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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, April 05, 1929, Image 5

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yKLJEPHUNfe V2U0 THK DAII Y FRESH, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.. F ■RIDAVy APP'» 5. JP2V. 9200 W e wish to take this op - portunity to welcome the Forbes-Hunter Organ ­ ization to White Plains and to congratulate the Daily Press on its selection of M am- aroneck Aveuue for its place of Publication . Uppercu Cadillac Corp. M amaroneck Avenue Next to The Daily Press Telephone 2620 SCARS:;.LEBAfi TO PRESERVE Ti ) Unsightly G hs Station _ Or- ’ dored Remove'*! From purine** Section of Villjpge • The medieval propriety of Scant- dale's bunlties* block will no long- r bo impinged upon by the presence of the guaolinc etaUon now located at the northeast corner of.tho ere-, tion, nestled In the shorter arc of the new Harwood Building. • j The removal . was assured Wed- • neaday when'the Board of Zoning Appeal?, in reunion at theyvillage ■ hall. granted the opidtcatlon of the ■ Sciifndiilc Improvement Corpora-!, tlon to occupy property on East! Parkway, 150 feet north of Spencer! place, upon which the corporation * | lessee will rriocote the preaent Ran' The dlapoaltlon of the aethff of j\ land to be left Vacant la.aa yet undetermined and It'will probably i stand unoccupied' for a while, nl-1 though lt» owners have agreed to, mnk ’ e .It attractive /md .ahrbbbery ! Is already being planted. SugeMions have been, made that! the land could well be added to ! tha village park system, hut this la j entirely unofficial. T . It la understood that the new atn- ! tion will be fitted up soon and-the f old station dismantled In a corre ­ spondingly abort,time no that May hi “ likely to aec the • change com- ; pleted. . It will b* dono by- June 1. In.any i egse. for this ijalc vraa stipulated l In the Appeal Hoard's approval. j MAY BEAUTIFY ] COUNTY, STATE ROAD SYSTEM Officials Dismissing Plan to j Sjii'fnl $2,50() Per Mile' For \.Scenery ” The expenditures of $2300 oh each -mil*, of stato and. county highway to bn constructor in Wealth ester County In the future for scenic Im- provcflient ntul beauty Is now under discussion by county officials and Is expected to bo presented' to the Hoard of Supervisors' In a request for definite appropriation at an early date;-It »u learned hero, to ­ day. . . County Engineer Charles Mnc- Dftnnld 'of. Tarrytown. approached on the matter, declined to make any statement on the report, but j 5 from other inpfera it wea learned i authnrltutlvsiythat a complete re-; port on the plan and Its cost Is'now being -prepared. The object. It la ataled. Is to make the county and state high ­ way* In keiping with the park ­ ways. developed by the. Wentchea- tcr County Park Commission. At present. It Is said, few visiting mo- .tarlsia kn-.ivr the difference between the jlsrkwgys and !ho county and. state highway*, except by the lack of beautification and adcnlc land ­ scaping -of the latter group. To Plant Tree* There are at present npprqjrl- I matr-ly 8ft miles of county-highways- ! and 282 mile* of highway In the j state system already built. If the cost will allow. Improvement* will I be mado on the roads recently con- | structed both 'by county and state, ; or sadl M those which aro to ba j built In the future.' j- Tree* and shrubs are to be plant-, j ed on the sides of the highways ■ with grading done and sodding put ! down to cover -cuts nnd fills, i The work Is to bo done princi ­ pally, It Is said, on the newly- wid ­ ened highways throughout the county, designed to carry the major pat tion of through tmfflflP , The Board of Supervisors, to. I which tho plan-will soon be prp- | Minted. Is expected to approve the I policy and appropriate ilio neces- i-uuy -tuodj ___ __ ______ w . ■ Main aroneck Man Unhurt in Accident j Trustee Christie of Mamarom-ck j was unhut t Wednesday night, while [ riding In a car which was aldeawip- 1 | about 0 o ’ clock on Weaver street. rScarsdalc. cloee.to the Intersection • of Bradford street and heaV the ' Mamaroneck town line. j Mr. Christie was ruling with his I eon In a car driven by Warren ; Wrlsbt-of — Prospect .street, Ma. maropcck. They were struck while I waiting, as the second car in line nt the Intersection, by «.car moving | It* the opposite direction. The driver, Dan Swan of ]y Grove street. this city, .was apparently j r.dbd by the headlights of the car I ahead of the one In which the Ma- • maroneck official was riding and In, j trying to dra* Into the center rjf' i the road ripped Into the side of th “ I Wright ear. Both machines wero badly dam ­ aged. Swan's car. was taken ■ to j Carney's Garage. •' New Rochelle. I and the-car driven “ by Wright Was- ! towed back to Mamaroneck. Ml. Kbco Firemen * EIect*New Officers V Election of officers of thp three Bp*^companle:, In this villsge. and ■ '.of 'delegates to the annual-village Wednesday night at. the roams of ! thq.Jjlutual Engln* and Hoso Com-. I party. ’ ; elected Herbert Ruaaell. Jr, presl- i dent; Theodore Slosaon. vlce-prosl- , | dent, nnd Louts A. Slick. Jr, sec- j .ret ary; tho Mutual Engine ar.d >-Uuse Company elected I'eter Omme. ' president. Roland Lowden. vlco. president, and\ Arthur Fox. secre- 1 t^ry. while the Union Hoojc' dm) I ju I... r Company named George C. ! Huelle. a* president, llomer Bier- sall, vie - eritjlnt, and Edgar Mat ­ thew*. s. Mary. / ...... also elected ’ {gnten-^p the ventlon ttonlg' • deleinA** to th * Introductory Offerin'! of The Famous Burton and Dixie 100% Kapok Imperial Edge MATTRESSES Fancy Flowered and Striped 'ticking 19 - A COMPANION OFFERING Full Size — Fancy Tick Feather 7 Q C Pillows • y Port Chester's Leading Furniture Company WEIN ’ S 17-23 NORTH MAIN STREET, PORT CHESTER ' Free White Plains Delivery Daily ventlon ttonlg delegate* to the annual Wraia.v convention, and director* Tor v» - * terma. A Few Week-End Specials at Very Low Prices The Waldorf Markrt 190 MAIN STREET (QUALITY) MEATS (QUALITY) Fresh Killed Fowl ...................................... 45c lb Fresh Killed Frying Chicken • ■ 48c lb Long Island Ducklings, Fresh Killed ■ • 38c lb Sirloin'Steak, well trimmed - - ■ 45c lb Shoulder Veal-milk led * • *8c lb Breast Veal-milk led -• • 20c lb Baby Spring £amb, Ssfeet Breads, Fresh Killed Squabs, Philadelphia Capons, Gen ­ uine Calves Liver alwoys on-hand. GROCERIES Fruits and Vegetables Best (5reamery Butter ..... j ^ — ...-ugd- .......... . ...... Sic per Lb. Fresh Eggs, Grade “ A/*. ...... — L — 38c per Doz. Beech Nut Spaghetti, Li^ge Can, — 2 Cans for 3Sg Telephone Peas, Sweet ancj Tender, J ..... 2 Cans for 2&c Babbitts Cleanser ...... 6 Caps fpr 25c Babbitts $oap Powder ................ - ---- ------- - ---- . ..Large Pkg. 21c Household Ammonia .... . .................................... Large Bottle 25c Fresh Cut Asparagus ..r:............t-..'... Large Bunc^ 39c Loose Asparagus, Fresh Cut ......... . ............ . — ,............ Peri-lj, 20c Savoy Spinach, Free front Sand. . ................... . ......... fs., 20c Mushrooms, Very Fancy ............. . — ------------- Per Lb., 39c Stringless BeanA, Very Fancy^.... ... ..-iSlK .. Qt., 15c Large Grape-Fruit, Swee( ana Julcy .... . 4 for 25c j New Potatoes .............. . ............. . ..... ................. — 5 Lbs. for 25c The Waldorf Market Prompt Delivery 190 Main St. Tel.. 4188 White Plains

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