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: 9200 THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y„ PHlLUY, APRIL 5, 192V. ___ t — 35E News in Social Circles of White Plains and Vicinity Spring Bridge Attracts Plans Maturing For Large Y. W. C.A. Group In White Plains SEEK DATA ON The Bride of the “ Bachelors Reverie,\ As Seen in White Plains Large Attendance For 'Nursing Ass ’ n Benefit r(Tvri * 7 r . IT .Over Sixty Table* Riled At S K-ElVliAli Afternoon Function in Club uiukijh nmiu . . ________ April 9 »•- (hr Presbyterian ‘ | Church H oum . The meeting, which Charles T. Green way Making i »»t be opened at 8 q^.loek. is In Survey IIer« tjr.Irr W «■ ^. “ 7. ‘ STSil chestrr Council Direction which wu started six-year* ago ** a part of the activities of the Clv- ” Jc« and RhUanlhrophy section of The survey to determine wheth- the Contemporary Chib It has er or not a Community Preabytcrl- pro pressed so rapidly, and found an Church la needed la White favor so quickly that now this jur.- Plalna U bring conducted by lor groujt of org»m**d women hap Charles T. Green way under author- a paid membership of 1.44 — nearly lntion of the Westchester Council tlwce a* * large as its parent, the of Churches. The money to con- Contemporary dub. The aim to- duct this survey Is being furnished 1 ward which the group is cow wofk- by the Westchester Presbyter}-, lot **8 hi to become a branch of the the hope that other denomlnetiona' ’ v w ^ * connected with the council will ap ­ propriate a like amount for^ the purpose of making a complete sur ­ vey of the county for all churches. The exact section,covered by Mr. Greenway will be as follows It Is bounded by Prescott avenue on the north and by Soundvlew avenue on the west. It takes In the territory to MaJnaroncck avenue on the east and to the Junction of Mamaroncek road and Soundvicw avenue on the south The developments of Earl- wood. Gedney Way. Ridgeway and Rocky Dell will also be Included. • The Westchester County Council of Churches, which gave the ne ­ cessary authorisation, is ,a combin ­ ation of churches of all denomina ­ tions in Westchester-County and was established seven years ago to encourage co-operation among them and to adjust ‘ problems of church extension and erection. spring bridle given by the Gull . - ----- ------- - _ -------- - — ----- -- of | tha White Plains Nursing Associa ­ tion In tha rooms of the Republi- | can Club on Marlins avenue. Un ­ der thp chairmanship of Mrs. Pi H. , Wells, of De Kalb avenue., the com ­ mittee of arrangements had pro ­ cured two packs of linen playing cards as the prlxrs for the holder of hirh score at each table. The waffle set which was given as a door prixe was won by Mrs. Harry j S. Ronaldson. of 7 Herbert avenue, j At one side of the room had been arranged an exhibit of the rag rugs. 1 aprons, quilts -and smaller house- ! bold appointments made by the' • Guild and sold by It to Increase the revenue of the association. Mrs. 1. 1 H. Odell was In chargc^of the dis ­ play yesterday which was purely for exhibition purposes. Others whose work contributed largely to tha suc- ------- . ------- - --------- Mrs. F. Aue- BuilHing Sites anil Improved Property Included in the List of Offerings Groat activity In. real estate In an daround Pleasantville Is report ­ ed by brokers and developers Tm- fololwing transactions have uken place: Appleton Staples sold to Robert E. Lent and John Stephenson the corner of Thompkin* avrnue and .Bedford toad, plot 1J0 X 120. in bus ­ iness zone. Duble Real Estate were Uie brokers. The BHar Hills Enisle sold to Appleton Staples a 18 room house with garage and four acres pn Ste ­ phenson Terrace and Round Hill drive. He will . occupy this resi ­ dence as his permanent Koclfr. W. T. Macintosh was the broker. The Briar Hill* Estate sold to R. F. Rogers of New Tork City three lots and house, corner of Stephen ­ son Terrace and Hardscrabble road. T. R. Sharis was the broker. The Briar Hills Estates sold to Stewart A. Jones of Pleasantville. a building and plot, 115x178. on Hardscrabble road. He will remod- St. Bartholomew ’ s Parish House witnessed this scene, mi Wednesday evening, from the play \The Bachelor's Reverie,\ given under, the ^uspiccs of the February.group of the Woman's Auxiliary of the church. * cess of the party ------------- -- - ----- tin Clapp, .who was la charge of tickets, and Mrs. De Los Cox. in charge of the refreshments which , were served after the games. Mrs. I William E J^amrfirrrr. of 4 P^rk j Circle. Is chairmafi of the Guild and ! Mrs. C. Halstea/ Yates. 2nd. of Hit. MOmaroneck road, chairman of the'; Nursing Association. Among those attending yester- ; day's party were Mrs. Garvin N, ! Snider. Mrs. Edward M. West. Mrs. j F. R. Lawrence. Mrs. C. B. Winslow. | Mrs. Grace E. Husted, Mrs. A. 'V.i ihc Memorial M E. ( u I* J' na * u ** ” • ! given Monday at 1 o', \\1lllam Fowler. Mrs. E B. Day. Mr* Smith has for 1 Mrs. H. B Vincent. Mrs. A. L. Ken- Mrs. Arthur Jolh-y. 5 nelly. Mrs Walter Rogers. Mrs England and Mrs. W. Walter Whiffen. Mrs. Ivan F)6 < k ], Mrs. A. J. Boston is Mra. Arthur H. Taylor. Mrs. John, the ticket commlttei Elixon, Mrs .Andrew MeUgar, Mrs. Laura Woolley are o L, M. Davis. Mrs. P. O'Reilly. Mrs. committee W. H. Snlffen, Mrs. W. T. Graff. The speaker for the . Sr. .Mrs. F.. J. McKee. Mra. F. II be Mrs. Samuel Wtllli Wells, Mrs. E. E Phelps. Mis. C. York. Mrs. Claude Ilai W. Eisner. Mrs. Georgy Zechiel, a. program of songs Mrs. L. A. Wallpck. Mrs M L Jenks, prr County Church Groups Plan Annual Meet ToWed Scarsdale Man Plans Annual April Luncheon The Westchester PTeabytqjIan Society of which the'Woman s Se ­ el sty' of Whits Plains Is an auxil ­ iary'will hold Its annual meeting in the Pceksklll PresbyWriifO Church Thursday, April 11. Tfiere pen. There are also three dubs for colored girl*, clubs for Italian, girls, clubs for business girls, for gymnasium work, for 'dancing, cooklhg. reading. bowling, etc. *• The Z. |L is to present a one-act play nest Tuesday . evening. 'This will be a morning session at 9:45 and an afternoon session at 1:42.' Luncheon will be served pt 12:30 to all. visiting delegates by the hostess society^ In addition to annual reports the following entertainment appear* on the program: “Up to the Home,\ a play presented by the women of the Preksklll Church; ‘ The Doctor's Dilemma.\ by the women of Yank ­ ee* Westminster Church; \Jere ­ miah Jugg and the Coin Family.\ , The Briar Hills Estate told to' Al- eexandrr Selley a house and plot on Ossining road. ,T*t R. Sharis wa eths broker . Cudworih. teacher of £hgllth in the* high school w* The but meeting of the board prior, to reorganization was held yesterday. Those present were \Mrs. Allen T. Burns, Mrs. W. H. Gilpat- ric, Mrs. V. Stdwart Burgess. Mr*. F. D. Sherman. Mrs. W. W. Kelli Mra. William Chamley, Mrs. tr»- cens Hubbarr. Mra. Seward A. V1V ler,\ Mra A. Stewart White. Mra. C. W. Jackson. Mra C. A. Peffer. Mra. H. B. Vincent. Mra. 6. B. Robbins. Mra. Frederick H. Beiges, Jr, Miss Alice Watson. Miss M. Eleanor Stone, tha social and fi n a n c ia l sec ­ retary Mias Dorothy Eberaole. Mr*. A. L. Kennelly. Mrs Crosby J. Healths. Dr. Bugbe^Ward. Mr*. George Chortle. Mra. J. W. GII-' patrlc and Mra Boyd, a new resi ­ dent, of White Plains and formerly national secretary of tha Business and Profcslonal Women's Associa ­ tion Mra. Boyd is already func ­ tioning oh the provisional commit ­ tee for the change into a Y. W. C.. A. of the Community Girls here in' Miss Hill Has Six Tables at Bridge Party ilenl of the, the mite I the lunclr ! Others playing were Mra Henry C. Henderson. Jr.. Mr*. Herbert de ­ cor. Mra. Thomas F. Mealy, Mra Felix Miller, Mrs, Harold Palagano. Mra. A- T. Roberta Mrs. Guy Henry. Mra Alfred Knoche. Mrs. 8. S Kaufman. Mrs. Lester Knight. Mrs. I. Stanton Field, Mrs. Peter Lynch.] Mra. P. W.-Walsh. 'Mra ‘ George ' , Newman. Mrs. D. W. Davln. Mrs. J J. Oakley Hobby. Jr. Mra Thomas f Holden. Jr.. Mr*. George Stewart, j Mra. Gsorge J. Mitchell, Mra. I Eugene McKinley, Mrs. Walter Lothian, Mra Charles H. Weakland. Mra P. F. Hoffman. Mra Richard Appel Mra. D:H. Furness, Mra J. M. Naul Mra M. J. Bamman. Mra. J. M. Farley. Mra. L. J. Moitner, Mr*. H O'Helr. Mra. Kaufman. Mr*. William G .Harkness. Mra. E. M. Cranford. Mra. Edith Loweree. Mr*. Daniel 8 — Miller, Mra George Van der Roest. Mrs. A. C. AcWerrftan. Mr*. C. J. G own Mrs. F. H. Knight. Mra A. W. Knight. Mrs. R. M. Smith. Mra C. H. Hahns. Jr., klra P..W. Smith. Mra. George Kolb. Mra Georg Wldmayor, Mra. P. J. Krough, Mra. Ronaldson. Mra. A. Wlnsor. Mra G. Glebel, Mrs. Walter Wes tall. Mra. .Lawrence Yeager. Mra. William HurzthaL# Mra Her- Town Board of Greenburgh Overrule* Protest* of Association The Grecnburgh-Town Board in a — sl o p at Tarrytown yesterday aft ­ ernoon overrode the protest of the Greenacres Association of Scars ­ dale and granted permission to tho Hart»dale Cool Company, Inc, to erect a scale house and conduct a coal business pn the east aide of the Harlem railroad right of way south of Fcnlmore Road and the Harta- dal# station. The permission was granted after the objections of the Itronj Park ­ way Commission and the Fox Meadow Estate* bad been with ­ drawn and that of the Harisdalc Citizens' Union not pressed.- The company wa* represented at Tarrytown yesterday by lu presi ­ dent. L. B. • Burger, of Pelham of Japan, supported by the WafT cheater Presbyterial. and m/l' ad ­ dress by M .L. Glrton. superinten ­ dent qf Tncon School. Escuela Ari ­ sons. where the society Supports a teacher. wUL be features of the day. Westchester Presbyterian Society comprises the woman's organiza ­ tions In thirty-two Presbyterian churches In' Westchester County. Mra. Frederick A. Brush, of Tonk- ors, 1* president Miss Barwian Entertains At Parents ’ Home Mis* .Lillian Hall, of 53 Waller avenue, entertained at bridge Tues ­ day afternoon. Her guests --------- ------- --------- Misses Helen Hubbard. M>ry Seabury. Elizabeth Graham. Eleanor- Hite. ---------- - ------------- --------- Catherine Wheeler. Betty Bamman. Belmcrc deHart. Marjorie Smith, Betty Fos- One chauffeur was fined 800 and hi* license revoked and 13 others paid fine* totalling $<13 In City Court this morning.. The total of $103 In fine*.collected was the larg- : est amount for the week. Henry Egenmairr. of Scarsdale. a ' chauffeur for George Hoffmann, also of Scaredalc. was fined HO his; his llcrnac revoked on convlcUon of chargee of passing a hand algiuii'. and driving while intoxicated. He wa* arrested by Lieutenant Miller and Patrolman Briggs, who tcstl-f Bed against him. Four speeder* pleaded guilty. Martin Johnson. 17 O'Dell Avenue. . and Domlnepk Pennelle, 129 Hard ­ ing Avrnue. this city, and George; Smertgllq. of Greenwich. Conn, left 1 $10 each With\ the courTtlerk while ' Howard M. ‘ Killing. 101 North - Broadway, escaped *ith a $5 fine A fine of $15 wai Imposed by Judge Gray on Mlchale Kutka. of White Plains. , Miss Mary Therese Barvlan. daughter, of Mr. and Mra. E J. Harvian of 23 Clinton street, has been spending-the holiday* at . home. Miss Barvlan la a sopho ­ more at Cornell where she Is very active In tennis. She has Just been elected president of Alpha* Oml- croo PI. and she will taka office next fall. Miss Barvlan will have ns her guests al her ‘ horn* this week-end. Mis* E C. Bradl of Highland N. Y.. apd Mb* Marion Clara-of New York City^Bhv wlU return to Ithaca on Sunday night MISS EVELYN IRWIN ROCK William Chalmers .Millard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Millard, of 25 Ardslcy Road, Scarsdale, will wed'Miss Rock, who is the daughter of Ed war A Rock, of 75 Forest avenue. New Rochelle. No (late lias been set for the wed ­ ding, Miss Rock was graduated from Smith last June while Mr. Millard is a member of the class of 1029 at Williams. Jr. Mra Benjamin Haynard, Mrs.; Henry Rausch. Mrs. Albert Horton, i Additional plqyrr* were Mr*. G. E. Murphy, Mra. J. P. Meatier. Mra. E. G. Swartwout, Mra. F. R. Swart- wout. Mra. P. B. Parker. Mra. F. C. Krrutter. Mrs. H. O. Wlnsor. Mrs. W. H. Dunlap. Mra. J. L. Ferris. Thief Takes Watch And Valuable Pin Frank Isaacs of Carnegie House, St Andrews Golf \Chib Grcenburgh. returned to his room the other day nnd found that b* had been vlait- ed by the well-known man who lias Just found out that the affair to which he has been Invited is for- H. V. LeonarcLLeads Cast Of \Trevelyn ’ s Ghost ” In Gay Path of Entertainment (Continued From Page One> Dickel. Mra. Hogencamp. Mrs. T. D- --- ------- Tompkins, Mra. F. F. Coryell. Mrs Chamber of Commerce: Grover A. ®»- D ** ter - Ur » R- A. Waterbury, Whalen, police commissioner for -J*_H. Fink, Mra. F. W. Webb, the City of New York, and Alvan Mnl' C ' F ' Do,rlr1 *- Mrs. G. Rlcaud. T. Fuller, former Governor of Mr * G *° r Ce Green. Mra Charles Massachusetts. Stahlln. Mra William Martin. Mrs — M s>- B es t t a n sod William J. Gtat- - 11 - W. Duuglasa Mr*. W. ILIUgls., tan of New Rochelle represented ^* r *- Peqhody. Mra J- H. Weetehester County on the recep- Schnebel. Mra. L. S. Hmhtewcll, tion committee Mra, Chsrlri Van Wyck, Mra. W. R, The high U<bt of the addresses I McIntyre. Mra. William Charnley. was Commissioner Whalen's dls- Also playing were Mra. Gaorge guealon of the traffic problem and Mewrt, Mra. C. F. Bishop. Mra. G. hie pies for higher pay for police- N- Johnson. Mr*. 8. C. Thiel. Mrs men. He pointed ou( that New J- E- Waterhouse. Mrs. A. R. John- Tork policemen now etart at $1,750 Mra. Russell Haight. Mra a year and he advocated a mini- Chauncey 8«cor. Mra Eugene W. mum of $2,500. Annls. Mra William . Duane, Mr* H* predicted that In a few years, Cyril TrScy. Mra E V. Tracy. Mrs mereantile eatabUshmcntw-ra New J-G- Ttacy. Mra F_ E Pack. Mra. Tork aty would use the streets Andrew Ewald. Mra. Irving Tonip- only at night, moving their mer- kins. Mr*. W. S. Buckley. Jr. Mrs cbaadlse during the hours when f. H. Shelley.y. Mra Horace du Mou- things can be figured out. Isaacs found _two gpld cuff links and three dress ahlrt studs missing. Incidentally the thief had taken along a gold wrist watch also as well as a valuable pin, doubtless yjelding to the temptation to make a atlU more gllttealng appearance than lb* bar* necessities o$ the occasion required. -* LACKED LICENSE; . HEI-D The Grcenburgh police last night picked up Bernard Wallace of New York Ctty. who wks driving with ­ out a license. Ball to the amount of $25 wa* exacted from the de ­ fendant knd he was' summoned to appear before Judge William H i Seely In Greenburgh Court on Mon- i day. EFFORTLESS! WASHING AND IRONlPlG Shriner F. H. Shelle Mra. Hora^v o- lin. Mr*. Charles Adolfson, Mr*.' El- ward Is>see, Mra. Charles Slater. Mra. H- F. Raab. Mra. Edwin Storm*. Mra. L, P. Wood. Mra. P. 8 j Riggs, Mra L Olsen. Mra. D. A. Bell. I Mr*. Theodore ’ Rlcharda Mrs. Charles Stowell Mra H. A. Young. | Mra. George Goss. Mra. Ssmur! | Hustln. klrs. Edwin Horton. Mra. W. I F. McCabe. Mra- R. L. Crawford. Mr*. W. E. Beattie. Mra. J. J. Me ' Cartney. Mr*. F. L. Hoyd-Jones. Mr*. S. F. Tompkins, Mr*. C A. j Bokle. Mrs. F. H. Leggett. Mra Her- J be ft Rohrbach, Mra Harold Wilson, j Mr*. Philip Brsender. Mra G. Ben- ! te. Mrs. P. B. Parker. Mra. F. C. ! Kerutzer. Mrs. H. O. Wlnsor and I Mrs. W. D. Dunlap. Attending also were the Misses y Frances Secor. Florence Moore. Ethel Griffin./Edith Bergln. Louise I (Metz. Alleen Church; Bertha Fink, i I Marjorie Van der Roest. MolUe J by means of an ELECTRIC V^ASHING MACHINE with Rotary Iron attached machine washes clothes spoth clean \yith practically no effort orjr yoor part, and does the ironing in one-th^rd the' time required by hand. You attach the Iron to the wrjpger. shaft of the Waslttm: kachine^Jt? is-light, easily carried andean be conveniently put away when not in . iqpt In full of the amount asked (Hclep M. Long. MoHle Long. K. L. ‘ ! bf • by Dr. Norman B. Saunders ! Murphy, and others ( Mount Vernon. In a suit brought -n ----- ------- — . — ; ------ Badast Edward H. Hufnagel. a fel- * Dree Are MlSSmg The doctor aakad that the *um hi Sea Collision * E® Washington — ^hree^ men .re mis- I ,lns ' 0 \ 0 »* n K > collision between | Sr v - ls “ r xszz'ssrz.'tx: ... . T t 11 *„' h * D'partntrnt announced today, hau G “ ,rt ' A c Channey of the . uls. oM? : kc ' “ K ' , \' r member, of her wra Th^ChO-a «d j (Continued From Page One) gave plain Indication the board Is considering further moves to make effecUvc its restrictive credit pol-_ Jey. Issuance of the new Statement wa * regarded a* gooJ evidence the bored is not enUrety satisfied with results so t0 accomphshnl • Tha objerttye of the ' Fedeerai geservo policy. It was explained. both from the pplnt Of view of do- mestlc business and of world .trade conditions. Is a readjustment In the credejt sltuallen with a ViejAtn as ­ suring tAde snrf lnduatry-or a con ­ tinuous supply -of bank credit at • '\Visit our salesHoor and ask for a demon ­ stration -or phone Whitfe Plains 404ft to have our representative call at your conver nience to _give complete details. • « prominent\Chlnctc fttUly of M city. 1 j tha fhttSof his na- inallty to be Initiated into AI ‘ dalkah Temple and It believed i ba the only Chines- Shriner In '■'•rice. Be is a graduate-of the Tjyito 0! Bo at hero California corner CrntraV avenue and Hnrts-lnle avenue. Hartkdale. Petitioners Insisted that since rhe wall In question hod been erected exactly on the north .property line, provision* of the building code re ­ quired a bkujK*wal! Member* of t$e town txard pointed out that A youthful suggesUon U this ensemble worn bp- Mary Brian. Paramount Player. Boat frock and three-quartrr)lebglh coat are of shiny navy si tin. Esj-shril satin late* the cn^rt, and chlffor in the same hue U pleated Inti WESTCHESTER LIGHTING CO. 12 DEPOT PLAZA E. W. MAGEE, MANAGER ^Ije. Daily- Press is on sale every afternoon at the Grand Central ger ­ minal. *

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