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Baby Toddle* Into Road ; la Killed*- By Truck Philadelphia. April » (lip) - For several week* two year old Angelo Must* had mado futile attempt* to walk. Teaterday *ome children were playing aero** the street. The baby crawled to the front porch, finally pulled hlnuteir to hi* feet and walked — directly Into the path of a truck and waa kUI- Mount Vernon. — A head-on collis ­ ion between a trolley car and an automobile here early today stove In the front of the street ear, de ­ molished the automobile and re ­ sulted In the arrest qf the occu ­ pants of the automobile. Try erf lierg of Brooklyn, la held on a charge of operating an auto ­ mobile while Intoxicated. His com ­ panion, Pee H**eap*r, of Mount Vernon. Is charged with being drunk. Both men were rushed to the hospital unconscious after the Police say Ber^* wa» driving on the wrong side of the street In South Fulton Avenue, near Fifth Avenue and crashed Into the trolley- car. Pasqualo Merrill, the motor- sill provide granted to Great Oak nd and exe- of Irregularity In the way It waf drawn Up. ’ i Higher blda w.r. submitted bj lyor Benjamin need that after tlnn of charge* lid not believe to warrant the Canty as com- on a warrant lslued b; Court Judge Moore on disorderly r-,r H« Injured. THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.. THURSDAY. APRn. 25, 1020 Greenburgh Planning Board Will Inspect All Developments Proposed Within Jurisdiction HIGH COST CHECKSMD New Body Intends to Prevent Haphazard Real Estate Im ­ provements. Name Commit ­ tees to Study Projects. Want Zone Change. N«w Plant Will Be Drawn For Albany Post Road Widening at North Tarrytown Tx i ' iyto w o — Pros pacts for ths wi ­ dening af tha Albany Post Road whara It paases through the.village of North Tarrytown 'were noUso bright following an Inspection tour and eonfarence here yesterday of county and village officials. It la feared that tha high cost of right of way may. daisy the Im ­ provement for some time, perhaps Indefinitely. Although none of the officials would make a statement following ths conference. It was In ­ ferred that tha meeting bad cot been entirely successful. New plana are expected to be drawn and submitted 'within two weeks to tha village officials for judgment. The first plans for the Albany Post Road widening called for expenditures which it Is under ­ stood were too high' for ths village lo meet. In paying Ita share of the improvement. * Hopes were entertained however, - *hat the new plans would meet the -■lure which the village officials aril -f the opinion ths community can ie«t. or that soma other compi Use may be arrived at perhaps the division of cost of tha Improve ­ ment. County Engineer Charles Mac ­ Donald. Jay Downer, Chief Engi ­ neer of the Westchester County Park Com mission: Henry R- Bar ­ rett. Counsel for the Park Com ­ mission. Mayor Frederick W. Grosa of North Tarrytown. Abe Sodoaky, village Attorney, met here yester ­ day. Plans for ths widening of the Post Road drawn up by tha county engineer'* office were presented I he village representatives and wi discussed. It was learned after the meetl__ that new plana would be drawn up. CREATE DRAINAGE BOARD Creation ef a drainage district to take care of tha proposed new t . Beaver \Brook drainage system amounting to approximately *460.- 000 waa voted at the meeting of the Harrison Town Board held last night. Supervisor Benjamin I. Tay ­ lor explained that surveyors for the Westchester County Park Commis ­ sion wars working In the locality of the proposed drain and it would be advantageous to create the di»- i trlct Immediately In order that tht town engineer could -work In con Junction with the Park Commission. LOYD ISSUES CIRCULAR Alfred E. Loyd A Company, li Main street. White Plains, have pro- pared a circular on The Mount Ver ­ non Trust Company which had upon request. HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH FINED FORSREEDING Scarsdale Court Impose* $15 Penalty For Operating' Car at 50 Miles \ Per Hour The Greenburgh Planning Board and Zoning Commtsalon met hut nlgfit at 1U established headquar ­ ters in the GreenvlUe firs house, five representative men bent to the task of taking the multipllalty of large scale real estate operaUona In the town, out of the realm of what haphazard and establishing them upon a level dictated by reasonable principles. All the drawbacks ever confronl- ig a new thing wore present. The precise - limits dr authority, the ap ­ proved method of procedure, the meeting of minds not yet used to the conference habits of each other, these things mode It plain to the commissioners, themselves, that there are several twilight rones of legal obscurities and practical ob- cles through which the body ist feel Its way before coming up- the high road to well-principled action. Upon one essential point, . rer. there 1s no division at all. In ­ stead there Is dynamlo unanimity which romlaea that nothing un ­ toward In real estate development within the area of the town will escape the board members. They require personal Inspection of the premises Involved In each subdivision brought lo their alien- street, although latter had tlon for approval, whether unof- permit, ficlal and preliminary as those in date have been, or official and need Ing conclusive official action. This aspect of vigilance on the part of the merobere of the dual body, now acUng chiefly na a plan ­ ning board. In which capacity Ita powers are extreme, waa well Illus ­ trated last night in three Instances. Twice Chairman Eylar apoptnted a committee of two to visit the prop ­ erty Involved. In company with the applicant's engineer, and once the board resolved to Inspect a pro- seed subdivision area In a body. John Kakerbeck and F. Morden Clark were detalled-to examine a 1 proposed development north Elmsford and east of the Saw Mill River road, known as the Paine street development- Engineer Daniel C. Nolan of Cotswold Way appeared for the owner.. Mr. Clark again, and Seeba W. Bullock got the assignment to In ­ vestigate property hear tha Inter ­ section of Hartsdale and Secor roads. John Heeney appeared as mglneer to present tho plan of this subdivision to the board. The entire board Is to visit But ­ ler park, the proposed development of seventy acre* south of the Harts ­ dale Railroad station and adjoining the railroad right of way. the Scnrs- dale Golf Club, and on the south, property of Alexander M. Crane. Fines totalling *101 were taken In the course of Scarsdale's weekly morning court before Police Justice Charles M. Carter today. % A fifteen-year-old youth, a sopho- lore in the local high achool. plead ­ ed guilty to driving a car fifty miles an hour on the White Plains rood- He' denied reports that drivo an auto within the limits of New York City. Warning the boy that his offenar merited hevlrr penalties the judgi Imposed a *1.1 tlhe. On* dollar for each year of the defendant's and suggested that he had best re-appear In court at thirty, leal the \ne be doubled also. The following cases were heard: John Gilliams. New Rochelle, j driving on permit without licensed operator in car. Fined *3. John Garry, eWaver street, and G. S. Dresser, Heathcote road, charges -of lettings dog run ' un ­ muzzled. Fined *5 apiece. Frank V. Padilla, Stamford, vio ­ lating parking regulations. Case dismissed. Eugenio MarzcJU. New Rochelle, passing red light. Fined *10. Paul O. Herman and Otto Stahl. Fined *10 apiece. Herman gave Stahl lesson in driving on public Stetson Keller, Yonkers, parking violation. *:. Edward Stanley, ^hlte Plains, speeding on Walworth avenue. Fined *10. Lewis Stein, Vnlley 8tream. L. I., speeding on Hutchinson Parkway. *10 fine. Anthony Campbell, non. paaslng red light. James Elliot, Scarsdale. passing r«t light. *5. MANY BEQUESTS I! COWDREY WILL Prominent. Laic Resident of New Rochelle Disposes of Large Folate Bequests to the New Rochelle Hospital, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. and the New Rochelle Pub ­ lic Library, are prominent In the will of Mrs. Elizabeth. H. J. Cow ­ drey. who died at her home in Dav ­ enport Neck. New Rochelle, on April 12. The will, on file In the Surro- gate Court Clerk's office today sets Senator Copeland Saya Golf la Best For President Hoover Washington. Aprii~2ti'<UPl — Golf rather than tossing the medicine ball was recom ­ mended as proper exercise for President Hoover by Dr. Royal S. Copeland. U. S. sen ­ ator from New Ywrk. \Golf la the Ideal exercise for any man over 60 year* of age,\ Copeland **l<f \Medi ­ cine ball tossing la pretty ►strenuous for a man not used to exercise * WILL FILED Rosalie H. Stolz, Pleasantrille, Left “ More Than $5,000\ Personal Property, Bat No Realty The will of Rosalie IL Pleasantvlllr. waa on County Surrogate ’ s day. and rrveala that vllle resident, who died 21. left “ more than *5.000\ sonal property. She left property. The terms of the will that this amount be Miss Mary A. Ward, 3 Lane. Plrneanlvllle. friend cutrtx of the estate. A nicer. Miss Marloric Sti AWARD BID District Attorney May Move for Re-trial ofR.H. SloaneMonday Convicted of Automobile Theft (Continued From Paga One) he waa County Judge on the strength-qf affidavits made by two prison convict*. Frank Hawks and Edward Snyder. « County Judge Frederick P. Close, who will preside at the re-trial, yes ­ terday signed an order directing tho warden* of Sing Sing and Dane- mora Prisons to produce Hawks and *8nyder. respectively. In court for the trial. This Indicates that Sloane plana to use the convicts as his chief wit ­ nesses. He Is expected to conduct his own defense as he has done on previous occasions in court — here. Stuart Baker of Ossining/ who ad ­ vised him during his trial two years ago, will probably act as. counselor for Sloans again. Sloane was brought back here from Sing Sing, after discovery of an alleged plot to break Jalt in which keepers said he waa Impli ­ cated, and tried tor feloniously pos ­ session dangerous weapons — imita ­ tion brass knuckles of prison call manufacture — while serving a term for commission of a felony. The boy convict, whose mother Is a distinguished writer and lecturer, admitted that he had planned to es ­ cape prison but said that ha had abandoned the Idea and after saw ­ ing through his cell door bar* had oontrived a blow torch to weld the bars In place again. He denied that he had planned to use a filed steam pipe valve handle for brass knuckles and said the Instrument wna part of a key he had made to open his cell door. Impressed Jury Although Sloano impressed the jury and a courtroom crowded with spectators and the best legal brains In ths county with his masterful defense and his ingenious Inven ­ tions and articles manufactured with smuggled tools behind cell doors, he was convicted and sen ­ tenced by William F Bleakley. then County Judge, to serve an addlllon- 1 seven years for ths second felony. Sloane now seeks a reversal on le original automobile theft charge. Should he be acquitted of this charge he would then not have been a felon when he was accused of having dangerous weapons and both sentence* could be wiped out. At the time of hi* arrast Sloane wda a student at Columbia Univers ­ ity. He was picked up by New Ro ­ chelle detectives a* hr was driving stolen automobile In Mount Ver- jn. Sloane professed Innocence said that he had been hired to drive It from New Rochelle to.Brooklyn. It is believed that Hawks and Snyder will give Information at the re-trial on hbw the car was stolen. The session In the County Court here next week are expected to be largely attended If the precedent established at previous Sloane trials holds. APPROVED N«w Castle Town Board Approves' Proposed Lawrence Develop ­ ment. Similar Ts Bronxville Chappaqua — Indication of t: march of residential arM ward In Westchester County 1 s*«n today In ths approval given by tha newly organised Town of New castle planning commission to Plan to create a reel estate devel ­ opment In tha 133-acre Lawrence ATms district along Bedford Road. fosterad by tha developers of Bronx ­ ville. The new development. It ts ad. will pravlds tha environ ­ ed! trad by Bronxville, tan WOMEN HURT CAR CRASHES Mr*. Mntlliew Duffy and Margie Ulrich Sustain Painful Injuries Two women were Injured by « here yeaterday. Mrs. Mathew Duffy of North street, received a cc the upper Up when the autc which she waa riding with her bus- id collided with a machine driv- by Arthur Snow of 91 Fisher avenue. Duffy waa driving east on West ­ chester avenue when he collided with Snow who waa driving on the same thoroughfare. Mrs. Duffy was given medical treatment at the office of Dr. A. Page and taken home. Snow arrested on a charge of reck- drlvlng on the complaint of Mr. Duffy and left ball for his appear ­ ance in City Court Friday. - Margie Ulrich. IS Midland ave- ue. waa slightly Injured by nn auto driven by Henry. Fleischer' of Brooklyn as she was crossing Msln street In front of No. 166. - She was •truck as Fleischer waa backing In ­ to tha curb. Miss Ulrich refused medical aid or to make a complaint. She said her only Injury waa a sprained left wrist. ■nal property of more than *10.- O\ and real property of \more than *10.000.\ The New Rochelle Hospital la ft *12,300; the Rev. Paul Gordon pvonr. of 28 Westminster Court, ew Rochelle. *5.000: the minister id membership of Trinity Church. New Rochelle. *11.300; a godchild. Davenport 8cott. of New Rochelle, *10.000; and Dr. Henry Titus, ofdl Huguenot street. *3.000. Three ser ­ vants were provided for In the will. Katie O'Connor, a housekeeper, was left *1.000; John Celll. a gardner, *300; and John Feeney, a chauf ­ feur. *500. The Peabody home In The Bronx waa left *1.00h by the of the will, and Mary Gart- tvhose husband, George, New York. Is named as an executor. Is left *3.000, and Margaret Spechr. Davenport Neck. New Rochele. *30. Anna L. Scott. Wild Cliff. N. R. Is left *10.000 In the terms of the wilL 150 EAT STEAK ATCLUBAFFAIR Harrison Masonir Organiza ­ tion Provide* Enjoyable Entertainment, Dinner About 130 people attended the beef steak dinner given under the' auspices of the Masonlo club. No. ,078 of Harrison, in the American Legion building, last evening. The dinner waa served at 7:30 o'clock followed by James Bulkly Jr., of Rye. rendering two vocal selections accompanied at the piano by Mr*. Arthur Houghton. All Joined In community eong led by Wllllsm Johnson with Mrs. Houghton at the piano. The principal speaker of the eve ­ ning, Arthur Stearns of Scarsdale waa Introduced by the president of the club, Clarence Treblng. Mr. Stearns Is Y. SI. C. supervisor of physical director* of New York. He delivered a most tntrresllng and In ­ structive lecture upon the proper and modern methods of physical training. In closing the speaker stated that what we need most Is a sympathetic understanding of ex ­ ercise. The committee In charge his supper was. Thomas O' ­ Brien. chairman, Mr. Trehlng, Ken ­ neth DeForeat, Arthur Crozlsr. George Campbell and Arthur Houghton. Pierre Hulsart. Irving Erickson. Ira Nodlnc. Elliott Harris Jr.. Charles Wilding. Peter Welnert. Earl Bennett and Edward Sleg- mann acted as waltersAnd the wo ­ men who helped In the kitchen were. Mr*. George Benentt. *r_ Mrs. Thomaa O'Brien, Mrs. C Freblng and Mrs. A. Morris. ^ QUA RANTINEFRUIT Washington. April 25 tUP> — Growing concern over the appear ­ ance of the Mediterranean fruit fly I p Florida caused the agriculture department today to announca a quarantine restricting the move ­ ment of fruit and vegetable* from the entire state. An order making the quarantine effective will be signed^ by Secretary Hyde within the naxt few days. S uch a mellow coffee would command a higher price , but .. • A*P sa re* so much by having its own purchasing agents in the heart of the great coffee growing sections of South America...and again saves by shipping direct to the A & P stores throughout the United 'States, that you can buy this mellow, full-flavored RED CIRCLE blend at any A&P store at the price that an ordinary blend 6ells for elsewhere. 4 RED CIRCLE COFFEE A favorite for several generations. A coffee of rare flavor and aroma. Regularly priced at . . . pound CIGARETTES On *ale for this wetok at ll'Ac A PACKAGE when purchased in cartons of 10 packapcs. Anticipate your smoking necdsandjnake a sub- stantial saving on a supply of cigarettes. 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