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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N: Y., THURSDAY. APRIL 4.1929 Twelve Features From Footlights And Filmland awn Dancers At New Rochelle Novarro Picture Hu Many Thrills Ted Shawn — Amcnca ’ i Greatest Male Dancer. America haa produced but a sin ­ gle great male dancer — Ted Hhawn. During the poet 10 yearn he haa been climbing steadily until now In point of achievement he ranks with the famous Russians — Mordkin and Nijinsky. ,11c is not only 'a dancer, but-a producer, a lecturer, a costumer and an author. His latest book — \Gods Who Dance\ ts announced | for April publication by E. P. Dut ­ ton & Company. In large part it I will be devoted to hla experiences ‘ j and his descriptions of tho native ! 1 dances witnessed during the IS ! months' lour of tho Orient, mode! LOEWS STATE TODAY, FRI., SAT., APRIL 4-5-6 TODAY — FRIDAY — SATURDAY ANOTHER A LI .-TALKING FOX SUPER FEATURE everybody years ago.' Otherwise Mr. Shawn's creative | ability has resulted In whnt~-haa ! come to Be known a» the Deni- ' ahawn technique: The Denlshawn ! Schools; Of which there are eight between New York unit Xo« Ange- I lea. owe a great port of their teach ­ ing material to the facile dance- writing of Tod Shawn. HI* latcat and moat noteworthy creations will be shown when he ! appear*- with hto company of . 20 Denb hawn Dancers at the New Ro- fPAOtl f RAIPH- 'GRAVtS umtiu). NUGENT _/l,rtc Arenas (1 SOUND HELEN TWHiVETREfeS CHARLES EATON Ramon Novarro in \Flying Fleet. -ON jut : - * NEW ALL STAR RADIG-KEITH-ORPHEUM VAUDEVILLE ! day night. mini-of the picture Is Alfred Featuring George Hill, who directed \Tsfllt : to the Marines\ and \Tho Cossacks.' wpve the ktory together skilfully from a'scchirio by lUchard Schay- er. The air scenes, filmed at the North Island naval bane through the_co-opcration of Admiral Joseph Rasvoa, Include tho terrifying stunts of the navy's-famous \Sui ­ cide Squad\ of nerial acrobats, ma ­ neuvers with hundreds of naval planer in the air. and -other exclt- Another Thriller \FRATERNITY SQUAF WITH LARGE CAST ern slur whose popularity has been growing by leaps and bounds, will be at the Loaw't Strand theatre again on Friday and Saturday In “ ------ Fe\. his latest star- In tho supporting Presents Hi« Original Idea I Dr. T. Kennan 'Thompson to During Convict, Former Co Icpe Student, Is Returned From Sing Sing prison — Larceny Charged j 'Tell How to Connect i Manhattan With Real of , the Countn 1 I Tonkers. April 4. — The annun [ meeting of the Westchester County ' Chapter of the New York State So ­ ciety of Professional Engineers and -Retribution\ ring picture. LEW. KESSLER'S CO-EDS ts “ VISIONS OF 1929\ AND \ ■ ^ Other Star Acts A Gowan. ' The picture wa amade on the lo ­ cations pictured by Brysls Coleman in writing hlj story — a ranch Just west of Same Fe.. New Mexico. Hundreds of head of horses ara Used in Tound-up and .branding The Htnry fo -hllrd with action from beginning to end and was produced by J. Charles Davts of. the El Dorado Productions. Inc. Put this dn your calendar as one picture you must not miss, pro ­ vided you like action pictures. Intimate scenes show life In the service, aboard the airplane carrier ship \Saratoga\ and In the flying j base of the navy, and tho complete: training of an 'aviator Is Bern Inj the 'acenes showing Novalro's edu ­ cation for trie air. • Lieutenant Commander Frank Wo»tl_ . getwi-.w technical advisee and story expert during tho mak ­ ing of the picture, and among the | aelors are actual famous navy avia- j tors such as Lieut*. \Put\ Stores. C. ! F. Greber. D. W. Tomlinson. Wil ­ liam Davis and other*. Roy H. Sloane. 28-year-old for- ] mer- Columbia Cnfvertlly student I and preicnt Sing,Sing convict, who : amazed prison keepers and attor-1 neys with his plan to escape from ! King Sing and his conduct- of hi* ; own clefenoe against the charge. I* ! back In tho County Jail here for al Sloane was convicted ously attempting to rnc* prison. He had been si for stealing automobiles cluster — -Hn nn#rla In ha trial on the auUMlobllc cl — — der one of tho lost orders signed by former County Judge Walter G. C. Otto before he left the bench. I-and Surveyors, of which . foeputy j Chief Engineer L. G. Hollermn of I the Park Commission is president, i rill be held this evening In Yot j :mrs City Hall, at B_ o'clock, j Th« result of election of four ! members of the board of directors. ! to serve terms of throe year*, each, ; will be announced, and an tllustrnt- ' ed talk will be delivered by Dr. T- Kennard. Thompson, consulting en ­ gineer. of Yonkor*. - NEXT MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESD j Are Her I,rile »f felonl- pe from TODAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, 8:30 UnuiuaJ Plot In ‘ Wight Hawk ” \Night Hawk.\ a dram*, tn three acts by ildtand Oliver, thia even- : ing aqd continuing with a matinee 1 ‘ ‘ The Ghost Talks\ - Feature at Keiths MATINEE SATURDAY, 2:30 '. Direct from one year oa Broadway and many months In Chlcaoo. j* PMMdsiphla and Boston THE SEASON'S MOST SENSATIONAL PLAY The all-talking Fox super feature, \The Ghost Talk*.\ Is the picture attraction at the Kelth-AIbco the ­ atre for the balance of this week, j Helen Twclvotrccs and Charles I Eaton play the leads in this pro- • due lion- ~ ■ 'Fraternity Square,\ a collegiate . revue with a largo'cast, heads the | vaudeville presentation. This act contains ^number of clever singers and dariccr*T~ If Sloane to acquitted of steal ­ ing the automobiles he will attempt to show. It la expected, that he w<to wrongly In priaon when he was ac ­ cused and convicted of trying to escape and therefore should be re ­ leased from serving not only the term for larceny but also the addi- tlontu sentence for tho attempted night performance Saturday ' New Rochelle Theatre h the • New Rochelle Theatre Has Enid Markcy in the leading role. It tella the story of Maisie Buck. ’ a lady with a very full pari, who heselges a doctor to uie her as an experiment or rejuvenaUon. Sh« promisee that' if he successfully ,-e- atorea to her youth, she wl» \go straight\ .with the hopes of inter ­ est Ing some one who, will accont pony her to the allar. The experi ­ ment accomplishes Its results, but fate intervening makes the doctor ’ s young brother the subject ot the woman's attentions. The doctor In anger- reveals the facts In the caxe, which forces the brother to walk out of the picture and the girl to seek refuge In her old home. North Tarry town Without Fire Chief North Tarry town. April 4. — Fire ­ men are wondering who will call The state organization, of which the Westchester chapter Is a unit, is meeting today In Nw York City In annual convention -with a dinber to follow this evening then an assistant, amused and am ­ azed attorneys here. After some deliberation, the Jury found Sloane tecKSIOUTy guilty of trying to break out ot Sing Sing and he was returned there to nerve seven years In addition to his ‘ ori ­ ginal five-year sentence for auto ­ mobile theft* Sloane exhibited more than the average intelligence In court and won wide sympathy for what -he made to appear an unfortunate se ­ ries ot “ bod breaks\ against him. His mother to a magazine writer who now Uvea in India and ho haa a sister who married Into a prom ­ inent family. WitK ENID MARKEY AND A SPLENDID CAST OF PLAYERS SEATS NOW-MAIL ORDERS FILLED Assistant District Attorney James Dempsey, Jr., will prosecute Sloane MYRNA LOY AUDRY FERRIS at hJa new trial here aomrtime late this month tn County Court be ­ fore Judge Frederick P. Close. A year and a half ago Sloan* waa tried In County Court here be ­ fore Judge William F. Bleak ley. He demonstrated to an astounded crowded courtroom how an Imple ­ ment made with tools and odds and egds of met*l smuggled Into his .• <• 11 Mw.ia 11 -I — — Ul. Mr*. Web*ter Ha# Guests for Bridge Mrs. William Webster, of Har ­ vard Court entertained Monday afternoon with two tables of bridge. First prize was Aeon by Mrs. Hurold Sweeney and. .the second by Mrs. Viola Brain ley. Mr*. Webster's guests were Mrs; Viola, Bramley. Mrs. Harold Sweeney. Mrs. James Webster, Mrs. William Sweeney, Mrs. James .McLaughlin and Mrs. William Wlilpplp and Mr*. Freder ­ ic ’ -. Jenkins, of Rye. Fancy Baggage AUo Comedy — Vareity — New* SUN. EVE., APRIL 7TH AT 8:30 COMING FRI. - SAT. APRIL 5-6 JTJSH M you like your pictur ■ spiced with action *ee — DOB CUSTER cell would open the cell door. HI* speeches to the Jury ftgm the wit ­ ness chair and hi* crosiFexamina ­ tion of witnesses. Including Dis ­ trict Attorney Frank H. Coyne. The New Rochelle Theatre has the honor to present to the theatre-goer* of Westchester County — TED SHAWN tha orders and lead tho battle at the next tire for the five Are com ­ panies of this community are with ­ out a fire chief. Chief Edward Swansea^ contract expires and he has announced he Is through with fire fighting. Stan ­ ley Watt. leading man in the fam ­ ous Watt divorce trim, who has been first assistant chief, has mov- 400 Arrest* Made Here During March West of SantaFe' A total of 400 arrests wsr* mode by the White Plains police during ; the month of March, according to ] flgurcs released by the Commission ­ er of Publlo Safety, Alonzo P. Dennishawn Dancers FIRE DETECTIVE NO. 4 COMEDY — NEWS «d to make Second Assistant Chief John Brogan the chief but the fifth conrpnay objected. The fifth con ­ tinue* in refusal to vote for Bro ­ gan and there the deadlock-stands. Given 60 Days On * Woman ’ s Complaint Angelo Doage of 88 Palisade Ave ­ nue. Dobbs Ferry, was sentenced lost night by Judge William H. Beely in tho Greenburgh Court to spend the next 80 days in the West ­ chester County Penitentiary. upon a charge of disorderly conduce 74 sUll pending, and IS referred to other officials. Of the total number of arrests, only nine were for felonies, the rest being 1 for misdemeanor*- of which the predominating number of 275 waa for violations of-traffic law*. Next In number came intoxication and disorderly conduct; and Symphony Quartette Returns from a triumphant World Tour SKATS NOW PHONE NR-7750 MAIL ORDERS FILLED TICKETS $2.50 $2.00 The Yeomen oS the Guard PleasantviUe APRIL 11 — 12 — 13 A shotgun, a slot machine, and a policeman's bjlly found in his place of business. 4 Marble avenue. Pleas- antvllle, led to the arrest of Dom ­ inick Agio, by two state troopers, Harold T. Muller -and H. H. Stan- yon. Wednesday night. He was brougHt up before Poller JusUce Hitchcock and total ball was Axed at *1.000, or *500 on each of the two chargee of possessing THE FIRESIDE PLAYERS, Iw T onight —F rid ay- — Saturday Before You ’ re 25 SEASON ’ S BEST CAST Naughton of East Irvington who alleged Doags was disorderly in her presence and was trespassing WHITE PLAINS MEETING HOUSE ing the slot machine, ■ Tho case will be, tried before Judge Stud well on Friday nlgbL The racoon has the peculiar ha ­ bit of dipping its food In watar be ­ fore eating It- ■ The nlnetetn-year-old Hungarian shepherd, boy. ToML who w discovered by the manager of the lata Sigmund BreltbarL giving, exhibition of hi* physical prowess by lifting hi* extremely heavy c during one of hi*, acta In a Berlin theatre. POP —As Good As His Word REMOVAL NOTICE BUILDING SC REALTY NEWS /■aaflik. MASQUERADE COSTUMES THE DAILY PRESS Made to Order rest X ls Large Assortinrul j -Classified Ads j are both Powerful and Profitable. Scotty Shop . v 151 L Post Road TeL 5*8 White Plains Phone White Plains 9 2 00 ROY-H. SLOANE ENGINEERS OF IS BACK HERE COUNTY WILL rrt j m

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