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I*. FINANCIAL NEWS WITH STOCK MARKET REVIEW AND 2 P. M. PRICES ON PAC TROUT! NG SEASON CRIME STUDY AN AGED VOTER HUMANE WEEK M. LOUIS E. TUAYEIl,. J Tew people realise the Importance If sf the leg illative measure that, has feen approved by Governor Roose ­ velt. which will establish a psychia ­ tric and diagnostic clinic at Bing ring Prison. This clinic has already been tried out at Sing, Sing but the cew law will assure its continuance and proper development. If we understood - our criminals better, we might bo able to deal with crime more understanding!}-, and our best opportunity to make D * a thorough study of the criminal is While he ia under our custody. Un ­ der this bill, provision is made for -i the study of each Individual crim ­ inal and the preparation of a case I nlitory of each. There Is no more practical way of discovering Just what makes a man a criminal and, 1 mill we know that, wo will be ser- I oualy hindered in our e'fforta to ■ d eep boys and men from turning \ tu rim Inals. Hastings la to lose Its oldest chool teacher. Miss Mary P. Dun- ar has served the Hastings schot •- or forty years and In that time h e«n the educational advantages. -lastings, grow from a single school Wilding with an enrollment of 100 luplls to three school buildings with an enroHfnent of 1,400 stu ­ dents. There is no way of measuring the .nfldence for good which Mias Dun- n'Jar has exerted In the lives of hun ­ dreds of children during wiriod of service. She has 1 ys and girls grew up to manhood di id womanhood and have watched ■m take positions of Importance the world. ’ She has taught chil- ’ -n whose parents site taught and Instilled into their minds the s lessons which she Impressed ipon their parents. Any teacher ho has taught for forty years cao • ‘ re with the satisfaction of wing that her life has been .ervlce and that she has had .tinctlon of helping shape hun- •«ds of lives that have been uated to her care. Anyone ’ done that can feel that they i helped make the world better. ist November. Isaac Kit of Sr ieasanlvllle, who Is 84 years old id in very poor health, Insisted on olng to the polls to vote for Presi- loovrr although all his friends ’ erythlng possible to convince int It was not his duty to drag •nsclf to the polls In view of the idltlon of his health. \r. Kit voted, however. Two hbors had to carry him 1 1 and, after tho election. let President Hoover know -ut tho Incident. President .. oorer has written a letter of I I hanks to Mt. Kit and the latter is lA ’ j ailing a great deal of pleasure < 1 y t showing the communication friends. would be a good thing if those •, •> observe election days by play- M golf rather than by performing eivlo duty of voting would think J* Mr. Kit and his example. In use days, when the stay-at-home — <ter is becoming a real problem, '' G jla example of a man 84 years old. Siting out of hla sick bed to vote cj. 'cause he considers It a eivlo duty ^hleh ho has no right to neglect, c (Continued -on Page Four.) r 'AS VICTIM IN 5 LOSING FIGHT 'uondldon of Mr*. John Good- np fellow I b Reported m> \ “Critical ” afU he condition of Mrs. John Good- go. \ow who Sunday morning was : if. rcome by gas fumes from a tin- ter heater in the kitchen of her th> “ «• 170 Grand street, was re- Ice ttt the White Plains Hospi- ,1 T ‘ thla morning as being- ■•critical.\ hj Hospital officials say that 'Mrs. •• r -odfellow \has been unable (Continued o Pago Two.) Net Stock Market ainst radio stocks today, with >rk • .star leading the decline. Crosley '* * ilo dropped five points and Ha- Corporation of America, after u ha ac to 96W, declined more C am pi ie stock market In general iac* ■ ; and highly irregular. Call the j iy renewed at 8 per cent and roppe- -.went to nine. He I Jght Aero declined five points. . Electric two. The entire list r r /a rally toward the nooh hour, »pl ground from earlier highs, apyb few strong spots wero noted. 1 , W. Woolworth Company de- ’ ln» i# a JVi for one spMl in the paai fit; and this brought out rather the '(Co ntinued on Page Two.) mied rearing Home Statement hr ol,. . ' ------------ ick. *.V York. April 10 (UP). — Bank • the ‘ring* $1,309,000,000; clearing ttle '*« balance $1861)00,000; federal luck inr* bank credit balance. $123,- , si) x»a THE WEATHER «$t.r north portion tonight\ and “ 'Thursday; not much change 5; » temperature. Fresh to fug northeast and — VeC — > Slje Uatlj Breiss Complete Wire Reports of THE UNITED PRESS Greatest World-Wide Newt Service. PLAINS GROWS CENSUS : S 5 S ::: 5353 K POPULATION I929 35D00 VOL. 1 — NO. 9 AN INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1929 PLBUU1ED EVERY BUSINES PRICE THREE CENTS CHILDREN ASK SURROGATE TO OUST MOTHER Appointed REBELS FLEE TO MOUNTAINS; SCORES QUIT Federals Recapture Juarez Thirty-Three Days After the First Bloody Engagement WRECK RAILROAD Rebels Destroy Tracks From Chihuahua City to Juarez ■ — Deserters Cross Border TO MAKE LAST STAND Escobar ’ s Army Prepares to Fight in State Where Revolt Started Juarez, Mexico. April 10, (UP) — Juarez waa recaptured by the Mexi ­ can federal! today. Colonel Jesus Trlanna and 230 cavalrymen marched Into the city from tho south whllo a Federal army of 900 pushed forward from Guadalupe. Colonel T rl a nn a said his men had marched from VUla Ahumada and that the main Federal force from the south would reach Juarez in three or four days. With tho Federals In the town, formal surrender of Juarez was ar ­ ranged for 10 a. m. at tho United Slates Immigration Station-in EH Paso. It was no more than a for ­ mality, however, as the Federals already ware in charge. General Marceio Caraveo and 2,000 revolutionary soldiers have evacuated the city. Juarez. Chihuahua, Mexico, April 10 (U P) — Bearing a kidnapped American airplane mechanic, Gen- ( Continued on Page Two.) Removal of Widow of Hyman Kaufman as Administratrix'of Es ­ tate Sought on Mis ­ management Charges Sensational accusations of “ misappropriation of funds ” and of “ mingling of bank ac ­ counts,\ as well as tlv^ Alleg ­ edly improper sale of one of the largest bathrobe busi ­ nesses in ’ America to the ad ­ ministratrix for one dollar, are contained in the action to begin here tomorrow morn ­ ing before Surrogate George A. Slater in.an attempt by the four children of the late Hyman Kaufman .of White Plains, I to oust the widow. Mrs. Clara Kauf- ■ man, as guardian of the younger children and to queaUon her final accounting of the»e*tato. Mr. Kaufman, president of the Kaufman Bathrobe Company, of 110 Weal 23rd street. New York City, doing a business so large that he was known to the trade as \the Bathrobo King.\ died on October 26, 1922. at his White Plains li without leaving a will. Included in the estate was only the bathrobe business but also life Insurance amounting to $125.- 000, White Plains refity appraised (ConUnued on Page Seven) BARBERS DENY STRIKERUMOR Masters and Journeymen Signed 2-Year Agreement Last Night “ MALICIOUS REPORT” Little. Change in Contract — “ Relations Never Better, ” Says President \Striker What strike?\ returned Anthony Maglio, president of the White Plains local. Associated Master Barbers Union, when asked by a reporter for the Dally Press if the Journeymen Barber's Union. Local 816, had called a strike last night. “ There has been no talk of desire for a strike In either of the organizations, ” declared Mr. Mag- lio. “ Relations between master barbers and the Journeymen wei never more friendly than they ai now. Humors of a strike have bet circulated 'maliciously by • certain persons who would profit by c (Continued on Page Two) COOLIDGE WILL JOIN NEW YORK LIFEGOMPANY Former President to Follow Precedent Established By Late Grover Cleveland ACCEPTS DIRECTORSHIP, Declares Insurance Is Some ­ thing With Which He Is in Accord LONG A POLICY HOLDER Darwin I\ Kingsley Makes * Public Correspondence Witli Statesman SIGNS TROOP BILL Albany, April 10. — Oovernor Roosevelt today algnsd the Webb BUI, authorizing creation of a new troop of state police to patrol West ­ chester and Long Island, and carry ­ ing an appropriation of $80,000. TRAFF IC TI CKETS Twelve Motorists. Arretted fo Speeding and Overtime Parking Traffic officers yesterday and to day continued to be generous with their summonses for violations of fhe traffic laws. Twelve motorli were given tickets. They are follows : David A. Goldberg, New York City, speeding, to appear In court April 12; Joseph Chermltlot, Mt Klsco, speeding, April 11; Daniel Buzxeo, Portchester, speeding, April 12; Robert GuUotta. Pleasantville, speeding, April 12. Patrick A- Powers received Ucket for making a turn on a red light and seven others were given “ John Doe\ summonses for viola ­ tions of the parking ordinances. WAINWRIGHT IS ASSAILED FOR DRY VOTE Women ’ s Committee For Re­ peal of Prohibition Law Condemns 14 Members Supporting Jones Art HYPOCRISY IS DECRIED j Representative Scores Col ­ leagues Accused of Liquor I.aw Violations A lbany lobby strong Ion. J. MAVH3W WAINWRIGHT 1 Congressman condemned by Wo- 1 Member of Assembly Tells of Efforts to Whip Him Into Line $197,000 PAID FOR POST ROAD CORNER PLOT HAVERS TELLS OF EARLY DAYS HE IN WILD WEST s New York, April 10. — Calvin Coolldgo today accepted'nomination as a mrmber of the board of direc ­ tors -of the New York Life Insur ­ ance Comjuiny to succeed t he late Ambassador Myron T. Herrick. It.Is the first official connection, outside of writing, that the former President has made since his re ­ tirement from office March 4 Ho Is the second former President to become Interested in the life In- Rotary surance business, ns Grover Ciove- lond served from 1905 to 1908 with the Equitable Life Assurance So ­ ciety. Mr. CooUdge will be elected at 1 ■ tho May meeting of the bourd. PRAISES INDIANS In making known tho nomination j ______ Darwin P. Kingsley, president of; the insurance company, made public Disapproves Treatment A< Coolldge'a letter of acceptance. Which read: \My dear Mr Kingsley — Bclievjng that life Insurance is the most ef ­ fective Instrumentality for the pro ­ motion of Industry', saving and J. May hew Walnwright of Ry« i Member of Congress from West- Chester and Rockland, was one of York Stub of tl s Act who c (Continued on Page Two) Arrest Craig In Mt. Vernon Robert E Craig of Mount Ver ­ non, pleaded not guilty today to an Indictment charging forgery In the second degree. County judge Frederick' P. Close advanced his bail from $1,000 to $4,000 and Craig was sent back to Jail to await trial. An investigation made Into the man's record. K is said, shows that he has been befriended on many oc ­ casions In the past by wealthy, el ­ derly women, for whom he Is said to exercise a peculiar foscinaUon. Members Thrill to Personal Experiences of Speaker corded Red Men — Friend of -Buffalo Bill ” \Indians and Cowboys on thr Western Trails of the Early 80s.\ an Illustrated lecture given by Col­ onel Edwin A. Havers. New York Rotarlan, and ex-cow puncher, de ­ scribing fascinating personal exper ­ iences, was the feature of the White Plains Rotary Club meeting the White Swan Inn. yesterday Stereopticon slides of unique pho ­ tographs taken by the colonel of stage coaches, of Indian villages, and scenes from ranch life, sup ­ plemented his talk. Colonel Havers once a cowboy on the Bar Nona ranch In Mon ­ tana. recounted graphically tales of roundups, bronco busting and In- (ConUnued on Page Two) Ambulanie Chasing Activities Have Dropped 50 Per Cent Says 'solution if tho Women's Committee for Re ­ peal of the Eighteenth Amendment yesterday afternoon. The April meeting of the associa ­ tion was conducted In tho house of Mrs. M. Henne. 265 Hancock street. Brooklyn, and wan attended by Representative Emanuel Celler. As ­ semblyman Robert K. Story and Courtlandt Nlcoll of the Personal Committee of Lawyers. Viler decried the hypocrisy >llow members of tho House of Representatives who voted for the Jones Mil. Mr. Morgen, he said, was \dtsplrabic. the more so (Continued on Page- Two,) PEOPLE SHOW INTEREST IN SOCIAL TILT Opinions From All Section* — Many Favor Giving Miss Gun* Rank of Second. Lady DIPLOMATS TO ACT Meeting Today at British Embassy to Pass on Controversy Washington; April 10 (Ufh. — of the Washington Dlplo- Bleakjey at Kiwanis Meeting ’ S^^ssJfs'XL. LONDON PLEASED Appointment of Dawes as Ambas ­ sador to England Officially Announced —Subject Senate Confirmation Washington, April 10 (UP) — For ­ mal annouccmies- of the appoint ­ ment of former Vice-President Charles G. Dawes to be Ambassador to Great Britain was made at the White House today. Word that Dawes would bo ic- ceplable to the British Government was received by the State Depart ­ ment this morning. The announce ­ ment followed immediately. The appointment is subject to confirmation by the Senate. London. April 10 (UP) — Appoint ­ ment of Charles G. Dawes as United States Ambassador to London waa received with satisfaction here to ­ day. It was said authoritatively that Dawes is assured of the hearti ­ est welcome to Great Britain, where he Is known widely and well liked. Metropolitan Drive Has Pro ­ duced Good Results, Mount Vernon Group Told. Favors Church Weddings to Stem Di vorc C- • I form „ I Gann should be seated Speaking before the Mount Ver- wlvM ot forc |gn representatives, non Kiwanis Club at 1U weekly j , hcy from Grant Britain or Sian luncheon yesterday. Supreme Court j Not only dld gtirfison neatly side ­ step the Issue but bo look precau ­ tions against further difficulties of 'here Mrs. Edwnrd E. Gann, sis ­ ter and official hostel idem Charles Curtis, is to be seated at their social functions. Solution of this bafflljjg problem was placed In their hands yester ­ day by Secretary of State Stlmson. Curtis had appealed for ruling mado BULLETIN Peekskill. — A record amount of approxmate- ly $1,000,000 will be spent by the State High ­ way Department on the BriardifF-Peekskiil highway around and through this village to connect with the Bear Mountain Bridge, it was decided at a conference here today attended by state and county road officials. County Engineer Chat. MacDonald and Jay Downer, chief engineer of the Pork Com missio n, and Leslie G. Holloran, represented the County at the conference, with the State Highway Of ­ ficials. State Highway Commissioner A. W. Brandt and District Su ­ perintendent Bixby an ­ nounced the stnte ’ s de ­ cision at the conference. INITIAL STEP IS TAKEN FOR Y.W.C.A. HERE More Than 350 Attend Mass Meeting and Cheer Mo­ tion Made by C. B. Winslow — . ------- COMMI TTEE N AMED To Adopt Constitution at Meeting April 18 — Project Is Warmly Endorsed The dream cherished so long In the hearts of girls In ths Commun ­ ity Club and is Use minds of women of the Contemporary Club, that White Plains will have a Young Women's Christian Association was realized last night. At a mass meeting of more than 350 persons In the Contemporary Club rooms of the Presbyterian Church on North Broadway, the history of the Community Girls' Club was ended and the adventure of the Y. W. C. A. Was begun. ■e ball VI ™Pr£ I by cTawiMtow. SMT i of the ardent supporter* of the movement Mr. Winslow's motion t the (Continued on Page Six) Justice William F. Bleakley that It was hi* opinion that since the recent investigation Into the ac ­ tivities of \ambulance chasing\ at- . lornrya. case* of this variety had dropped fifty percent Justtco Bleakley did not enlarge on his statement but It was con ­ sidered that ho Intimated the drive against Metropolitan attorneys had effectively warned County lawyers against continuance of similar Although he touched briefly on tho \chaser\ point, the greater part of his' speech was devoted to a dis ­ cussion of divorce In the county. (Continued on Page Three) Heflin Embraces Son Senator in Public Demonstration Forgives Offspring. Attacks Newspapers, “Ex ­ ploited ” Incident. Seeks to Have Camera Men Arrested Washington, April 10 (UP) — Thomas Heflin. Jr., son of Senator Heflin of Alabama, was back under his father's watchful eye today, ap ­ parently littlo the worse for his re ­ cent adventure In distant non-pro- hlbltlon lands. He returned from New York last night, chaperoned by J. L. Thorn ­ ton, {he senator ’ s secretary, and stepped from Ure train Into a inter ­ nal embrace which onlooker! con ­ sidered convincing proof all was ------------- Incident marred the tranquility.of the scene. It was the elder Heflin's demand for the , ar ­ rest of newspaper photographers gathered to record tye homecoming of the prodigal. men, ” Heflin shouted as be made his way toward, tu taxicab. But there were ho policemen in^sight [and the photographers were Late News Dispatches By Direct United Press Wire S GIRONDA, HERE IN PROBE, SAYS WILL WED GIRL LINDY TO MEET HERRICK BODY (Continued on Page Seven) that be agreed with Alfred 8milh on the prohibition ques ­ tion — that he was determined. In fact, to call on Smith and tell him as much Senator Heflin la a dry and prob- 1 ably the bitterest anti-Smith Demo ­ crat in public life. Once back on American -eeflr Thomas Jr, started a tour of New York which led to an entanglement with police and a rescue by Thorn- A minor stomach disorder and y discolored e Branford. Conn, April XI — (UP) | AtlanUo City. N. J, April 10 — — Injuries received In a motorcycle ( VP> — Senator-elect William S accident he: . late yesterday caused ^ JSTtLUlZ death at a hospital of John La- home here today after \several months ’ vacation in Florida. Dri* Ellwood R. Kirby. Vare's physician, said the senator-elect could not be bothered with politics at this time and th hi* recovery most remarkable. Albany. April ltf (U1 Roosevelt today sig, 83. of New Haven. The ms- , ... _ , , : chine, traveling at high speed, ap- rtvl with a Congressional party | Wruck . itAa , nd 9i feet. militia New York. April IIWU P) — The Long Island Railroad tug Patcho- gue. Is fast on a reef off East 93rd street, today. It was driven there bill authorizing the City of Nrv by the swirling waters of Hell Gate. - ................................. Officials report there la ncAdanger. The crew • remained on the \boat which is expected to be refloated with the high tide. New Rochelle — Captain Harry W. Lyon, who flew across the Pacific In the Southern Cross, now missing In Auetralla. was a sprakor at tho monthly meeting of the American Legion here last night- Captain Lyon told of hia plans for a'non ­ stop flight from-Pasadena to New York* And then a trans-Atlantic flight attempt next summer. Land* in Brownsville, Texas, on Way Front Mexico to New York t Brownsville. Tex, April U'(UP) — Charles A. Lindbergh left Brownsville at 10:03 a. m. today on a continuation of his flight north from Mexico City. Ho did not di ­ vulge his Immediate destination. Lindbergh arrived here at 9:33 a. m, after being more than 21 hours on ths way from Mexico City. He declined to reveal whero he had spent the night. After refueling hi* plane he pre ­ pared to take off ogam Airport official* said he was-en route to New York to meet the body of Myron T. Herrick, late Am ­ erican ambassador to France, who (Continued on Page Seven) Mamaroneck Constable Was Sentenced to Sing Sing For Assault \8ure. Tm going to marry her Just as soon as I get out of Sing Sing. ” declared Henry Olronda. erstwhile Mamaroneck constable serving a sentence of from one year and three months to two years six months, of the girl In his as he sat this morning in tb# grand Jury room awaiting his opportunity to testify once more before the \John 'Doe\ investigation which delving Into alleged vice conditions in that village. The young woman to whom Ol ­ ronda referred nestled closer him. She la the telephone operator upon whom an alleged assault by Gironda and the publication of such alleged assault in The Mamaroneck Dally Times started the wheels of Justice rolling, to end only when Glromja and. an accomplice. Angelo Caprlso. alias Costello, were ---- tenced to prison. Capriio. who is also down today > testify, from the Westchester (Continued on Page Seven) Dr. Walter E. Low* thian Sells Residence One Block From Ma ­ maroneck Avenue to New York Syndicate The residence of Dr. Wal ­ ter E. Lowthian at Court street and the Post road waa sold today for $197,000. The.DropertXva^the north ­ east corner of Oie two' streets, is almost directly op ­ posite the new hotel'now un­ der construction. It has a frontage of about 83 feet on Court street and 131 feet on Lhe Post road. There is an 'L ” piece 25 by 50 on the easterly end of the plot. Thejirnperty Is Joined on the east by the plot of Morris Projansky, ahd'lhere Is an unconfirmed report that that property also has been sold. The Mozeii Realty Co is listed aa the buyer of a 30 by 100 plot next (Continued, on Page Two.) SUDDEN SNOW STORM HALTS • RIVER BOATS Shipping Held Up at Albany — Impenetrable Mist BJan- kets the Hudson — Ferry Schedules Disrupted MAKE PREPARATIONS Several Towns Report Diffi ­ culties as Rivennen Meet . Emergency Albany, April TO-(UP) — Shipping a the Hudson River waa halted abruptly today aa a blinding anow- storm swept a good portion of the State of New York- In addition to the heavy fall of low, an almost Impenetrable cloud of mist formed over the Hud ­ son and many tug boats and strings | of \barges were forced to make then- way to shore at Troy. Ferry schedules were somewhat disrupted today In Yonkers as a heavy mist settled * Reports of a snowstorm on the way from Albany reneed to make preparations. Shipping In the river fairly crawled as the fog became hourly thicker. A fog. growing heavier hourly^ 1 ly over the Hudson today at Tar- n-town wl rivennen prepared for snow storm reported sweeping moss the stale. Officials of the ry Company, operating __ __ the river to Nyack laid they' to continue — throughout the day at 1 were ready to suspend aa reporta Indicated era at Albany, should th* mist i density. Other traffic apparenUy _ _ ceedlng np and down th# river at ------ normaL Strings' * --------- Contest Winners I — Go' the W. Rocheiietnaeqiiireadditional lends! Madeline Rodiguez Gets First Prize in Daily i* r ai*o ^authotixed* 1 ” ^Seed^o TZ I Press Misspelled Word Contest for Und for * *,,B ior • n» v *> * This Week; Other Winners Iho Mayor. -He and Mrs. Her* will! First prize. S3 in trade at Vogt a celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding i Drug Company, wop by Madeline anniversary tomorrow. Hla col- Rliilquez. 130 Main street, league* presented tbe Mayor with | Second Prue. $3 in trade at Xifta and several paid Mm oral tri- Needlecrafl Shop, won by Ldward bute and. hoped for hia conilnutti : Tuohey. Main street health, happiness and euccess. 1 Third prize. $2 In trade at Raya ■ . • I V Jewelry shop, won \by Henry Grtf- fen. 11 O'Dell avenue. Fourth to eighth prises, two tickets each for Kelth-AIbee won by Lillian Suoaman. t 1 place. Mr*. 1L Hoyrnan. 8* street; Morton Wrst, 64 Grandview avenue; J Gallagher? » Castle Heights place;.and Mya. Ivin John ­ son, 2 Cobb avenue. ARREST GERMAN SECRETARY Berlin. April 10 (UP). — Polk ___ mlttad today that they had arrested Kaal Hartung, recently secretary to th* former Kaiser ’ s wife. Her- The arrest bed been kept

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