliminated St. Paul. Neb, 35 3 GAME ASSOCIATION MEETS ‘ Th* Southern New York Fish ” and Gam* Association bolds Its last big meeting of the season at the 8 While Plains High School-tonight 4 At 8 p. m. Harold McCracken will 2 be present to show the moving plc- 6 lures taken on tbaStoll-McCracken 4 Siberian Arctic Expedition last X year. He will gtv* an Informal — talk ta/thf members at the asso- 26 elationaV fights aa well.\ ‘ argues Pyle. \11 of them come q, day or two In vance.,and perhaps stay ’ a day terwairda. “ What an Idea It would bo have a preliminary program v all the champlona In IL We ml three to get-tfh the twelfth green* j Mlsa Collett scoring a par 4. They 1 each had a par 4 at the thlrteenVh,' The fourteenth went .to the cham ­ pion with a birdie 4 after she mlaa- | ed an eagle by Inehee. The flf- j teenth was hilysd In 4a, leaylng 1 Miss Collett dorsaje 3. Miss Cot- Total By DICK DORGAN' An Amateur Golf Architect JACK, LOOK AT THAT one sail - that ought \ e > reach -me/ v SREEN? j — — THAT A1NH KVb N BUNKER-THAT'S •ONY A DKtoT . SoMeDO^SR MAC'S THVS • J- t MORKMM' 7 J - \V&\ - THAT BONKeR WASNtT HGRG yesTe^DAY 7/ — ^ Bantam Weight Championship — National Guard— / U BOttKDS CHARNESKI vs. State Armory, Thursday, Under Auspices of 102nd Medical kegiment, N. Y. N. G. ' W,th While Plains Post, 135, American Logic ADMISSION $1.00 — 51.50 — $2.00 PHONE 960 FOR RESERVATIONS Ladles Are Wefcom* HOSE (Coerr.eb.. iW.brTh. 'Win/ 4 i ¥ i (■}

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