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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, April 12, 1929, Image 15

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\V THE DAILY PRESS, TFUtTE PLAINS, N. Y.. FMOAY. APRIL 12. 1!». TAU-SP'N TOMMY — A Wonderful Invention i n csrtainlv \ ( 6Ee! i ncv OBLIGE O TO'YOU \ >frO TKKLSD FOR 'YOUR HELP Tf LIFE- I AF fMiD HOSPITALITY, )/ TO BE AN TOOMY. YOU'VE /(AVIATOR y0g BEEN DARN f>NOW, yV S.NICE AND I < ( <SURE ^^APPRECIA^y \ ENOUOH!/i|® WITH. MEr- IT ’ S ONLY A HUNDRED MILES - ’ YOU MIGHT BUfVA . RIDE BACK . I M ( OWE •YOU PLENTY /^= L FOR TOUR TROUBLE fKyftm dir rr-O.l ptdne cJdJ forced doi)n utrhd broken oil Lne-itj foot vuit tv liltle^ille fsT'&'zr One- then kept the pilot up dll night ulith d barrage of Quest tons about c/.atton He's more eager to tedm to flu than ever. ' OH man ! WILL I 60 ? I ’ D GO IF IHAO TO CRAWL BACK THROUGH , nuof — , w Pinocchio in America By ANGELO PATKI . CHAPTER XL A Ran Bay Should Not Be Trained . In the Moraine Plnocthlo though lightning pursued feeling good. It flno June morning. Dea ­ th* fresh green leaves fluttered softly as hey rose and fell on Mother Earth ’ s kind breast. The bird's first song hod swelled Ito a great chorus. The air throbbed [with melody until Pinocchio felt Ithat ho was Boating on a sea of [sweet sound. He listened, and lost ■himself In the listening. I Robins whistled. thrushes Ichortled. finches and sparrows ItlUed, flickers chanted, wee birds Ihldden In the thickets warbled nnd [twittered. Recklessly the birds [poured out their torrent of melody [fo-greet tho rising of the stin. It |was their hymn of graUtudc. and |lt was not stinted. Whole-heart ed- |ly. they gave their thanks for the I (lawn of tho new day. | \They are very happy.” aatd Pin- locchlo wistfully. “They are free. I They can By where they wtlL No- |body says to them. TIow much la | two and two? - If only I had been | born a bird. It must be a truly | happy Ufe.\ I While the marionette stood gal ­ ling, the sun rose high, flooding the ar of the butter-and-egg heat of the day over- Hcal Is bad for butter before the took him. and qsgs. On the back of the car there was a'big' blnck box with on oilcloth cover. Pinocchio watched the man lift the lid, take out a basket of eggj. and go Into a house near by. fTtic very thing. -Fortune la ever with the brave.\ rejoiced tho little woouennesa. fi; ttMtlWIfti out. I get In. What could be bet-1 FABLES IN SLANG MORAL the FABLE OF THE BOHEMIAN WHO HAD HARD LUCK Before you could snap your flng- ; era three limes this heedless lad : had slipped inside that boX. The man came bock with tho empty basket, tossed It Into the car ( and, Pinocchio started on a new ’ ad- THERE HIS HAIR WAS CUPPED, AND HE WAS SCRUBBED AND BATHED WHILE UNABLE TO RESIST. HIS FRIENDS VISITED HIM AND FOUND HIM SO CLEAN AND COMMON TVW LOST ALL RESPECT FOR WM A BRILLIANT UNAPRECIATED CHAP WAS SO BOHEMIAN THAT STRANGERS MISTOOK HIM FOR A TRAMP ______ PUBLISHERS TURNED HIM DOWN SO HE WROTE FOR THE FUTURE WHICH COULD. NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT -------------- ONE DA 'i WHILE CALLING FOR A TOUCH A FLOWER POT HIT HIM ON THE HEAD AND HE WAS TAKEN TO A HOSPITAI THETNEBBS — LookWho ’ s Here / HERE COMES Y. / LIZZIE MOOMS-SME \ [ USED TO DO MOUSE- \ WORK WITH MRS. HQT. FANNY WlCEOUERTDCDME \ DOWN TD PLAY ABOUND/ \ WITH THE ’ SOQETTY ’ - S y LAO/. y (fMELUD, LIZZIE _t-lAY 1 1 STILL CALL YOU Lizzie SlMCE YOU v got R ich r > \I ’ ll wulch how he does tt. Then I ’ ll Just hop into his place when he la In the next house, and away I ’ ll go around the world and back again.\ Imagine. With deep attention the little rascal watched the man as he startY and slopped the car. He noticed how he pulled a handle and kicked a thing in the bottom of the / OMLY UAME LD LIKE ^ tD CHANGE IS MY LAST OKIE - 1 AlMlY FOUND A , GUY YET WHO COULD J v GIVE ME A SECOMIO / \LOOK WITHOUT / \N. LAUGHIKJGj^/ earth with soft warm sunshine. The I \Easy.\ said he. “ I can do all bird chorus died down to the last I \ iat nr ” 1 morc - Pull. kick, twist twitter. Silence fell upon the shad- ] wheel thing, ami there you go. owed meadows. From a crotch In I ,, \ l i * “ | h wheel thing and a near-by tree canto the voice of o j you can t fall out. Hurrah! I ’ m mother robin. I a“ ; -c™,,. children- lUvuc r..c,nrd 1 \■» ‘ “ P ; thanks for thin . ................. . wr I drl, ' Pr > man disappeared. Pin- I %nrtiS. ’ ’ Puff, you must really try harder ; watd. forward, enortlnr Jerk, with today If you are to be rcUy to fly | lh e roar of a nangry god. thl car by Friday. Sharp, now. everybody started down the road, an evil spirit — one. two, three. On my hnck. Up, let loose away. | \HJ. hi, hi!\ yelled Pinocchio. There was a whir of wings, nnd I \Hurrah for liberty! Hurrah for the robin carried her brpod to the I Christopher Columbus! Hurrah jipr meadow where they were soon hard I me. the greatest, the bravest and at work learning to fly. ----- ' ---- **- ** —• ----- They practised starting and stop ­ ping. They made funny little runs and hops. Just like trills In music. Two of tho three little -«*}« Bcw from the ground to a low bush hurrah for Pinocchio! of tho wild roaring horse and rode him to liberty, to fortune, to fame.\ Everything and^verybody rushed to get out of the way. Farm wagons loaded for market turned Into the ditch, while the drivers shook their whips and waggled their flats. He should get what he did no£ want, they promised him. Doga leaped higher and farther than ever In their lives before. Ca« took refugo In the tops of the trees. Chickens went scurrying across the rood squawking, t helr necST stretched Into ropes of fear, as they tied tq the safety of the barnyard. Mothers gathered their children about them and screamed flcrce words. Men In the flelds shouted things which he had no time to hear. On, on. he sped, rejoicing In the excitement he made, thinking It was all due to his great skill as a driver. \That butter-and-egg man never drove liko this, ” ho swaggered, shaving the edge of a stone wall with his right rear wheel. “ I ’ ll show him how to drive r. car. There Is something In what my star told me. after all. I anj^a truly great per- He braced his body against the back of the seat, stiffened his hold on the wheel, and toro on. a strange sight In tho quiet country road, his sharp nose pointed straight forward, the hair of his head standing up stiffly like so many porcupine quills. A good fig ­ ure for a weather vane In a gale. He had covered I know not how many miles when he heard voices behind him. Looking back be saw a procession of men In cars and on bicycles coming after him, armed with sticks, pitchforks, guns and swords. Just than the gasoline gave .out. Tho car ahlvered, rocked a little, nnd, with a shpddedng. clattering sfgh. stood still. ^ On came the army, led by the butter-and-egg man. Pinocchio thought of those eggs In the back of the car and si Shill ran down his Stine. He thought of the By FRANK BECK GAS BUGGIES — Better Late Than Never “ Very good, very good Indeed. ” chirped Mother Robin. \Come. now. Puff, make an effort.\ But Puff sat on a clump of grass, fat, fluffy, lazy to the last feather of bis tail. He looked at his mother | out of a beady black eye and tat tight ^ L..rCnmi, now. I ’ ll ta ke you on my shoulder. So. Fly now to the twig beside your little brother.\ Not a feather on the lazy blrdllng stirred. Gently tlic mother bird set | him on the grass. “ I wonder why Puff docs not fly like the others.\ said Pinocchio. \He ought to be ashamed of himself, the | faL lazy little thing. I'll tell him a thing or two myself. \Puff why dont you By like your brdtlwirs? You ’ re big enojlgh. It ’ s easy. Your mother ought to make 1 you do It • I would if 1 wers do ­ ing It. You lazy thing.\ \Is that so. Mr. Snooty! What made your nose no long? Sticking It Into other people's bualfffss, I suppose. Go By yourself. If you think It's so easy. Nobody ’ s stop ­ ping you.\ Mother Robin gave Pinocchio a long, severe look and turned again J TOSH ! YOU'RE NOT \ y OLD. THERE'S LOTS OF ( MIGHTY FINE YOUNG \ PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN I I ANO I WANT YOU TO MEET L THEM. YOU MUST ENJOY /WrouRSELF WWLE YOU'RE HERE fM GOING TO Give. A PARTY NOW DON'T YOU GO TO TALKING ABOUT NOT BEING HAPPY. YOU'RE A YOUNG GIRL AND r', HAVE A LONG TIME U \ AHEAD OF YOU, YOU ARE JUST L. WONDERFUL TO ME. \ AUNT SUE . I ONLY [_ WISH I'D GOTTEN TO KNOW YOU YEARS AGO I FEEL THAT I'D HAJE //} Tii BEEN MUCH HAPPIER I WISH YOUR OTV«.R “ Cone, be a good boy now. Btrotch your wings a little. That ’ s the way. Oh. you can do better than that Come. Try. Try again.\ Puff made a sudden spurt and flew to the little twig beside hi* brother and turned his head over his shoulder to stick his tongue out at Pinocchio. \Puff be ashamed of yourself. And you. sir. please go to what ­ ever work Is wailing for you,\ said Mother Jtobln. . Pinocchio stood fnst, and Puff re ­ fused to budge another Inch. \Very well. Then I must leave you. Your father has been out since three o ’ clock this morning gathering breakfast. When you get ready you can come In and have some: ” and away, flew Mother Robin, leaving Puff a bit surprised but as obstinate an ever. ‘ —- Hj>was settling ’ down on his tall forgood, loftg sulk and Pinocchio was thinking up something very sharp to say to him when over the tips of the juniper bush appeared a long curved be^k. a pair of red ey. t that rolled about la a mottled red head which ML open a long and very acraggly peck that seemed to be forever swallowing Itself and then stretching itself out again With k Terror-stricken squawk Puff flow-straight to the home nest, ^fcre rhe was received with rsp)j)r<AjMa Pinocchio took to his BOUND TO WIN — Tom Duff ’ s Curiosity AND WHEN 1 NOT ANOTHER 1 AND BORRY \ AM, THING-AMO I THAT. LAD! WE VYAfTtED 1 OLD TOM'S EYE- THERE BETTER H 6IGHT BE THAN FOUR [j 6ETTAN' BAD EH HOURS, TOO! || I'M SURE THE n a**) ------- TIMETABLE SAID KRNxf-;.;' A TENTHvFTTy — TRIED TO FLAG I THE TRAIN THE J LANTERN VJAS SHOT AiNAY 1 FROM ME — [ VdHY, THAT'S I [THE TIME THE 1 TRAIN-GOES [BACK — IT sets ) rt . To BLEAR. n POINT AT | SIX THiFCT/J I'LL GRANT ’ TWAS! ANO DID YE NO HeAR ANYTHING ELSE? ” VO AS ONLY ONE. SHOT BUT THAT WAS ENOUGH! cold. But It seems all good things fomp to an end. When the good goes, why should I stay behind Directly In front of h)m stood a clump of bushes. There wps no Ume to spare. Pinocchio -oso like a bird and flew straight out over tho busheb. There was a splash, and then — silence. He had gone, plump, to ths bot ­ tom of an-Old well.

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