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The daily press. (White Plains, N.Y.) 1929-????, May 01, 1929, Image 16

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— — •pELEPHON* 9200 FORMAL OPENING EDITION, THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., WEDNESDAY, MAY 1. 1929 — -p^EPHONE 9200 The Following Merchants and Business Organizations of White Plains and Vicinity Have Demonstrated Their Confidence in (SlieJMln fires* By Contracting for Advertising Space in This Netvspaper During the Ensuing Year 1 WESTCHESTER LIGHTING CO. Depot Plaza, White Plain* PEOPLE ’ S NATIONAL BANK and TRUST CO. Whit, PI, WHITE PLAINS PRODUCE MARKET 151 Main Street, White Plain* NEW YORK WESTCHESTER INVESTORS, INC. Bar Building, White Plain* KNOX, LENT & STEVENS Main Street, White Plain* WESTCHESTER RADIO SERVICE 124 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* WESTCHESTER FIRST NATIONAL CORPORATION Bar Building, White Plain* GRISTEDE BROS. I860 Park Avenue, New York City SMILING BILL BLAIR, INC. 275 Mamaroneck Avenue, While Plain* WHITE PLAINS RADIO & ELECTRIC SHOP 13 W. Po.t Road. White Plain* BURKE & McCOWAN 24 West Po.t Road, White Plain* BAUMER PIANO CO. William and Main Street*, White Plain* WEIN ’ S 17 No. Main Street, Port Cheater, N. Y. H. & S. PUBLISHING CO., INC. 90 Grand Street, White Plain* THE COUNTY TRUST CO. White Plain* E. NELSON EHRHART 7 Depot Plaza, White Plains J. E. KELLY 99 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* OLYMPIC STORES, INC. 92 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain. WHITE PLAINS REALTY BOARD White Plain* VICKERMAN STATIONERY STORE 215 Main Street, White Plains WESTCHESTER TITLE & TRUST COMPANY Main Street, White Plain* MEUEP, & AUERBACH, INC. Depot Plaza, White Plain* RUSSELL MOTOR CO. Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains STONE ’ S CLOTHES SHOP 199 Main Street, White Plain* J. A. MAHLSTEDT LUMBER & COAL CO. Huguenot Street, New Rochelle FELDMAN MOTOR SALES CO. 11 Martine Avenue, White Plain* GREENLAND & P1SARRA 161 Main Street, White Plain* MORROW & MILLS, INC. D.pot Pl.n Bldg., While firm, PRINCE & RIPLEY Depot Plaza, White Plains LOUIS PALESTRANT, INC. 2 Church Street, White Plain* NEVIUS PAINT STORE 42 Main Street, White Plain* CHAUNCEY B. GRIFFEN Depot Plaza, White Plain* v FRANCIS ROGERS & SONS, INC. Main Street, White Plain* MELGREN CONSTRUCTION CO. Bar Building, White Plain** LEXINGTON MARKET Lexington & Martine Avenue*. White Plains PARKER ’ S BOOK SHOP Martine & Grand Street, White Plains* EOLIAN DRUG CO. Post Road, White Plains DEPOT PLAZA GARAGE Depot Plaza, White Plains JACK ’ S BEAUTY SHOP 250 Main Street, White Plains POST ROAD RADIO 85 W. Po.t Rood, Whit. Plain. .RICE BROS. MOTOR CO. Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains MARIE D. KLING Scarsdale, N. Y. THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. White Plains WEIL ’ S FURNITURE CO. 62 Main Street, White Plains WHITE PLAINS MOTOR SERVICE, INC. 8-12 Martine Avenue, White Plains BROWN ’ S BUICIQSERVICE Martine Ave., at Lexington AVe., White Plain* COURT CHEVROLET CO. 67 So. Lexington Avenue,'White Plain* COLEMAN SERVICE 35 Orawaupum Street, White Plains EMPIRE VOCATIONAL BUREAU 151 Post Road, White Plains JAMES BROWN 76 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* ROSTENBERG REALTY CO. 23 Orawaupum Street, White Plain* ST. CHARLES APARTMENTS 33 So. Lexington Avenue, White Plains CLAUDE NEON LIGHTS, INC. 41 East 42nd Street, New York City LAWYERS WESTCHESTER MORTGAGE & TITLE CO. 235 Main Street. .White Plains BRIARCLIFF LAUNDRY Briarcliff, Ne>v York playl A nd Rye, N. Y. NEW YORK TELEPHONE CO. White Plain* NEW YORK TITLE & MORTGAGE White Plains STUMPP & WALTER Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 347 Madison Avenue, New York City HENRY RAAB 50 Lake Street, White Plait)* STUDEBAKER CORPORATION , OF AMERICA South Bend, Indiana SUN OIL COMPANY Philadelphia, Penn. WAKAUF CORP. 2061 Broadway, New York City WESTCHESTER SERVICE CORP. White Plain. WM. A. WHITE & SONS 350 Madison Avenue, New York City F. B. WILCOX & CO. New York City SUBURBAN WEATHER STRIP & SCREEN CORP. 30 Martine Avenue, White Plains LEXINGTON JEWELRY STORE 9 N. Lexington Avenue, White Plains NEEDLE CRAFT & NOVELTY SHOP 250 Main Street, White Plain* M. MAZUR 4 So. Lexington Avenue, White Plain* VOGT ’ S DRUG STORE 85 Main Street) White Plains THE ART LACE SHOP 207 Main Street, White Plains GERSTER ELECTRIC CO. 73 So. Lexington Avenue, White Plains RAY ’ S JEWELRY SHOP 209 Main Street, White Plain, ROSCH STUDIO 188 Main Street, Whi.te Plains BERGES 9 William Street, White Plain* ROYAL EAGLE MALT PRODUCTS 18 Grove Street, White Plains SHERMAN ’ S TAILORING CO., INC. 108 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* BUSINESS SPECIALISTS CO. . 152 Martine Avenue, White Plains COMMERCIAL PRINTING SERVICE Depot Plaza Bldg., White Plains M.ANTHONY 193 Main Street, White Plain. COLLETTAS DRESS SHOP Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* ROEMER ’ S 196 Main Street, White Plains GENERAL SUPPLY & TRADING COMPANY , 20 Martine Avenue, White Plain* THE ROSE DRESS SHOP T9 Main Street, White Plains PEARSALL ’ S 157 Main Street, White Plain. QUALITY SHOE SHOP 87 Main Street, White Plains AMORIELLO & SON, INC. , Valhalla, New York — ' A. RIEGEL & SONS,, INC. Hamilton Avenue, White Plain* H. G. WAGNER ELEC. CO. 105 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* C. G. SWACKHAMER 90 Westmoreland Avenue, White Plains JOHN J. TUCKER, INC. 47 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plain* CONKLIN-PFISTER BLDG. SERVICE 14 Fisher Lane,* White Plain* \ NORTH CASTLE ELECTRIC CO. 621 No. Broadway, North White Plains PUTNAM VALLEY LUMBER & SUPPLY CORP. Elm* ford GEDNEY WAY LUMBER & COAL COMPANY Gedney Way, White Plains DIAMOND & SWEET 57 Martine Avenue, White Plain* J. HENRY CARPENTER & CO. 116 Main Street, White Plaint BENINCASE & GLASER 18 Depot Plaza, White Plains CORNELIUS HUNT 199 Main Street, White Plains GEO. E. MARCOTTE 47 West Pott Road, White Plain* FRANK HORTON BROWN 8 Church Street, White Plains OTTO KOWANG 66 West Po*t Road, While Plains BASSI FRERES, INC. Main Street, New Rochelle DUSENBURY & ROBERTS Depot Plaza, White Plains FISH & MARVIN 8 Church Street, White Plaint CALIFORNIA RIDGE, INC. Eastchetler - 6 HEATHERBLOOM KENNELS Lake Street, White Plains , R. FRANKLIN HULL 30 Depot Plaza, White Plain* KAUFMANN & SELL ’ ARS 7 Martine Avenue, White Plain* LECLAIR MOTORS, INC. 19 Martine Avenue, White Plain* NASH WHITE PLAINS, INC. 6 Martine Avenue, White Plains KEITH ALBEE THEATER White Plains LOEW ’ S STATE THEATER White Plain* LOEW ’ S STRAND THEATER White Plain* NEW ROCHELLE THEATER N,» Rochelle, N. Y. DUNCAN N. ROSE PHARMACY Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains REED-CLARK Depot Plaza, White Plains SUBURBAN LAUNDRY CO. 61 William Street, White Plaint a SCOTTY ’ S SHOP ^51 E. Post Road, White Plains SEGUR & HILL Depot Plaza, White Plain* UPPERCU CADILLAC Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plaint WHITE PLAINS PHOTO ENGRAVING CO. Main Street, White Plains'' ALFRED E. LOYD 161 Main Street, White Plains R. E. L. HOWE, JR. Depot Plaza, White Plains WILLIAM G. BARRETT Martine Avenue, White Plain* \ WARREN W. MASLEN 171 Main Street? White Plains DAVID S. BROWN 101 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains LIGGETT & MEYERS New York City REYNOLDS FISH & CO. New York City HOME SAVINGS BANK While Plain. c & c Mamaroneck Ave. .and Post Rd., White Plains ALLEN J. STEEN, INC. Mamaroneck Ave. and Post Rd., White Plains NEW YORK. THEATRES REPUBLIC THEATRE New York City R1TZ THEATRE New York City ROXY New York City SELWYN THEATRE New York City SHUBERT THEATRE New York City VANDERBILT New York City a WALLACK ’ S. f HEATRE New York City AMBASSADOR THEATRE New York City CASINO THEATRE New York City COMEDY THEATRE New York City ELT1NGE New York City FULTON THEATRE New York City HIPPODROME New York City The . editorjal excellence - The sterling news qualities - The' unusual feature articles - j?he splendid typographical dress of THE DAILY PRESS have,won for this new publication a record number of readers which is daily on the increase. A Most Important Factor in the Building of a GJ2EATEE WHITE PLAINS

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