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T- ^ 5 T — — ■ — rn --------------------------- , mmr Jails Press. White Plains baily Corporation > tW « m ................................... T Hand* PM** Wll Tinl iil Tnu .................. rtiat*-T. Jiaata 2£« American rt»aat with the apparent intention of landing that contraband. I! TUC c ’ DTDTT /\bC 'TUT: She waa prevented from the act by I 1 ^FlKl 1 Ur 1 rtt PRESS Wnlcbnlrt ( mini) Newspapers WEDNESDAY, APRIL a faf: i ktt (MU rrttnuoKi upon otker pro- dmu. profit. auonauni: <•*> ndttti tie prmnpict el koiuity. irrt *-\ , tnJ ijusrt ■oaranii be fnHuM liu • ear IrpatKMt titrr ‘ THE Cl£V&«tXD PKLSS OUR PLATFORM FOR ll HITF. PLAINS Make White Plains the First City in Westchester County. Support the City Plan. , A school surrey fit determine the facilities needed. Purchase . of needed parks and' playground*. . . „ FOR WESTCHESTER COL NTY we may enforce, another law, and that a man-made .statute which in ­ volves no question of morals? Every right-minde'd person, is for law enforcement, but when we find our authorities placing one law above another., enforcing this law to the limit and winking at violations of =/ that, it.is hot difficult to foresee a siU uatibn which might readily lead to a general disregard for alt* law except that of selLdefensc. It is probable that the \I ’ m Alone ” case will be settled amicably, that the ship's owners will be paid and that the family of the French h a- / tionnI who lost his life will be com ­ pensated^ Money will buy another ship but it will not restore the life that 'has been taken. Nor will it restore lost self-respect. Adoption of uniform truffic code. Completion of Parkway program. Elimination of grade crossings. Extension of trunk setter system. Uniform system of assessment. NO TURN ON TIIE RED Confusion, perhaps natural at this timfr, is reported throughout West ­ chester County in connection with the right of motorists to execute a right-hand'turn on the red traffic light ’ Formerly this was allowed iii the four citic;, Yonkers. Mount Vernon, Nfw Rochelle and White Plains, and in certain of the smaller communi ­ ties of Ihe county. Also, the Westchester County Traffic Committee, in its preliminary sessions, on which wide publicity was given, recommended that such turns be allowed, after motorists had come to a full stop. The committee made such recommendation largely be ­ cause it was urged the motorists of the four cities, accustomed to such tarns, would be.greatly confused and inconvenienced by any change from • that regulation. Before the Traffic Committee could formulate its final report, however, the State of New York entered the issue and in the Westall Traffic Bill, now passed and signed by the Gov ­ ernor, forbade such right-hand turns except in “ extreme casts. Therefore, the change in the four cities and else­ where, which the local traffic com ­ mittee sought to escape, is now forced upon the County by State leg ­ islation. But, as a.lways occur? where there are loopholes in “ emergency ” or “ discretionary\ legislation, a number of communities are .reported to be allowing wide latituda in interpreta ­ tion of “ emergencies.* Clearly it was not the intent of the legislature that such wide privileges in right-hand turns he allowed aslis now extended in Westchester. The .spirit of Ihe law is being violated. County Engineer McDonald and Chairman McCarthy of the Special Traffic Committee of the Board of Supervisors, as well as Sheriff Under­ hill and Chairman Eastman of the t Citizens' Traffic Committee, aro unit ­ ed in their agreement that the right- hand \emergency\ turn should be kept to an absolute minimum. Other ­ wise, they argue, the very confusion which has resulted in the past over divergent rules of the road in West- cheater will continue, the basic rea- aon for the effort for a uniform tr-af- . fie code. It is natural that ’ each city should endeavor to speed up its traffic and inconvenience the least number of Ha motoring citizenrv. But seeking relief through loop ­ holes o S the law is bad business, tend ­ ing to bring the whole law into dis- ' repute and subsequent nullitv. “ Bootlegging\ on right-hand turns cannot be winked at by Westchester communities. an alert coaat guard. The mission of the coast guard was then accom- f pliahed. Her oiiase irfto open water tdilorial **!■\**£ ’ n ‘ / r * k , a new chapter to the alary 1. \^i'Ja'SS'r tStiTa. which culminated in her being sunk II by gunfire. 1 y It is unlikely that a man of Ad-' miral Plunkett ’ s standing would take so definite u position on this inci ­ dent were lie not sure of the groilnd he Stands upon. The question which this incident raises calls for'an answer. Are we to adopt and follow a policy which ^disregards one law—and a law based upon the moral code — in'order that soo,ooo ana or th* iniciu jU5.S30.ooo. Truly ' THE GASOLINE TAX The executive committee of the Automobile Merchants- Association of New York is to make a strong ap ­ peal to Cpyernor Roosevelt to veto the gasoline \ni bill enacted at the recent session It the Legislature. At the fifth annual dinner of the associatiofi in New York Thursday night resolutions will be drawn and sent to Albany in which the Governor will be requested to conduct a hear ­ ing on the bill. . The guspline tax when used for tl>e specific purpose of road building is a fair tax, easy nud economical of collection. Legislatures in all states wflcre the tax has been adopted have been confronted with the very prob ­ lem which disturbed the Albany ses ­ sion just concluded. The rural sec ­ tions have demanded more than their fair share of the t»x. and the urban sections have been hard put to thwart their drives. When the tax is sequestered for road construction, it can be fairly said that those who use the roads must pay for them. The tax is paid cheerfully when the tAxpayer sees his money returned to him in the form of hard-surfaced highways. The bill passed at Albany does not sequester the tax moneys for high ­ way construction or maintenance. It is a tax in contemplation of a shift ­ ing. of .the tax burdeji. However, what is paid out j ’ n gasoline* taxes may as readily be saved in inedme taxes, so the net result Is the sarfie. The bill^hicfi the auto merchants oppose is The result of compromise. It is impossible for those who $rc looking on from the gallery to know what.the terms of the compromise are.\ In time we inay learn. We would havq preferred to see our own count}* obtain a refund of 25 per cent ofHhe gasoline tax col ­ lected within the county, a percent ­ age which^rules hi a large nuffiber of states. We are, KAwever, unwill ­ ing to believe that as strong a group of representatives as Westchester had at Albany* voted for the bill that is now before the Governor'without sibtaining for the county concessions in other directions which will com ­ pensate- us “ for an apparent loss. Sam* Very Interpreting figures America Jigve recently come U> light rein- Hide tly* to automobile production In tb# 'United 8 late and Canada during 1I3S. There were 4.830,000 cere and truck* produced In these countries laat year and of thla number. -4.044.000 were passenger vehicle* and 586,000 truck*. The wholesale value of the passenger machines was 42AV), JUST FOLKS Uy EDQAJf QUEST 1 camera and pen deeds were not recorded to be. read by other men. r was never In the papers <ront or second page or third. Of his labors In the vineyard only Ujpse who knew him heard. For his Ute. waa very simple. Many kindly things he'd done. In dealing with' bis fellows be had never ujed a gun. a remarkable outpul. Registratlon records pbow that there are Hated In the United States 24.730.000 autos. 31.830.000 passenger cars and.3J20.000 trucks. He was useful In his business apd - , nf gnn i sn n sk d i n Vigb— : — - He was honest, he was decent, but was not good copy stuff. He kept a little garden which he tinkered round at nlgbt ' ‘ away the blossoms to ig - - • jighC ilia neighbors. Ii The world'! registration . of eats Is 31,723.000. Hut the papers made no menUon of giving the United State* a percentage of There Is no question as to what country does the most riding, and while figures ordinarily may be dry. certainly- these, statistics do not fait Into that classification.' Another Item of Interest in connection with these reports laOjw tots! number of cars re ­ gistered on farma^S. 430,00a Who said thu farmer was slow In adopting new methods? Highway expenditures to meet this great traf ­ fic totaled 31.500.000.000 In 1928. The number of persons . employed In motor vehicle and allied lines totals 4.110,000. Taxes on moior vehicles reached the enormous sum of '3785.- presence in the town he never was a.gangster of ur savory renown. sfhlr j Ths poor wins knew lii ’ for the'pfty In his'-. I helped them bear him loved him ' Hs-ttsi In fbreign trade American automobile deal ­ ers led the field. There were 810.00(| motor vehicles sold outside the United Stbtes and the total value of parts and tires sold lii..for ­ eign countries was 3680,600,000. All of these figures aro important because they show pro ­ gress tp national business affairs -The Dally Argus. over many a rugged mile. But there wasn't much reporters could relate about hie life ' For although he'd made some money he'd stayed -faithful to his wife. So he lived'and died, unnoticed. Just a toller In the rank Who hud never shot a rival an;! had never robbed a bank! Westchester First (Continued from Page One) other WsstckesLrr communities' may folldw In th$ footstep# of Port Chester and edge away a bit from the residential Idea and a little, ntiyer to the Industrial Idea. Two young men In Mount Vernon zigxazxcd through out of'that city# ■most crowded thoroughfares a. few days ago. each one trying to manl- puUiie ill* car to cut. the other off. l! was a shocking exhibition of -dis ­ regard for (he safety of others and the two-young then were arrested. City Judge Bernstein gsve each of them a ten-day term In the county penitentiary -where they will be un ­ able to fight any more “ automobile duels.\ Young men. who possess such frolicsome tendencies should do thylr frolic! ng on the public playground Instead of on our public thoroughfares. TWO BLACK CROWS After long and animated squab ­ bling on the part of city official* and politicians. New Rochelle has at last put over tbr two-payment taxjdan-- Those who have labored for It maintain that It win lift a heavy burden from the small tax ­ payer. Will benefit \ all * 'cli***o qf taxpayers and will aid real estate men In their financing. It will at least enable the tax ­ payer to make two bites of their cherry and pay .thelx taxes in two definite Installments without being unduly penalised for the accomoda ­ tion. .«■ MORAN A MACK Moran- Itoorth.we la'wtnntn: Marti' ' Moran: I • hought yo' ' I killed many Mack- Mack: Nope I v Moran*. lit Mack: VI , thenf 1 WUZ here. WHAT PRICE SWAMP LAND 7 FREEDOM OF THE SEAS Rear: Admiral Plunkett, retired, •peaking before the White Plains Chamber of Commerce, may have atartled some with his terse comment on the sinking v>f the “ S'm Alone, ” which has already caused foreign governments to wonder whether the ages-old law of the freedom of the * n af ** r *>« Abandoned. Placing the doctrine of the free­ dom of the seas on a par with the - -. Monroe Doctrine, Admiral Plunkett \ ertv ’ ■.'Justice' ___ _____ __ Supreme Court will fin'd himself edi­ torialized in the New York press for the next few days, and the comment will be of a highly commendatory nature. « llis rejection of a commission award of approximately f8,6()0 an acre for \low wet, swampy marsh ­ land\ earned a sting that will have -its effect. The conclusions of the commission, which JustictTMorschauser castigat ­ ed in an opinion filed on Ttfesdav, were based, according to the court, \on the necessity of tha Cily of New lork to acquire the property and capitalizing that fact to the last dol ­ lar that might ,be taken from the city.” Any such method of determ ­ ining values is wrong and the court serves notice that jt will not be tolerated. PROTECTING T11E PUBLIC ' declared the pursuit of the * Alone ” and its destruction by a rev «nue flutter beyond the twelve-mile limit waa without warrant of law and that “ we haven ’ t a leg to stand on. ” We think the ‘ Tip Alone ” case might be fairly discussed without be- coming controversial over prohibi ­ tion. It will be conceded for the rec ­ ord that the vessel was carrying con ­ traband, that she approqphed the Governor Roosevelt signed a bill on Tuesday which will make it more difficult for fraudulent advertisers to buy space in newspapers and peri ­ odicals. This measure, which had the sup ­ port of the newspaper publishers of - Ute state* makes itn-misdemeanor foT .any person or corporation, or agents ' ’ mployes thereof, dealing in prop- ► to make any false statement. either i:t advertisements inserted for the promotion of such a business or to publishers who demand explana ­ tion of any ailvertisement offered for publication. This law wiU enable publishers of newspapci* to obtain information which will reasonably establish the honesty and good intentions of an advertiser. Jt will make it easier for the publishes to protect the reader. In the death of Bishop Bcent-ih* lllsbnp United Stales have lost on# of Drent their foremost cllisenr The world. .too'. Is the loser, for Bishop Brent was more than the rltlien of any one coun ­ try. He was one nf Ihnne Internationally minded men whose patriotism *u enhanced by a devotion to the good of mankind. On\ of '.the distinguished founder* of the move msnt for universal peare through th# unity of the Christian church, he waS known In every country of the world. When he died he was bishop of the diocese of western l$*w York, but he will probably be remerribedld more as bishop of the Philip pines. It was to these Islands that he »*n! as the first Episcopal bishop In 1901. and where he began his long fight against the traffic In naycotics. He was an ardent cham ­ pion of the Islanders, and on more than one occasion caused a sensation by criticizing the United States government for various of Its policies. A Chrlstlsn of the. militant tjrp*,.lt was not surprising that he should have been chosen chaplain general of American forces In the World War. He woe the chief figure In one of Jhe roost* memorable occasions in our hi' lory — when he preached the n-rmun at the service In St. Pnul'iucathcdral In Jxmdon. on April 20, 1917, brfoj the king and queen til Encli^i and a notable company, and Irf In* prayer*, for hla country Hi the world strug ­ gle In which she had Just been engaged. it was characteristic (ft him that he should throw himself into work for peace an soon as the war hsd ended. The war behind him. he bent every effort to the end that no such catastrophe could ever'again be possible. A notable representative of his church, he work- ,, vluu ^ ed for peace through the churchej. but he w j, A , presents \Mli was an ardent supporter of every »! “ ■ ................... ... ward International unity. He died at of his temperament Ptniltl wish to go- midst pf his fruitful labor.. It ran be him that he \(ought the good fight w hla might.'' — Mount'Vernon Argus. neck. Two gypsy, famlllca hired v»- ' rant stores to live' in and the Mamaroneck Ranltary Officer' promptly discovered them. In one. of the pliu^s he found alxie eons orcujylng one room And sleep ­ ing on the*floor. Brought to court, yo' Join th'j both families were ordered to >*- to fight? |cate the premises pnd get out of BUCKING BRONCOS “ Speculation ” ia a Wall Street bronco I Every dey some folks ere sure they ca ride him. Then, whoopee —ahd off they go, too! \Steady Gait ” meantime jogs right along— an INTEREST ACCOUNT at the COUNTY , TRUST— Why play cowboy? Deposits made on or before April 10th wilK-^ draw interest from April 1st. The County Trust Co. White Plains, New York That Body oLYours By JAR W_ BARTON, V. a SMALL All -KENTS MAY CAUSE ! er cm* part. You are usually |i I joined ' them to tm That's the way the gypsy ques- on hn* got to be handled We mst inetut on them living decent- th' | Jy ahd in line with present-day J civilization. Thev pr anybody else tin-': who nttempt to live like these two families make public nulaances of comparfy j themselves. Moran: Well, yo' !» rightin' now. Tit* new swimming pool ***hlch Mack: I.i -en. Egghead, nobody ; j, being compleled as on addition Is gain.to kill me. I'm ; to the Baths at Plsrland wyi have V fo*. Chicago ‘ lighting system* both over and. cornc* th' em-niy now. . under the 'wtuw This promises to n .thev arrives, tell ■ moke night Kmh:ng there extremely popular. ,• ,... ! Playland la In danger. In feet, qf Big Bo> J nves ayncusa^e f ir the j mnk lng bathing there go popular I that the time-honored Saturday ! night ball* at home la apt to' be ° | killed by the competition.* Why | pose like ii contortionist In th ' I adequate bath-tub at home s !! you ran bathe In such a perfscUy ! gorgeous netting «*' Playland I ~ ! the point of providing? But ho Ifavejt no forwtu ing addree*- When anybody stai playltfg war. Big Boy commences play Bsek-s-Bpo. Today ■ 1 Our Inquiring Reporter “ Governor Roosevelt, ha* An “ UnlntrUl- characterized the final day of gent Blot\ the legislative session as an \unintelligent' riot.\ When wc read that the Legislature passed more than four hundred bill* on that day. we cshnotabui be'impressed by yt\o fitness of the term. LegislaUve session* usually emUn that way. Wc have been present nt the adjourn-' - 4 of the leglalsUve sessions In snother Ladle* Ah! Society of St.. Mat- ! thew ’ a Lutheran ChureSr-raeetn at j 2:30 p. m. . Helping Hand Circle. Companions of Forest, m*ctiUK In the evening, j The Triart Club of Y. M. and Y. j ’ . II. A. present* \Miss Doultnn's 1 Orchids.''. 8 15 p. m In the assocla- ! . _ - — . - - ------ - --- ,., — Jt non. auditorium. . I Th , Q^Jion White Plains Contemporary Huh what do.you consider the great- meet* in the aftcrijiKin at the Pres- M t community need of White bytcrlan Church- House, j plains. White Plains Lodge '^73 F. & A j Where Asked M. holds a commemorative meet- • About town. The Answer The February Croup of the Worn- [ Mr*. J. Belfot ] nn's Auxiliary of 8t. Bartholomcw'e : “ Greater safety - .................... r tn erossioe «t Churyh presenu \The Bachelor j in crossing streets, particularly i Reverie\ 8:18 at 8b Bartholomew's near the center of town Broadway ; Parish House. ; nt Hamilton avenue Is especially Zone Board of Crrenburgh meet* ; dangerous and 1 think we need a 1 tn the evening at the offices in the ! police officer there.\ Greenville fire house. F. C. Kent. 162 Longview avenue. Th* Music flection of the Scars- : \I think the town'* greatsst need Is •tote whenjhe legislators behaved like school dale Women's Club holds a must- | another newspaper so that wc will boy*, hurllng'-hous* journals at each other ca , e - 3 p . m , get both sides of every question.\ and. tn one Instance, wrecking the'cbnndel- Tarrytown and Rye boys to com- - - ----------- ------- ' pete with eleven to 11 ftccj-ycar-old local boys In general fff&s games In Uu morning. The three teams in plnfKjjong. pocket billiards and bowling. The afternoon. Finals be ­ tween older}boy* In pocket billiards and ping pong and employed boys gymnasium' and swIffiT p. m. . Annual Mailer dance. Theta liik^Uswriir.. Brlarcllff. the Speaker* That no tkxly of men can intelligently pairs four hundred bill* In one day gov* Without aaylng. They are passed on the final legle latlvc day because the legislator* aro llfcd and want to get home. Legislative measure* slip throqgh In the most mechanical manner. Committee reports mra accepted without ques ­ tion and most of the legislators could ndt tell an hour afterwards what they had done dur- ..„ . ..................... ... .. ..... ing.lhc- “ unlpt e Ul gc ni Jlot.\ ThaYAn: .naJad — l:..Jtgith- Altte Thea tr e - Mrar-Li ta as the fellow who gets drunk and waken tip ; Grey ?haplm In v^ vlU* and Mil- th* next morning to discover that he got mar- ' — rled while he was drunk and that he has hi* Intoxication tg thank for a new wife who Is more likely to prove undesirable than desir ­ able. It might be a good Idi legislative action to curb this tendency to le ­ gislate wildly und by,wholesale during the hist day of the session. Perhaps wc could \have a law that would require our legislators to observe a rest period of two day* after all- business had been transacted. That Alght save u* considerable useless legislation that igoes through in a hurry'when practically no ­ body la looking. The trouble with law Is that the law which legialators enact In haste, we are supposed to abide by until It is repealed. legislator* may be able to get the bad taste of bad laws out of tktlr mouths by hurried adjournment but the bad taste lingers on for the people. It Is barely possible that our .legislators think It ia necessary to make this last minute de ­ monstration to impress u» with a realization of what hard-working gentlemen they really .are. If that Is their purpose, their frenzied wind-up of state affairs Is waste motion for It Impresses u* the wrong way — New Rochelle Standard-Star. i ton Sills In \The Barker : Chaplin in vaudeville and Milton SHI# in \The Barker.\ I ler,*'s Slate Theatre — Renee : Adorfee tn “ Tide of the Empire.' • Sigma Delta Kappa dance at I Donnybronk Lodge. ] ‘ LOCWl Strand Theatre - Myrna J Loy and Audrey Ferris ‘ in \Fancy 1 jHarrtaon Democratic Club , ni*- | mini \bsotjuif at the club house on i Harrison Avenue. Wealghester Title A Trust Coro- { pany Employees Asan. 8:30 P. M. dance at Elks Hall. Tomorrow One of the bills that died in Daylight the recent session of the leglsla- Savtng. turr was the one striking the daylight sAvIiig law from the books. It died In committee after protests had been receive from hundreds of people throughout the state. While there are people who can convincingly argue with you that daylight saving u wrong, the fact remain* IXst-lks-sw majority b eWevr* a great dim! qf benefit U derived from the extra hour Of sunlight. - *. Some person* who like to dabble In techni ­ calities will go to great pal mi to explain how this change in tlfh* is detrimental to health; that It Is bad for children because ll brings a general change.In their system of rating and sleeping. W* have always believed that such conditions were more than balanced by th* extra benefit derived from an extra hour In the open air. Those who have Xo work in offices eight and Bine hours a day «* cer­ tainly appreciative of sh hour'* enjoyment in th* afternoon after quitting the office While davliglr* — measure,}Ilk* a .acted during l Mount Vjirnon Argus. Loew's Slate Theatre — Ramon Novarro In 'The Flying Fleet.\ The Gay Girls Club of Whits Plains Y. W. H- A. Loctura 3 o'clock In-the Chester Building. Carle-Anderson Post. No. 3.19, Am ­ erican Legion of Harrison held\ at Lawrence's Iifn. Whits Plains Council of Relig ­ ious Education begin study courses, to be held In the First Baptist ! Church. White Plains PctstdSS. Amastean j Legion holds boxing show and din ­ ner at Armory on South Broadway.' j Lions ClubN holds meeting. j_ JJebrnn txKlce_No. 229, I. O. O. F. ijehron laidge_ itnllation oTTiew otricrr*. -------- | The Women of the Moos#. at Moose Hall. ! BeFehWood 'Players opening per- . formance “ Erovelyu'r Chest ' at ! B*eehwood Thea're. Scarborough. The wedding of Mias Agnes Dale j Uieke ahd -Percy L Croiby at 11 I o'clock. First-Presbyterian Chure.h. : New York.> — S Guild of . White Plain* Nurrfng I £.*#dfcia;lc .. ! Fatly ' at ' : ciub. Lrcjl Y. ?!. C. vic=t.'3r» p S\ \ .^Ladles Day. * * V ’ •./ John Teaoro. 239 Martin* avenue, )*Th* most Important need of the town, as T sec It. Is a large public parking place somewhere near the center . of the business district Shoppers are unable Xo find DlKABILfTY You are considering the purchase of. an' automobile. Perhaps you have been driving a certain type and aa you think of trading It In for a new jar you are tn doubt as to whether to buy a car of the.sam# ndu or snot bar maks entirely. 'J ho car you btormn driving has bero^oAlrfactory la many ways but on* or two minor parts have, I If ' rated In on* organ only. If it Is your heart about wi you are concerned and your dot tells you It Is all right, you greatly relieved and of course h a right so to f#*L However, ymfr heart may be thing* may be Interfering with \health running\ of that body yout*. a »low intestine, bad teeth tonsils, a sluggish liver, a oed\ stomach, poor carriage #f t minor nature why do you hesitate j Now Jug , „ y,, fnf4n , of , obout buying or of th* » ’ \* ! b* aU right but th* ear can 'stalled\ or work poorly If the I Because tb* sendee you have re ­ ceived from thr agent ha*, not bean satisfactory. In 'other words, no matter whether your car la a Rolls Royra or a Ford It Is th* \service\ the \servicing that eounts In your mind because you want your ear to \y for th* road any time, the only way you can get *t from your'ear la to let Jtf\ who sold K to you • take It In for \Inspection\ at regular In ­ tervals. He not oqly goes over the' engine, which I* the \heart\ of the car. but he looks at thsjfan belt, carburetor, the tires, springs, steer ­ ing apparatue, and all the other parts (hat have a bearing on th* ability of the car;to run' well, and Hi *., run „n that you are comfortable. Now did It ever occur to ydu that If you are not feeling well, you go to your doctor and tell him belt la loo*#, the carburetstj has t wrong mixture, the tires carry I sufficient air. and other “ mlno conditions, eo also can little ti lea In that body of your* jlreve you having jierfect health. The ti son of cqurse Is fh'at as you ha your car Inspected, so should y have your body completely Inepet ed by your family doctor onee twice .year Letters From Our Readers ' --- - ........ ...... ...... bailor, Liaiiy run: i nave ju organ: your stomach your heart. » perused the Brat ropy of the Dal vooe lone. vro..e h-k «- o.K. U m . to b* a pap \born fully grown\ and will aupp your lung*, your head or Infant Death Rate Low in Port Cheiter Port Chester. April 3 — Health au ­ thorities of this village report to the village board that the village had the third lowest Infant mor ­ tality rate In 'he state. The same report showed that th* grocers of the community had \collaborated readily\ with a recent drive made the !. -alth department to sup- press cans of a comestible which waa alleged to have poisoned many Ih Chicago. Thirty-one cans of the' product found In grocery stores In the. community were confiscated ana destroyed. AUTOS COLLIDE :to driven by Anns V. Bone- vlc. 133 Weller avenue, crashed Into another machine driven by Margar- J ct Ryan of Cambridge avenue as th* tatter was pulling out from the '•nient parking |>l ice# and manycurb at 154 Main street Jast night. ® lem are forced to walk several j Miss Waller's car waa slightly dam ­ ns.\ ---- ‘ - *' ----------— — — -•*- long desired source of n heretofore obtained hare. 1 sincerely congra.tulats you upt IU general make up. aad wtah y« every auectaa In th* future. Faithfully your*. LEWIS C. MOTT aged. No complaint w Favorably Impr e ssed Editor. Dally P toss : Allow me send my moet hearty eongratuli Uona to you and your fellow pu Ushers on th* Inauguration of yoi new paper, as a man wh\ * many year* on the art game, who has seen all phases art . as applied to th* dally press, well as th# commercial eld*. I truly may my Impression waz favorable In looking over the . start Kvilnlih, end T belle* you have a most promising futuri In closing, let me say If -I er- '* any way aaslst you I would be pleased to do so. < 1 Sincerely. ELISHA BROWN BIRO r™: '2L~.y.*L • F f A.Cordial Welcome is Extended to The Daily Press May it proaj id may its a; 9 vent into the life of our clt j: mark the'beginning bf-a-nc. I j agency ’ for v the edification c our citizens and the bet* •nt of White Plains. Westchester i itle & TrusfComp: /White-Plaint. N. Y. \ CAPITAL and SU r X us

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