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THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ THURSDAY. APRIL 25. 1929 9200 Features From Footlights Ariel Filmland ‘ Bozo ’ Snyder Famous Silent Comedian Heads Bill at Keith ‘ Wolf of Wall Street ’ Portrays Feverish Booms of Bull Market THE ONE AND ONLY TOMMY “ BOZO ” SNYDER AND HIS FANTASTIC REVUE AND OTHER R. K. O. HEADLINERS — ON THE SCREEN WITH SOUND — Tommy \Boto\ Snyder famous alien! comedian who formerly played In Barney Gerard ’ e \Follies of the Day\ la appearing at the Keith Albee today, tomorrow and Saturday with a Radio Keith Or- pheum \Fantaetio rtevue ’ wnlch has a caat of ten specialty jlrr- formera and a dancing chorua of fourteen accompllahed mlaaea. All the gsm* of Snyder comedy which for ao long delighted vaudeville and burlesque audiences have been In ­ corporated In thla apeedy enter ­ tainment of good fun Sam Greene partner of the al- waya allent \Bozo\ la th« talkative half of the Snyder-Oreena combina ­ tion. When he naked the Inimitable \Bozo\ for an Interview he merely pointed mutely at Greene. \To tell the truth,\ aaid Greene, \he laye awake night* wondering whether or not to *ver let the pub ­ lic ’ In on hla aeoreL Can he talk or la he dumb? Some day, perhape. we will admit that he la dumb or prove that he can talk. - If* been a good many yenra now, though, and only a few of ua know the real CHILDREN OF THE RIT Sensational Battle High Light In ‘ Sioux Blood ’ at Loews Strand Eatabllahlng a war veteran*' poet of American Indian*, while engaged In filming a motion picture wu the interesting t**k of Tim MoCoy, when he filmed “ Sioux Blood.\ hi* Mstro-Ooldwyn-M*y*r adven ­ ture drama coming Friday to Loew'a Strand Thaater. In Glacier National Park, where many of th* thrilling scene* filmed, among tb* 400 Blackfeet In ­ dian* appearing In tb* ploture were a considerable number who had aeen service In the World War, In ­ cluding one former commissioned Dave Friedman, assistant director of th* plctur*. 1 * a prominent offi ­ cer In the Veterans of Foreign Ware, and he and McCoy originated l original American* on th* location. Th* new plctur# I* a vivid drama of two brothtr*. separated la In ­ fancy, with one raised as an dlan. th* other as a whits i Thrilling chases between cavalry and redskins, a sensational battle, and other dramatic highlights mark •w play, which John Wate™ All of th* f«v«rlsh excitement and hysteria that accompanies .a \bull drive\ on the Wall Street stock market nan seen captured in George Bancroft's new starring pic ­ ture for Paramount, \The Wolf of Wall Street,\ now playing at Loew ’ a State. i accomplish this. Paramount went to unusual length* In cant as ­ sembly and set construction. The Interior of the New York Exchange was duplicated In detail for one of the major sequences of Jhe story and Hollywood and Lo* Angeles were scoured ror men who Were fa ­ miliar with brokcrag* methods on \the floor.\ The** man, many of them recruited from down-town of ­ fices In the financial district, were eager to see th* Interior of a mo ­ tion picture studio and to play be ­ fore the camera, and their enthus ­ iasm, coupled with the directorial ability of Rowland V. Lee, brought out convincing performance* from eaoh of them. The scenes on the floor of the stock market aro de ­ clared to be highly dramatic and authentic portrayals of what actu ­ ally happeaa dally In this \financial heart of the world.\ _ Raclanova, Nancy Carroll. Paul Lukas, among others, are Included In the cast playing In Bancroft's ipport. . The story of \-The Wolf of him. Mrs. Country Doctor: And what seema to be wrung \Well I donno. The other night he was readln' in lh' paper how all this here radio stuff that's In the air — Jazz an' lectures- an' stock re ­ ports mt ‘ bed-time stories — passes clean through a body without a body knowln' It. an'-ever since ha's jest been kind* upset in 'Is stummlck.\ fcg . . ' • * ” ** either borlsontally or vsrtl- If there U a black square to of tb* number, tb* word Is • It, the word la 1 number.may. of both a horizontal and Tba definition* for the 'da to fill the form are . w, with numbers corre- *0 those on th* form. Run “ i definitions till you find rn reeoff\ !•*, and put It plans oh th# form, on# ch «whlta square. .-This •cvoral croee-clues to Mnk-ng with It at right Jootlaue la thl* manner m I* eoap'etely filled. If aired th* fuaje correct- tt should r*ad both horizontally \* vertically with word* eorre- ------ to th* definitions. Toward To grab 13. Type measure 11. Commonwealth IT. Separate entry Wiles Each (abbr.) Antlered animal 2T. To peccolala Appendage Clumsy in demeanor Oriental salute Stepped Spiked Conjunction Postscript 4*. To change 5L Mohammedan prince M. Girl ’ s name 67. Pan ofgfclrcumfercm- 8*. Compass point 60. Man's i 63. Father fiAN DIEGO, Cal. — Lieu:. Commander A. W. Radford, operations officer of th* North Island Air Station, who will b« In ehargs of the Government's Alaakan survey of some 10.000 square miles, with the latest FalrohUd T-3 mapping camera which will be used In a plane. This n*w camera makes four exposures simultaneously on two film rolls. DISRESPECTFULLY DECLINING Thsrs Is a samtntii, a deadly mo ­ notony, about th* r«j*ction slips used by our periodicals that quick ­ ly gsts on ths nsrvss of thsir mors ss Indlgsnt collectors. Thty all thank ths contributor for submit ­ ting hi* manuscript. They or* de ­ lighted to hav* had th* privilege of oon*ld*ting IL They rtgrsl that It doe* not meet tb* eixact require ­ ments of thsir publication at th* momtnt of rlfcslpt. They aver that Its rejection does not neceuarlly Imply a ’ lcek of merit. They urge the contributor to try again — and not forget that a stamped and ad ­ dressed envelop* must accompany all offerings. More variety Is needed.-' A rejec ­ tion elip should contain lome of th* specific reasons-.therefor. For in- \W* rslurfe your manuscript for th* good *nd sufficient reason that In our editorial opinion It U about tfi per cent Junk. It you cannot do any better than this, we would ad- 1 vise you to drown *ny literary am- Mtlon you may have, and aetk a 1 diplomats appointment. This Is a| busy office. Please~So not bother \Ws regard your manuscript very! highly, but ws are compelled to de ­ cline It. because ws f«ar that It Is ' beyond th* Intelligences our read ­ er*. W* mutt have aome regard for our circulation. Thank you. Try \W* ere unable to determine whether the humor in your offer ­ ing Ilea In your treatment of the topic, or In your very original sys ­ tem of spelling. Inasmuch at we do not conduct a puzzle page, your manuacrlpt la returned. ” \You have religiously and rankly Imitated the ityle of Blankety. Blank, the dramatic critic. Because we consider that word-butcher a literary flivver, w* cannot consider your cheap Imitation. Try to be original.\ 'Tl* Is a magaslnt of humor. We therefore assume that your contri ­ bution was misdirected. Send It to an undertaker ’ s trade Journal.\ W. T. O'C ONE MAY WELL ASK Briggs: I see people are living a gr*al <Hal longer than they used Orlggs: Well, what else Is there ; WITTY KITTY LOEWS STRAND LAST TIMES TODAY A story you will remember — it ’ s different OLIVE BORDEN — RALPH GRAVES THE ETERNAL WOMAN Coming Friday and Saturday, April 26-27 \ Indian against whits — a - girl's., life., at is one for pep and \ TIM \ McCOY in SIOUX BLOOD SELECTED short subjects New YORK TUKATBES P.d- Bv Fontaine Fox H°w HE FEEL i S .-THE K ip W ho iHEdUECTEP -To (SETTHAT doLF STICK PACK IN PAP'S PAd gCFdffE PAP d«T HOME. The girl-friend saya she supposes ths Scotch say \ha* \ Instead of ''have*' because It saves a V. — By Nina Wilcox Putnam. T HE moat important. feature of the mod ­ ern newspaper is ser ­ vice to its readers. gssz Music in May REPUBLIC Tw lu t r »»il ^. “ “ s. \J»* Q1XL\ »KAT» FRIDAY •Z-li- aTaTtiinuof --------------- LITTLE ACCIDENT A mb out dor ROXY 7ttl AVE. A SOth STREET H iuai g K ’ . L ’ Roltlatpl Ko *y SHUbERT _ _______ lU'iiirsiiS R. va Rob, with nid-t.v on --------- ALIBI iUnd West's 100 Per Cent. TaUtln* rxiTitn miYTs rim at A A tb St Tb*s. Twits Dally. • 4 ’ 1:4* * s:40 : Sund.r S. s. S-43 LATEST. BREVITIES The Neighborhood Playhouse will . resent two programs of symphonic music with a company of dancers ' actors In conjunction with the 'eland Orchestra. Nikolai Soko- . ... conducting Friday, Baturday ond Sunday evening Strauss' “Bin Hrldenlebon.\ 'Knesro's Roumanian Rhapsody etc. and on Monday and Tuesday evenings Block's Sym ­ phony \Israel\ \at the Manhattan opera house. the Actor-Managen (In with Paul Moss) will present the seventh edition of the annual satiri ­ cal musical revue. \The Grand Street- Folllea\ at the Booth Th*a- Terr The Warren F. Lnwrenoe play \Conflict\ which op«ned at the Fullon Theatre on Wednesday March 6 and moved to the Vander ­ bilt theatre thla Monday, will cele ­ brate IU fiftieth perform one* thl* Thusrday night, April 23. READ THE DAILY PRESS WANT ADS PLAY AT PLAYLAND WISTCMtJTEB COUNTY PARK SYSTEM RYE NY NEW ATTRACTIONS Dragon Coaster • Old Mill — Roller Rink — Swimming Pool — Red Bug Boulevard OPENING WEDNESDAY MAY l.t FIREWORKS Every Tuesday night — In earn of nan. the next clear night 9 P.M.

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