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IUSBAND ADMITS KILLING WIFE IN MOUNT VERNON iLDER you get, 'more it costs — LIFE INSURANCE! Why pass up today what you may not be able to\ “pass” tomorrow ! Get while the getting ’ s good! Telephone 3520 Silverstein Gets Clue Captain Michael Silverstein, chief of the Mount Vernon detectives, began checking addresses here and in Bronx ­ ville. It was Silverstein ’ s discovery of a pair of kerosene soaked trousers in the Edison avenue apartment house, of blood stains on the linoleum over the kitchen floor ai of signs of a struggle that gave the first \break ” in the investigation. Silverstein took the trousers to White Plains and con ­ fronted Peacox. He continued to deny any knowledge of his wife ’ s murder and only moaned that he wanted to see her body. This was refused and it was Silverstein's grill ­ ing which finally wore the prisoner down and turned him from a cool, self-assured and distracted-looking young hus ­ band searching for a missing wife into a whimpering, nerveless wretch who at last confessed the most brutal and horrible crime in Westchester annals. f NGX, ENT&V Still Peaces, a florist's assistant . an an Instructor In a radio school, 1 refused So sign a confession. Coyne I and Silverstein took Peacox to the scene of his crime — the old trick that seldom fails. There In an.old building In a poor section of this city, when he saw his bride's blood on the floor of the kitchen where she had rooked the first meals of their wedded life together away from her mother's house, Prhcox broke down \AH right what do you want me \111 sign Peacox was taken back to White Plains and placed In tbs County Jail there. Ball will be refused, Coyne said The District Attorney worked steadily on the case until after 8 o'clock this morning. Nearly fifty reporters and camera men crowded Into the court house at White Plains while the grilling of Peacox was In progress They waited all night In the corridors outside the District Attomey's^of- IS tevens ; 1 • Insurance *. Nothing else llllliiilllllllimnlll KILLER BEAT WIFE ON HEAD (Continued From Page One) ' He \said the ftor a time with the- girl's molt a moment of I Mrs. Alphonse A. Helnzelman. quarreled over the Parkway road address at raconcllla- Confcssed Slayer . Will Have Speedy Trial Indicated The ease of Earl F. Peacox. charged with the murder of hla wife, Dorothy, will be pre­ sented to the May Grand Jury probally on Monday. May 6. The Grand Jury win be sworn In at that time and It le believed likely that District Attorney Coyne, will Immedi ­ ately present the Peacox case. He will ask for a first degree ’ murdyr Indictment . The trial may start on Mon ­ day. May 13 In part one of Supreme Court before Justice George H. Taylor. Jr., Mount Vernon, it was Indicated to ­ day. Robert E. Dempsey, of Peeksklll. brother of James Dempsey. Jr, assistant dis ­ trict attorney, will defend The trisj Is expected to at ­ tract record attention, break ­ ing the records made b/oth ­ er sensational trials bert of naUon-wlde Interest. It will be the first \torch\ murder trial. The first \torch\ murder, or Margaret Brown In Bernardsvllle. N. J, rfras jf Colin Campbell has confessed to the second, of Mrs Elizabeth Mo wry at Cranford, N. J, and is awaiting trial. 1 MORBID CROWD AT MORGUE FOR SIGHT OF FAMILY >ther love affairs but police do n< mi great weight in this aspect. Peacox told Silverstein that h ored to learn If hie wife were dead He placed bis ear fo \Dolly's\ breast and llltened. But his own heart was beating so from the ex ­ citement, Peacox said, that the pulse In his ear made Kim uncertain whether his wife were'dead. So he held a mirror before her mouth and saw (here was no breath. „ -- - , IJfe Extinct i . . . , ! Peacox now knew bis wife was The Helnxelmans separated about |JwJ , nd preparrd to remove the ................. .......... u * ‘ — --- ----- ---- 1 -- -------------aaw him carry SLOAHE FRAMED CONVICT ON STAND SWEARS ■ ago and Helnzelman. had been a superintendent 1c In a Bronxville garage. New York to the mechanical de- Tbe i | apartmt Peacox s Mounl up from nan. wno : Tbs Clarks mechan- B b . mv> . bund |, dow went to i (lo hl< tourlng car early Monday , . -lornlng last week, pertinent of a newspaper. - The radio man drove with his aw- The bride and groom lived In I ^ burden t0 thc qulet hillside In Bronxville until just *fter. Christ- , (j reenburRh and there he laid hie mas last vear when thsv took so deBd henfglh an apple * ---- (Continued Fror York. Silverstein siua me husband told him. It was continued when they reached the dison avenue-apartment and led i the killing within a few minutes District Attorney Coyne will ask The place la In a poor section of thc city and Is thor ­ oughly unattracUvdT Peacox. who was a radio repair ■nan. obtained a position as a teach ­ er In a radio repair school In Four ­ teenth street. New York. Couple- Separated didn't like the apart- r ■ is. i zelman jtlrl In April. 1938. In New ne. trying his own case, old- , York City The newlyweds lived Stuart Barnes of Oaslnmg. i — ------------- -- ---------- — — ---------- i story but personally look a hand In qucsllon- I Ing the convtct- DetrcUi - - - ilghborhood She I the II and During last weak Peacox went regularly about his business. But pictures kept coming Into his mind ’ s eye. be said. A girl on her knees while a man beat her with a re ­ volver butt. A heavy bundle car ­ ried awkwardly down a flight of stairs an applo tree In a cleared glade Just olf a road winding through wooded hllle Many Women and Young Girls Flock at •Undertaking Parlor. Reporters and Cam ­ era Men. Description Brings Relatives. Relatives and friends of sing girls, curious onlookers, policemen, reporters, photogri phers. feature writers, \leg men\ — all hung about the Lyon anci Hartnett morgue here the body of the torch victim is being kept, all day yesterday and until late last night. There was a constant stream of persons, both men and en. in and out of the morgue throughout the dsv 4 &* news of the murder and the descrip ­ tion of the dead girl spread throughout this section, persons knowing of girls missing began coming in to attempt to identi ­ fy the body. A premonition of excitement ipread through the crowd in ­ side and hanging about the en ­ trance each time some one ar ­ rived to attempt to make known the identity of the girl- and as he or she was brought in the crowd surged in behind in hope of seeing all that went on. Gradually Thinned Out One after another failed to recognize the girl, however and late this afternoon the crowd gradually began thinning out until at 4 o'clock when thc re ­ latives of the dead girl arrived only a handful of the crowd s left. that thc girl's* name was known spread rapidly and effort t discredit ) nclpally tc j having received a I automobile wan I r Reginald Yesterday “ »• I was devoted Trie* to Break Story I .i„„ „* , k . . Dempsey brought out that neltb- Snyder nop Hawks had confes- I to the automobile thefts when eited on other charge* and that ! After Reginald D. Hudtcr, was only In December, 1927. that I Crnry avenue. Mount Vernon. __ y made affidavits on which j owner -of the automobile, u Nn*h obtained a new trial from coupe, had testified to the loss of Court Judge Otto last year. | the ear about five o'clock on No- didn't you confess to these Lvembcr 30. 1936. when parked In bile thefts In December. 7 front of fils home. Detectives James hen you knew Sloane was F Millet and James W. Stein 1?\ Dempsey asked the 'xcellent I Mrs. Helnzelman. who nu day that she was very fo ” \ daughter explained I she found Incompatible. | 1 st time Mrs Helnzelmnr daughter was the Saturdai , _.. kitchen floor dearly loved and etched y three j now Indelibly on the memory' I Bo Peacox went to thc Fleetwood „ , -paratlon ! garage at the edge of Mount Ver-| the crowd re-collected to sec rma with | non early last Saturday ninrn» “K ; the mother and aunt as they I yester-1 and bought some kerosene. He took 1 at him. I It to his apartment and transferred | left the morgue. The curious that It to several milk- bottle*. Ret ravels Death Route * drove Then tlfc > out then, and being » outside is a lot of difference j xalh n being Inside,\ replied Snyder, j name); i of laughter swept the his wi l and attendants bustled I side. Sloane asked\: to still the tumult. Through -1 “ Who are you?\ * day a large crowd listened ( \I'm a friend of yours. ” Miller jr to the testimony and watch- . replied. le amateur convict-attornev | At thU. Miller stated, and Stein f as he fought for his free- corroborated. Sloane leaped from the right door of the car and ran . _ der aald he and Hawks wont J '\ward Lafayette place, only to jjquently to Mount Vernon, espc- plunge Into the arms of Stem. The f when Goldman told them I 1 ® ,,rr admitted drawing his revol- id Brooklyn cant^were | ? er - backing Sloane against — \ernon. h< The last time Mrs Helnzelman route he travelled five day* before _____ ................. the dead body of his wife and before Easter this year, she said I stepped Into the clearing beyond Mrs. Peacox was well dressed and j the utone hedge. There Dolly lay. apparently In good spirits. he sold, beneath Ihe apple tree just Husband Seeks Jlccom lllullon as he had left hsr. Peacox kept In '(ouch with hill It wo* after elx o'clock In the wife and kept the nphrtment In [morning and light by now. Soon au- son place. Ten day* ago he made tomobtles would bo coming over the overtures toward /hi* wife looking i road. Peacox poured the kerosene to a reconciliation j over the towel with which he had On Sunday. April 21, his wife covered his wife's head after kill- ________ ... __ ______ came to visit him at the Mount IdR her -and over her clothing Then r SloSne's questioning, his aVternpt I v \n o '> apartment.- ; he lighted the pyre. He knew he o escape, and his arrest. i Peacox told in his confession this ; could not afford to wait until the Th* detectives agreed on the i morning how they discussed the burning was complete and eo he • points of their storic*. | possibility of again living together j left - that when Miller forced (Hit wife was not very' agreeable to \Beat-up\ Visitor Into thiLcar on thc right ,hp auggestlon he said. | Later that same day P< it\ and In Mount V “ Did 1 offer t my 1 striking him li \Framed Him ” took 'em any place we could tn If they was decent cars e witness. \We would come n the railroad, look around s I then try' to get the kind in wanted. He was to pay us I for thc Nash coupe car for stance? Did I against you?' -an 0 When we deliver we went back the e other *10 Ohe was scared Id us Sloane had been arrest- * called Sloane a sap salcs- a chump and I think he 1 tbs question of a \frame.\ It ■ contention of Sloane that I. learning he wua suspcct- tn« sale of stolen cars. up. t detectives, who later arrtst | Hubler c — — th » ^memory of bis arrest \No.\ replied Stein. \Then by what right did you slap me In the face?\ asked Sloane. “ I didn't slap you\ said the de- ” 1 merely pushed you in Sloane then read from the min ­ ute* of the previous trial wherein Stein had testified he \slapped\ Sloane. Thc detective said that he meant that he had merely taken his haiid and forced Sloane's face upward- Electrician Trail firs Brooklvn** Phlll,pa ' 264 73011 rtr * r ’ who was preset ■ mother-ln- ___ That awful thing on the Ardaley hill had not been discover- Again eta Sunday - •*-- n argu-1 countryside was full of the talk identification cl. Pea- of the gruesome discovery of two - _p eacox wa 'Well. It ’ s the same old dump, ' lied isn't It?\ Peacox quoted b ■hying. Hit Wife On Jai Further discussion led t< ment and finally to a quarrel. ___ _ cox related He struck his wife In I young White Plains the Jaw and when she fought back | visited Mrs Helnzelman. She did he picked up a metal book-end and not know her daughter was dead, 'hit her with IL Then, he eon-1 Peacox during his grilling denied tessed. he. took a revolver froni his that the sounds the Clarks heard pockr! and beat his wife on the a week ago last Sunday came from head with It. She sank to the a struggle between him ahd hi* floor- Wife. He said that a Mrs. Frances Peacox took the Blip which hi* ' -'■'rwman. 518 West 151*1 Street, had rife was wearing, wound It Into a visited him and that lord and pulled It tightly around ler throat to strangle, her. The day was wlhtln a few of their lrat wedding anniversary' Mr. and Mr*. John Clark. >f thi Coyne questioned C. J. Bodine. of 561 West 143rd street. Bodln* aald ho met Mr* Pescox ns Dorothy Maney thrn* or four weeks ago at a party In Rlvorsldo Drive and that .-ho had talked with him about a place to live. Mrs Peacox was then living at the Y. W. C. A. at S8th street and Lexington avenue. Bodine told her there was a room in the building where be lived and Mrs. Peacox moved there. Description In Paper Mr*. Helnzelmsnn was brought to make the Identification by Mrs. Edith Rees, wife of a Bronxville patrolman who lives In the same house on Parkway- Road. Mr*. Rees had rend thc description of the murder victim and her clothing and thought she recognised Mm. Peacox. Without telling Mrs Helnzelman of their mission Mrs. Rees and Mrs Hustls brought her here. Thc followed. » November 30. 1936 r fnu thivyouth had used His was largely that along li > J Val- I to have Snyder tell ! the testimony n Person* who knew ,axicah dri.. . , np fence were unavailing j tw - know Phillips said that the oner a.k their *1 of the car was *500 bm that them. Sloan* told him the new license - Jurist j plates would be additional and — ------ I recommended since It wa* so near ' jhe end of the year - November- that the same plants be used unt*l the first of the ..... 'boat her Police arrested .Mr*. Newman and were holding her for u*e at Peacox'* trial. The trial and there will be a trial _ __ _ __ for Coyne will not accept a plea of itldlngT\heard KtiMi of j sullty to .econd degree murder • in the Reacox apart-1 and 0 P |F * of K u,U y *° flr * t d**™ 1 C one » which they mu ^« r , c? nn ° l ^ it wa. Information | Probably be hastenedandrnay be- 'x.;' ” s XTiii 1 - ■ s:^ In Vh. mnUier in.Mita.ii«..wi Retain. Robert F- Dempsey ifie^crimn^tn h »* retained Robert E. after grilling to Praeox ■ c on f eaalon. DempMy _ Peekaklll. a brother of confession i Jamfg Dfrop , cyi j r .. a*«l.tant dl*- ( trtet attorney, a* his counsel. Peacox lived for »ome time In rent at the Brooklyn i Sloane wa* Captain Michael I Sll- Yonkers A brother. Romaln* Pe»- ■ a* a possible pur- | verateln Mr Dempsey asked him 1 eox. live* at 14 Highland a. ear. said he had met to give a brief resume of the mom- j Yonkers mtly ns \Anderson\ | ent of Sloane's nrreat and the | Relative* Identify Body- testified event* fotlowlng Immediately after- ( incident* In the Investigation fol- stlmony I ward This he did He said that i lowed one another closely late yes- line* of i Sloane had told him that he lived . terday and last night after Mr*. ---------- I .. .v. - -------------- New York ! H . --------------------- ----------- - \ J “ ild-bloodedly. ; I know lot* L but I won t g . It would Inc d Judge Ctose Queen.borough Plaza \Didn't l tell you Ihs only temporarily staying a MARRIAGE LICENSES a office of the City Clerk i»- I the following marriage iicen- turday April 27: Benjamin Moore, 50 a avenue, age 23; ElUmac Rio, 98 Harding Avenue, age 2L ward Vincent. T Dennison I. age 27: Margaret Mary Ben ­ ’ S Martlhe avenue, age 2L *1 Slgvard Roeell. Bpectauir. who were p, the first trial, and also at of Sloane for attempted * 1937. compared the youni Ito' 1 ” t0d,y of the spirit, the personal! ing at present Sloane himself admitted papermen that he had los erabie weight during his t- of prison life but aAded c- i asked Silverstein emkered Sloane told him on the nlgtit of hla arrest . while at the Mount Vernon police I headquarter* He denied In effect | what.Sloane had told him he had I said ',E onvlct Testifies witness was Frank Sny- •t Inmate of Dannemora Prison. A* the two faced each other, they presented a striking contrast. Snyder with downcast eye*, disarranged attire and a hard­ ened convict look on hi* face. Sloane. Immaculately dressed and I looking more like Snyder's attorney than a man fighting to escape I yean In a cell. a identified the body I Lyon and Hartnett's morgue her< s. that of her daughter Mrs. Helnzelmann was positive Ir. her Identification. A great aunt oi the dead girl. Mr*. Ida Hustl*. a sister-in-law of Mrn Hekizelmonn'i father, of Norwallfc Co nn , alac identified the body. The mother brought a piece of material from which ehe had n a house dres* for her daughter May. It matched perfectly the fragments of the i* *\** burned on the body. In addition there was a small brown mole above the ankli inside of the right leg. Hr*. Helnz ­ elman remembered that her baby bore such a .mark and ^ this pqint she collapsed. For nearly an hour Coyne and Dt. Squire questioned the bereaved womaK In order to build up the background of the murder. With thl* information at hand the In ­ vestigator moved quickly. They covered New York City addressee furnished “ papers of thc identification at the Radio Repair School and left Im ­ mediately In hla automobile for ~ Rvilie and White Rains. ding perfectly his role of Inno- :c and affecting grant concern the finding of his wife's body Peacox stopped at her mother ’ s home in Bronxville. He had not told that hi* arrest on a coro- warnrnt had been ordered by Dr. Squire. Arrested In Bronxville At thc Helnzelman home he was Treated 'on orders telephoned by ie Assistant District Attorneys Lawrence Hazznrd and J. Lester Albertson when they were Informed by The Daily Press of Peacox ’ s movement*. Peacox was brought here by Bronxville police and questioned by Assistant District Attorney Walter Ferris until Coyne returned from checking the New York addresses. Coyne had released Bodine and an- ither friend of the dead girl, Carl- on Carroll, a free lance writer, after questioning them. Then the all night grilling began Hour after hour Peacox maintained his Innocence. Under questioning by 81Iver*teln and Lieutenant Her ­ man Mattes of the Mount Vernon police, to whom Coyne gives much were disappointed however as they were taken out a back exit and taken to the home in Bronxville. Many came to view the body out of idle curiosity and all day Sunday and until yesterday af ­ ternoon they were allowed to go into the room where the body is lying. Many of thc sightseers were women and surprisingly enough every one of them was comparatively young. . ' ' Ff6r3ea of Reporters \ ^ Hordes of reporters who de ­ scended on the morgue from New York were there for 24 hours or more. They were as ­ signed to the morgue with ders to “stick\ and so they made themselves at home, tak ­ ing care to gather every little detail that would make their stories more complete and in ­ teresting. Several photograph ­ ers. cameras and flash troughs all set up for instant work were on thc scene alert to snap any and everyone who had even a suspicion that the dead girl might be someone they knew. The reporters asked ques ­ tions on all possible angles of the crime and atteifaants at the morgue became ao exasperated that finally they threatened to eject \the gentlemen of the press.\ Sightseers were bar­ red yesterday afternoon when the morgue became so congest ­ ed that passage through the lobby was nearly impossible. Poliec'officers from all over the county and New York also came to see thc victim and pick up the latest \tip ” on what the District Attorney and the Cor- were going to do. One officer who has been a member of a police force for 17 years said that in all his experience the crime was the worst he had encountered. \It'* the kind you read about in fiction.\ he said. \ V VWt Scene Again Two young women approach- id a reporter for The Daily Press and asked if they could see the body. They were al ­ lowed to go in and when they-j.' came out again, the reporter asked-them what they thought about it. Both were disappoint ­ ed because the girl was not more disfigured and burned than she is. Asked why they wanted to see the charred and blackened body, both admitted that it was \morbid curiosity.\ Crowds continued to visit the scene of the crime on Ardsley road, many in search of sou ­ venirs but they were disap ­ pointed. The Grecnburgh po ­ lice are patrolling thc scene and sightseers are allowed in ­ side the fence. Topic of Talk Small groups of men also were to be seen in the court house, all talking about the murder and advancing theories which some of them believed would solve the mystery if the District Attorney would accept them and follow out the line of reasoning they suggested. Thc predominant topic of conversation in both places murder — both this one and others which people began to recall and relate to compare\ nsrvo azq contrast them. Reporters he lad] Started telling some of the mur- Piacox finally broke down. H* was taken to the Edison nue apartment where he told story unrrservedly in a state dering on collapse. Then he __ taken over the Ardaley Road, along , the route he had twice driven commission of his crime, to th where h* attempted to dispose* of the body of the wife he ~ dered. There Peacox lost all had to be supported os _____________ ____ _____ back to the car. It had been plann^J ' j 7~ \i\., to show him the body of his wife u tiers and trials they had cov- the final step but hts collapse was ered\ and the general trend so. nearly complete that he was a taken back to thi Mount Vernon Jail shortly after F o'clock. Thera he remained until he ___ transferred to tho county Jail here to await indictment and trial, a trial for Westchester's most appall ­ ing crime, which Is expected to es ­ tablish a record for the Ung list of record breaking trials held in the court house here. was gruesome, to say tbfc least. With the identification of the body interest in the morgue be ­ gan to lag and the ci-owds*are thinner. But if the news that the body is.to be moved gets P X ure Ice in a good Ice Box - - - - Neat, Courteous, dependable Ice Men - * * - all the Ice you^want when you want it - - • * You are enjoying the finest refrigeration possible in this *y and a^j. May we serve you? White'Plains 7400 WES SEEVIC Funeral of Torch Victim Bronxville Home Wednesday Braaxvlllo — Funeral ser ­ vices for Dorothy Pcafcox wtll be held from the homo ol4icr mother, Mrn. A. Helnzelman, at 51 Parkway road here, to ­ morrow. Burial will be In Norwalk, Conn, Mrs. Helnzelman'* for ­ mer home, tomorrow. Only close rdatiyco of the dead girl will be permitted to attend thc services her*. They will be extremely prt- ' Murdered Girl Well-Lilted by Bronxville Neighbors — Happy at Work Before Her Marriage Enjoyed Pursuits of Average American Girl Worked A* Steno ­ grapher In Bronxville\Bindery. Employers Pay High Cojnpli- ments. Neighbors who had known Mrs. Peacox for years teuUUcd that as far as they knew sbo was an Aver ­ age American girl who acted in the usual fashion of girls her age. Richard Price, owner of thc Bronxville Book Bindery, who em ­ ployed tho victim intermittently a period of a year, the last time around Christmas, stated that Dorothy was always a laughing, cheerful worker, who performed her tasks conscientiously and de ­ pendably and who wa* always will ­ ing to help out around the office no matter what task might be as ­ signed to her. She first, worked for him when e wa* foreman of thc A. H. Sea- tan Company of Tuckahoe, re ­ maining there for seven month*. Later when Mr. Price went Into business for himself, she joined hla organlzaUon in Bronxville. first aa a stenographer and later oa a gen- ■al office worker. Always Singing \There was only one lime, aa I recall, said Mr. Price, thoughtfully, \when Dorothy was not singing around the shop In her usual fash ­ ion. I talked It over with my wife and we agreed that it was trouble with her husband. ■ She never said but we knew her well enongh _ know that this waa the only (flteg that might affect her usual cheerful disposition.\ \ said that the engagement Peacox waa broken four or five Umes before the marriage and when the marriage date waa finally announced. It was not kept., al ­ though the ceremony did take place shortly afterwards, xleman family also agreed that Dor- Elcrnan family Iso agreed that Dor ­ othy had not gone around any more than the average. Neighbor* Tell Story __ st Stcuhl of 51 Parkway road, a downstairs neighbor, who has known the girl for the past 15 yean said she came from South Norwalk. Connecticut, where she is born and since that time had ddedlon Parkway road until her marriage. He said that while she once chummed ouL with a group of young people Just prior to ' rings, she had settled down afler- . ward*, as far as he knew. Fred Schaefer, the upper tenant of the three-story Helnzelman house said that he did n 9 t know much of the girl because of the fact that he had only lived in the house since the month of Septem ­ ber. He added that hla. only- ac ­ quaintanceship with Mrs. Peabody _ occurred a few months ago when sho once came to his flat and help ­ ed nurse hla wife and baby when they were 11L Inqulrics from other bouses of the street did not disclose much In ­ formation although all questioned knew Dorothy In various degrees of Intimacy. They said that Doro ­ thy or \Dolly\ aa sho was usually called had. after her marriage, lived with her husband at her mother's home from September she was married to Christ- ^ WANT 2 COLORED MEN Local authorities have been ask ­ ed by Yonkers police to be on the lookout for two negroes who are wanted In that city for a holdup. Th# description of on# of them is aa follows: Five feet, eight inches talk' 27 years old. weighs 150 pounda blue suit and green fedora haL The other description Is of a man five feet six inches tall, 24 years old. weight 145 pounds, grey suit and A Great Tire Event WHITE PLAINS MOTOR SERVICE, he. 8-10-12 Martine Ave. W.P. 3000 (

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