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CHAPTER XH. The Heaton of All 11U Trouble* Fortunately for Pinocehio thoro waa plenty of water In the wclL He t surface promptly climbed up on a moaay rock. \Dear rue. This water l* very cold. 8U11, everythin}; haa. II vantage*. I am oafe here, water will wash off the egg I look by mistake. 1 can sit on tht and drip myself dry until It Is safe to climb out. \It waa a good ride. If only It had laated longer. Well, as I said before, all things, good and bad. i end sometime. I al ­ ways come out all right, whatever happens\ — Tho little -woodenhead actually amlled at his own cleverness us he t on a told stone, dripping water from the end of his noee.Tli He heard the hunters gather about the car; heard them search ; heard them heat the baahri tc find him; beard them drive eathlng dark threats of they would do to him If they \him. t lay my hands or and l tell him tha- Pinocehio. in the dark the well, heard all this bled. His eyes grew rout rmn. Those people were i it something. It wot o keep out of th.-ir way. Jlo wou \I will tell you, but you much good. You have to find Behind this welt lies gluttony, dis ­ obedience. theft, selfishness. Just two and two are four, you will go down Into the depths be drowned unless you mend your ways.\ your ways/ and the Watchful Rooster scratched his red :«nb and waggled his head. Ptnccthacr .Tssfhsm'sd a little sit. He hung his head. When he looked up again the Watchful Root-1 only the chink, chink, chink of ihe dripping water broke th* silence. The* someone said \Hullo down lere. What's the trouble down there T Come up out of that. What a you mean by spoiling tbt water i my well?\ Startled by this unexpected ball.! Pinocehio stopped weeping and j looked toward the rim of the well j Hr saw I farmer peering d »rp eyes l him. I your well. I fell in and I can't gc out. flood angel, whoever you are I help me.\ 1 , “ What's this? Who are you ONCE A CITIZEN PUT IN MOST OF HiS TIME ACTING AS CUSTODIAN OF A THIRST. HE COULD INHALE THROUGH A STRAW. BURT HIS NOSE IN IT OR LET IT FLOW FROM THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE ____ ONE DAT HE AWOKE SUFFERING FROM PIN-WHEELS, MOVING PICTURES AND A FIRE ALARM _____ AFTER HIS FUNERAL THE PALL-BEARERS TOOK OFF THEIR DARK GLOVES AND-FLEW AT THE high B alls _ what killed him they agreed was CUTTING OUT STIMULA n TI AND THEY WENT TO THE CELLAR FOR ANOTHER LOAD ! - | well and spoil tl Out you lie was lollier do that. The would find ni What was I couldn't he. beak, erraggly. swallowing ne that pered from behind the \ rocks. Pinocehio stirred uneasily. If il and Pinocehio needed m to climb in. He close* fell a strong upward tug. and thi imllng on firm earth once blessed sunshine flooding -i chilled body. \l-et'a have n look at you. Who — hat ore you ’ Pinocehio. you say? ell. you'll come In handy. I'm need of a scarecrow. You'll do 'ry well to frighten the crows out Sticking Pinocehio Into the bucket. •• farmer carried him home \Here Mother. Lawk what I tind in the well \ “ In th* well? How did It get THE NEBBS — Spilling THe Beans F r i i ther \I t Ihnocchlo r asked hi But won He fell I whole well full' • to d hnocchlo licked ilcky Unger and t-n starved to Who wants to He rould c Anything would bo better than This ------ -- ------ ” Ho remembered with a sob the good meab at the school. Always, for breakfast. there was a big bowl of cereal and milk, nice nnd hot. that tasted so good on chilly morn ­ ings Uko these. And there was On t a egg o ind*ys t! -those y you. got every day — out wun them onuuiva or bananas ms a treat. With the-eggs there was bacon, nice, crispy brown and. gold bacon. Wonderful. To be sure, there were too many prune* and too few oranges and 3anana* but heaven Is not on earth. «nd what would youV Certainly, '.he school was belter than this. He would climb out at any cost. A tear ran doWn the length of hta nose- He shook It off 'nnd listened it fell with a \chink*into the water that lapped the soles of his feet. \I will climb out. whatever hap ­ pens/* said he. \Star of my life, thin* down on me.\ and he turned and began climbing toward the light shove him . But climbing up was not so easy «s falling down. The stones were covered with wet maws, which made .hem very slippery. Each time Pin- occhio tried lo plant his foot. It dipped and h.> skinned another part of his shins. His knefss were raw. His poor lose was so battered that It looked Ike • very old. very npe red pep. per. Twice he fell Into the water, rod twice he crawled out again. :t waa all very sad “ 1 see I am to be punished fi ny bad*deeds. I have been a l* >uppet. and now I am to suffi with what patience I can. Even I i not ?\ and he pulled of the bucket and sat nim upon a chair. Pinocehio Jumped down, knelt at the womans feet and kissed her hand. 'Tm Pinocehio. The naughty naughty. Pinocehio who ran sway from hn. good father In Italy. I came lo. America In search of ad ­ venture ' and liberty, and I meet only with misfortune. 1 am drowned and starving. Save me Save me. and when I como 40to my fortune 1 will richly repay you \ \The poor little thing. I will glv* no dressing 1 want him fine Just as his a Ihe tomplaln. But before I dll ry once again, and very carefully.\ Once more he prepared to mount he slippery stones. “ Kr-kr-kr-kr-lck.\ Pinocehio wheeled about, caught ilmself Just In time to save an- ither ducking, and sat down hard >n a atone. \Your forgot again, .didn't you?\ \Ye*. Your Excellency\ — - 'You forgot that two and \two always make four?\ \Nov I learned that.»Your Excpl- ency .but what good dTnvxter I , tan say It In- my sleep. Two and wo are four. But It la no charm, rwo and two make four. Always 'our. Yet here I ani In tho bottom it, a well.\ \Trne.. But you never learned what was behind the answer. That Is why you are here. That Is why you have skinned your knee* and your knuckles and lb* end of your nose. That Is the reason of aJI your troubles. You never think up. You'd spoil him. lo scare crows. He'i he Is.\ Pinocehio swallowed his with tho bread and milk. He no uien of rebellion when farmer tucked him end strode acroee the fields him. \Now. then, young fellow. Your stomach la full of my bread and milk. I'll — give you a chance to esrn.them Keep the craws out of this field. When you seo one com ­ ing. Just give him a look and flap yours arms To make sure you don't lose your way again. Ill tie you.\ and taking a bit of string from his pocket he lied Pinocehio last, to a stake la ths middle of a wide cornfield. . All day the sci?ecrow stood flap ­ ping hlx long arms at the crows who gave him one glance and then flew to the top of the highest tree, cawing in great astonishment and alarm. Every few mlnutee a donkey grazing near by put his head over Ihe fence and hee-hawed at the fun ­ niest thing he had ever seen In all his life on the farm, a marionette keeping the crows off the corn. He had a mean laugh, and he sent It echoing through the hllle so that the world might.hear and come Pinocehio pretended not to hear What else could he do? Nor was the donkey the worn. Whenever Pinocehio slackened his flappings, the tufted, scraggly head with the rolling red eyes and hooked beak of the Watchful Roo*. ter appeared over the top of the stone wall, and a Klk, kik, kik. Kr-oo would set him flapping hard- or than ever. Every fifteen minutes or so the voice would call. -Klk. You can never buy wt» if there Is none ht home. Now. what's behind .that, my lad?\ \Two and two\ Pluocohio cried In spite of himself. -Kik. klk. karoo-oo-oc Remem ­ ber Two and two,\ raid the Room- ter. | Then things would go on as be-, fore. Ihe crows cawing, the donkey hee-hawing, and Pinocehio flapping bravely to save the farmer's (Continued Monday) T HE most important feature of the mod ­ ern -newspaper is ser ­ vice to its readers. yjuo MOW » THE proprietress OF A SWELL BesrwjQAwr ANlO AM OLD ACQUA'MTM j CE OP MRS wen\ MlSS MOOMS, WhWT WOU TO MEET MRS. FIT 2 LOU&H _ AMO WOU REMEMBER MRS DO i REMEMDER MRJS mci T f-KJELUeli VJE MEv£Q TUOUiSHT WJW'EM '.'JOCK ED FOR MRS FRAM< THAT SOME. CAT WE WOULD HAVE. EMOU6H MONIES ID MEED A REST MRS FlTZLOUSM, MELLIE fiMO.l USE© 1 TD WORK FOR THE. .SAME. WOMAM _ l WAS THE MAID AwD SUE WAS 1 WE COOK AMO SUCH TIMES WE waO- ►JEU-IE ALWAW5 'DID HAVE B'<*> IDEAS _p OHE USED TO DRESS OP IM THE. maqam S ciotwes ( sue wasmt so FAT THEM.) AMD STAMD IM PROMT / OF THE MIRROR AMD PPETEMO 7 SHE WAS SWEU ------ By SOL HESS T >IE USED TO SAW SWELL WORDA TOO-» ' L DOMT KkJO'.'J WMCTVlER THE'/ Pl'.TUO DUE, J TMEV SOOMDED »1G>- WELUE SHOULD HAVE bcgm eoPM swell _ evp . m im rue kitchem : ACTED LIKE SHE WAS AT THE WPOM(b EMD OF THE HOUSE AMD,NJELLIE, WOO t menace - the time ernjie maxwell , the ici GAS BUGGIES Alec Receives A Tempting Invitation By FRANK BECK BOUND TO WIN — Horseshoe Island By EDWIN ALGER

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