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King Neptune Looks ’ Em Over Picture Star ’ s Triumph TODAY — SATURDAY AR t SU/SEE act V GEORGE SIDNEY VeVa Gordon, Mack ( Swain, Kate Price, in IT S A \The Cohens And Kelly* At Atlantic City,\ Bathing Beauties I | Playing at Keith-Albee. Sea Shore Locale for Hilarious Comedy: “ Cohens and Kellys Fron^FannleBdce^Vehlclo^M^M: 'My Man Blend of Laughter and Tears In Feature at The State FLORA LE BRETON favorite Mouca ly Starln ASingtoB Talkios p ‘ c< “ ' • Sensation On the Stas' II f BRONSON 2 GIRLS i . Revelations iri Other Vaudeville Fannie Urlcs's first talktog pic ­ ture — her ‘ first picture of any kind, for that matter — Is Warner Bros. Vltaphone Bpeclal, “ My Man\ — now being seen and heard by record- breaking audiences at the State Theater. Vltaphone gives flawless repro ­ ductions of the songs which have put Fannie on the heights of fame. “ My Man.\ which Is the heart-story of three orphans o fthe Big Town. Is shot through with delicious mel ­ ody — and made almost, deliriously amusing by Fannie's well-known elownlngs. But Fannie Brice Is great not alone as the result of her clever and studied artistry — but by the fact that Into her songs she puts herself. The poignant tenderness of “ My Man. ” which has dimmed many an eye. I* caught magnifi ­ cently. And Fannie sings tho others — \I'm an Indian,\ “ Tho Spring Song.\ \If You Want tho Rainbow. You Must Have tho Rain,\ \Floradora Baby.\ “ Second Hand Rose\ and “ I'd Rather Be Blue Thinking of You. Than Hap ­ py With Somebody Else.\ And she 1 gives the uproarious recitation. “Mrs. Cohn at the Beach.\ The story of the play, which wan written by Mark Canfield and adapted for the screen by Robert Lord. Is built around the song — •'My Man.' It Is the love story of an ugly duckling, whose one and only lover, and promised husband, Is stolen from her by a younger i sister. It is out of disappointment I that the half-forgotten songs well up with new and tragic meaning bringing belated fame. The cast Includes Guinn Wil ­ liams, Edna Murphy. Andre do Segurola. Richard Tucker. Bll*.- Seuy, Arthur Hoyt. Ann Brody and Clarissa Selwynne. Archie I. Mayo directed. | ; GAMBLE BOYS & BACHE SWARTZ & CLIFFORD THREE NITOS MACK & ROSSITER BATHE SOUND NEWS — TOPICS OF DAY IN SOUND Large Cast of Capable Players In Comedy “ Before You ’ re 25' ■ACTORS NAT. JUBILEE WEEK ’ nan of run S Frolic — Cunt Mitt BK Time Altreclloo Ernest Qlen- edy by Kenyon Nicholson, author dinning has played many parts and Action Aplenty In New Film “ Obligin ’ Buckaroo ” at Strand All sorts of predicaments, comic and otherwise, can befall a theatri ­ cal troupe stranded In a “ ghost\ town out West, and the director of “ The Obligin' Buckarod, ” Buffalo ! Bill, Jr., comedy drama now show ­ ing at Loew's Strand Theater did ' not miss one when he was making this lively production. It's all about a cowboy who ln- ! herlts a hotel and a mortgage. He pays off tho mortgage, by dint of borrowing from all his friends, and then go«s to Inspect his property, only to discover It In the last stages ' of decay in a town which Is little betler. It Is exactly the type of role which best suits Buffalo Bill. Jr. All the comedy and all the red- blooded flit fighting and shooting that can be packed Into one Wes ­ tern film has been combined with some strikingly unusual Incidents to maks a fine program picture. Olive Hasbrouck has the heroine role. ■ Raye Hampton has some richly comic moments and Charles: Whitaker and A1 Tylor arc very : ' C. icnemtc desperadoes. HOLLYWOOD ’ S FILM SHOP Hollywood. April 11 <UP> — Cecil will Increase the speed of his laugh- B. DtMllle. the veteran screen makers, producer, advances the claim that “ I see no reason why dialogue the great international wire servsAhould slow up fast-action in corn ­ ices are triumphing over the clas ­ sics of literature ns .a source for I motion picture dramas. His contention Is based on a re ­ cent Idea contest In which more than fifty per cent of fan sugges ­ tions could be trace& to such news ; events as the sinking of the Ves- ! trls. the flight og the Question j Mark, the opening of the South American air routes by Lindbergh | and the eruption of ML Etna. “ In previous contests of which I | have a knowledge.\ DeMille said, j \practically all Ideas were chan versions of published books Spanish Hindu LET ’ S GET TOGETHER ably funnier (baa anything I have On the classified page we are able to introduce'you to people who will be pleased to meet you. Some can supply the articles or services you need at a consider ­ able saving in time, energy and money, and others will be glad to buy what you have to offer. I \Th* difference In suggestions ■ submitted indicates that the Instan ­ taneous news service of today hns made the public very conscious of the drama contained In the col ­ umns of their dally newspapers. “ Dickens, Thackeray. Wilde and other noted writers no longer are the main reliance of those seek ­ ing mental thrills.\ It might be considered as a sign of tho times that the two central situations of my latest picture, : I •ynamlle.\ were founded on news dispatches.' ' | Jack White, dlrector-ln-chlef at Mite Educational Studios, Is noted. I for his fast-action comedies, and wljh his advent Into talking pic ­ tures production. It will be Inter- estlng to see Just how ar he can carry this fast-action Into nll-dla- logrle subjects, particularly In view of the fact that many have crlti- A LALTJM Slot LITTLE ACCIDENT WOTAL MATIStK TODAY SHE GOT WHAT'SHE WANTED WALLACE'S. Ud SI. Mats Dally COURAGE REPUBLIC FRIDAY NIC IN MAY\ AT CASINO THEATRE new*mualcal play. \Music In haa established itself for a un at the Casino Theatre. The AT THE BIJOU \pELEPHONE 9200 “ pCLEPHONE 9200 Features From Footlights And Filmland THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1929. LOEWS STATL VAUDEVILLE ■ P lains ' PICTURES TODAY and SATURDAY LMAIN A nd ROSE STS.XKa _ _________________ ^ *a^» *• *- ' Today and Tomorrow — Matinee Tomorrow, 2:30 1 Evea: 8:S0 I Last Legitimate Attraction to be played at this Theatre this Season Lawrence Boyd Freaent* “ BEFORE YOU ’ RE Z$ ” I A new G*y Comedy by Kenyon NichoUon, Author of \The Barker\ — A Cast Like This — Edward Broodley Mary Hubhard ^ Donald McKco Carolyn Ferrlday Mildred McCoy Harriet Donovan Josephine Hull F. Cecil Butler GOING DIRECT TO BROADWAY LAST ATTRACTION OF THE SEASON AT THS THEATRE | ^ THEATRE WILL REOPEN SEPT. 1 \ -V Q1 OBIT PRess ------------- 8» OMNif* | both Powerful M.mdPrefitabl, MASQUERADE COSTUMES Made to Order and RENTALS Larga Assortment ___ K o M [White Plains 9100 SCOTTY SHOP 151 E. Post Road Tel. 693 While Flalns LOEWS STRAND TODAY and SATURDAY, APRIL 12 -13 If you like mystery dramas, here is a mystery de luxe. VIRGINIA VALLI GASTON GLASS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Alio Comedy - Variety - Loew s News APPROVES CODE Greenburjh Town Board Adopts Uniform Traffic Regulation Recommendations — Legal Form Probable Tar^uown — ' The town of Green- ^urgh today was numbered among fhe communities of the county giv ­ ing early approval to the uniform traffic code. The town board at Its weekly meeting unanimously approved the measure to regulate automobile traffic and It is understood that steps ars under way to pr the code '1 legal form In Greenburgh. Approval was given the code without discussion and without comment COMING FRL, SAT., APRIL 12-13 * The Best Picture Buffalo Bill, Jr., Ever Made Buffalo m in ^ . L y % Obli^iri Buckaroo The Daily Press is on sale every ’ afternoon at the Grand Central Ter ­ minal. \Jerry\ Ceroid presents herself in the picturesque costume that she will wear at a gathering of the art colony of Greenwich Village. New York City. “ Jerry\ portrays the role of a “ 8panlsh Hindu' 1 — vhatever ‘ “ -l Is. The gown she wears U a Spanish mantilla, and her headpiece 1* -. — ------------ somewhat bizarre Hindu turban. The Daily Press classified ads are both powerful and profitable It Pays To Advertise — Try a Classfied Ad in The Daily Press PHONE WHITE PLAINS 9200 I premiere the play baa attracted capacity audiences. The play |» beautifully produced and boasts of several novelties, not- ably, tbe George Smith String En ­ semble and the malo singing chore, of 60., Sally Ward la the chief comic heading a superb cast which In ­ cludes Greek Evans, Gertrude Lang Joseph Lertors. Gladys Baxter, and others. AGNES MORGAN HOOK AND LYRICS FOR “ THE GRAND STREET FOLLIES - Agnes Morgan, who-has been reg ­ ularly Identified with “ The Grand Street Follies\ since thelrMnccptlon If again responsible for the book •na _[ of this annual intlmatf revue, tha seventh edition at which Is now |r> rehear: il Morgan's direction. POP— Why Should He Pay? By J. MILLAR WATT,

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