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Fourteen J slephokb 9200 — FORMAL OPENING EDITION. THE DAILY PRESS, WHITE PLAINS. N. Y., WEDNESDAY, MAT 1, 1929 J exjcphone 9200 Features From Footlights And Filmland ‘ The Shakedown at Keith ’ s Story of Fight Racket and Oil Fields Fairbanks As D ’ Artagnan Wjll Talk To Audience At State LAST TIMES TODAY — ON THE SCREEN — — ON THE STAGE — ' . TEXAS GUINAN IN ie«i of the Night Club* R.K.O. Collegiate Shojy WITH Cant of 30 Headliner* TOMORROW •• FRI. -• SAT. ON TH1 THE ON THE SCREEN SHAKEDOWN with SOUND & TALKING SEQUENCES FEATURING JAMES MURRAY and BARBARA KENT An entertaining talk-film of the j oil Held* and of the fake tight rack- I will rome to tho .screen of the |l Kclth-Albee Theatre tomorrow, when \The Shakedown,\ made by Universal with James Murray and | Barbara Kent In the featured roles. I be tho principal offering. The l j picture Is complete with dialogue | sequences, sound effects at * J.cldcnlnL.muidcaJ setting via Movie- : 1 tone. The plrture was directed By William Wyler, who will he re ­ membered for his good direction of • Anybody Here Been Kelly?\ It was taken from a clever story; writ ­ ten by Charles A- Logue. veteran newspaper and screen writer. The story has several unusual twists In It that make it highly entertaining le plot Tfvolvcs around a s tight and the gang of The story deal* with the romance of a charming little waitress In oil boom ’ town and a handsome young rigger on one of the oil der ­ ricks. The p fake racketeers who How the heroine disengages hern from ihe meshes of Oils ’ with the help of a lovable young' er, a waif of tho oil fields, makes ■ry hitman drama wllJThearUlh- terest and appeal Others In Ihe cast are George Kntsonaros, Wheeler Oakman, Har ­ ry Onbbon and little Jack Hanlon. Striking scenes of an oil field are shown. The dialogue is well hand- Miss Kent's voice Is especial ­ ly appealing. Douglas Fairbanks as the valiant D'Artagnan will open the story of \The Iron Mask.\ which comes ' the State Theater on Thursday by stepping from a huge tapestry rep ­ resenting The Three Musketeers nnd speak the prelude to this story of the undying love and valor of the brave guardsmen In whose hands rested the safety of a king- This spoken prelude will vividly nnd dramatically present the theme of the story as well as introdt an entirely new and perhaps revo ­ lutionary method In sound films. The complete film will be presented with sound and orchestra! syn ­ chronizations as well as the spoken Interludes io which the vsrlous im ­ portant characters voice their tents and motives. As the thrilling tale of medieval adventure unfolds. Richelieu solilo ­ quizes. explaining his devotion France which actuated hi* plot ­ tings in the intrigues of church and state and hts efforta to direct the destinies of France through the weakling monarch Louis XIII. De. Rochefort addresses the audl- end* In burning'words of hate and revenge. Thu* Mr. Fairbanks combines the virtues of both the silent screen with th* spoken word, maintaining the speed and action so essential to a Fairbanks story and using voices and sound to In tensify snd vivify this lively page ant of one of th# world's most rc mantle and fascinating periods. ‘ Stolen Kisses ’ at Loew ’ s Strand. Replete With Splendid Comedy FATHE NEWS — AESOP'S FABLES IN SOUND ON THE STAGE V VAUDEVILLE S CLOWN COMEDIAN AL. K. HALL In a New Version of the “ SAP AT THE BEACH ” WITH Fred Dale - Babe Garen - Ida Walker THE FOUR DALES 1 Personality Combination\ JEANNE UPHAM Schopenhauer T.W-SfycolUJSr Is ld*°LaN>r tfnki Con,piracy — Prof. Wlllism B. O. •s McAvoy's latest starring vehicle at Loews Strand. \Stolen re.\ in which she plays the of a young wife, who, goaded by the criticisms of her goi ' trn play-mates, seta sail Tor Paree with her docile young hus- \.hls grouchy father and the r ’ a meek but amorous male secretary. Is In Paris that the coolness between the newlyweds. Instead of irmlng. goes down perilously ar freezing point, especially when alluring dancer of the Folle* Bergeres takes hubby In hand — a young, divorce- attorn'ey. a r schoolmate of the bride. 1 use of her Jealousy to coaz > free herself from her hus- eauty revue at th# famous music all. where not only the embar- aased husband — but grandad and la timid secretary are forced to ccept the caresseas of the frilled nd furbelowed ladles — while lh« ttle bride Is driven to the point of Miss McAvoy has never been more twinkling than In hilarious \Stoll Kisses.\ LILLIAN ST. LEON & CO. in \How Orrus Riders are Made\ 2\- 1 wears 5 \ jiMwork. | i>l no v% F R * — yasisT MAY DAY DANCE Tuesday Evening, May 7th, 1929 INFORMAL DRESS OR COUNTRY COSTUME AUTOMOTIVE BUILDING Westchester Avenue, White Plains ENTRANCE ON OAKLEY AVENUE Auspices of ths KIWANIS CLUB TICKETS $1.00 AT Ray ’ s Jewel Shop, 207 Main Street 3 13 — rr.fUnd', OO^V*«beo5r'orTnMlr*\ 30 — JoliV'Bin arts SX\*' 33-kumrairr \f nn-ersm, \O — SjKirt uu- Thornton ruh,r. , ■on — Drifuns in th# Arctic — Bob Rsrt- s.ta — Cnal Xaptctauoas — Prof. E- Thr- *a. 33 — Hu#lost clue, of st.vnt# Imtitutr 7 :o — st Cwilis^ ptMaw.^ R ^ 'IS . 'uT*»m cnnrw \\nrchrsjra^ 3.ia — JootSa^O^tioftir. vtoltn. 3.3o -Jo, HBcra-jn ^ ^ LK-Narcotic 'aintpMturn — 8«r» \Mut 3o — lio pvi WuaSw >,,, B«km. Wtlfrt* Lnnoj. 1 'contj»Uij. r 'Th, R,v,l,r>. or- 4iSO — H,w*it^n Nmlly Too. 3 oa — Inf'cnlw — uichstl' summon. :30 — Kului jrwsrsm.^ 7 io — Ii! n siitrIMuf h ,i»^J- 7 jn — *n 3 <r 8»minoi, Ktutmh;, .tt*. - Spot light, o! New J,r,»x —Dr. 3 rotaom. :>n — T5.~«tor,^llon,ra*n. ^rnnr . *§jZJSZ3EE2&4 ii»-pt!K oi'uo'M PLAYLANDNOW READY GREET MERRYMAKERS NEW YORK THEATRES U a I i tledocadsy* a Hslnrday, kkk Music in May RfruBuc'-^i •<»nr guu . • a>tATs FRIDAY ?§ ~ • a La tain win LITTLE ACCIDENT Ambassador I GEORGE W. KAYATT White Plains ’ Foremost Soda Dispenser at White Plains ’ Foremost SODA Luncheonette Know Real GEORGE W. KAYATT Service and Real GEORGE W. KAYATT Quality Foods in Dainty Sandwiches and Re­ freshments EOUAN DRUG CO. Post R A. at Grnv- fR. •smnnntc m s mods*. From Main SHUBERT j tV.Vl.TtlR iVlIOu\ The Red Robe UNITED ARTISTS PICTURE HIT 44th St ***• ST eltinge jg v .; 3 : MID.MGUX SHOW TIII KMUT U “ »- BUCK BIROS SHOW BOAT jSrSSSVSJBE? — GLOBE at\\*,. SHOW BOAT Pmat*} hr CARL LAXMMLh wrn LAURA^Lv^muNTI JOatPll 6C1IILD KRAUT ortzmsl II EC FELD STARS I IiDtfcgYao Jiyisea ^prompt : aaastt 10 no^Koliter Srmphony Orrhfstr* 3:30 — Summary nf pmtninfl £3@ e . - “ US, IdB^BnyuUr ]| | iso P l:U-H«MO^ FrrUthf aon*,. TWICE DAILY: I on — RSBiia Sluirt. piano. 4 13 — J*net Rowland. ,-rrser 1:13 — Adrool Orrhretr** muff * itju-K-t w- IsESslQ 3.13 — Food T»U-Dr. D R Hoe riot, 3:30— tUrket puree rstfsate p “ ~ «:SO — lurclor OrcBwirs. 0:39— Cwms. pismood Entertain,™ wtasurass. tou, *:JO — Tint proprim 9:00 — In a RUMlsn VlUsf* It. JO — Flam! dinn.r *1 W.ldorf-A,A>nt . •pester# Bishop Wlllism T Mas-' BISS. senator Royal a CopeUnd. >»o»- 10 30 — K,n,«, front#y Plnylsnd. the shore resort at Rye. ; will be officially opened to the pub ­ lic today for Its second season. \Much has been said and wrl about tho many Improvements this gigantic recreational center. It now only remains for the public put their stamp of approval on t vast chnnges that have been during ihe wtnter'mon'.hs. Play land now holds plncc In the recreational the country'- With Its fl nent buildings. Beautiful gardens It IS unsurpassed by any other park In this country or Eu- As wns the policy during the Ini ­ tial season, there will be a free dis ­ play of fireworks every Tuesday evening throughout tl.e season, commencing next Tuesday evening at B o'clock. On Decoration Day there will be one of the most picturesque Me- Westchester County with speeches by high ranking officers of the U. S. Army and political leaders of the State and Natton. The exercises will be held under the auspices of the Village of Port Chester and the Town of Rye with Dr MrKIm. Commander of the American Le ­ gion Post of Port Chester, as Gen-' eral Chairman. iVKRTIKKHKNTa HARTSDALE 40 Minutes from Manhattan EXTRAORDINARY ABSOLUTE SACRIFICE High nasa Restricted Homesites LOTS 25 x 100 FEET $ 4 4 S On Easy Terms ment Sidewalks — Graded Streets These lots. 23x100 ft., located Just tslde of Hartsdale In one of the ist beautiful sections of West- ester County. This Is one of the GREATEST ABSOLUTE BAR- GAIN SACRIFICE SALES ever known In the whole history of Westchester County Real Estate- I r these lota. 23x100 ft., at prices oa low as $445 on EASY TERMS. When I state that I am offering these high-class restricted Home- sites. 23x100 ft., with cement side ­ walks and graded streets, at price* s low as $443 on Easy Terms with' Free Title. Policies from the West ­ chester Title and Trust Company, and that other Developers In this » section are asking $1,000 for WHITE PLAINS GROUP ACTIVE AT MEETING That the local Klwanls delegation to the first district conference held Port Jervle Monday was an Im ­ portant cog In the 150-odd members that attended Ihe session Is Evident from re^rts that have since been returned to this vicinity. Charles H. Cheney, district super ­ intendent of schools and president of the While Plains Klwnnle Club, spoke twico before the gathering, the first time on \Sponsoring New Clubs\ and again on \Vocational Guidance and Placement.\ In the latter case he took the place of Dr. D. Heist, chairman of the Dis ­ trict Committee on Vocational Guidance and Placement who was unable to attend. Mr. Cheney led the dlacusaionand ' the endorsement that the clubs gave to the Vocations! Guidance and Placement BUI recently Intro ­ duced and passed In the State 8en- and signed by Governor Roose ­ velt. s This bill Is a result of Kl- wanli efforts and was first Intro ­ duced at Albany through Senator Walter W. Wests!!. e* a bureau of vocational guidance at the Department of Ed ­ ucation with Dr. Lewis A. Wilson at Its head. It allows the establish ­ ment In Teachers' Training Schools of courses that will develop expert Instructors In vocational guidance. The Board of Education Is permit ­ ted to engage a vocational guid ­ ance Instructor as a part of the fa ­ culty. under the measure. 130 OR THIRTY DAYS Thomas McKinnon, colored, of 50 Winchester-avenue, received an al ­ ternative of $30 fine or 30 day* In Jail In City Court this morning nn pleading guilty to havlngcoupons of n gambling game In hi* possession. McKinnon was arrested by Detec ­ tive Edward B. Hughes LAST TIMES TODAY DOLORES COSTELLO CONRAD NAGLE IN “ THE REDEEMING SIN ” AND USUAL VAUDEVILLE ATTRACTIONS LOEWS STRAND the si The United Artiste production. Alibi\ the most thrilling 100 per cent- talking picture of the under ­ world. la doing capacity bus!ne«* m New York. Directed -by Roland West It is an adaptation from the Stage play, \Nightstick.\ hi John Wray. J. C. Nugant and Elaine Sterne Carrington. Chester Morris, ( Eleanor Griffith snd P*t O'Malley are the featured players. JVhen Douglas Fairbanks saw the preview of thie film he said: \Alibi thrilled o death I think 1t Is a master- t and one of the finest box t floe promises Imaginable. I! ao-IMii*Orrbvlm «\ — WUMs^i.Ble Ur. iLSmvL-^tJSS Kr. 03 — riw* Kra(s. K^irSDO, Robert 0 I 10 — World Bookman i :3a — mimai P PMm , %>rcMt dt* IU-B u . m :, erorw 'klo — glowers of Crls JI.r-O. E. . ' ta^One-Minute Demon,trstors . J no — Tim,: ‘ pton Omhestrm. soi s.-mu-m ut g ee uc. ■M.Mmn.ie n — Tim,, ss — '- \ ---- ' — 3 — Mr Indy t -. Willard De Lu-l terested person to come out and In ­ spect these Homesites and Judge for himself. I wish the public to k that my statements are abs, facts, positively without one t of misrepresentation. Offers like this are very fkre. and the time to t is Rlgh Now while the Oppor ­ tunity Is yours I don't core**tn what section of Westchester County you may look. Crestwood. Tuckahoe. Mt. Vernon, rsdale. New Rochelle. •'Larcb- it or any other Ibctlon. I don't ik you will find anything to com ­ pare With this * Absolute Sacrifice Bargain Offer of High Class Re ­ stricted Homesites In this Beautiful Hartsdale Section. Come Oat Today and See For Yourself R. E. PENDERGRAST M East 4 Id St, N. Y. C l Rhone VAN 873S Hartsdale Office 5r. ‘ Sm&if rmtsTin. H uim UI* m : TODAY — WEDNESDAY You'll rr~ir over this frisky mix up of cautious Yanks among fast-stepping FarUlenne vamp*! MAY M* AVO> r. GHJJM.W a ram. h allam collet bd . va Mi ami . ALSO COMEDY VARIETY NEWS HARTSDALE FIREMEiDANCE Th» Hartsdale Firemen at their dance on Friday night In the newly- decorated upstairs rom of fire hsll on Central avenue will hear music by the\ Country Club orchestra of White Plains. The proceed* of the dance will go toward the expense* of the fire company as distin ­ guished from the department. In which the financial affair* arc handled by the elected trustees. Renewed Interest in oompsny matters ha* been shown by the vol ­ unteers following a recent Joint meeting with the trustees In which a greater Independence of action for the future waa accorded the company. A resumption of fire drills was accomplished last week, opportune ­ ly to put out the fire which broke out to the rear of the Methodist Church the same evening, and gen- nthuslasm has risen among HERE IT IS HEADQUARTERS FOR THE NEW BOOKS AN UP-TO-THE-MINUTE CIRCULATING LIBRARY Greeting Cards for every occasion: The newest and smartest in fiiie stationery— Engraved, EmbossM ' Die-Stamped Bridge Tallies, En ­ sembles, and Prizes; Party Goods, and — A Magazine Subscription Service That Will Save You Money Morning, livening and Sunday Newspaper^ ~ WE ARE OPEN EVERY EVENING NOW UNTIL J»;J0 \

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