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Regiment B oxing To Conti n ue As Long A s Fans Attend Proceeds Of Am wry Bouts Go Toward New Equipment 3200 Dollars Needed for Uniforms and Recre^ ' ation Facilities for the Regiment — To Come from Boxing Proceeds.- DOWN THE ROAD By Frank Beck JUST AS YOU'VE FINISHED DEMONSTRATING A TRICK SPARK PLUG, AND ARE ABOUT TO MAKE SOME SALEWA COP ORDERS — YOU TO MOVE ON: Meeting Held Yesterday; Of ­ ficers Elected and Plans Made For Coining Xcar — Baseball Games Sought ipb- fifty arty i waiting car and drlva off hur- •dly. There Uno doubt that It is the work of eoroe miscreant ,o had norne kind of a grudge alnet the association* It seems hardly possible that yone would deliberately do a ing Uke that but the evidence la etty plain, although Melville aicb, the secretary of the' asao- itlon. aaya that they have no real tdence to work from. Why any a should object to dog trials be- t run on private proporty by a tU known organisation It la bard say. At least the objection oukl have, been made In a leas aatlc way. When buildings are itroyed and beautiful wood* are the punishment far exceeds e ' aupponed offence. And lnao- nt people are affected. 'FPlans were discussed for the. Tomlng season and the tentative; tram outlined. Most of tha men who played last year will be back In uniform again this year. The pttrhcra will probably be Chosen from among the following [ Joe Brut : beauty type and >• wrong It la Just ■ wrong in aneh a people are in Up orate codling ayetemi on this building wtr However, UjdXfort* of tha com- Utoe looking for a new site have ■en successful. according to oach. A new location ha» been und even nearer the city than • flrat one. Not only that but ,1 hints that It may be even bet- l,r for tho program oij hand than .e Other. The fields where the Id trials will be run off as such a-rn to the spectators Thura* i • '.eilheKstgrts out as favor- The local fans are quick to P a winner and Just as quick *• <mc who m loafing No there will be an Ideal place to epe: a few hours nryp-fWs-1 the heat the heat ot-'fhe battle fhe ea will be there'If the fane.support In.conjunction with this It mlg be well to etlite that the reglair la deriving very little* financial i muneration-from the affaire in ep of fRe good attendance In. t Oret'place It la. not a money ms Ing. proposition where -the gate the only thing and tjis fans r like the fights or not. There arc several Trosona I thrso bouts. One is it vat the re ment wishes to let tlfc people White Plains know that It ■xl. and Is really an\ asset lo the rf By means of the bouts they b.-t filled a real need here and hhvc : vertlsed themsejvrs as well, Th< are few people In this city now w Twenty-Five Participants To Leave Recreation Center Fair Poundridge Hare and Chess and Checkers Contests Held at Y ' MELHOKN SAILS New York. April 3. - “ Wild Bill ’ ehlborn and Tommy Armour, nnnr National Open champion, -ill Mil for England along with the • n members of the United States I yder Cup Team on. the Cunard liner Mauretania a week from to- iy. Mehlhorn and Armour Will my In the British Open at Muir- rid .Scotland, beginning May «. try evening, in tlia reoeasoa of ' M. C. A. men who aspire to and checker fame may be no- in ferocious mental combat. be run off this Sundsy ridge Reservation, l The committee met leu the County Recreation Mamaroneck avenue to everything was set for .................. Marlon Schwlng reported that it was 28 tulles to the place where the chase la going lo be held'and that sufficient care were available to transport ’ the 28 members who have signified their Intention of .ml PoM No. 133 to Hold Bi# Get-Together at State Nmiriry Thursday Night to Hui-c Fonda For Building BASEBALL SIDELIGHTS. participating. fanned three times and- doubled -The biggest Joke of A second reason for thee bout* Is [ becausajhls regiment felt The r.ee.1 j for new uniforms and new equip- ' ment and, they figure this Is the - best way to get It without pUUIng some official teeth In tti» process 1 I\ of White Plain* is going to do i things, ub brown, or whatever color a beefsteak dinner happens to ba | (lone Up. on Thursday night Thojr | expect such a crowd of La gl on - - na. ’ res tha: they have chartered tha I Armory for the dinner or at lout. - a |sirt of the Armory. Later or. I In the evening they will witness the boxing btfUt* in live same building nervation for k distance of eight miles. Half of the group will be designated as the hounds and half as the hares. The hares will have Ik half hour's atari on tha hounds The trail will be laid by using strips of white paper. After the chose la over the whole crowd^will adjourn to one of the laan-to aheltera along the trajla and a steak roast win begin. By that Una It la doubtful if anyone will need to be urged to eat. When the feed la done and the tales told the car* will bring the hares and the hounds back again. This la the first real event that has been planned by the Trail* As- | sociation and • If ft la successful 1 more will be In order. The spring - — ri- n — i e* p rogram as uut Hned by the commute* will be very in-1 terestlng. Each week some sort of ! affair is scheduled ranging from a geology trip to a camping ex-1 curslon at Poundridge. Tha cost of tho hare and hound ■ chase this Sunday will be only 75 I cents. This Includes the steak I some c-iiicini irrin in (ns procow. Most J>f th# pjpceeds of the Thurs-,1 day affairs that romee out clear ' profit goes to Oil this . need. • A ' fund, kgj been created and when the necessary 83,20(1 are gotten the regiment'will bloitsom forth lttahln- • • Ing new array. They will also get;! 1 ------ — — some pool table*, a bowling alley j 1 and several other things of this 1 lean 1 type to help keep the soldiers i happy _______ __ ... ' . I . very in-j- Hat the boys who perform natur-;,, ne. then I ally get their share And th*t. ac- . in turn [cording ta Sergeant Frederick' W. 1 ] ct Buoy j Fanch. who handles the financial | ■ seconds end of the bout* Is \plenty.\ But,' a use he wax out of condition, but •mild be in the lineup before the penlng day. 1 1 Shires was benched for breaking raining rules on a trip to Ennis, •ex. his home town, for an exhl- .Itlon game. Chalmer Clasell, ma,- '00 shortstop, alto was benched for l similar breach. Neither player las been suspended. Blsekbxrne (Ud. and “ -ers ' Is no dissension _ mong the players. Fort Worth. Trx.-Thc New York ranker* were apllt up In t.wo leg ­ ions today, with the first team Wrs to play the Fort Worth Texas •ikgue Club and the second team Ip Austin to meet tha University of rsxai nine. Gordon Rhodes and U/ Sherrid. the Yankees' two nost promising -young pitchers, vers hammered hard yesterday at lousian and tha Pittsburgh Pi ­ rates won. 18 to 1L Babe Ruth Bantaifi weight challenge! of N. Y. National Guard i away from the entertainment pro ­ mised them'at the dinner. fl is a l-rgion affair but thert will be many sfuests among the, nai-.y nil plenty of < rrtalnment Cye Hnw Myron Bunker- and Fletcher Brush are scheduled U [ produce some merriment. The 102 : Medical Regiment will climax tbs 1 evening with Its own Uttle show _; consisting of 3d fo unds of boxing. .tting goodjYhTs i« i collided \In .the price of tha tqg mn r^y. jfyglon (linn ’ er. the public | S Franklin Pearca is In charge e there has of the program and he states that ___ _.er the per-i Ihe affair Is the one big event ta formanc/s an-l these few tim-s the lives of the Legionnaires, could,not be laid *o the door of the; • The real purpose of the dinner promoters as their fault. Is for an Informal get-together of The American I,eglon 1# helped , Ihe member* and. as a boost for th* by these bouts as well and several ■Vh'lv*. toward a new building. Plans * ndrrd dollars towadd a new | »re being- made to accommodnts s ildlng hjsbcrn acquired through J lqrgw Legton crowd la the Armory the ariangement made concerning j ir.*-.-3 room whets the dinner Is to SOUNI IN SLOOPS 'RIAL RUNS it-is apparent Is especially strong. Not far be ­ hind come# Cameron with 22 vic ­ tories and two defeats The situaMon In checkers is much the same as that In cheas. as the player la ” UU' second position has Hamilton. Interested in the run home Anne passed Alice* and nil huge* tight Jane, which had * taken ths lead. The team races between America I and Bermudian hoats will start to-1 morrow afternoon. The first race will be two miles to windward and return. There will be two races Thursday.' and the final on Friday. The committee In charge la headed by Commander Ridgeway, chair ­ man. assisted by Captain R. V. Holt, E. F. Darrell and C. D. Mai- no: played tha same number as the leader. Edwards la In third place with 214 wins and 6H loses. It will be many weeks before either of these toumles reaches Its conclusion. There are aura to be many climaxes and antl-eilmaxea. but the present standing Indicate, that chess will eventuate lh a struggle between I-ocke and Sber- rad. and that checkers will find Us champion lr. one of the top three player*. When tha winners are de- Oklahoma City — Lloyd Wanrr. P.tlaburgh Plraje. will marry Mia* Francca Mae 8nyd*r. of Pittsburgh. The commit lee that met last j night was composed of Ailean ! Weaver,. Marlon' Schwlng. James \ Hoffman. C. H. Pease and Allen Clifford. Cook.. Waner's slater, announced Breaks World ’ s Record Yachls Vie for Lipton Trophy Page Wins Decision At Ossining Bouts Ossining. — Harry Page, of Yon ­ kers. took a Judges ’ decision over Sammy Marco, of New York in the six round feature bout at the Cen ­ tral Hudson Athletic Club hare last night Page dearly . outclassed hla opponent In a majority of ' the rounds. Thedeel Ion was - greeted by the cheer* of a Urge group of Pagy adherents who had Journeyed from the Terrace City to witness the bout Page weighed In at 1S1 and hla opponent at ISO ls2; In the soml-flnaL encounter, Bill Fitzsimmons, 183 8-4 also of Yon ­ kers, took the nod from the Judges Fill Your Springtime Hardware Needs Now BURKE \• McCOWAt, 24 West Post Road Phone White Plains 2389 napped at Palo Alto, Cal.— The mighty Norseman. Eric nz, holder of the I. C. A. A. A. intercollegiate shotpnt discus throw records, after breaking the world's record ■ He heaved the plotter a distance of . buappcU tU 'fftiami, l ‘ l ■c-U.yeihu,..'., uci -.-. i -.-. il ^ a . u-.-c i.. ....... C Chicago and Beaumont, Tex., with he\ sails full ns she makes for the le first last durint the race for thogSir Thomaa Liptoft Trophy in the i eet : -'-^'*hs Southern Florida Boat Racing AssodSation. [ or the disens throw. L- ---- — — - -------- - -------- - ---- 163 feet 8% inches to better the former record of 158 feet l 3 /i inches set by Clarence \Bud\ Houser.

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