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ntK DAILY I'RF-Sf. WHITE PLAINS, N. Y„ SATURDAY, APRIL 87, 1929 Features From Footlights And Filmland Texas Guinah Plays Herself In ‘ Queen of Night Clubs ’ at Keith ’ s Texas Gulnan gives one of His The Redeeming Sin LOEWIS STATE Monday, Toetday and Wednesday LAST TIMES TODAY children OF THE y\ RITZ Hollywood Gossip Reports Blanch Sweet Contemplates Divorcing Mickey Neilan Hollywood. April 2? (UP). — Film colony rumors said today that Blanche Sweet, screen actrma, and her director-husband. Mickey Neil ­ an, are contemplating divorce. . The divorce. It was said, would bo arranged quietly and without sensa ­ tionalism. The actual separation was said to have occurred several weeks ago when Neilan left for New York to attend a conference of Pa thy officials. The couple was married In Chicago In June, 1912. ■BOZO\ SNYDER \Queen of the Night Clubs\. In addition td the frivolous side of Broadway's stage and night club life, portrays the deeper side — bringing before us the loves, am ­ bitions, troubles and Joys of the actors In the play. “Queen of the Night Clubs\ Is an original story by Murray Roth and Addison Burkhart. Ths cast Inf eludes. In addition to Texas Culnan. such stags and screen celebrities as Lila Lee. Eddie Fay. Jr., Jack Nor- worth. John Mlljan, William David ­ son. Arthur Housmon. Jimmie Phil ­ lips. Lee Shumway and others. The Interest Is sustained throughout the entire length of this startling pic ­ ture was directed by Bryan Foy. SUNDAY — TWO WITH SOUND ANNA Q. WILLSON Collegiate Show V A !Lh R a H R jm T exas C onan thlEEN OF THE Dolores Costello Plays. Role of Dancing Girl in ‘ Redeeming Sin FOURTEEN BRICKTOPS BOBBIE GRICE RUNAWAY FOUR Stellar Comici of tmcmaUonai Renown BARRY & I WKITLEGE , l “ Jett For Aw hile\ i 1 MADIE / ft & ray m I Frt.hie.FuB A o f Trick . M K-} ADA r\ tV BROWN I Southern Li. What are eald to be tbe most convincingly real P-- ‘ rrn - sntnnf ever produced In an American mo ­ tion picture etudlo arc shoAvn In Dolores Costello'a latent Warner Bros. Vltaphono production, \The LAST TIMES TODAY George Bancroft and Nancy Carroll IN \THE WOLF OF WALL STREET\ And Five Big Vaudeville Act* Though settings and atmoapbere reproduce so exactly the under ­ world of tbe French capital, all the scenes wore made nt ihe Warner Bros, studio In Hollywood. The story Is laid In the apnehe district, and embraces a multitude of fUm types which are essentially Perln- Dolores Costello 8tared In Feature at Loew's State Theater. SUNDAY, TWO BIG FEATURES Ramon Navarro and Joan Crawford \THE ROAD TO ROMANCE ” AND EARL DOUGLAS IN \KEEP GOING ’ HOLLYWOOD ’ S FILM SHOP I nch i i rti I SPEED , ft YOUTH ^ FUN / her entire ed for a year and a half, but that I she would be heppy to rejoin her husband. Claus Geers. an Importer of Hamburg and London. “ Hollywood. April 27— (UP) — ■L Gentlemen may Have favored the I peroxldo ahadr when Anita Laos I wrote “ Gentlemrn Prefer Blondea\. but It Is 1929 now and ths ptn- 1 dulum Is swinging toward red hair. Jl in the opinion of Henry Clive, fam- Washlngton. April 27 (UP) — Members of ths Whcslbarrow As ­ sociation of America — all ten of them — are meeting here to elimin ­ ate about 144 of the 1*8 types of one-wheeled vehicles now manu- BILL CODY m EYES OF THE UNDERWORLD WALLY WALES In DESPERATE COURAGE TIM MeCOY m SIOUX BLOOD rum DETicnvE no . Featured player In picture at Strand. companies ynard deal* in fine horses trained horses to produo- Mrs- Wallace Reid Produced ‘ ‘ Linda ” feature Film at Strand COMING MONDAY, TUESDAY, APRIL 29-30 A mighty epic of the forests. WARNER BAXTER \brunette loveliness » the..peak of beauty know how decisively, made to understand t prefer blondes. •Now ths tide is i NOAH BEERY HELEN FOSTER in During this year'of wild upheav ­ al and uncsrtalnty, with publlo In ­ terest In moving pictures at a low ebb, all of the great producing com ­ panies havs been Importing for ­ eign talent by the shipload and gambling millions on the doubtful ability of foreign geniuses of tbs megaphone. Often with very sad re ­ sults. It la, therefore, heartening unique and entertaining picture* of recent year* — a picture rich in sen ­ timent. powerful in heart appeal, full of suspense and unexpected twists, and redolent with the breath of the great forests. Mrs. Reid Is a woman of many and varied In ­ terests but It Is to be bbped that she will devote more of her time In the future to the direction of pictures, for surely the screen Is In sad aetd of directors of her. vision and ability. KILLS SELF LAUGHS FROM LIFE Oaalnlng — While members of his family were out to purchase tbe noon meal provisions, Ellas Parte- low, 78, of 4 Pine street hore, com ­ mitted suicide, his recent 111 haalth wss ascribed as the cause. He was found aai ths kitchen floor in front of a range Tbwn which gas fumes wtro pouring\ County Medical Examiner Dr. Amos O. Squire pronounced the death a suicide. linda mk m l ALSO SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS 67. Snare 68. Chiefs 69. Unit of energy Vertical — |L Skill 1 2. To petition 2. To retain 4. Celling beam 6. Abuses 6. To skin 7. Fortune 8. French for and 9- Black substance 10. Fear 11. Jewel 17. Protective gartm 19. Above 20. Age 21. Scent a 22. Bolt 21. To surpass HOW TO SOLVE THE CROSS IVOED PUZZLE iry number In the form repre- the beginning of a word, ig either horizontally or vci^ r. If there Is a black square Ixontal; if above It the word Il e al. The same number may, use, begin both a borisontal vrnlcaL - The definitions for wrect words to fill the form Chinese Basketball Team l through the definition* till you ' one that you recognize. am! It In Its proper place on thu L one letter for each white Ire. This win furnish several ►clues to tbe words linking i It at right angles Continue Ms manner tin the form Is coni ­ n' filled. If you have solved puzslr correctly It should read ■ horizontally and vertically * words corresponding to the “SOUTH OF SIAM\ OPENS NEXT FRIDAY . \South of Slam.\ a new play of the Orient, and one of the moat Pertaining to pumehment Swelling Back of neok Prefix: three A beverage Spirits Comparatlvs ending Superficial extent Music in May hare, will have Its American pre ­ miere under the management of Lee Shubert In Wilmington Friday evening. May 3. opening In Phllal delphia the following Monday. \South of Slam\ was adapted from the German of Alfred Schk- REPUBLIC FRIDAY a LACOIl RIOT LITTLE ACCIDENT 47. Relative 4*. Sooner than SO. A number 52. Address of respect 53. To urge 65. Exclamation This puzzle took minutes to solve. See will take you to solve SHUBERT Jimmie: (from front porch): Hey. Mother, that Jones boy Is sailing his boat In our front yard again! Reflections of a Mother-in-law \Whan Lamscb and I lived back McKinley and Hobart but It never got into th' papers. W* did our part by alttln ’ up waitin' for our Th# wives and mothers o' th' na ­ tion conserved th' Interests o' th ’ party and contributed t' th ’ victory by practicin' forbearance In the beat o' th' campaign. And as I re ­ member It th' heat was 'Intense. Frequently when Lomech would re ­ turn I could not tell whether It was on* man or a county convention. “ So It seems funny f me to see Minnie goln' out to political meet Ings and tellm' larold what the chances ara for a heavy vote In the third precinct o' the fourth ward. Harold Isn't a bar! sort of a fellow, even If he Is my son-in-law, and *TEX\ IS EVICTED New York. April 27 (UP) — Teat** Gulnan't oozy and -costly Club In ­ time at the Hotel Harding was va- -cated today and its garish furnish ­ ings reposed In a Twenty-sixth street warehouse. A city marshal, armed with an eviction order, visit ­ ed the night club yesterday and his helpers carted all of Tex ’ s equip ­ ment Into Fifth-fourth street. The eviction was the latest step In Miss Outturn's war with city s iS d stiri Usa \Volplaning Above Picturesque Pa- 1 tagonla.' ’ Truly. In the .bright lexi ­ con of th# travel magaslne sdllor, LOEWS STRAND ■ra nnnnn nrr TiTiin unErrr ■■aag • nnrai imia nnnrcr ill irinnn rrr I* is b rr T« 7 fj F 11 1 1 hia rp -J

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