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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, April 03, 1929, Image 15

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| .KucKMone THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. x. WEDNESDAY. APRIL. 3* 1 92' -paxPHONE 9200 TAILSPIN TOMMY — Dream* of The Future TO RIDS IN ON* Of l/80Y!!t NO«I MAfrr ■~<N*»i/- T „« T - 5 TM* •* «<>*gN I CAN £ L1 ^ e nE . ‘ iiv. 1 a i ano aucav.* vy SToPPto J ( HER* — NOTHIN 6 l J * VER HAPpfNb v ,N TH,& 8U>W ■r-r J J LvidF^-V burs ! vou, oOTHcn , you ' er not PR06RE8SIVE- WHOLt TOLW* MERC S , . like tmat — BELIEVE \ OE . t ’ n going TO < pv LEARN to Ftv- J ,T OR GO INTO A y LJLS tail -3*>IN ) Ml Tirrma ! J A rotirrr!' WHATEVER Pinocchio in America By ANGELO I ’ ATRl ETB HOPE HE DWESX'S PAY TOO Ml'CH FOB THE LESSON Pinocchio could hardly wall until paint wu dry befote showing ie people. Waving his gay weapon, s strutted about the house practlc- ig his speech tor the carnival, un- I the good mother, fearing that all er .work would go lor nothing. Ud. \Come yiome. Pinocchio. 1 in not have you scratch the paint % yourself. I shall have to make ire you do not ruin yourself.\ and ie Ucd him fast to the leg of the ible with a bit of the clothes-line. At midday the children returned, agar to see Pinocchio and fell him FABLES IN SLANG \Not the great Pinocchio who traveled in Africa afid croased the ocean like a fish? Nof the wonder- , ful PlnQcchld who rode on a whale 1 and talked to an emperor?? \The same. Pinocchio himself . stands before you.\ Bursting with pride, the marionette Mwed and sa ­ luted In bis grandest manner. ; “We are delighted to secywa here | Have you a vaccination certificate 1 with you?\ j \So. dear madam. When I left j Africa I left In a hurry and brought none of the'strgnge animals with me.\ The teacher's eyes opened In sur : prise. Pinocchio saw he had made i a mistake and corrected himself. J Not for worlds would he adtpll t there was something he knew Both- ! ing about. / ■ \Nor did I curry away any of the • very good fruit, knowing that you | would have plenty to offer me when . I arrived.\ \A vaccination certificate is t □either an amnia? nor a fruit. Pi-1 nocchlo. It is just a paper from the doctor that savs vou will not he THE FABLE OF THE -* ROUNDABOUT. WAV IN WHICH /GILBERT ' MADE HIMSELF STRONG WITH ALICE- WOMAN . NEVER CLINGS s start teaching you. but she will ry her best.\ fTrue, true. Of course she • ot know how to teach me. euld she? She has never sect ne like Pinocchio before.\ Hero the foolish marionette ____ ed tip and down at the length of ■Is rope, waving his swajd and naklng himself as big as he could n an effort to look-tike an emperor. . \How could she ever hope to each me. the greatest swimmer iver kcuvfn?- -The greatest adven- Ifrer since Christopher Columbus? -low Could she -----w “ -** — e — he friend * ' would How tn any- J0 PUT A LAMP IN THE Y/INDO*/ SO HE WISH*'LEARN WS'FATE 1 - rr WAS A HAMY NIGHT FOR ALICE SHE V.PiOE A LEAP FOR GILBERT A'.D GAVE A..V» THE KIND Or RECEPTION HE HAS •THEY ARE TRYING TO SEPAR - ATE US* SAID ALICE ’ BUT COURAGE, SWEETHEART, I WILL BE TRUE*. GILBERT WROTE HER THAT HER > FATHER THREATENED ~Q SHOOT HlM.SUT IF SHE LOVED EW SHE WANTED TO BE EN- 1 GAGEO TO SOMEONE WHO WOULD CUMB A ROPE- LADDER AND TRY TO KISS ZA THRU A SCREEN-WINDOW GILBERT KNEW THIS, SO_ ALICE AND GILBERT WERE ENGAGED. IT WAS A TAME EVERYDAY COLORLESS KIND OF COURTSHIP AND THAT IS WHY IT DID NC . SUIT ALICE — HE FIXED IT UP FOR HER. HE TOOK HER FATHER ’ S MONEY IN A POKER GAME . AND GOT HIS FRIENDS TO RAP HIM AND SAY HE WAS A SPORT AND THAT HE HAD A PAST — . WANTEFOR'SQV.E TIME should. I have a paper from the doc ­ tor to say I-will, not be ill when 1 know I .Vill not be IU?\ \We. will send you to tha doctor, and he will vaccinate you. and then you chn begin schooL said the j teacher. \Tony take him lo the doctor and then place him in the baby class.? At these dreadful word* PI nocchlo's knees bent like the joints in a jackknife, anil ho would have fallen hud not Tony kept'a firm grip-on his hand. ; He had heard of doctors, before.. - They woe* ’ people- who wore white aprons and who gave you new legs and arms when the old ones fell off. \Wiring on an arm or a leg would be nothing. But I have all I need. . And this vaccination now. What Is that?\ j \It Is nothing at all.\ said Tony j cheerfully. \He just scratches you , with a needle, and there you are.\ \I'm there.anyway.\ said Pinoe- chlo hopefully. \Why acratch me? And this baby etas; the lady spoke of? What have babies to do with school? What have 1 lo d<vj)dth .babies? Kgl bundles that cry all day to be fed or sleep curled up In a basket. I cannot see that I could do anything far them?\ ■ \You won't have to do .anything for them. All yon ha Vie to do is your lessons. The baby class la for Tittle know-nothings Uke you.\ and Tony laughed gayly. \Here's the \Want m ’ f to vaccinate him? Surely, ” said the doctor, turning to pick out a nice new needle. Tony loosened hie hold on the little hand ■ hat lay ao still In his. Whiff! With the speed of an arrow Pinocchio was out of the door and sway Tie's gone?\ seld the doctor, looking down at the spot where the marionette used to-be. 'Gone,\ said Tony aadly. \I'm sorry. 1 rklher liked him. He might have learned a few things IT he had stayed with us. you know.\ ' I'll mile my guaea If he Is not on the way tn leern • few things juxtyrsoon.\ sold the doctor. \Let's THE NEBBS — Oh Pardon Me y'\wfe are related ^-^ / okilv e>v marriage . \ / OU« SOM ELOPED VJITW ^ ' HER DAUGHTER — VUE WEREMT IM ACCORD WITH THE- WEDOiMG — HOT THAT SHE ISKlV A M'Ce GIRL, OUT THERE: WAS SUCH A . ■ rvr-, * m. . i r i J d X . / AMD YOURE GO MG tp LET*! MO Y THAT COTWER VCAJ ?.DOJT 13 xi g ) n O o SUPPOSE THAT MRS £ :TED| FlTZLOUfjW is OM TO HER ’ ^ V /PITCWIMG ?_ PEOPLE WITH HE I CLASS AMD BRCEDIMG DOMT A HAVcJ TO GO ABOUND TEUJMG F / l FOLIOS ABOUT IT-IGMORAMCe, N. is itMORAwce: im sttKsy v |\ Qg ul CAUC D-J ---- V1EIT &1MCE j hJAV.VJS j HAD AM j IM-reODUCTlON Y ‘ 5MT MRS y -S f Nea© a \ WUOLESOME CBEATURE?- OY THE WAV. - TOUR RELATtv/E.! ‘ he birds of the air* How could a- • -scher be expected lo teach ME? . ) \In fact. I do .not expect her to i»ch me. -When she comes to grA t i ie..I shall make a how. like Jhlafi A and I shall explain. 'Dear lady! ’ \ • \No Pinocchio. you won t. You J won't say anything like that.\ gig- Igled Camilla. \Will he. Tony?\ I But Tony eeemed to be busy ty- I Ing his shoe-string.\ Anyway, he ■ didn't.answer. Pinocchio »aw that ^hls shoulders were shaking. “ Ah. he Is weeping for the trou- | iblcs of that poor teacher. She fears i \so to piect me. and he Is gneved for L jber. So much sadnesf there ts In I this world,\ and a dry loar fell upon I the shining sworjl- I I told you remember, that he was woodehhecd. | i It was with a sad heart that Pl- ■ ' nocchlo watched the preparations I'for school next mornlii!; .1 \That must be.njaW»k« Amer. lea la the land of liberty, the home elf freedom. Here one doeg'-what I -one- likes. I do not like to go to I school Then I do not go to school. / “ I like to travel and. see what U 1 going on. I like lo rat the good things I see about me. I Uke to play. When I am tired. I like lo lie down lh the sunshine and sleep. \How esn l enjoy life If Tam shut up In a schoolroom, my hoee poked Into a dulf book, my fingers .cramped to make crooked marks on It sheet of paper, my head trou ­ bled by useless questions? \No. no. This It all a mistake, r have fallen tnto -the wrong hands. It la Imposslblo that this should come to Pinocchio. To school I will not go. Never \ ' But the children had no thought of going anywhere else. They were anxious <o ehow Pinnocchlo to their By FRANK BECK ' I'LL HAVE A LITTLE RAT ; POISON FOR DESSERT. A GOSH J LOVE SURE IS (' WONDERFUL TO MAKE A •. MAN EAT GARBAGE LIKE. ' '•-.THIS AN* CALL IT FOOD , / 1 BUT rr ONLY COSTS -' AND MOVE IN TOMORROW. ITS SOT91TZV, BUT NEITHER AM I AhfYMORE . Through the streets of the gTeat city Pinocchio eped toward liberty and the fortune and fame he knew were waiting for him. \Somewhere about here'there Is a placc'where one does as ohe likes. I have, often heard of IL I shall keep on until I find it.\ ’ Slopping, to take breath, his eye fell on a fruit stand. Juicy oranges were piled In a lofty pyramid. Ap­ ples and more apple*, apples green and. apples red. apples yellow ’ and apples golden, apples sweet and ap ­ ples sour sent out a tempting fra- plfi plums sat Invitingly under great and to their teacher*. Before By EDWIN ALGER hungry and thirsty to come, * and be filled with content (Copyright 1939 by The Belt BOUND TO WIN — Uncle Nat ’ , Plan* all dirty.\ “ Nor run away.\ said Tony, tak ­ ing tight hold. Holding him firmly betweeh them. ( the children rushed along so fast ' that Plnocchlo's feet scarcely | touched the ground. Indeed, lie 1 was balanced between them most «r the Ume. and now and then the tip Of his nose barely escaped scraping the sidewalk. Panting after the race, the chil ­ dren slopped before the beautiful Hone building that looked like a castle. This Is our school, Pl- noechta. Tbli • Is where you.will pome every day now.\ “ Sb? How very interesting. But > I suppose that if your httle friend Pinocchio felt 'himself Mo small, too stupid, to enter so grant a palace Of learning, you-would excuse him?\ “ Oh, my. no?The stupider you are tha more you go to school. Of course, you are very little and very stupid, so you win have to go a long Ume. You will learn and be very bright, by and -by .\ \You* are most , kind,\ said P1- Vv ELL .THAT BOY S' visit S ure mas B een a tonic TO THE OLD - -COLONEL — . HE ’ S WALKING i k- AGAIN ! '. HELLO, DOC.BEfdiT; .JUST LEFT— HE AGREED To GO ­ ME'S LEAVIM& WITHIN A WEEK ’ — GREAT BO* I iSNfT HE.? r-J TVE Gen THEM A ll . ftEAOY.' t'M GOING AWAY ; ON MY y.^lCHT AND GET* MY STRENGTH &ACH.- GOIt^G TO SOUTHERN WATEfVb AND JuSTTAKE THINGS EASY \TOO WON'T SEE OR HEAR PROM tAE FOR MONTHS AND*VLL _ 8E wrtES^E YOU CAtVT \EVEN-VWRTTEDRCA©!- WELL, MAY6E THERE'S NOTHING TO FT — i PERHAPS ITS 3u£T AS WELL you DiDNT — NOW THEN, WHAT L ARE YOUR PLANS ? THAT'S SENSIBLE, NA?T! YOD'ljL GET ' well ! YOU.BET HE IS! DID YOUT^LL Hityi WHAT TOf-VCUFF WROTE YOU? BY GEORGE. I DIDN'T ! WONDER *F -I SHOULD HAVE? - presents they couldn't all be put la one room ... All the girls seem to be getting Married these days . . . Next week Dolly carter Is manylng that Howgrth boy. Lydia arch is marrying a Boston attorney and there 1* the big Corbetl-Dudd wad ­ ding ... The following week there are five more . . . Yes, I just love to hear about weddings ... I am the town's best-known dealer in sil ­ verware, china and cut-glsas.\ K. C.

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