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J'KLXPHONB 9200 . THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. IN. Y„ SATURDAY. APRIL 13. 1921 1 9200 $ 30,000 Worth of Dogs Ready to Compete in Coming Trials Westchester Leads State In Conservation of Qame State Game Warden Townsend Tells of His Observations and Violations —Fires Menace W ITH the opening of the fishing season and the com ­ ing of spring with the usual enthusiastic turnout of sportsmen comes the information from Edward T. Townsend, state game warden, that so far there have been fewer violations of the law in this respect than in other years. This is true even though the number of fishermen has not diminished in the least. During his patrol of Dutchess County last week he found many violatqrs but not as many as before. The other two wardens of this district reported the same thing. This Is a Rood sign Inasmuch os' Westchostcr County has been for ­ tunate In having a local organiza ­ tion very active In a conservation way and In the matter of Introduc ­ ing flsh and gamo to this territory. E. T. Townsend has been ward ­ en hero-tor fifteen years and has done much to make the county as popular for sportsmen os It la. He not only enforces the law but Is In ­ terested In conservation. Townsend an Ornithologist Before he came here he was with he Smithsonian Institute In Woffi ­ ngton on an ornithologist and later rlth the Natural History Museum f New York In the same capacity it has written several articles lealing with this subject. While lame.Warden he has co-operated .•Ith conservation commissions In doming gome and flsh throughout his section. And he has seen to It .hat these measures to aid West- thestcr huve not been Injured by law violations. At the some time, he spoke of the fewer number of offenses, he cited Instances of law violau ough Ignorn !i out of and more than the limit He said that If people of the county co-operated with the officials In apprehending vtolntors. West ­ chester would soon bo the best county In the state and the best sec ­ tion In the country regarding con ­ servation of gnme and tho preser ­ vation of natural beauty. Three ­ time offenders can be prosecuted with Jail sentences and this would go a long way in saving our game Action at the Armory He said It was lack of knowledge of fonner offenses which hard for the wardens to apprehend law evaders. What has Impressed Townsend most this spring has been tho in ­ creasing number of field and forest fires In the county. These have de ­ stroyed many beautiful sections and have killed much of \ which has been so carefully pro ­ tected. He told of finding phi ants' nests with eggs In them and In some cases adult birds destroyed ] The cause of this Is not only the I abnormally do - weather but .care-1 leanness of people lighting fires and j discarding cigarettes. At this sea-1 n. especially, he aald. people i ould he particularly careful. White I'ereh Back The news that white perch havr urned to Titlcus Lake at Croaa ver was relayed through Town- ad A Iso this week-end he will busy distributing sixty cans of iwn trout shipped here from Cold Rotary Club Will Enter National Bowling Contest The White Plains Rotary Club will rompeto In th * 1 na ­ tional Rotary Club telegraph ­ ic bowling tournament Mon ­ day night at the lteorrntinn Centrr on Williams streets Play will start nt nine-thirty and r • will t Kansan City where the rasulls will be tabulated. The tram of five men has been picked by the club. ARCHERS USE BUTLER FIELD Turrets Set l |» For the First Time School Girls Hold Pointers and Setter's Are Waiting at McCabe ’ s Farm Four Famous Trainers Have Brought Cham- I pion Dogs From All Sections of the Country I F every person in White Plains gavtfiTdollar the total , would just abouriruy all the dogs already entered in the Southern New York Fish and Game Association, * Rird Dog Field Trials which will be hqld her^ all next : | week. '' Champions, novices, puppies and veterans all set up whines of welcome as their trainers approached them over at William McCabe ’ s -farm on North street yesterday. Dogs from the north, dogs from the south and western dogs were making themsel ves at home preparatory to the I coming trials. design killed \Spring hatcheries fo be r« plans to put them district. re are three game wardens in this section. Townsend Is one. He 151 Grant avenue. White Plains Phone 2St. Benjamin Bail ­ ey. of 5S Central avenue. Is anoth- HIs phone la R313. The third In Douglas Heady, of Pccksklll. He may be reached at Peeksktlt 2131-W | The 1 All cases of game and fish law staging lolatlons should be reported to one tertainn Willie \o^Connell knocks down Sonny Parsons in fast eight-round preliminai State Armory Thursday night. Parsons was up on the count of one. K.-C.STAGES BOXING BOUTS Many Loral Fishier* i at Entertainment in wicli Tonight if Columbus are exhibition nnd'en- reenwieh tonight. SPEAKING OF SP®RT BY FRANK GETTY JACKS ( - TRADES ITpIay When the Philadelphia Athletics trot out onto the field for the open ­ ing gnme with Washington next Tuesday, the players themseh may bo a bit confused as to wl positions to take. President Hoover and the other f-T.s. who will attend the opener may be diverted by the spectacle of two or three Mackmcn reaching fi :he first basemen's mitt and a coi >le of others trying to don tl •mtcher's pads. There may be a lUtflelder In the pitching box and i pitcher In the outfield'. -For.Connls Mock s men atlle lot. Most of them wo or more positions. It baa been sold of the Athletics hat they can play everything ex- icpt the Yankees. Take the case of Ossie Orwoll. The Philadelphia roster Hats him os a pitcher, but Oesic can shake a leg around the outfield and is a crack ­ er-jack first baseman, to boot. Or rather, not to hoot- Jimmy Fox, yibo probably will start the season at first base, if ho con grab the mitt before Jimmy Dykna or someone else gets to It. can go behind the bat at a mo ­ ment's notice, or less. Even Nick Borclli. the newest ar ­ rival. -who mode good nt Muhlen ­ berg. doesn't know whether to head for the outfield or the Infield when .Connie Mack gives him the high sign. But with all this versatility. It Is doubtful If the Maekmen can head the Yankees to the wire. All de ­ pends upon their pitchers. Will Bob Grove have another good year The enterlnlnme Jimmy Raya, the wonder boy, and the Oxford Boys, who .will sing a few hits during the evening Five bouts are scheduled for, the evening and then a grand free-for- all between five coloeed boys wl.l end the rrvelry The bouts Include several local boxers. The first affair Is b«t«vcn Perky Ogatty of New York and Johnny Marbl. a last year's Golden Gloves winner. The second fray brings Young Martnc*»nd Pete Hayes, both of New York, together Jimmy Albn and Al Cook meet In the third bout. Cook Is n Golden Gloves entrant and lives In White Two mors local boys fight next on the list. Jimmy t-ewls and Jim ­ my Carter are the lads. - The first event tees Louis Stipo nnd Jack Callahan mixing It. up. . Stipo Is a well known fulii.-r around here nnd Is the 112-poun.l champion of Westehfster Coun!v_ Callahan hails from the county It there wilL.be ‘ State Bowlins Meet and win 2t- games for his club? Probably he will If his finger heals, for he Is one of the real good south ­ paws In the pitching business. But that Injured finger may keep him out of action for some lime. And >bc other pitchers ore all uncertain performers. a Longer Or Better Bouts? It Is doubtful If tho demnnd for longer championship bouts stimu ­ lated by an offer from Tta Juana of J 100.000 to Tommy Loughran for a t5-round bout with Mickey Walker contains the trutf solution to present unsatisfactory state of fairs In the realm Of fisticuffs. Jack Dempsey fought In b< ....... over Ten rounds In lengtn only three wich tonight, thank; times during his entlrecarrtr, Thun far. no one hn* complained about the former champion falling to give the fans a run for their money, once he got tn the ring. It will take something besides ad ­ ditional length to make modern prize fighting Interesting. A little display of fighting spirit on part of the contestants would Arc the Cubs Over-rated? Surprisingly enough, a majority of the baseball writer*, who arc ac ­ companying National League tn on the homeward trek feel that Chicago Cubs are over-rated that the New York Giants are best bet to win the National League pennant. Rogers Hornsby unquestionably will add strength to what already was the greatest offensive power In the National League. But will ev ­ erything go smoothly, and will the learn, pull together? Some of the t>oya'doubl It. repetition of llie beginnings Some twenty girls respond the call and made a creditable for beginners in the way they The boys continued at ut no practice games w et. The candidates were l the well-known fund atting out st (night halls. • bases nil I equal prs picking a round Ic fash- Nnnnemaker. Miglmrio and but not or a strenuous nature Baseball practice, also, will be resumed until next week, o: The opening gnme. as tenlnt scheduled. Is only ten days aw Kiwanis* Club Pistol Shooting Continues Setters and pointi female, whites, and black and whiten, were scattered throughout the kennels while their trainer! fed them and eared for them and groomrd them for the Trials. It li a sight rarely nren around here, s thirty thousand dollar sight which- j will Inc Cease tn value as other dogs , make their ap pearances , t of therff ihme down ffom the Trial* nt Ooshen and up from Humsnn. N. J., and other places where recent slakes To a novitiate o am# as another, .champion may be a youngster, setter may be a pointer. It la hard lo tell, but their trainer* know vdog ilcvotees know, and the dogs them- selves undoubtedly know. Ono thing la sure. They are all either champions or potential champions. They have to be to be taken all over the country. They have to be to be worth *30.000. They I [five lo be to act as Intelligently they do But they don't look Even lanky Air Pilot, who stretch ­ ed his gaunt length bp to the chin of this correspondent might hai been just n hound dog by tho loo) of him from a bystander's vlev point. He might have been but Edward Farrell, his trainer, casually Honed the fart that he was a Derby winner In the sautb al Union Springs' nnd was headed for fame along with a little more age. Southern Dag* Fust ex ­ it Is an old story to the trains these men who devote their 111 to developing champions. In train ­ ing them for the public. In working them tn the fields nnd In contests such as this. They have turned out so many winner* that they have number. They ratifying' b Cup. Battling Benny BrostofT meets exchampion Willie Tt fit 102 Rejriment Armory, White Plains. BrostolT won t points 1n ten rounds. Re fer e e W -a4 or -Thom p son - background. - . . SUrt1 .. 5®**^ St, John'. Baseball Gar Wood Aftar New York, state bowimg tournament get I Boys Lick Post Road Speed Boat Record under way oiricl-\- ’ ----- ---- 1 1 ------- cal booster teami program. The team took tho i< *< The' White Plsl continued their faint Armory yesterday l Ten of the number qualified a score of over ninety for .Kt-Cullber pistols were used. The instance was flftqfn yards and the target had a four Inch bulls eye. The following men qualified: Samuel McBride 100. Stephen Hor ­ ton 89, Edward Anders ! Charles Capone 95, Ham i Dowell M. Sergeant John Drohan ; 90, Ernest Naldlg 95. John . .. 97. Patrick' Maloney 02 and Daniel 1 Roger 93. State Bowlers Tie i For Lead In Tourney Schenectady. N. Y . April 12 ,|UF' Fifteen booster l(^:s competed ptonshlp bowling lournamei tonight and only ordinary were obtained. The influx of out-of-town bowlani d the real start of the compel!- lonopolizlng the | The St. John s eight grade base- | Detroit. April 13 (UP) — Dote st out-of-town bBjl tram donated the Post Rond mined to keep challenger* tfal I School slghlh grade team in an mg In his Vf0._k«, Gar Wood. Amer Ight Inning gnmo'yesiert - ' “ rolling a 2,729 Carl Compai c- eight pins behind, ni » Myers Co. Drugs ca e of 2,719 way C ,t the rn t vn t raklni replace > pla *-B BEATS 7-B Grade R-B of Eastview School the Post tat Grade 7-B In a seven Inning.for In t game ot the Recreation Park a day patients, ago. The score was 13-9 for the , they wci higher grade at the finish. Joseph The b Maglio pitched for Ihe winners and Hlnklein James Barber for the losers Gar- er For l relieved Barber during the on the n game . I ed. 93.J23 milt,. JeucTT.' March Hr, En- from Svracu, _____ Ithaca. Auburn. Ui Canandaigua. Seneca Falls. W town. Geneva, Binghamton Buffalo will bowl The five lenders In. the five-man event, the only one staged all being Bchcnectndy teal Da 1 Coal c Miss Amer: to challengi Miss Cor ported to embody many of th< I i ure4 of Gar Wood's boats. ■ I be powered with 2.000 hors I engines Instead of 1.000 os I (by the Ill-fated Estelle II. It * DIVOT DIGGERS — A Long Time Finding It By Dick Dorgan from the north as and worked them to perfectli th« open fields of the south where they follow by horsm. Nothing like that Is known hers Our best cover dogs arc regarded ns ordinary' hunters In the south. They only specialize In. the fast, durable kind, and they havs brought them up hero to carry of the dogs are owned by northern men .who .have sent them developed. Most originally ' I the > the them a good dog anil they Kill make It a better one. Four famous men who specialize In training have com# along, each with a string of dogs. To dale they have won heavily and they expect to win next week as well. They all know each other, respect each oth ­ er and maintain keen rivalry' Three of the fdur sat li Cube's born yesterday, and told of hod han- — _ few of the dog s they h ad ha ed. The fourth' the Dean oTH died. pot pri Edward Farrell from Spring*. Ala: R. D, Bevon o< Thomasvllle. N. C.. and C. H. Har- if Haynesvllle, Ala. The was J. M. Avcnl -OT B Valley. Tenn. Trainer Speaks of Career Edward Farrell, a big soft spok- Hickory I he 1 ■ elev but. aceordisg to him. she Is not | the best of the lot by any r _ Mary Blue 1* owned by W. C. Tlggle I of Port Chester He believe* his other entries will maka a good I showing. ‘ He pointed out Nettle Quill, a | coming champ but still a pup. Reveille and Coming Storm, of his lot was Mt. Brilliant Alf. HO I expects grest things from them al|.| One of the old dogs he trained! was Becky BroomhiU which * seven times champion and woi National title three tones. Onlj other dog achieved this d Others he recalled were McTyrwl and Candy Kid. both frequent w ners The first wax a pointer a the latter a setter. \Uncle Jimmy ” Kamou* J. M. Avent. the grand old n of tho lot. has spent forty-five ye of hta seventy-five training dogs. H was in New York yesterday but tl others spoke of him os Uncle J' mlo and aald he knew metre dogs tnan them oil. At Goshen b wneb he worked Snblg .Who \ and Arbue Betty, who made such g, hit tho Amt-day nnd go and was unable to continue, plans to have Betty In shape ft coming trials Others hr ho* are Realization. Drue's Ghost e Momonry. All are probable t Thaos trainer* start In Cana with their do_ Battle Creek. Oklahoma. J and all through the south. U T.ding all trials and finally e il! \Utl year, go I i th* i aprM The coming trials are th< be held until Jqly. These ti one lo a circuit of Eastern C The Southern New York Fish a Game Association started the U lk : two yei . . h “ Increased rapidly. Wit! so many famous dogs entered t meet will be watched all over tl country. _ Most of the southern dogs a: tersd tn the Field Trials but eastern and loco] dog* will i part in the Cover Dog C~ applications from tills ■ been received A dinner will be held these trainer* by the A Monday night at thi Drawing* take place Ing at the city c ----- Pictorial Coff ­ ins traction y II. B. Martin Good Judgment Nn-ewy I Choosing Between Spoon and Mid-Iron The number 2 iron which t» U Intents and purposes the mid-lr has an exact counterpart in f spoon. Not *o much In shape, hi ever, as in usage. In using j spi _ we want a distance Just short c i in the business. Previous to time he had spent hi* day* In the saddle on the big plantation lands following the dog* for the sport of it. teaching them to come ' * voice, to respond to a wave to point game, has developed many cham ­ pion* In that time. Some were set ­ ters and some pointer*. Some quail dogs, soma prairie chicken dog* and some coon dog* . He has handled them nil. HI* first one to take a stake was Jay R ’ s Boy which won a free^for- n 11 stake year* back. Then came Inquisitive Lady. Llewrllen's Son and Major Kid. They, were tetter* and acquired several stake*. He spoke of Jess Reynolds Diamond, a polnter-and Dusquesne Nell.\ Throe rales highly. * |e has four with him and a* he kc. one of them. Air Pilot snlff- by hi* boots. Eagle Ferris Is most valuable of the dot. costing 35.000 to hi* owner. Then there 1* Detour, who won a Junior i nt Camp Knox anU two other Bug*- ‘ ------------ - ------------- — ------ J R. D. Reran has forgotten all the championships he has won with his dogs but he guessed that about thirty-five would cover them all., Seaview Rex was the Association Champion of America for Open Quail. Doones Carolina Jack I* the black and with* pointer which won at Goshen and at the English Set ­ ter Club of Medford. King Dbvtl Is owned by Dr. W. F. Vail of Greenwich, he said. Then Manito ­ ba Man and two other* completed the (froup. All of these dog* are ready to go on Monday. He plans tu add to hi* string of win*. Champion Not the Beat «fc. H. Harris has Mary Blue, the National Champion, In hi* charge T*e po / ucipl E of .T m £.'- EXPLOJIOW 5 hot — MAKE JuRLOP CET-i T ih C THE NIBLICK, UNOE.H THE SAIL bras sir and 1: Is the ss the mid-iron. This will . c from 150 yards to 200 yi cording of course to tha or the ek'lll or the. ployet. Both of theae cl \ ~ the-loft t ipoon Is a wooden a or ’ lhe mid-iron a r \ lie of the ball often-Umes m reach In the bag far the ti ai_a matter of fact tha spo Itk grass plate on the bolt thg curved lines lying an the would hare been a better use. Try hitting so: balls will} first one a other and notice ths al — — (Copyright, 1929. by the Bell 8 cat*. lift.) STRANGL ER LEW IS V Philadelphia — Strangler champion, throw Pat Mstall land. In 1 hour. 20 minute*. «S

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