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1 9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.N fr IDAY. APRIL 5. \020 9200 She J 3 ailij Press. White Plains Daily Corporation a T. UuBtu CbltM B. TortHe K ONE MONTH SIX MOI IS data *» C«Jl* Ft** f)« Woits'w.'f JfnSert B. Psiursoo FRIDAY. APRIL 5 ” WJewry md.r- 1*1: tktt tf-u tr Jm.li. prvplr. ,»<i fnitplu 'I him TIIE CLEVELAND CRESS FOR WHITE PUI\$ Make While Plains the First City in Wrsichntcr County- Support the City Plan. A school survey to-'determine the facilities needed. Purchase of needed ’ parks ami playgrounds. FOR WKSTCHESTBR^CpLATY Adoption of uniform traffic code. Completion of Parkway program. Elimination of grade crossings.' Extension of trunk sewer system. Uniform system of assessment. FEDERAL .JUDGESHIPS New York is soon to have a. num ­ ber of additional federal judges un ­ der legislation enacted during the last session of tho.Congress. Failure of political leaders to agree leaves 'the designation-as one of the-first acts of the Hoover administration. In addition, President. Hoover will name a man to succeed Judge Wins ­ low. Unquestionably one of the four men to he natned should come from Westchester County. The. Westchester bar is rich in material* for the post. Under our theory of- government, it is the province and duty of a judge to administer all • laws impartially. This imposes the duty on every worthy judge to administer laws im-\ partially with respect to each other, that is, not to specialize op the exe ­ cution of any law, or laws, to the neglect of any other law, but to ad ­ minister.each law impartially ps be ­ tween individual s and without fear or favor. > Our courts arc Lite last, bulwark of a republic against personal rule. Wc know that executive officers and leg ­ islative officers will be swayed by political bias and personal prejudice, or feeling.' Our forefathers frankly recognized these traits of human nature when they fashioned our sys ­ tem of government, and.they, there ­ fore, provided federal and slate con ­ stitutions. - These organic instru­ ments were left in the guardianship of the judiciary, and on this impreg- , liable ground the judges were placed above the whim of passion or popu ­ larity, and their decrees arc safe- guarded*against the powers of Presi- I detrta. Governors, Congress ’ and leg- islati jros. ‘ ' -The last notable example in Eng­ lish history of a judge who was ap ­ pointed for a purpose ami served as jL_a.4ool~ia4ho caso of-Judge- Jeff revs, who was the tool of James II.- The j- administration of tln> judge w as one of the potent causes that changed a J overnment and overthrew a king. effreys died nearly a hundred yearn before the date of our federal coji- • stitution, but it is undeniable that •' his evil history was clearly in the r; minds of the men - wljo formed the f institutions of this republic. S' ' The American people have long Bpaequiesced in the practice of ap- ifcpointing arid electing judges whose Apolitical . affiliations agreed with frihose of the executive or electorate l that placed them in office. This E. practice cannot -be commended when | viewed solely from the point of the credit and administer the laws fear ­ lessly and impartially, irrespective of what may have been his attitude to ­ ward the question of the prohibition amendment. No man is fit-to be the jud£e of any ..tribunal it he be of .that class that is willing to substitute his personal opinions for the law, or warp his ad ­ ministration of the law according to his \own prejudices or beliefs. ‘ Any class of our citizens has a right-to protest against the appointmerit, or selection of such a judge. Every citi- . zen has the: right to expect that a judge will administer tHe laws im­ partially and fearlessly, and this means all the laws. Further than that no man, party or friction has the' right to make demand that a judge shall represent hip ’ or its beliefs or political opinions. .. ’ Theca are more, than enough of­ ficials in government sendee who represent special interests, and who are trying to promote or prevent some special iftierest or movement,- lo the neglect of the common wel­ fare. The judiciary as designed by our fathers-was intended to be kept' clear of such influences and pur ­ poses, and the safety of'dur govern­ ment qu ’ d the popular respect for the judiciary can only be preserved by by maintaining this ideal. THE NEW 7 'POST OF1CE While government building pro ­ grams move slowly and the red tape at Washington is difficult to cut, we are hopeful that the new\post office ’ in White .Plains will be ready for occupancy-before the end of 1930. PuStaJr officials have informed us that /ivy expect to use the building by 1931. If the project were one to be un­ dertaken by private capital it would not take half the time. It is ridicu ­ lous in this age of rapid and sound construction that the federal and state governments take so long to Blurt a project and then so long to complete it after the first spadeful of earth is turned. Here in Westchester wc have .an example of expeditious work on a public building in the new Hall of Records at the southwest corner of the court house. The new post office will not be a much more substantial Structure than that. The need for a new post office here is imperative. The White Plains post (fffice force is struggling under a severe handicap and White Plains business is suffering and losing money daily.because of it. If there is any way to speed up delivery of tiie new post office White Plf.iijs should get behind the plan to a man. THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESS Editorial F.iprrulona Taken From Westchester County Newspapers Osteopaths aro gb- Why -Not a serving'what they call \Backbone Week\'. ’ \Normal Splno Week ” this week. The thought occurs to ’ us that ,lt might bo well to have a national “ Backbone Week.\ Thn backbone of the overage person l» notmornifi; It doesn't stand up as It should against ‘adversity. JUST FOLKS By EDGAR •. GUEST One lost a child! Westchester First (Contlnusd from *Page One) Throughout the years goes she. nd wonders why Her boy should die And all her grief should be. 'r.rrronclled . L Ttiroughou the y No Joy he gives. A good slogan might be, \The Man with the i But sUII he lives ________ .Wins.'' We find men In every' » of life who are lacking In this great essen- Ual — men who are afraid to strike out man ­ fully for what they know Is right and men. who follow the line of least resistance tor fear that they will Incur animosity U Uisy do not. \God give us men!\ exclaimed the ppet and ■ he might have made It stronger by oxclolm- Ing. \God -give u» men' with backbone/\ It Is an age when 'they are needed, for the pus- •eyfootlng tendency is strong and the dispo ­ sition to shirk responsibility Is too general — Tooth-old-fashioned backbone Is a crying need >f the day. — New Rochelle Standard-Star. With spring cornea publicity The Model regarding varioue Model Home Home exhibits which have been ar ­ ranged particularly for those persons who have made .up their minds to own their own home before another year has Architects and others whose services are required have lent thclh beat tnlenia that Ihoee who are less versed In'such things may be abje to see Just what the Mode) Home Is. SUch a homl Is supposed to offer a maximum of convenience. It suggests proper Interior' decoration and -seta forth w.hat 'expert* con ­ sider an Ideal arrangement of -everything that goes Into the average home. No architect, however, can design the. Mod ­ el Home and no builder can build ona for the vital thing which miUtea n Model Hom.- must be supplied by those wno ore* to live there. The architect, the builder, the painter and all tho other artisans can Join hands to make the Modrl Home but. unless those who later occupy It bring Into It certain tiling*. It will never be the Model Home. It . will be merely a structure — New Rochelle Standard- Star. Fifty-two years ago on April Spur To 1( there were filed with the Progress patent office tha first papers on tho microphone. Today more than 26 , 000.000 telephones, scattered over the face of the globe, make It possible for almost every human being to communi ­ cate Instantly with his fellow*. Alexander Graham Bell was the Inventor of the telephone. Emile Berliner, inventor of the microphone, made possible Hi clal development. His Brsl '•mike, toy drum equipped with - 1 A constant shame to be; One mourns a child! Unreconciled To him her tear* she gives. Another, worn : By shame and scorn, • Mourns for the lost that llvea! arc too often being neglocted. Park ­ ing facilities are of vital import ­ ance to the merchant. Loci parking' -facilities has put - 1 ___ than one store out of buslnes*. The store that la- so located that there Is no opportunity to park nearby is out of luck and. In manV- of ouy and town*, the lack Of park- the business dutneas matter. -Where toe j people can park. _ how they can park and when they can park are jjhrrc questions which every i : mqnlty should seek to answer I j lueral a manner as possible for . the sake of lta business people.. |Ing space l ;T\ Our Inquiring Reporter ji Each Day He Asks Three I - Persona a Question The Question Would dent in Newark. N. tend ti serial at Iona Island, near Peel kill, have received medals from t . j -tho New York Life Saving Associa ­ tion for their heroic effort* last June when, with a California young mar., they rescued two young wom ­ en from drowning. Commander Wood must be very proud of these sons, who thus bravely risked- their lives to save . ................. ...... ......... ............... ..... ....... others and no doubt the honor that courngc you frotuJlylng lf-you had , has'hcen'calU them means more to the opportunity? “ ; the,fqttief than to the sons. Too where a . i .,,1 , many *°nn never give their father* ju ™, -:r~l I. W M « About town. , h| m and yet a fnther'a prldo Is not The Answers * j hard, to arouse. A boy docs not ■ Vincen: {tmlth. WChurch street hove, to be a hero necessarily, like “ No because I rhink living has been I **>* Wood bdy-a, to yrln a father ’ s proven to be safe. ” | pride. The .boy who goea straight. - ~ - ' who Uvea a claan Ufe and who looks Manuel Cravelro. 182 Grind street.! not down Is always an ob- -•** • — * 1 “ WiV'JTdSUr SZJS 5 that any klndof travel AertVj planes are no more dangerous other means of transportation. ■ eommei'* Westchester County Penitentiary i r» now housing • men -fifty.five Frank fc.. Nichols. 60 Waller ave-i years old, who has. just been sent nue — \No. Accident* Uko that qnlylthere to serve n-six-momh* term tend to mskc people more cnqtioil*. | ft,r Hlnordprly conduct In New- I down no why rhould an aeroplane I ' j H , ... . [accident have a restrictive effect?\ “ cord ?f “ rt>'i I convictions for various mlnbr : ft nsra. Tho mc-ssremarkable thing ! about hts care la that hi* record la ino! marred by, any youthful ' of- I fenses. He wax 39 year* old when j licet convicted so that he has suc- • e-i-U.xl in lunnlng up tin* unusual record in seventeen year*. Court* ! have been very lenient with him | and one i* left wondering Jf he That's a big medal yo ‘ la “ corc, ‘ r lf TWO BLACK CROWS MORAN A HACK seum. I Little did this Immigrant boy. pTaylnfi with a toy drum M) which was affixed a needle, realize what he was giving to humanity. Half a century ago the United States r wa* a na ­ tion of Isolated cities, towns, hamlets end farm house*. BuidneSHca and humanity led isolated existences; when there was rieceaslly for Interclinage of thought nr transaction.-, either a pernonal call or a letter had to be utilized. With the development of phone the mode of living chanced. I nlcation between distant ikimmuhltlc* becnmi f-R-matter of second* — prpvkl-l ibo servia I was good — anil the United State* heenim welded Jnto one vast community-Txrrytuwn Dally News. A man who IsTlfty-five year* old TIIE POLICEMEN'S BALL The' c < h >- o » the beat in these days of nhnoying pnrkinit.'brdinances and JUi-jritfht turns, isJJui buj.t of Uie niL or a “ hard-boiled liomiire\ to the — timid, ns the case may. he. But he's also the omblem of the law. He's the man who-tries his best to protect us and our property. And. on tiie \yhole, he does a mijrlitv eood job of it. . Everj- citizen is aware of the long hours, Uip . mediocre, pay and the hardships yhich go with the job of policing, a city. A fjw of us,, now and then, are witness to police acts ot a r.tner m.uu n»urr uul u.e of bravery- equal to any performed hi* over-«tcpping of the law has made uport a field of battle. - -------- - ------ * ----- ’ Poorly as these men are paid,- each of them surrenders a percentage of his pay check eaclrmonth to the end that a fund will be built up which will save him -from poverty in old age or in event of disability. ; To augment this-ftind, it is custom­ ary for tiie department to solicit the support of the general public once a year, thrrnijrh-the purchase of tick ­ ets for., the Policemen's Ball. This year-thc cvenV falls on April 19. Hie Daily Press believes that this is a cause which will appeal t6 even,- citizen of White ‘ Plains and that tliey' win welcome the opportunity, to evi- tlence their appreciation ofHhe lov- aity of the city.'s peace officers. COUNTING DUST PARTICLES Considering* all the responsibilities that hang upon the shoulders of the United States government, one may well be astofiished to learn that it is engaged very seriously in counting the dust particles in the.air. v , .— ' ----- wc ThQ, purpose of the work is said to Independence and impartiaiity.of the I 'ft for the benefit of aviators, and the juaiciarj'. There should be no dif- | machine by which the counting is ween Democrat arid Re. 1 done wax nmvridnd i, v ik« Mnrim; That's a big medal >'<>• la lFj ,ta ' d , - ! got on yu' chest. Big Hny. “ ■ hnd ' \«>ve.l n six-monlh* | Mack; It Jingles nice. But yo' klnJ ,fnc< ' for ni \ earlier offensj*. [ have it. j ;i —- — ------------- - '-. - - 4 , ton and a common ar.trlns needle, now stsmlx . Moran How qome Didn't yo ’ get It r • honored position In the National Mu- fo' bravery? ' T i » Mack That's what they .ay. rTOm | Moran: How eonfe yo'glve It to r * | Mack; - It-Mow* me up runnln. , Moran: Thank* tif th medal. I - la foolish to give it awi | Mack: N'or-6-l* rinart. Moran: Hqwtflhat? ' | fomplet. Mack\ Wei. Egghead, whenever ; _. ... . .. . hlt . . - there is dangerous work to - Thc - r,nil > \n't* ‘‘ lain*. he done, they picks out n J Dear Mr. Korbe*; — Vol. I. N< | brave guy with a roedut. ’ ] 9f tin- White Plains Daily Pres* ha* I Morns - l|*re'» yo' rriednl buck. I Just airivcd, and wo find it difficult 1 Mack: I II tell yo' wh-.t wo do. Wo ' to Wires* our appreciation of the take turn* wenrm' IL I'll i initial number. It goes way beyond J ..... t-e-KriVe-on \niesriavH-ltnrr-mte-r-vpeetnll«ne wa wero Wednmalrya r. ul yo' ^bo led lo expect eon-.ethlm: extra fine i brave th' rect «: t “ r week, .i from your promise* for It, Moran: Thefe 1 * a ba-.tl- tomorrow- At a comuletc newspaper It so far j Mack: That's th' first day yo' . exceed* anything that we have *een wears, the medal. i emann'-ing from a city of 50,000 _. ^ population\ ol-. under, that we pre- The Two Black Crow* have finally : dlct „ VPry presperou* fularealbr- figured n way lobe bt eve.. Tl-.cytloThe | >T e layout I* excellent. It In rrleva. Tm.om.v, fcgghbtul , 1;ni t rlin hardly be Improved Upon. •, Wiri'- Big' Boy takes a H-he advertising lay-out. particularly It this With a chaster County Penitentiary t> ’ > Record serve six month*- It was hi* forty- ninth conviction and . strange to say. he wo* thirty-eight years old when'the first oonviellon was marked up against hrm. This man has not committed any v rloti* crimes. Most of his offenses'havp been of a rather trivial nature but tin public Tbia Is a rather unusual case, • which I* rather difficult to explaii man had started in as a boy to go wrong, we could have laid his conduct to hereditary tendencies, etc, but he didn't. He straight until h* became thirty-eight yearn of ag» and then suddenly went off up a tan ­ gent. Since that time It has seemed to be his hobby to see how many times, he could , get into trouble and be convicted, x _ ^ fiow. at last, he receive* a-six-month peal- tentinry sentence and -wo-Ima gin e th at- . thc - court's consideration of bis long record: In ­ fluenced the dispensation of v Justice even more than did the enormity of this man's latest offense. There Is good Indication In this case that If the offender had not Been dealt with so leniently , during the seventeen i rest o: Today a big Issue, shows the of an expert. -• • We ara particularly Impreeied with the.arrangement and locations of the various departmentaS- 1 They follow Id logical order, and together make up a ricw^pr.pee easy to read and pleaxlng in every respect. You aro certainly- giving - Uta pcoplo of White Plains a newspaper FORD vs WILLYS Quite a -little comment was in the papers a while ago about Henry Ford's notions that saving money. Now Mr. Willys rises to remind us that Ford ’ s millions were all built on “ pennies . earned and scraped together and invested in Ford enterprises.\ To put your dollars in the bank “ t*-to put yourself in a position to make the most of your opportunity! Are you banking aoraething every weOk? - Deposits made on or before April 10th will draw interest .from April 1st. The County Trust Co. ' White Plains, New Vork. Member Federal Reserve System We Solicit Applications For First Mortgages on. Inrproved Real Estate in Westchester County. New York-Westchester Investors (Sole Mortgage Correspondents in Westchester of The Prudential Insurance Company of America) BAR BUILDING ’ . WHITE PLAINS, 7L)Y. J a LEPHONE 9210 That Body of Yours By JAS. W. BARTON. V. D. TWO KINDS .OF ASTHMA i the'alr “ out\ ot the lungs. Fortu- That an Innocent beloved- ert nately. just as It would seem that created unhappiness and financial the patient mint suffocate, he- loss In s household wa*'amply dem- coughs up a Jelly like material and oristrated a couple of year* ago by sel* relief, nc of tho health magazine*. The attack may lost from a half A»-»oon a» the father of the Hour to three hour*, auno moved to another city or ell- Between attacks tbs chest la mate ho was frsoof a*t|ima. but .quite clear and the patient suffer* when the fahilly? Including' the cat. . no inconWnlene- followed him. his attack* returned. J n the-other type of asthma, the Investigation finally showed that mru t!.nt fol'ow* brunchltls. thj pa- the asthmatic attacks were due; to ' tient has difficulty in getUng olr “ sensitiveness ” to \animal\ protein ; into hi* lungs. Instead of getting it When the cat wa* removed from out. a* In the-protfld asthma. And the home there were no mare at- even bet ween attacks the chest will \ricks. ' ~v*how VIL'n* Of bfondhltls. A» you know It Is now amply' j Further, in the proteid asthma proven that many ca*rs of asthmn . the zV.ln trots for the prptelds Is Bl ­ are due.to protein imbalance* either | ways positive, while in the bronchi- - In the air or In tlje fopd w« eat. tl* type of asthma All skin test* are Dr. H. K. Detweller outlines the at- ! negative. Another point Is that the tack about as follows: When thc i sputum thut l* coughed up Is clear patient has heen exposed to protein ! and Jelly-like In the proteid asthma, substance to which he Is sensitive j whereas it l* grsy or yellowish In . there Is usually a feeling of light the bronchitis form. ----- In the chest, w^lch rapldlv X jjw these lfttle differences may z - - * more and more Intense untl! ' t/p yoq to get an Idea as to which breathing become* ttttta more than Type your asthma belongs, succession of quick gasp*, follow Adrenalin Is-the- best treatment White Plains Post OITtco Sick cneflt dance. Armory. Wcstehest'er Pntiee rte-ieisu a , ' , . .. . “ ■ “ ” «« “ »* qu*ca gasps, iouow Aorcnaun Isms ocst treatment soclation meet. Whit, Swan Inn ot WhUe PUlfT Nstur- | ^ Z j TTZlFSE e predict a remark- lungs). ’ ' 1 Klwanls Club it j ally, therefoi .. 'nutnee I nh ' r future for The -Dally Pres*. It* j ...... ....... ‘ ussured Jrom the start long as you keep up to the initial Ing It The main (UAteyttjf.br fn setting I by the mouth. ■e quickly effective than ft ference between Democrat arid Re- Bpnbhcan over the impartial admin- Butration of the law. and, as a mat- F'tCT of fact, there is none as between * citizens of. thc same class. . And we _ znay happily remerhber that the yttfges who serie in this-republic, | both federal and slate, and their long \ Jine of honorable predecessors* hav< „- - , 1^11 i.inva vino TIL earned this handicap or party label J limited visibility. £ without impairment of their record ’ provided by the Interna*- tionsil Union of Geodesy and Geophy ­ sics in Rome. Tiie counts 'Are being taken at altitudes ranging from h thousand to ten thousand feet above the ground and are said to be re ­ vealing about ninety dust particles to a cubic centimeter on a-clear day and ten times this number on a day of )Ve have been told that except for ?*.- U n “ few isolated cases where- ii. tlx. .iit>mcni. n ^ ...... r . y ------- isolated cases where i ---- ages nave failed in this partiuilnr £only emphasize* tiie records of thoB- i others who dropped the y^embiem as tliey assumed the But if it be a fact that the \wets' ’ l E, dr> ! 5 re , !i* ul j n » <* v er the ap- ^^tinent of federal judges, and if I '\\ u «we of either side is so po- Btent that ft ( tan defeat the creation I of a judgeship unless it he allowed 7 10 vu « appointee, it is not a good .omen. The bar of this, state fuj* Ilrishai ample materia 1 for thc-.reJec- • tton of a high-cinss lawjer and c'iti- rf “ * ’ \ — -M .'*♦)' fkiq KT-\. , in the athiosphere there would be no twilight, and a few months ago our artificial rain-makers, whose exploits •were mueh heralded . in tiie press, based their hopes Upon the fact that these dust particles form ’ the nuclei for raindrops. ;' Just how the science o^ aviation is to ha helped by finding out the num ­ ber of dust particles in a cubic centi­ meter of air those who report the in ­ vestigation do not think it necessary to inform us. ' But that ’ s all rightJ We trust the doctors and will wait! patiently to find out how many dust • particles are floating around a mile _ _______ t he has been l ---- - ------------ things might have turned out very dltt.- ly. The question Ji: Would not a six n-ontb* sentence have done him more^j-ood' years ago than It will now? You esnnot start educating he get* to be seventeen year* out very- »au» factortly nor can we etart very advontageoue ly educating our public nuisances .and offend or* after they have -been offending for *rv enteon year* and getting away with forty- j Lutheran Church rummage »aTJ. , i^avp no stone unturned to ire that | Ladle* ’ Aid Greenville Communl- national advertiser.! also appreciate | | ty Church dance. Edgcmoiu Tav- i what jam are dolor to give White err.. Plains a really complete newspaper. Beta Pi Mu Sorority W. P. H. S. ! ' AV1,h wishca foran.outstand- Chapter dance. . Ids »uccc« with this new paper. 'Convention Club of Orawnupum sincercK-'i-ours Council .vem W bridge party. Vtt7ngraham. l f j Onler qf Dc Mnlaji'dance. , j (Ingrahnm. Power*, Inje) eight conviction*.. Ju*t when wc'should in to show people, thus inollned. that they shall not.-be permitted to \carry-on.\ Is a Ju ­ dicial problem of the greatest importance.- it seems to us — Mamaronec'k Time*. The board of supervisor! has .Boundary ifow stepped In and will tmlMV- Line* or to settle the question of the . Prlham-Mounl Vernon boundary through appointment of a special committee. The Hutchinson rlvrr. always the boundary line has changed Its course to such orl ex ­ tent thnt Pelham and Mount Vernon prop ­ erty owner* are paying taxes In both places •n a number of Instances. The new canal' now being built wopld be made the line un ­ der a proposed plsn \Hils Is a question of Importance to prop ­ erty owners In both placer arid should- be \> jiettlcd as quickly as possible. Bovindary 6. ’ American Federation of Mu»l-i New York,'ApifiJ'2. a child when [clans No. 473, dance. | - ------- Junior High School members vn- -3f Other and-S'Star !SS' Mrzsr-r*'\ a* Bur^r EM 1 Loew's Strand aTheatri.-. Bob Cua-I .... ....... ... . * J ret In “ West of Sant* Fay. 1 An estate of 427.000 In realty add | Lcew.'s State Theatre. Ramon No- 1 t9,m . vorro In \The Flyjng Fleet/ Keith - Albee/ ” 'Theatre. particles Siave-a- hahlt of gibing zroubla ovary * cleared up, although severs^years ago there was a great deal of agitation to establish a - by tho will of the tkie Mary t- Burger, of 23 Stuart Ave- I KelUi - Albee/ Theatre. Helen; nue. MamnrOneck. who died op Twclvetreea eritl_eharle* Eaton in , February 19 of thU year and whose ; \The Ghost Talks.\ f ■ will wa* . filed yesterday for pro- ! - _____ • ____ _ „ |W -c with Surrogate George A ] TnmniTDli; • n >' the unua df the will. lhe e*- : 1 VJ111DHDW , tale wni to ba divided . Into five _ i ; parts, one to go to a brother, ftleh- T=ri jrr-- i - m i. i ■■ ' ii n n — ft • an! A. Burger.of ths shares Y. M. C. A. vacation program- ■ « sinter, EdlthVrDelano, and midget hike and games. ' *»>« remolnln:: tv.'o sbare, to am Ladles Aid Soqiety of the Trinl- °' har Jlu * nc “ e N - Burger, ty Ui'.heran Church, rummage sale. 1 By .tha petition, howevar, It la Smith Allege ©ub luncheon at shown that the lost named sister Hotel Commodore. , * J>re-dssees«d Miss Burger and as a Loyal Order of Moosc/dance. [consequence, her twp-nfths of the sVolmnslc Golf Course opena for '« to he dwlded equally be- hT “ J>. 10r . twetn the o..ier two beneflclarlea. ~Bar \Assbcimon “ onventehesfer\ The i will -Wae drawn- on-May-SL- County 31st annual dinner. ! mp. and^ names the brothei^Rleh- Klreiide . Players' last perform- arico “ Yeoman of the Guard.\ Beechwood Plaj-era'. last perform- ••Trcvclyn;* Jlho.t. \ j I.KAVES ESTATE Tfc WIFE Former Mayor Macquesten had a nun of conferehees with Bronx official* and glneers wero 'instructed to lay out n which would be acceptably* both side*. But . nothing definite has been done since that time' and as a result there or* a number of -property owners who find their property part ­ ly In Mount Vernon and-partly In the Bronx ThU U especially true In th# Klngshrldjfe Gardens section and also the .area around Eleventh avenue end off Klngibrldge V#d, ' It would seem that this would be a gooj'tlmo to revive consideration of this'inattar — Mount t Ave- Locw'o Slrnhd Theatre, Bob Cus-' ter In “ West of Santa Fay.? . - toriw's Stale Theatre Ramon No- -rvarro In \The Flying Fleet. ” Kelth-AIbco -Theatre. Helen, Twelvelzeea and Charles EahJrl In \Ttu Ghost Talks.\ The Daily Press is. on ; sale every rifternkon at 1 the ferancf Centrei Ter- # minalr ’ Tfte will of the lain \Francis John Raymond, of 73 }.'nlon -Avenue, Ma- maroncck. filed Vceterday for pro ­ bate ‘ in the SurroghlF* Court, re- thia year. 'L._ The^ctlrc es-.aie t* bequeathed . the widow..Mrs Marx Ambler Ray* ir.cgul. of the nunc address, who is also made executrix at the dstote. Beside the widow, Mr. Raymond Is snrrivrri h vn- n'nter. Mrs. Map: First Page Advertising A limited amount of First Page adver ­ tising will be accepted by The.Daily Press nt the rate of $2.00 -per inch. . All copy must be sot in light face type, and ' illustrations likewise COMPLETE \FINANCIAL SERVICE g ESI tor WESTCHESTER. Invest your April intorest and dividends in our guaran ­ teed First Mortgage -Certifi­ cates. • sy 2 % ii _ Le gal for Tniat' Funds ____ 1 ^ Interest from- April I st if brought here before the J ’ Oth. W estchester I i F itle 6 T rust O ompany White Plains. N. Y. CAPITAL and SURPLUS

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