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- “ <** 4200 THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., THURSDAY, APRIL 25,1920 * 9200 All Class Bo ats at Sound Club Pre pare for Big Season M any Regattas Scheduled For Larchmont Yacht Club Five Special Races And Week Of Racing On Books For This Season At Sound Boat Club T HE Larchmont Yacht Club has released its racing schedule for this year. There will be five special races on the program and three regattas. In ad ­ dition a full race week will be run every day of which a race will be run off for boats of several classes. The regatta committee has submitted the following prize list lor different races: -------------------------------------------------- * In regular regattas In every dona DIMER GIVEN ^ ■ BY DEMOLAY Basketball Team Gives Watch to Coach Neuner in Ap ­ preciation of Work. The basketball team of the White Plain! Chapter, order of Do Molay, gave a dinner to their coach. Ulrich J. Neuner. at Pearsall's Tuesday night In appreciation of the excel ­ lent service he rendered to the team He was presented with a stop watch by the members of the team and all the boys expressed the hope that he would return to them next season. This year they had a very- good record and topped the last game with a win over the Phantom dve of this city. In a speech by the coach he stat ­ ed that It was his belief that the progress made by the team In the last series of games pointed to a championship aggregation next year If the boys Improved at the with full Intention of competing the course, a prise will be awarded. When four or more yachts start with the Intention a second prise will be awarded, and when seven or more start with like Intention a third prise will be awarded. During race week the dub offers series prises for the winner of the greatest number of points In each of tho several classes contested. In special races there will be one I prise for each class. The committee Is composed of the ' following members: Alfred G. Kre- shan. chairman: Frederick M. Hoyt. | Samuel G. Wetherill. Clinton R. , Griffin. John Ranson, Rudolph J Schaeffer, Edyvard L Graff, secre- ' tary. The schedule for the Larchmont Yacht Club follows: Special Races Sunday, June lfl Special races: Class M: N.Y.YC. 40s; 12. 10. 8 (open), and One De ­ sign 8 Metre Classrs. Slut, at 2 Sunday. July 21 1 Special races: 6 Metre. Interclub, letory. Star and New Junior One eslgn Classes Start at 2.p, tn. Sunday. August T1 Sp-rial races: 6 Metre. Interclub. Victory. Star and New Junior One Design Cesses. Start at 2 p. m. Stan Raven, the captain of the „ j \ nd «>- “ basketball team, was the toa.tm.s- vl S f cc,n ‘ ' racf \ ® “ *.*«■- In,rrc '' ,b ' ter for the evening and he Intro- Victory. Star and New Junior One duced the speakers. Otis D. Mac- Dcsl * n Classes. Start Kay. the adviser of the chapter. made the presentment of the watch to the coach with a short speech. Mr. James Paynter also spoke and then the coach concluded the re- School Baseball ' Called Off With Pleasantville The baseball game between the White Plains High School and the Pleasantville High School yesterday afternoon was called off, Pleasanlvllle sent down word that ifiey would like to |>ospone the game to a later date. Coach Ackley took advan ­ tage of the opportunity to send the hoys thmugh a prac ­ tice game In preparation for the contest with Port Chester on Saturday. . TURNESA AND FARRELL BOTH IN FOURSOMES rfsti-licstcr Pro) Fnnrunmr Mil All Set Fn rhea Athletics Have The Jump On Yankees This Season Connie Mack Believes Jinx Is Broken For Good' And His Team WiH Stay Out In Front Now N irVV YORKAfter pursuing the Nevr York Yankees for three seasons the Philadelphia Ath ­ letics apparently are on the verge of turning the tables on the world champions. Instead of the Yankees setting the pace and the Athletics playing their heart out trying to catch up, the reverse may come to pass in the American League race this season. . The Athletics are rifling high out in front today and the Yankees arc trailing in third place, with the Browns sand ­ wiched in between. The difference in percentage points, is slight hut he psychological advantage for the Athletic* is no small one. The standing of th* three leader* FOUR COURTS in readiness :: Athletics _ FI row n* Yankee ----- 3 R , r ,, , Tennis Court- at Butler nvdrr Lup Defense Brit- , , . . . .. , . . . . 1'iHo, brnrsdulr. r-- 1 — “ h ' ___ \f lt~i.lr.ll.. AI.O. Sunday. September 1 Special race., ansa M. N Y.Y.C. 40a. 12. 10. 8 (open), and One De ­ sign 8 Metre Classen. Start at 2 The whole team squad was pres ­ ent and consisted of Stan Raven, captain; Herbert Hoffman, man ­ ager; Gosta Linton, left forward: Ken Hawkea, James Paynter. How ­ ard Hoffman and Alfred Platt. Members of the chapter present were Bill Hart. Thomas Derm us. Courtlce Pearsall. Bert Lee. Arthur Simmons, Harry Lane. Bert Lee. Sr, James Paynter. Sr, and Otla D. MacKay. Plans are under way for a base ­ ball team which will probably com ­ pete In the TwlUght League. ffcesutte AMERICAN LEAGUE New York. Wt~Ito»ton, 3. Detroit. 7; Cleveland. «. Philadelphia, 9; Washington. 4. St. Louls-Chicago (rain). NATIONAL LEAGUE New York. 9; Philadelphia. 2. Brooklyn. 5; Boston. 3. Pittsburgh. 6; Chicago. 4. (IS ln.). ‘ Clnclnnatl-St. Louis (rain).e INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Toronto. 3; Jersey City. 2. Newark, 4; Rochester. L Buffalo. 8; Baltimore. 4. Reading. 8: Montreal. 8 (11 in.) Saturday, June 13. spring regatta. Open to all classes. Thursday. July 4. forty-eighth an ­ nual regatta. Open to all clnssea larchmont Race Week Saturday. July 20 — First day of Monday. July 22— Second day of race week series. Tuesday, July 23— Third day of face week sertra. Wednesday, July 24 — Junior open regatta. Thursday. July 25 — Fourth day of race week aeries. Friday, July 28 — Fifth day of race Fall Regatta Monday. September 2 — Open to all . BASEBALL SIDELIGHTS Problem of Growing Suitable Putting Greens Now Given Attention ,.-r Of U. S. G. A. The Punnhou academy tram fron lawnll has not yet arrived but is speeled today. The Hamilton Col­ legiate Institute, of Canada, whicii will also lend an International the relays. Is likewise sche ­ duled do put In an appearance. Athletic Leaders Come From Germany New York Two German ntb-' letlc \leaders will arrive here May 8 for a month's el tidy n rathe Am ­ erican methods In sports. Br. The ­ odore Lewnl*. president of the Ger ­ man Olympic committer, and Dr. Car! Diem, secretnry-prneml of the German Federal Council of A ties, are the two men who will this country, the A A. U. has boen iformed by German officials. , ■ . _ — „ i The following cities will be visit- throughout tn. camtTj. U » need ^ ^ - N,w York ' N ' w *- rk ' W “ h,r *' Nurmi Training For Penn Relay Events Moortown. Eng — Horton Smith, t young Joplin. Mo, profes-1 tonal, whose playing was the sen- ' 1 ation of winter golf in the United I ’ lutes, has been left off the Amert- j ' tale High School's fou April 221 — (UP) — j can R >' d \ Cu P J s going through ex-1 which meet the Hi l preparation for hli Philadelphia.' uavo Nurmi I (leld I entng matches here Friday, today In preparation for his at-1 Walter Hagen, captain of the . t ' mP recorda^omormw* ami itu\ American team, indicated, how-1 n tho University of Pcnnsyl- | ever, that Smith would play in the vanla relay carnival * | singles on Saturday by announcing' Nurmi, a believer In hard work. I his Intention of using all ten of the . ss been pacing the Penn Oval ever men who made the trip lo England nee he arrived early this week He to help retain the Ryder Cup •ems os tireless ns ever ns he jogs j The absence of Smith from fnur- ind lap after-lap. I some ploy cornea as a surprise to) golfer l durli e In v • few of Important Amerlcnn tnurna- I menu Including the North-South j open, the 115, D00 La (Sore, open and j others from roast to coa The draw for Friday's matches. | which are 36 hole foursome affairs, | mUBt hr vacated {demand. Farrell and Turnesa. United jf othen States vs. Whltcombc and Comp- players l!n_ ___ . ston. Great Rrluin. School pupils Dlegel and Espinosa, United nn (hose ca States vs. Boomer and Duncan. Members of th Great Britain | „„ Sarazen and Dudley. Untied 1 times Mitchell and Robson. Thime wishing ing school day Th« Sarly fdrtunes at tils rocs mrs the Athletics. Connie Mack » bis ball club in far better shap* in the Yankees. VI Simmons has returned to tho eup. swinging his deadly blud- l ,c grnn none the less effectively for his layoff. The A s Infield Is work- j mg smoothly with Foxx at first. I I Bishop at second. Dykes _ rw and Hale at third. Foxx and Hala I are hitting around .400 ti ' the ! The A ’ s pitchers'have Butler Held, all early expectations. George I :ed and played j Earnshaw Joined the winning group nn hy the putdls and at the same 10 hU nr \ 1 \ , \ r, of ,h,! ,eMon res ­ ume'the athletic department o' the , ' rd * y \gainst Washington. Lefty I fartiltv oromulcated ■ .et of rule, i 0row ■PP»''enUy has recovered] governing the use of the n,*!'™ hl * Rn *®r-natl ailment. “Old I \ U ” 1 ,ho \ cw ! Man • Quinn and Rub* Walberg I Th- , ., 1 , ' have demonstrated their readlnr~ Thr_len.'l , 1 of three courts is not., 1 „ p , ll> |h , fllct thty , omtneii to ” uitenis » on®. ,lrn charged with the A's only two do- I w. ’ rhooT chsrL-c' To \scrit^e TeCl\ I f ** U Q Ulnn l°*t * »Ve hit gam* I rounding out of athletic facilities | on- of {he brightest spots In the within the limits of BuUcr Held. A's play has been the work of i he rules follow Mickey Cochrane, selected as the only canvas snrrkrrs will he nl- • m ost valuable player In the league * “ “ lijst season. Cochrane's brillismt handling of the Philadelphia pitch ­ ers promises to get the maximum eut of them this season. Connie Mack has his club up on It* toes fighting this -------- — voca not permissible. Southern courts, numbers I and reserved for boys.' Northern uirts. numbers 3 and 4. reserved fur girls. Girls may uso boys' courts or vice when not in demand, but watting for courts. o one who has played a great j to be operated under the direction !, 1 of golf on courses scattered j of *he gresti ^section.\ Courses 1 i apparent for developing grasses and modes of treatment *' and by maintaining a their Joint expense, valuable I • ton. Indianapolis. St- Lopis. Chlca- mcir juini expense, vniuuui S,Ho.U b, mveubt. IktaysGames AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at Boston. Washington at Philadelphia. 8L Louis at Chicago. Cleveland at Detroit NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia at New York. Boston at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at St. Lou la Chicago at Pittsburgh. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Rochester at Newark. Toronto, at Jersey City. Buffalo at Baltimore. Montreal at Reading. AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Nsw York _________ 3 1 Jersey City . Montreal ___ Newark ------- Yesterday's hero — Harry Rice. Detroit outfielder, who staved off a Cleveland rally In the ninth Inning when he raced In back-of second and caught Luke Sewell's fly with the'tying run on base and.enabled Ujf Tigers to beat the Indians. 7 > 3. Hoyt permitted but six mu. A1 Simmons returned Philadelphia Athletics' lineup and drove In three runs as |£e Mack' men trimmed the Washington Sena ­ tors, 9 to 4. Jimmy Fox had a per ­ fect day at bat — four hlU. Including his second home run of the In four trip*. Earl Sheely. former Chicago White Sox -first baseman who breaking back Into the majors w th* Pittsburgh Pirates, broke up the opening game at Pittsburgh with double In the thirteenth which gave the Corsairs a 5 to 4 victory the Chicago Cub*. Rogers Hornsby * t hitless in six trips. carl Hubbett held the Philadel ­ phia Phillies to eight hits and the New York GlanU hammered out a 9 to 2 victory. Ott and Jackson Brooklyn — Al Nixon, former Phil ­ adelphia Phillies outfielder, has been signed by the Boston Braves. Judge Emil Fuchs, president-man ­ ager of the club, has announced. Babe Herman's home run helped the Brooklyn Robins win their sec- ad straight game from the Bos- in Braves. S to 3. Tho Reds-Cards and Baowns- Whlte Sox games -were prevented The Home Run Club: Leaders: Blue. Browns; O'Doul. Phillies, and Hafey. Cardinal*, three Hornsby; Cubs; Grimm, Cubs; Gettinger, Tigers; Averlll, Indians; Harper, Braves; Herman. Dodgers and Fox. Athletics, two each. Yesterday's homer.*: Harper Braves; Mermen. Robins; Ott, Giants; Jackson. GlanU: Fox. Ath ­ letics; Heilman. Tiger*.'one each. Totals; American League 22; Na- onal League 27. Total 49. greens, at e cost which prohibitive for the smaller club* Wealthy organizations like Brae Burn in Boston. Old Elm or Chi ­ cago Golf Club In Chicago Oak- mont In Pittsburgh can afford to spend the twenty-five or thirty thousand dollars a year which It costs them to keep their r good condition. On thesi and others similarly groomed, the putting greens are excellent and golf Is a real pleasure. ’ But the llt- ■tle fellows In the smaller cities ari not able to spend enough money It experimentation, importing soil oi sod. and In the many other opera ­ tions necessary to discover grasses and fertilizers suited to the partic ­ ular soil condition* of the locality. The average person playing aim- ply for the enjoyment of the game can tolerate almost any kind of a fairway. Bad lies cause him some annoyance. It Is true, but there Is nothing which spoils his game like uncertain or badly kept putting greens. And the worst of It is that the putting greens offer the real problem to the greenkeeper. Smaller Clubs to Benefit The United States Golf Associa ­ tion If progressing rapidly with its work conducted through the Green Section directed toward solving the grcenkeeplng problems particularly ' ths smaller clubs. The progress already made If continued “ make this work the most Important contribution that has ever been the game of golf. By plac ­ ing at- the disposal of the green- keeper* the scientific knowledge of numbers of experts derived from experiments with all kinds of grass- * and ferUllxeri In different soils, 3 by simplifying the eradication of Insect pests and the treatment of grass diseases the ultimate will be to effect economies make It possible to maintain fine putting greens' at a cost with ­ in reach of nearly everyone. -The Association Is spending nearly thirty thousand dollars each year In this work, snd maintains experi ­ ment stations In several sectloiR the country. The plan Is to establish as many of these stations as it Is possible .- maintain so that a study may be i made of the adaptability of certain^' 95, to certain section*. Natu- It Ja not expected that the which thrives beat In the Met- rdpolltan district will do well In Georgia. To be of any value th* grasses must be tested under the conditions In which they are to be grown. In furtherance of thla plan. In cities supporting several golf club*, these clubs are being asked coojierste with *feb other In ­ supporting a*' experiment station ‘ go. Mnt ----- | Mass , Boston ' Hnv j Great Britain. I Golden and Hagen. United States vs Whllcombo und Cotton. Great Britain. The Americans were out early to- dify' for practice rounds, although they are complaining of the bitter cold, rain and sleet which has been I provided by the weather man this veck. the individual , del P h,a ’ w ®* ‘ Point and Annapolis ] W ege, d Research Work Necessary Is Impossible to see what very t benefits may result to the game from this work- Our own problems In Atlanta furnish a fair illustration. For years we have been forced to use Betmuda gras.i on our putting greens during the hot months of summer. Unable to develop a grass which -would thrive in its stead or to discover a means of rcflnlng that which wc can grow, mainly because no club has been able to make an outlay suffi ­ cient to attack the problem scirn- tlflcally. we have had to worry along with the best we could get. We are now arranging to put In the experimental plot referred lo and while we expect no Immediate re ­ sults. we have every reason to be ­ lieve that within a few years we shall be able to find something which will give ua good putting greens. Our section Is by no means the only one where there Is need of re ­ search. “ In fact, there are only a few places where putting greens are as good as they might be. The green section offers the only means except pure guessYjork. of arrivlng- at a mode of treatment or a kind of grass which will be successful under the exigencies of soil and climate In a particular locality. FIVE COUNTY - PROS TO PLAY HUGKNOTS WIN The New Rochelle High School beat Washington Irving High by a score of 114) yesterday at their field! Santoro pitched a fine game allowing only two hits. Maxwell hit a double nnd two triples. Today the Hugenots meet the Mount Klsco team. thrvo pull-over •as Chid bulletin board in gymnasium. A. A. U. BOXING HOLDS FINALS lunior Tournament At Chicago Rum Off Preiiminsriei And Starts Finals Tonight Al Stadium FRESHMEN WIN The Columbia freshme team started Its campaign day afternoon by Vanquishing The ­ odore Roosevelt High School on the South Field courts. 8 to 3. The win ­ ners captured four of the six sin ­ gle* and two of the threo doubles ind the other pro* from over vere prell bundled up against the : i old and consequently hampered In j I George Duncan, the Scottish cap- ' nln of the British team, announced ‘ lu« the same eight men who play I > Vmertcans In Saturday's night »m-1' lies matches. I 4^ Writing In the London Evening ! ' [New*. Duncan says of the visitors I r — r Thr preliminaries In the lighter visions flyweight, bantamweight, atherweight ami lightweight — nrr held Tuewisy night and the . Farrell, Sarazen. ) oi eight ! tnunde In t; round Is added. series against ___ Yankees the Philadelphia player* I demonstrated that they expect to I ride the world champions for all I they are worth this season. After! losing the tough 2-1 ganu Haas Inst two fly balls li the Athletics came back fighting harder than ever th* next day. ' I The A's broke even in the series! and Connie Mack left town vowing! Ihe Yankee jinx was broken. j ' My boys have proved they can! beat the Yank* after getting tough! breaks.\ Mack said. '\The Jinx they! held lost, season won't work this! year.\ | A* for the Yankees, their pKcb-l Ing Staff consists of Waite Hoyt at! the present time. Pipgrass i Johnson hnv* proved wild *~ ' _£*chray's work ha only mediocre. Hetmach t some flashes |n a relief role, t has not started a game. The hilling has been • they are far from one I family. Even Miller Huggins I rushing umpires these days. V '' is something the mite t when ‘ — . whlchl HALL BEATS FIELDS Allen H*U again showed h trry of the three-cushion gl night-at Doyle'J Billiard I by defeating Otis Fields^!, thirty-seven Innings. Th# A tournament eliminations « continued. H. Cook defei •Wright, 20-14. TODAY High School New Rochelle. Scarsdale r .,i„ Cup r,.m W.itioi Tn To- | morrow s Foursome Matches — I Weather Has Hampered Practice Mooretown — Despite ths cold, sin. snow, and sleet which have hampered their training activities the past feij <laj-s. members of the ■American P.jU&r Cup teftn ported today in excellent \ the foursome which Important tourname_. _ row. Five Westchester golfri expected to compete. ^ The shock which came with nnouncement that young Fhfl Smith, sensation .of the winter golf season In the United Slates, would not be (deluded In the foursome against the Britisher* tomorrow was eased a bit by the Information that he would take part in Ihe single* on Saturday. The absence of 8mitb from th* line-up of the foursome, of ’ course, came as a distinct surprise to ail golfers, especially In view of his distinguished record during the winter season, when he won an but a few of the Important tourna ­ ments In the United States. Saturday High School baseball ’ Chester st Burkr Field. Tra!(| Association i Hike > Mior Title Company Juniors ball game with Kenslco Orangp*. Trails Association hike to Ml- anus Gorge. Westchester Title Company Jun ­ ior* ball game with Kenslco Orlans at Maniaroneck Avenue fteld. Monday High School baseball practice gome at Burke Jleld Tuesday Scarsdale High tennis match with Pleasantville. Wednesday High School baseball with Mount Risen at Burke field. Roger Aschiun School ball game . Scarsdale .High with Second TRUE Story Yt*. «ir, it's not live trout that counts so much as jut CATCHING the trout. hi the deep dark pools he hsnfi, his nose pointed up the stream, ever alert to ths slightest danger and ready to flash away-at the^ chal ­ lenge of any wielder of rod and line. Or seek him where the water tumbles and boils over the stones and you can fight to the mnsie of the brook. Bat wherever you search for the wily old fellow, if you are a true sngler, if you are properly dressed and equipped for trout fishing, you'll know the thrill that comes with the pursuit of the speckled beauties. ¥#e wduld be pleased to supply your every need for trout-fishing — the last word in the angler ’ s srt SUGGESTIONS* Fine Gosling Rod* Jt-ur Automatic Tront Reek Dry tod Wet Flies Landing Nets Enameled Fly Casting Li Wading Boots Creels Fly Books snd Leader Boss* Salmon Eggs and Artificial Bolt Anything to make T-SW J Olympic Stores fnc WESTCHESTER ’ S GREATEST SPORTS STORE NEW ROCHELLE 190 MAIN ST. 92 MAMARONECK AVE. • White Plains

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