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I fcl.lCl HUNK <MH) FORMAL OPENING EDITION. THE DAILY PRESS. WHITE PLAINS. N. Y.. WEDNESDAY. MAY 1. 1929 jb ^ hok . 9200 * I LRKEH ’ -S DQDR5I1T ^LWIN*AVB.$£S*. fcA* far u we ar« con ­ ed. the romance of the Sooth he* tone, irtnce Joan Lowell ua in “ Cradle of the Deep\ the ukulele wae Introduced ta the Ulandera by a Harvard graduate. 4 kNext thing we know, some ­ one will be proving that Chop Bury was Introduced into China by an Englishman. 4k Even ’ more eurprlslng would be .the statement that hookstqAe advise against the purchase of books. i so far as that but we will say that you can gteat deal more for a great deal less by renting your books Instead of buying them. Our Circulating Library ’ s insurer. Come In sometime and let us prove It to you. - Boys Entertained by Rotarians; Dr. A. I. Beebe Speaks On ‘ ‘ What Is >4 Boy Worth? ” . THREEJURORS SELECTED FOR CAMPBELLCASE (Continued From Page One) t the NO SUCCESSOR NAMED TO FILL CENTER POST Rabbi Solomon A. Fincberg Will Assume Charge of Larger Congregation — Regret Expressed The hoard of trustee# of tha Jew ­ ish Community Center announce the! ftabhl Solomon A. Flneberg will not resume hi* duties as leader of the congregation and of the Sunday School next year For the past three years he has been study* j ing at Columbia University In addl- ! non t*- conducting services and sup- ' erintending the Sunday school tho Center. He ha* completed graduate studies In religious e< cation at the university and .wishes to give all of his time to congre ­ gational duties.- Me-hwsruU.to-a. sume ’ the leadership of a larg\ congregation next year. He hi ece.-eral offers underadvisement hut has not yet determined which one he will accept. The religious school has made tremendous progress under the three year*' leadership of Rabbi Flneberg. It is regarded as one of , the nioei progressive schools of it* j kind, snd an exhibition of some of irk was given a prominent In the progressive education booth at Ihr recent parents ex ­ hibit at Grand. Central Palace. New York City. He has been a splenchl Influence and a source of Inkplmlion for the young people un ­ der his charge, and the flourishing Young . People ’ s organization and the interested discussion groups meeting at the Center have always received his greatest support and co-opeiution. The board of trustees are deeply grateful to Rabbi Fincberg for the great success of his efforts for the • onsrcpatlnn and the religious school. His successor has not yet been decided upon. there were no other Jurors court bouse, all Supreme Court trial terms being idle today. Commission ­ er of Jfuror* M: M. Hays was bust ­ ed by the unexpected task. In opening the case to the Jury Mr. Dempsey revealed that the State admits that on tho fateful, day the.bullett which was fired In the lunchroom and which struck and killed John Henry. .Whits Plains town character known as •Sheriff.\ was not from a gun of »ny of the defendants. Instead, he edmltted. it was from the revolver of William E. Phil ­ lips. negro taxicab driver of White Plains, who had on the previous day beaten John Campbell. In an altercation regarding space In a It Is tbs contention of the State, said Mr. Dempsey, that the three brothers \trapped\ Phillips the fol ­ lowing day. a Sunday. March 18. in*| the lunchroom, appearing simulta ­ neously at the three door* with guns In hand. Phillips, said the prosecutur. drew hla own revolver, for which ho had a legal permit, and fired In self- defense. Other* In the lunchroom j explanation that me ease lies on scrambled for shelter but Henry' ' MldF hi * Jurisdiction and was a ms was in the line of fire and was ; «er for the Distrle£*ttorney be e struck, dying latrr'from the wound. ! >ered on the record. The bullet which caused death was; Mr- Ho.don then withdrew ai found later to be of the same call- ] l ‘ le disposition of the negro wl bre as that of Phillips ’ revolver. . started the argument was post ­ il was. therefore, for the assault poned until the resuof the calendar upon Phillips that the grand Jury | disposed_of. Indicted the three Campbell broth ­ er* for assault in the first degree. The same grand Jury, . after hear ­ ing Phillips, refused to indict the negro. He Is expected to be a rr.a- PEACOX FINED TRAFFIC CASE (Continutd From Page One) East View Basketball Chainpii ^ Are Honored. Continuation | Newman would School Represented. Leaders In Boys ’ Work Among Guests. Dr. A. 1 . Beebe, pastor of the Memorial Methodist Episcopal church of this city was the Tues ­ day noon speaker before the Rot ­ ary Club at their meeting at the White Swan Inn. His Remarks, which he called “ What is a Boy Worth?'' were Inspiring, forceful and made a decided impression the largest Rotary gathering some time. From alt over thecity. The lead\ Ing boy* organizations were repre ­ sented os guests of the Rotarltns Men whose primary Interest In life is the advancement of the young ­ sters of tills generation rubbed el ­ bows with the boy* whom they are bending. every effort to make Into citizens that will reflect credit the city and the nation. Vhe championship basketball Team of Ihe East View Junior High school'were guests of the club were their coach and thdr ril age.-. Boy representatives of i Continuation School, jsntre * present and Introduced to the gath ­ ering. As the guest* were Intro ­ duced. ull received hearty applause from the assemblage Guests Included Walter Roger*. Mr. Adamson. Chari** Duverney. Dr. L*©. -Pniasker. Harry Sirdhgi Dr. Henry T. Kelly. EM ward Tomp ­ kins. F. L. Workman, principal of Continuation School. Dr. J. H Sowerby. Roy Scout executive; Dr J, S. Parker, boy ’ s work chairman of Lions Club. Ivan Flood, chair ­ man Y. M. C. A. boys ’ committee; Charles H. Cheney, president Kl- wants rlub; George Goodfellnw. as- alrtant Boy ’ s secretary. Y. M. C. A. and Charles O. Beaman, principal EMstvicw Junior High School championship basketball the Eastvlaw Junior High School Included William J. Shan ­ non. coach. Sherry Goldsmith, man- Klchard Gelssler. captain. Grossman, JulfeiV. Lugl, John Hayden. Earl Ward. Nicholas Mrrcnldl. John Laruphien. / Philip th# district attorney's ofice for fur ­ ther questioning soon. expected that Miss ssv'erely grilled utempt V> break her story of her relations with »nd visits to Pss- cox. She denied that she knew M the nurder and said when she visited Peacox on Wednesday night. April 34. he asked her to say that ha had carried her jut of the apart ­ ment early the previous Monday- morning \In cose anyone asked her. ” Strong doubt was cast on this story of the Newman woman by the revelation of the Dally Argus. She had been at first seen as a de ­ tail In Peacox ’ a carefully planned ' alibi. Now authorities were work ­ ing to connect the girl more closely with the murdef. * Peacox was arrested under his ......... ........... _ own name. He showed Patrolman nouneement of the national Vllore his registration license and I man he had no Attention of resign- operator's card; bearing hn RASKOBSEEKS TO PUT LIFE IN DEMOCRACY (Continued From Page One)^ down.to 38W.000 within two weeks. He «a!d It would be all paid off long before the end of the year — suclf'ls the miyjjc touch of the'man whom Governor Smith called out of the Republican Union League Club of Philadelphia to run tho Democratic presidential campaign. This was welcome news to Demo ­ crat*. Cordell Hull, who os nation ­ al chairman after the Hardlng-Cox compaign. often almost had to re ­ sort to dodging the United States marshal to keep party headquar ­ ters here open: However, those old- time Democrats who have been hoping Raakob would pay off the debt and go back to Wall Street, confronted with tlfe firm an- IMPASSIONED JURY APPEAL BY RO.Y SLOANE (Continued From Pag* One) the summation of Assistant Dis ­ trict Attorney Juui Dempsey. Jr., for th* people And Ihe charge of Judge Frederick P, Close. Indica ­ tions were at noon that the Jury would receive the case for consid ­ eration at about 3 o ’ clock. Sloane painted the picture of his arrest and sentence for 10 years on the larceny charge In dramatic Bloane stressed the facWhat he had never been shown as In Mount Vernon on April 30. 1020. the date the car of Reginald D. Hublcr. 30 Crary avenup. Mount Vernon, wo# stolen, but he admitted possession of the car In Brooklyn a few hours iter when It was being demon- trated hv him. With the unique spectacle of a ■other on the witness stand, cross- WANTED for a tax-payer on root Road. m : EUER & AUERBAC H livsd with her son st in Clari avenue, on Korningsld* Heights.; nsar Columbia University, snd that both were student* at Columbia She told of meeting Goldman and ' ofb Ing Introduced by Sloane In this fashion : \Mother meet my bote.\ ^ i Uses Third Person Throughout her testimony, 'he' mother kept to'th* third person, answering Sloan*.* inquiries as \roy son\ and not “you\ did this snd that. The Jury followed her closely an she told uf.Bloanr s working hi*, way through college by selling auto-! . mobiles In his spare time. Khr re- cently visited Sloans In Dannemora. j _______ ________________________ Her accent Is decidedly Germanic, j ” : Frequently, testified the mother, • from .ilng Sing and. recaptured. re- Sloan* took her riding in Nash i cwved seven more year* se.ruetiec cars, tbs type be I* accused of ban-! Ir the W*,tch**t*r Cojuity Court Ing stolen from Reginald'Hudler. ! for tills offetW' of 30 Crary avenue. Mount Vernon, I Hawks. like Snyder, was hard on November 30. 1938, and on aev-j pressed by Mr. IVmpsey for his eral occasions, aha said. Goldman | sudden decision !*»• year to come went along aleo. j to the defense of Sloane. after ht« It Was Goldman yesterday who ! failure to do this earlier, was painted by th. two convict*. : The convict admltred sullenly Edward Snyder and Frank Hawks, j that Ws long prison record ahead testifying for Sloane, as a receiver j of him bad nw» io do-With ..... for stolen cars, utilising Bloann a ; his innocent tool to sell then ----- address. He was booked under I His political patron. Governor examined by hi his right name and brought before I Smith, npprnn- to he through with I f*_ n “ reking release through n*' the court a frw hour* after hr go: j national politics back from the Ardsley road and I not feel dlsposci had finished cleaning his apartmen of the gruesome, tell-tale evldenci of his atrocious crime, under th. nnme that was to horrify the na tlon Only severr-hour* later The latest and biggest break ir the astounding story of the terrlbl. crime, came when Pntrolmnn Vltori told a Dally Argus reporter \By gosh ’ I think I stipmionc' .... ........... that fellow on Sunday for passing 1 ^ItYied a traffic light.\ | between i -The reporter chocked the story and found the record in the nie* of . bargain prices, while characterizing - eg— — - prison sloanr Hawks and Snyder. a„ a j his earTh^f. ............. . , n * w ; chump\ and a ’ sap salesman \ j autbmobtl* Ib docs j testimony from seventeen years of : Thll ,, w „ , h own. u JHorfbe* ' ha' hr “ wasr. >w Smith Imprisonment. Sloane completed the I contention That while the iwc,^anything whit* contrary. I presentation of wlt.nesaes In his own m( . n nml mhrn- were stealing cars *'«V ''■ ’ .f Shouse as gen'- j defense here last svenlng. I • on ' orH, r \ from Goldman, th* 1st- j Judge Close, who gave Hawk* as using Sloane to disposer .additional — — \ and when the p&ltee became\*\ * “ * ’ 1\ Sloi clear him h*r»fU£. r I had a chance . nppolntmc politicians part, of Raakob mrf ... _ |i -1 defense here last evening. , _ 0 r indicated ! This morning Is devoted to sum- > „. r w lire on ’ the /nation by the two. Sloanr and A*-: , hrm i bridge over the jalalant District Attorney Dempsey, years sentence af- coitvlction of attempted *»- - - - -------- e — e-i suspicious, \framed\ Sloane by Up-[cap* In January, ^questioned the and the charge-by Judge Clow.-) pIo . ofr New YTbrk City'detectives not himaeir ofP-Wvral >unt • to with the Indications that the Jury; nf , hc time ,nd pi,™ i n Brooklyn i chock up the story, in general Ihe will receive the case for considers- ; wllrn sloane was. to. give a demon-j s'ory stood up and corroborated I tlon In the Jury room at the noon ! , llr>I | on „f ,he Hudler car {well the story told.by Snyder In ! recess A verdict may be expected^ Convict Corroborate* Sloane i advance some time this afternoon. It appear- ; Hawks, who preceded Mrs. Sloane 1 Spectator/ •»■ the trial were today ed at noon today . n n the aland yesterday afternoon. the opinion tha! the verdict of' Sloane ’ * mother. Mr*. Anna Bo- j corroborated what Snyder had . the jury will hinge wholly upon tl e -tn yiq sult genho lm Sl oane. a writer, who has; previously lold tlie Jury In thi* r n congress. ■ Spent much lime In India.' endear-1 spret. He admitted that..lie. fact ( J chasm brtween Smith and Southei Democrats. Shouse was born Kentucky and became the MrAdt lieutenant In Kansas. He was a i slatant aecretary of treasury ttnd- if Virginia; He (ilir-funel! C ? U i t MTV [stimulate Democratic activities. • ored by her testimony to complete [ 47 ’ years penal servitude In Dan- ’’ Ektrl F. Peacox. 32 Edison ave- ; bring the party Issues to the alien- the circle of defrnse the young ex- nemora H» uad been sentenced nue. Mount Vernon, pleaded guilty 1 (ion of the country, ami e«t set tor , Columbia University student haa ■ | ’ n 1 P 2 T for 33 years for partlclpa- *\ violation of the motor, vehicle J ihe congressional elections next ' built around hla aalea of automo- ] i;0 n in a robbery, in which be placed ti? t lie tewtlmony of Snyder and Hawks If they belt*-'* ifieir sdmlaeRfintMi ttu-,. abd'r*< 1 traffic light at [year, r \ n' 1 .J ’ r 0 -° P r5' I Such contact v - [ duced much in tl r. Similar Is ener- la determined to money necessary HOLDEN TILTS WITH GRAY IN LOCAL COURT | (Continued From Page One, no effect on th* disposition of Judge Gi for passing Fulton av< at in A. convicted, fined 33. Judge Bern- tht \ | getlc and Rnskob Peacox ran the risk of InvestIga- j produce all of Ihe tlon by pleading not guilty to the | to carry on party traffic violation. He fought the ! \The Democratic party ought to mvictcd by Vietnrc ’ o ] function in all of U 11 departments testimony, and paid a fine of 33 I year In and year out just like Gen- ’ walked out of the courtroom a I rral Motors.\ Raskob said. | man with the shadow of a hor- I Many here believe that for the murder hanging over his head. I present the Democratic national or- e courtroom was filled with ! K«nlzatlon will operate largely on Salvatore Mastro / ! e«* ’ « burned body on *Ji* hillside . oM WlHoo group such From the Cantlnunjtfm School near Ardsley was not known at the , Cnr|rr r , 1(uu , of Virginia. Joe rers Jack Wolf a»d James Cos- time. I Robinson of Arkansas. Pat Harrl- ln - „ v,,ore “ ld , hr \* ver Arraigned j Min of MlMlMlpp, cjordell Hull of Closer Contact Urged |» man as cool as Peacox wa* nine , Tennessee. Key Pit- ' \ Dr. Beebe urged closer contact- h °ur* after he had beaten and , , VBrtB , and' Shouse stwaen fathers and their sons. Too i^hoked his wife to death, often, he said, is' there a wide j murderer etood In a courtrooi breach of • misunderstanding be- j rounded by polme oftic. older and the younger fought a minor traflir charg ­ es tho former forget* I * or * related, tho fact that they, too, were once I A reconstruction placed on t young and experienced the same ! story of the evqjrt* leading up troubles and problems that the boy 1 the murder places Mlaa Newman n«i<ed that bul of,,oda > ’ must encounter 1 the car with Eeacnx when he went Boys, he declared, are not like to New York on Sunday night to I Willis commercial article whose value | get his wire and bring her to the the pioi placed in some definite j apartment they had occupied for [county and a well-known r ' weeks. 1 of Hartsdalr. died Tuesday five y«s stifled that ahe I n additional 1 On Die other I \\ of ■ ! bellrl-e* the two < that I admit led there u •aped Sloones case Hr ‘ REALTOR DIES IN HARTSDALE tcrlol the three brothers. The taking of testimony will be ­ gin lata this afternoon. It appear ­ ed “ at noon today, after County Court Judge Close has charged the jury In the Sloane case and that Jury has returned. The Campbell Jury wa* chosen today and took seats In the box opposite thst oc ­ cupied by the Sloane Jury, who showed an Interest In th* new case as It was outlined. The procedure was adopted to save time In the Campbell case. NEW MAGAZINE A new maga zlne publication en ­ titled \Urban WestchesUr\ -will soon make Its bow to the residents of Westchester County with F. A. Benton of 8 Savoy Park. White ___________ oring the VehUlte. Mr. Benton Is well known to local resi ­ dents through the feet that he was former Boy Scout executive here. Details concerting the magazine are unavailable at the prrsent time. The negro. Thomas Lee. who gave his address as 22 Winchester street, was arrested by Patrolman- James 8 ullo on suspicion that he was a fugitive from the North Carolina State Prison at Raleigh. Sergeant Armstrong of the Greenburgh po ­ lice wWkrif with Bullo on the case. Joseph D. Smith Former Joseph D. Smith, for many years a resident of Whlte^lalns but who ■moved to Tarry-town about 11 years ago. died of apoplexy Tuesday morning at his home. 3 Hanford place. He was In his 54th year. A son of the late Joseph and Mary fimith of White Plains, he was a blacksmith by trade and con ­ ducted hla own business for many years. He was known to a host -of friends as “ Joe\ Smith. Surviv ­ ing him sre his wlfr. Mrs. Josie (Bushel) and a daughter. Kath ­ erine. Two brothers. John and Daniel Smith of White Plains also 1 Jay Acker. a measure of '1 t might be | On this theory authorities e those ' proceeding. Change in the that mlUment of Miss Nrwmsn « lust 1 Nthle' She is heinc held on 1 . 09 Lawt place through length or breadth, termed hts greater that cannot be measured For that mlUfient of Mis* Newman wa* pos- Bn d spent reason, said the apenker, they must ,, 1 ^ shp being held only as a cheater .. ....... .. bs treated In that light. material witness tn 3 in,IW) bail 1 Surviving him He discussed Ihe period when | Peacox entertained Miss Newman M r , Grade Ai-ke boys gain manhood. 'The work that J with money h# had obtained by . Hudoiph w. an boys' societies such as the Boy’ robbing his wife's body In ghoulish 1 daughti Scouts, the Y. M. C/A. and kin* fashion. He stripped a diamond j M „. j organization* dpi all of which ring and a wrist watch from iponsor extensive programs for the dead body younger generation, was lauded 320 and destr. during hla address. Beebe declared- that unfor tunatcly the city boy h»s net th. I foi tea Wright. Miss -Ruth and Mina Margaret brothers, Charles e pawn land Arthur f . Mrs Helen will Dorothy Helnzelman be laid to rest In Riverside J etery at Norwalk. Conn . to-1 F tn f life Church. Funeral mass will be celebrated by Rev. Fr. Hastings and interment will follow In Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. the country boy. In the form. . case, stealing, no matter how trl -1 m2J7°w «ft '™ 0< ' n vial an article. Is llsble to get a oov | There will be no serv.ces except I « 8 r ■ pisr In trouble with the police and have ,he r,ad ' n “ burl *' •'•rvtcr a> the nn » _ a possible penalty Incurred through ! * r,v f- ° nl > ’ * h « members of the church. Rev the deed. In the country, boys : murdered girls Immediate family Interment steel fruit, rob apple trees and yet L wl \ K0 „ | Cemetery. It Is not considered ln the same ™ B . body hr «A»|«n to Nor- light at all. | »\ « L>on and Har.ncti I TO SE In cloalng he reminded the gath-1 hearse on the way ' 1 Relatives' will! Brookl > ’ n - erlng of Abraham Lincoln, who. j not come her* to the undertaking great, president and lawmaker that parlors, it was said h* - - ---- - -------• — engrossed j The body will be taken directly if thj Masonic tsdale and also be- Really Board Hla «tniiv flares hack to ills His funeral will 3 o'clock Friday aft- p Hitchcock Memorial In his duties to stop and play \on [Norwalk;.It will not be taken first the floor with his youngsters. This to the home of the girl ’ s mol '* (jm »of of understanding that Mrs. Alphonse A Helnzelman 0 shouITT prevail between fathers and I Parkway road. Bronxvlllr, as < (♦ons of today, he said. Inally planned. May 1 — (UPl Mary Ware Dennett ’ s attorn scheduled today tn apepal t Judge Warren. B Burr Fe.1 a reduction of th* '32.300 bail Im- gullty of sending an allegedly ole scene sex pamphlet through the malls. She was fined 3300. THERE ’ S MUCH TO KflOW ABOUT houses AMO suecpunDmos THAT ONLY one WELL-VERSED HI LOCAL PROPERTIES CAft TELL YOU. FOR REAL ESTATE ADVICE SEE G reenland 6. P isarra Real Estate in all its Branches 161 Main St. Tel. 4262-94*4- PROPERTY OFFICE GEDNEY FARM GARDENS LOUIS PALESTRANT, Inc. BUSINESS PROPERTIES 2 CHURCH STREET y PHONE WHITE PLAINS 1010 CONVENIENT q fh ( D epot P laza G arage TliCMafZO J PtTtrij TO EVERYTHING 32*38 ORAIMAoo£f 9 - WHITE PLAIN'S NY. “ WKere Can I Park With SafetyV\ i This Is the Crucial Question Today COMMUTERS — As you.leave the exit of the Harlem R. R. . Station, directly opposite stands a solid block of v business buildings. In the center is a wide en ­ trance arcade, at the rear of which is a door ad ­ mitting you to Peter ’ s Depot Plaza Garage, the most convenient location in the city for parking your car. Commuters ’ cars washed, polished, repairs made, and serviced with oil and gas WHILL THE^AVNERS ARE IN NEW YORK. AT NIGHT THEY STEP ACROSS THE PLAZA and without delay drive to their destination. IN INCLEMENT WEATHER — You will appreciate our location for Park ­ ing Convenience as it is only a few steps across the Plaza to the R. R. Station.. SPECIALIZING IN Car Washing Greasing Repairs The Result Will Aittaze You ! HAVE YOUR CAR WASHED WITH HARDY WASHING MACHINE ami J ARCO WAND ELECTRIC VACUUM CLEANER AUTO ACCESSORIES REPAIRING STORAGE

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