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(AVERS TELLS OF EARLY DAYS IN WILD WEST Dealings In New York Stocks Anaconda ................. 1424 Andes Copper ____ I __ 524 Armour A — . - 12% Armour B -------------------- 6% Atchison Topeka 4 8FJW!i Atlantic Oulf ------- . ----- <74 Atlantic Refining ------- 66 Balt A Ohio --------------- 121 Barnadnll A ---------------- «% Beech-Nut Parking — 884 Bethlehem Steel -----._109% Borden Cn . . ............ 182 Brooklyn-Manhattan Tr 66', Butterick ---- -------------- 314 Byera AM ...... 1524 By-Product* Coke 110 Calumet A Hecla — ___ 464 Canada Dry G A ___ 804 Canadian Pacific -------- 235 Central Alloy Stoel ------ 47 Cerro De Pasco -------- .100 Certain-Teed Product*- 16% Chesapeake Corp. ----- MS Chea A Ohio ------------ .222 Chi Mil St Paul A Pac 32 i, Chi Mil St Paul Pac pf 544 Chi A North Western .834 Chi Pneumatic Tool 30 Chi ft I Pacific ______ 124 Chile Copper ________ 1034 Int Cement _: --------- - fnt Combuatlon ------- - Int Harveater ______ Int Nickel -------------- 1f Int Paper --------------- Int Tel A Tel _: ------- Johna-Manvllle ----- ; — Kansas City Southern Krlly-Sprlngjleld ----- Kennecott — _______ Kresge (S3) ------------- Kroger Grocery -------- Lambert .... ------ Liquid Carbonic ------ I-ocw* Inc - .............. . Lorillard .. — ----- — .. . Muck Trucks ..... . .... — Marland Oil ............... May Dept Stores ------ Mexican Seaxoard — Miami Copper --------- Mo-Kans-Texa* -- ------ cs.l point* from the previous close. | United States Steel Common was | matrons spot In tho early dealings, rising above 187 compared with the previous close of 183 V The com ­ pany In Its unfilled tonnage report showed an Increaac- ~ Oil production during the week C ended April 6 rose dally but this l<> ' had little affect on the petroleum hc sharca. •^'Copper stocks were firmer. . A steady lono In all 'occtlons of tho general list and easing of ;hc United States government sccurl- [he ties were the outstanding features ted | of bond market trading. :oh | Recovery of the local tractions he- ’ wan one of the outstanding dovcl- to | opments. Interborough 7s were bid j*e up over a point. Continued erratic price move- ice ments In the Canadian Ford Issues cn - was again the center of Interest on rid\ the curb exchange and ovfrshad- II*. owed other developments. . s. Ford new class B stock dropped !tle violently in the early trading, red touching a low of 96 before mecl- the Ing support following overnight an- to •nbuncemont by\ ifio carb- UtuhorP L • lies that many sales of the' stock he had been mnde In error and do ­ om llverlca consequently delayed. How- on over, the Issue met strong support her and quickly rallied to tho 125-lovd, for where It was 10 points under the aln previous close. The old stock was no- heavy, dropping 50 points to 1425. to Price movements elsewhere were hc generally small and stocks contln- i a ued to move in a narrow trading he rango 1ir Viewo8 lh» continued t he credit uncertainty. 1:30' p. m. prices were lower: the Advance-Rumely _ __ __ 894 894 0>t Air Reduction . ........ ... 99 97V. lrn Alleghany Corporation 324 33V. „ jAmcr Can _ __________ 1274 127 }j c iAmer Car A Fdy .... .. 1*3 , „ Amer A Foreign Pwr — 844 88 igc Amer Home Prod 75 ,jt C Amer International ___ 61'* 60'* the Amer Locomotlv.- „__117 cas Amerlmctala ______ _ 604 60 lj Ul Amerlpwr A Lt ______ 93 S 934 ..i :Amer Republics ______ 53'. 544 Amer Smelting . _ _ 1024 103 ex . Amer Steel Foundry _ -64 ’ , 64 the Amer Sugar ---------------- 76 794 Amer Tel A Tel ______ 217 2174 ist . Amer Tobacco _ __ __ 1634 j, e Amer Woolen ____ * 20' k-. lit giving a graphic account of tbe •ngagement in which Custer's troops were massacred at the bat- .tie of tho Llttla Big Horn. Colonel 'Havers exonerated fitting Bull from having any part In the en- LV*w*s nine miles from the see nee Of the battle.\ A photograph of the og}y sur- vlvor of Custer's troops at the fight ■ was flashed upon the screen. He was an Indian guide, who when the • battle began disguised himself by Hatting down his long hair, and . wrapping an Indian blanket about his uniform, escaping in the eon- : fusion of the engagement, ft Colonel Havers expressed dlsap- * proval of tho treatment which the 1004 184 Mohawk Curpet ............ 69 1 MontGomery Ward --- .1131 MulUna Mnnfg Murray Corporation Collins A Aikman _ ___ 574 Colorado Fuel _______ 634 Columbia Gas A Elec ... 139 Columbia Graphophonc 664 Commer Solvents ------- 208 Commonwealth Power 126 Congoleum-Nairn 24 Consolidated Gas _ ___ 1004 Continental Can . .... 724 Continental Motors — 204 £orn Products a. ___ 88. Coty. Inc.. - ----- I ------ L_ 574 Curtis* Aero _______ 145 Davison Chom ____ .,_.53% Delaware A Hudson — 187 Drug Inc. . ...... _..— . — -111 Du Pont De Nemours .1274 Eastman Kodak _____ 171 Elec Auto Lite ...... ----- 1394 Elec Powe A Light ___ GO', Elec Storage allttery _ 81 Engineers Pub Service 484 Erie Railroad ............... 694 Fleischmann _____ 704 Fox Film A _ ■ 834 Freeport Texas ______ 45' Gceflral “ Asphalt — — — *8% General Cable ______ 46 General Cable A _____ 97 Gen Cigar ___________ 674 Gen Electric ... _______ 228 Gen Motor* ______ _ 844 Gen By-Signal . — 97% Gillette Safety Razor — 111 Glmbcl Brdthcra___ _ 41 Gold Dus/ . ......... 61*4 Goodrich ____ , ____ — 874 Of the white mSn. and praised the savages highly for Xhetr honesty. Bitting Bull, however,. d-as entirely Unscrupulous when the welfare of bla people was concerned, and Would use all his cunning and wiles to gain his ends In such Instances. There were eleven visitors and National Biscuit -------- 176 Natl Cash RrfclsteY a.. 124*1 National Dairy Prod 122% National Power A Light 48 Nevad Copper ______ 464 N Y Air Brake _____ 454 N Y Central 1 ------------ 1814 N Y Chi A Stl ..' --------- 131 NY N H A Hart. ------ 894 North American ------- Northern Paclflo ------- Otln Steel ...... .... ........ .. Pacific G A Kloo ------- Packard Motor ----- Pan Amer .Pet B ___ Park A TUford ------- Para-Fam : Lasky ____ Park Utah __________ Pathe Each -------------- Peerless Motqr ---------- Pennsylvania Railroad Phillips Peto ________ Guests at the meeting were; E. H. Denman. Hon. Charles M Mil ­ ler. Carlton Quinby, Edward Tomp- lsj — **-* — . ^ Anderson. Mr. Dr. Henry- T. Kelly. lerlngtt Marriage P- Irie Oil A Gas — Publlo Service (NJ) . Pullman Ino ______ Pure Oil __________ Purity Bakeries ____ Radio Corp ------------ Radlo-Kelth-Orp' cum Reading ........ ....... Rent Silk Ho* ------- Remington-Rand _ _ Reynolds Tobacco B Richfield Oil --------- Rio Grande Oil _ St. Joseph Lend — ... St. Louis San Fran __ Schulte Retail Storea Sears Roebuck _ ___ Shattuck (FG) _____ Simmons Co. ______ Sinclair Oil _______ * . 254 -1054 Graham-Pnlge ____ Granby Con* - ...... _ Great Western Sugi Greene Canatiea Hiihn Dept Stores _ Hershey Choc __ ... I Howe Sountl _____ _ ! Hudson Motor ___ 654 1U% Obituary tbo United States In 1903. and had been employed by the Fleischmann organization virtually ever since. He was head of tho chemistry and research departments of the eom- Mr. Nilsson was a director of the. Westchester County National Bank a member of the Lions' Club, the Bkz. and tho Royal Arrcanum. His ! wife snd three children survive. Although yesterday was election day In Peekskill Mr. Nilsson was i not. a candidate, having another year to serve of his Ihree-ycar (Continued from Page One) rral Marcelo Caraveo and 2.000 re ­ volutionary soldiers fled westward to the Sierra Madre Mountains to ­ day. leaving the city of Juarez to a Federal army of 900 farmer re- The evacuation occurred 33 days after the rebel army had captured the city In a bloody engagement with federal forces. The warning of a Unlrfd States army officer from Fort Bliss that American au- thortUes would not permit endan ­ gering of lives In the United Slates by street UghUng such as occur ­ red during the battle on March 7 was believed to have figured pro ­ minently In averting another bat ­ tle. Although tbe main pert of the rebel force had fled to Casa Gran ­ dee, the regular garrison of .125 rebel* under General Msrcellno Murrieta, rebel commander, re ­ mained pending actual surrender of the city, arranged for 10 a. m. to­ day. Consul General Lelkens an ­ nounced In El Paso that delivery of the city would be mado to him at the U. -S. Immigration StaUon In El Paso. He said a civil gov ­ ernment madi* up of Mexican re ­ fugees now Id El Paso would be In ­ stalled. pending occupation by Fed ­ eral troops. TJip evacuation order was Issued by General Caraveo, rebel governor of the State of *Chlbuahua. who evacuated Chihuahua City yester ­ day and came to Juarez, wrecking the railroad enroule. It was as ­ sumed Caraveo'* order was based on advice of General Jose Gonzales Escobar, rebel commander-in-chief, now: enroute to Sonora. . * General Caraveo ’ a forces, loaded on 30 cars with an airplane and supplies, headed'westward to Casa Grande*. Four American aviators accompanied them. .Al Cohen <rf lx>a Angeles, a mechanic for the •Standard Air Lines In Elnsso. Tex., was kidnapped In a cafe, placed under guard on the rebel trbop train and told that no harm would come to him W he obeyed order*. Tbe three other American < filers were Robert H. Polk. Phil Mohun and Pete Stanley, who accompanied the re beta voluntarily to serve in the rebel air force after a new base Is established. Scores of-rebels deserted, fled across the Rio Grande River to El Paso and surrendered to U. S. Immigration authorities who order ­ ed them Inleraod at Fort Bliss. Mingled with the deserting rebels were civilians, women and many visitors who sought safety across the international boundary line. Naco, Arlz_ April 10. — Somewhere In Uie mountain fastness of the Sierra Madras between the States of Chihuahua and Sonora, the rem ­ nants of General Jose Gonzalo Es ­ cobar ’ s rebel army marched west- ward today to Join In a final stand In th# State of Sonora, birthplace of the revolution. Chihuahua City was occupied last night by Genera! Juan Almazan. Federal leader In the decisive Fed ­ eral victory at Reforma. Genera! Fausto Topete at Naco. warned by an aerial demonstration of United States airplanes from the American side of the border, ap ­ parently was Inclined to leave to His commander decision of renewing the fssault on Naco which led to the Abounding of an American cav ­ alryman fcnd the firing of a building on the Agnerlcan side of the border. She was n resident of White Bins for 49 years, and came here xn Greene county, where she ■ born. In addition to her hus- nd. Mrs. Tladlek Is survived by a tighter, Mrs. William Whitaker. SB Oakwood avenue. The funer- Wfll be held on Friday, 2 P. M., the home of Mr. Radick. Rev- ■ad C. B. Alford of Grace Church, dacopaj. will officiate. Jolla Siegel A Siegel, ergo 73. for 12 yearn a int of ArtUley. died at the of bar sister. Mrs. George H. «*, on Ashford avenue, follow- . year's Illness. She was. the iter of Adolph Siegel of New Nogales^ Sonoro. .Mexico, April 10. — General Ftanciteo Borquex. com ­ manding rebel forces here. Issued a statement al rebel headquarters iinserting that the rebel attack on Naco, Sonora, would continue. Previously. General Borquex bad ordered all Inhabitants of Nogales Fairfield. Conn, April 1C (UP) — Joseph Meyers, sr, 58. murdered his daughter-in-law. Mrs. Elizabeth Meyers. Jr, today and then took his own life. Meyers, who had recent- ly been released from Norwich hos ­ pital.for the Insane, beat the 22- year-old woman .with a hammer *, h,r ,hro>t Thtn »*« slashed his own throat. •putmoOT g2(M) THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ WEDNESDAY. APRIL 10, 1020 A Marvelous ; Scientific Achievement LUF CORAL ALTO POLISH I SALT AT AIX Al-ro kt.KVieg . D. T. COMPANY FACTOBS Stan Gas A Elec ------- - 864 Stan Oil (Cal) ------------ 78 Stan Oil (NJ) _________ 56% 644 Stan Oil (NY) ________ 424 #24 SUwarT-Warner ---------- MI 4 .1304 flit: ’ beker 81% GAS VICTIM IN LOSING FIGHT Tennessee Copper ____ 18% 164 Texas Corp 634 634 (Continued from Pag* One) Third Avo •' 78 784 Timken Roll Bearing — 79 78% Tobacco Producta ____ 174 17 Union Oil (Cal) ______ «% 60 Union Carbide — 213 Union Pacific ________ 216 215 United Electric Coal' _ 464 46 U 8 Cast Iron Pipe___ 424 42 U .8 Leather -------------- 24 4 . 24 4 U S Realty 89 91 throw off the effect* of tbe poison ­ ing. Her Husband, John Goodfcllow. who was also a victim of the fumes, recovered quickly and was released from the hospital Monday morning apparently none the worse after his narrow escape from death. Mr. and Mr*. Goodfellow were found lying across the bed- In their room adjoining the kitchen by their daughter. Mrs. E. J. Donohue, 41 Davis avenue. She was summoned by her father when her mother lost consciousness. Mr. Gbodfcllow man ­ aged to get her in bed and then he, too. was over com# and fell across the bed. Tha condition of Frederick Ber- vard, colored. 8 year* old, who was at ruck by a truck' white eroesing Lexington avenue yesterday morn ­ ing. was reported as \good\ at tho hospital today. The child lost sev- U 8 Rubber 52 534 U 8 Steel - . _185 1854 Utilities Pwr A Lt A_ 40% 41 Warner Broe Pictures. 994 974 Western Maryuuid __ _ 42% 41% Western Union ______ .1911904 Westing house Al Brake 47 4 474 Westing house Elec ___ 146 144 WI Ilya-Overland ______ 26 28% Woolworth _________ 2164 213 Wright Aero — 238 230 Yellow Truck ------------ 41% 414 Youngstown Sh A Tube 125 $197,000 PAID FOR POST ROAD CORNER PLOT BARBERS DENY STRIKE RUMOR (Continued from Pago One) but the Journeymen did not threat- » walk out,\ he declared em ­ phatically. new agreement covering a two- period was. signed last night by officials of the two unions. U was drawn up at a meeting between representatives from both bodies Tuesday night and Is essentially a inewal of the old contract. The only change Is an Increase of S3 In tbe weekly salary of the Journey ­ men. the raise to take effect at th< beginning of the second-yearv Tho shop* will remain open unti 7 p. m. and the Journeymen will continue to receive SS5 per week and 60 per cent commission on business in excess of S50 taken at their chairs. No Increases In the price scale were made. According to Mr. Magllo, .... Journeymen ’ * Union draws up and submits a new agrremnt thirty day* before th* expiration of the old one. It was at that time, he says, that the ruptbr of a strike became current. “Spring has nothing to with It, ” he declared In answer a statement In a dally newspaper that \barbers' strike* arc a sign of spring.\ WAINWRIGHT IS ASSAILED FOR DRY VOTE (Continued From Page One) because he tried to hide behind the skirts of a woman.\ He asked why a year was neces ­ sary to bring the Indictment against Representative Mlchaelson. The reason was, he said, because Mich-, aelson had endeavored to have the Indictment quashed secretly, which In Itself was wrong and made the Mr. Story said that when hc went to Albany as an Aaacmblyman he heard a story of tho passngc of the original state enforcement act, which had never boon denied al- ; though It was common knowledge. The story was that a dry lobbyist saved the Mullnn Gage bill from be ­ ing defeated by one vote by going out on the floor and farcing a wet member, to change his vole by. a threat of having him prosecuted under the Mann act. The first lobby he came In con ­ tact with In Albany waa the dry lobby, hc said. Ho was naked-how he stood, and when he said he waa against prohibition hc was re* minded lhat he was a RopubUaan. He wna told by the dry lobbyist that state enforcement was a Republi ­ can measure and that he would be considered a \renegate Republican.\ Ho was^varned that his predeces ­ sor had been defeated for \refusing to fall In line.\ The Jrnks bill was held up In the Codes Committee, Mr Story said, \by our good fortune when a dry member fell down and broke a leg.\ The Ureup was six wet* and six dry* and on* light wine and beer advocate, he said. Courtiandt Nleoll. former State Senator, said that \wh bo our Individual Ideas Ject of temperance and prohibition there can bo no doubt that it tenth to debauch and corrupt the pallet force. It has not checked the use seriously hampered their proper The resolution adopted by committee ended. \Resolved par ­ ticularly to condemn the arUon ' the fourteen Congressmen frt New York Stale who voted for t Jones bill, to wti Walnwright. Kish. Pratt. Parker. Crowther. Snell Cul- kln, Davenport. Clarke, Taber. Stalker. Sanders, Dempsey and Reed, and sent! them a copy of tbh resolution.' 4 The resolution referred to J. Maybew Wnlnwright. Hamil ­ ton Fish. Jr. Harcourt J. Pratt. James 8. Parker. Frank Crowther. Bartrand H Snell. Frederick M. Davenport, John D. Clarice. John Taber, Gale H. Stalker. Archie D! Sanders. 8 Wallace Dempsey, Di A. GOOLIDGE WILL JOIN NEW YORK LIFE COMPANY (Continued from Page One) character ever devised, that a well managed mutual company Is a co ­ operative society for the advance ­ ment of the public welfare, arid that of the leaders In thl* na ­ tional ecSflomtc movement the New York Life Insurance Company may Justly be called a publlo service In ­ stitution, I accept tho nomination you have tendered me to become a member of the board of directors of you have tendered me to become a be glad to participate In Its julmln- itraUon. \Very truly yours. \Calvin Coolldge ” Kingsley Issued a statement rela- V to the retention of the former President on the Vsard after to- meeting of the directors at the horn office here. The statement ‘ Mr. Coolldge Is the second ex- iPrealdent of tho United States to name and Influence to the promotion of llfo Insurance as a form of social service. From 1905 until hla death In 1008, Grover Cleveland performed what EUhu Root waa characterized as dlstlcet- publlo service by acting i lee of the majority stock of tbs Equitable Life Insurance Society. \In accepting a directorship In the New York Life, Mr. Coolldge undoubtedly responds to th* mo- ea that appealed to Mr. Cleve ­ land. He baa been a policy holder 1- t* • company for about thlrty- jseven years, and os a young lawyer In Massachusetts ho performed some valuable service for It. ■'I believe that all llfo Insurance will rejoice In welcoming Mr. Cool ­ ldge into tho directorate .of this company, lt Is of course an honor which the officers of the company appreciate, but. beyond that. It not ­ ably tsetlfed to the fact that life insurance is a high type of public Officials M the Insurance com ­ pany said Mr. Coolldge would re ­ ceive no salary, but would receive a fee for hla attendance at board They also announced that after his election he would servo on the agency committee of the board. There were nuincrtmii rumors before President Coolldge'* retire ­ ment from office that be might be ­ come identified with some llfa In ­ surance company, as he was known to favor auch organizations. Immediately on leaving Waahln- ton. President Coolldge returned to his home In Northampton, Mass. He said he had no definite plane for the future other than aome . writ ­ ings. Rome of hla article* have al ­ ready been written fpr (he Coamo- pollian Magazine and Ladle* H „ Here ’ s good investment news Westchester ’ s First National Corp. through its President, William F. Edwards, has just announced to Stockholders that the Company has in three months earned more than enough to pay the semi-annual dividend on the Preferred. And more than that. ’ \ The earnings also-have provided a sufficient sum over Preferred Dividend requirements to set up a Surplus for the Common dividend. Such an accomplishment is considered exceptional, in . . view of the fact that the Corporation did not com ­ mence operations until December 3rd, last. Westchester ’ s profitable progress is continuing un ­ abated ! Within the Next few Day l this newspaper will contain an important announce ­ ment concerning the final allotment of WESTCHES ­ TER FIRST NATIONAL UNITS. For those who are interested in setting aside a portion of their funds, for an investment providing, yield, safety and appreciation it will pay to “ stand by ” for this announcement. ADVANCE DETAILS UPON REQUEST F. B. WILCOX & CO. ly CORPORA TED INVESTMENTS Telephone: Bryant 7446 On die Wings of the Morning L/'RESH and pure as the morning dew, your milk comes to your doorstep at the dawn of every day. c^ip&hed at the speed of the wind from sunny far mlands to your tahi f. “ _^illow Brook Milk never fails you. It never fails because Willow Brook Service — stretching from the country lane to tty; city streets — constantly maintains the purity and assures faithful delivery of your daily supply of WILLOW BROOK MILK Serving Westchester County Homes for 49 Telephone O.lmood 8681 or New Rochelle 25 or White Pleint

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